Toyota Corolla a popular model among Afghans

Toyota has launched the Corolla years ago in 1996; the car till now has excited millions. Corolla is a symbol of luxury and performance which is popular in North American and Asian markets and is even popular in Afghanistan. In United States, the car has fascinated the public to a considerable extent for ten years.
The car is highly appreciated in Afghanistan, according to information from media press; the month of June has witnessed an amazing figure of 700,000 Corolla units in Kabul which is the capital city. The Corolla is a boon for Afghan market, since the road conditions are unfavorable with potholes all over, scorching heat and unsafe driving scenarios and minimal incomes. The key factors that make the Corolla a convenient product is the mileage, engine efficiency and reliability.

2013 Toyota Corolla Picture

The city of Kabul is crammed with people on roads and kids playing, the Corolla becomes a lavish symbol in Kabul and the popularity in Afghanistan is the reason for Corolla to be branded with the best selling model in the globe. The sale turnover of Corolla is excellent with 40 million models being sold since inception; the main reason for significant sales is the enhanced durability and reasonable pricing.

Toyota has generated heaps of profits with Corolla, which extends to Afghanistan as well. In Afghanistan the Corolla is a huge surprise element considering the poor living conditions where majority of the people survive on the streets. There have been reports that the wealthy community in Afghanistan are gearing to roll out their revenues out of Afghanistan in fear of the terrorist groups dominating the country. A person in charge of finances has stated that the revenues will flow away from the country, and problems will arise as soon as foreign troops return. People are holding on to US currencies and Gulf money which has submerged the value of Afghani currency.

A top official that deals with car sales in charge of luxurious Lexus models has stated that the sale of these models have decreases due to the over pouring figures of warring vehicles. The prices of cars have not risen, and the sales have decreased recently.

Corolla is a lavish model as well along with Lexus, since the car values have become stagnant, most people would opt to own posh cars like Corolla. The country is filled with wars and military vehicles that the danger factor is high and people are afraid to step out of their houses. With the luxury of owning Corolla cars, people would feel a lot safer to travel even shorter distances. If the cars are designed with bullet proof windows, then the safety levels are higher. This would also improve the car economy in the country.

Corolla is a lavish model to own with impressive design, mileage, engine efficiency and safety features. The car is extremely popular in India as well due to its super comfy interiors with world class fitments. Those who are keen to purchase the Corolla this is a noteworthy purchase which is highly reliable for long distance drives and is an ideal family car as well.

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