A next Prius in the making – Toyota’s Hydrogen powered sedan

The power of Hydrogen seems to be the most efficient and powerful way to drive the future cars that will finally stop harming the eco balance. The planet earth is being ravaged by continuous man made hazards, and in turn Mother Nature is churning out devastating calamities that cannot be termed as natural disasters but entirely the outcome of the human interference.

new toyota prius

The modern commuting system is not only engulfing the natural resources of fuel reserves but its harmful eliminations are worsening the already alarming rate of pollution and global warming that might eventually drive the entire planet to its doom. In order to put things in track and make the future a little easier on nature, the governments of the various nations are pushing the various global car makers to manufacture and sell different kinds of green cars, such as the Electric Vehicles as well as hybrids. In this green mission the auto makers of the world are trying hard to make a great innovative move in making the absolutely emission free Hydrogen powered cars available to the general mass. However, it is a very tough job, as the hydrogen refueling infrastructure is practically missing in the world, and obtaining hydrogen in its purest form and establishing the fuelling pumps is an extremely costly affair.

The great expenses involved in developing a Hydrogen powered car is making even the wealthiest of automakers shrink and part ways with the program. However, some global auto makers are vowed to tread the green way in order to contribute towards a better future commutation system. Among these few brave automakers, the pioneer is of course Toyota Motor which is always creating better hybrids. Not considering the daunting problems, Toyota, the world’s largest automaker had gone ahead and presented its Prius hybrid car to the general public, which became an instant success. Now, the Japanese car major is gearing up to make the world behold a Fuel Cell sedan at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show that is scheduled in the month of November. This new hydrogen powered sedan will be a breakthrough from Toyota’s side that will encourage the other auto makers to come forward and venture into the Fuel Cell car program. This new Hydrogen powered car from Toyota is expected to go on sale sometime in the year 2014. Toyota is also expected to tag the car very competitively and the car will be pitched against a Tesla Model S or a mid-sized BMW vehicle.

Toyota is continuously endeavoring to come up with innovative ways to help the future commutation system. From more efficient hybrids and EVs to new completely green car concepts, the car maker is trying to make a difference. With a competitive pricing, zero emission level and a better efficiency than battery driven EVs, Toyota is hoping to get immense success with its new hydrogen fuel powered sedan. With such high hopes coming from the Japanese auto leader, it won’t be a surprise if the upcoming hydrogen car becomes as popular as the Prius.

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