Toyota’s global recalls become regular

The world most selling car manufacturing company, Toyota has yet again announced another global recall. Toyota had made global recalls two more times in this year itself to fix some problem or the other. The Japanese car manufacturing company had called its cars back to the dealerships to fix any possible problem that the cars may face depending on the issues that the company recognized.

toyota auris hybrid

This time around, the recall is because of a possible fault in the very important braking system in some of Toyota’s much acclaimed hybrid cars that were manufactured four years back.

The Japanese car giant had reportedly announced on 5th of June, 2013 that the company will have to recall 242,000 vehicles globally because of a braking system problem. According to the reports of the company, around 117,000 of affected hybrid units are in the domestic car market of Japan itself, while 91,000 units belong to North America, 30,000 in Europe and the rest of the affected units are scattered in the Asia Pacific region.

Toyota announced that this particular braking system problem has affected only the Toyota Prius and Lexus hybrid cars that were manufactured between the month of March and October, in the year 2009. The cars will be soon recalled back for the mentioned issue to be fixed by the company.

The Japanese auto maker revealed in a statement that due to the weakness of materials, the Prius and Lexus Hybrid vehicles manufactured in the particular time period back in 2009, the braking system disorder has occurred. Toyota said that the faulty material had caused cracks that in turn let the nitrogen gas leak out into the brake fluid, which as a result is disturbing the efficiency of the brakes.

According to a new agency, as yet no accidents had occurred before Toyota’s recall. However, the company has received over 90 complaints from its customers across the globe regarding the reduction of the efficiency of the braking system.

Last time, it was the Corollas across the globe including the Indian counterparts, as Toyota needed to fix the faulty airbags in the quality cars. The Japanese manufacturer had figured out that a particular batch of Corolla were fitted with airbags that would inflate abnormally in case of a road accident and thus will not be able to provide ample amount of protection that they should. Thus the company had made a global recall to fix this safety feature problem as soon as possible, off course free of cost. Toyota had also ensured that the company could call the owners personally as much was possible through the dealership records. Apart from that, the company had also circulated toll free customer care number for the affected owners to directly contact the company for the mentioned rectification.

This reported braking issue is the latest for the Japanese auto giant. Toyota had to recall millions of its vehicles to solve various issues in the last few years. This long line of issues is really tarnishing Toyota’s reputation for safety and dependability.

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