Toyota to bring in its Camry Hybrid to India this August

Toyota is the pioneer of green cars and fuel efficient hybrid vehicles that are taking the world by storm. Toyota’s hybrid cars are acclaimed around the world and the company is working hard to produce more such mind blowing cars to win over the global car consumers. The good news for the Indian consumers is that Toyota is all braced up to unveil its Camry Hybrid model in the county’s car market towards the end of the month August, 2013.

Camry Hybrid

It is good to mention that our market is absolutely no place for a hybrid vehicle, no matter how efficient it is. The reasons behind this are the Indian market’s lack of acceptance for this futuristic car and of course its high price point.  The Indian market has also shown extremely cold response to the existing hybrid cars like the Honda Civic hybrid and the very popular Toyota Prius which hardly sells in India.

Nevertheless, the Japanese car major has very ambitious and encouraging plans for the Camry Hybrid’s arrival in the Indian domestic market. The company is contemplating to assemble the hybrid vehicle locally in India alongside the existing 2.4 liter petrol variant of the car that may reduce its tag. Toyota hopes to sell close to 20-25 units of the Camry hybrid per month that would form about 5 to 6 percent of the total sales rates of the regular petrol avatar of the Camry.

Toyota seems to be trying hard to win over its Indian consumers and compel them to buy its hybrid Camry that would arrive with a dashing visual appeal. The Toyota Camry Hybrid will definitely immerge in the Indian market with a range of cosmetic changes and enhanced looks in order to be distinguished from its regular petrol burner counterpart.

As far as the exterior looks and appeal is concerned, the Toyota Camry Hybrid will sport a very unique and absolutely different bumper that shows off a wide air dam as well as redesigned and contemporary fog lights along with chrome inserts. The front fascia of the car is further enhanced with its grille sporting a trendy chrome strip. The Toyota Camry Hybrid could also come with an optional large 17 inch alloy wheels.
However, the back design of the car will not be any dissimilar to that of the ongoing model of Camry petrol, though the hybrid will sport an exclusive blue badge at its rear that will flaunt its class with the distinctive ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive’.

The Indian car market may not be so nature conscious when it comes to the price of the car, and thus its lack luster interest in the very potential hybrids and EVs that are really making a mark in the other international car markets. However, Toyota’s endeavor is really appreciable as the company is trying to make the Indian consumers aware about the efficiency of the hybrids by bringing in more models. We hope that India soon becomes matured and accepts these brilliant cars.

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