A powerful green machine awaits India in the form of the Toyota Camry Hybrid

The rising pollution, global warming and the dipping fossil fuel levels have made the world conscious about its bleak future. Various nations of the world have thus made the introduction of eco-friendly vehicles mandatory and are encouraging their adoption with subsidies. Among the green cars, one of the primary technologies is the Hybrid technology that is growing more and more popular due to its efficient performance and drivability that is akin to normal petrol cars and even better.

Camry Hybrid

India though is conscious about the dire necessity of nature preservation is not really inclined on the Hybrid cars, mainly due to their premium pricing, as the Indian government is not encouraging enough to offer subsidies on any green cars.

Toyota already has its world famous Prius hybrid on offer in India, which sells very slow and yet, the world’s largest selling auto company is about to offer its new Camry Hybrid to push the green technology to the eco-friendly Indian populace. Toyota is all set to launch the Camry Hybrid in India in September, 2013.

When the external looks are concerned, the Hybrid variant looks closely similar to the Camry’s petrol counterpart. However, it does possess several individual design elements such as an exclusive new bumper with a wider air dam, restyled fog lamps with stylish chrome inserts and 17 inch alloy wheels. The car also has some subtle design elements at its rear along with the blue badge that marks its Hybrid Synergy Drive system.

The real magic however lies under the hood of the car, which features slightly altered but the same 2.5 liter petrol motor that drives Camry petrol model. The difference of the car lies in its highly powerful electric motor that incorporates Toyota’s new Synergy Hybrid System that is even more powerful than the motor of the Prius. The hybrid system churns out a total power of 202 bhp combined from the petrol engine as well as the electric motor. The Camry Hybrid also packs in a nickel battery that makes its place behind the rear seats.

The new Toyota Camry Hybrid will feature a more premium interior as well. It boasts of a three zone climate control system that will keep the driver, front passenger as well as the rear passengers equally comfortable. The car also gets cooled front seats, power adjustable rear seats, flipping driver’s headrest and cruise control. Among the other many features fall the rear windscreen gets a power sunblind and the windows gets manual side blinds.

The Camry Hybrid also offers three driving modes, namely the Normal, EV and Eco. The EV mode offers an all electric driving with a top speed of 40 km per hour. The engine is absolutely quiet, runs smooth and highly responsive to offer superb driving experience.

The Camry Hybrid offers a certified fuel efficiency of 19km per liter. Toyota plans to locally assemble the car in order to affordably price it. It is expected to be tagged at Rs.4 to 5 lakh higher than the petrol counterpart.

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