New European Toyota Corolla unveiled

Recently the American Toyota Corolla model was revealed, with new refreshments compared to the earlier models which have a mundane and traditional sculpt. The European variant of Toyota has a traditional design compared to the American version. This model was showcases in a video recently, after the spy image of sophisticated Furia model was showcases and is also expected to launch in the Indian segment.

2013 Toyota Corolla Picture

The new European Toyota Corolla is a stylish sedan with an artistic square drawing, with robust line in the hood, grille and bumper. The headlights are artistically designed and there are LED inserts in the tail clusters that move in the upward direction with unique creases on both ends.

There are inventive arches on all wheels and there are doors with slanting projections. On the rear the design appears sharp contributed by the tail lights that appear illuminating and designed into a highly artistic mould. The remaining rear portion is designed on identical patterns of the present Camry model with prominent bulging curves.

In terms of interiors, the design theme is identical to American version, the main modification of the European styled Corolla is a varied design in instrument panel which is implanted with different theme for various instruments. The engine is expected to be identical to American model which is inserted with the dynamic Variable Valve Timing (VVT-i) technology and there is also CVT type of gearbox in loaded versions.
In India the European model of Corolla will launch in 2015. The car is expected to possess features to suit few Asian countries. The European model will be equipped with a powerful 1.8 liter petrol power mill and also an efficient diesel engine with 1.4 liter capacity.

The European make of Toyota Corolla appears to have an exclusive style statement which is a constant trend of Toyota models. The rear appears to be designed by a team of highly qualified engineers who are familiar with cutting-edge design techniques. The engine efficiency appears to be dynamic as well and the technology employed to design engine makes the Corolla a highly successful model in the car industry.

The European model will launch in India by 2015 and will greatly appeal to the Indian population, since a major population of India dreams of owning luxury cars, and Corolla matches up to the lavish aspirations of the young highly qualified Indian demographic. The Corolla has created a stellar image in India since launch, the car emits a heightened symbol of luxury and interior features are best-in-class.

The design language of the model appears to appear more supreme compared to earlier models. Toyota is indeed a profit player in terms of launching models with impressive designs.  The interior volume is more than sufficient to accommodate a large group of families and friends. With its excellent engine efficiency, this is an ideal model to travel on long thrilling journeys. Those who are keen to purchase the Corolla, this is a worthy purchase ideal to commute to work place on a daily basis. The fashionable image of the car matches the trendy outfit of highly positioned individuals.

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