Toyota aims to achieve ten million sales in 2013

Toyota is a world renowned auto firm; the company has been facing obstacles along with the unfavorable economic conditions that are haunting sales. The company has registered massive recall figures of over ten million, and moreover natural disasters have rocked the country recently. Toyota has enjoyed a dominant position in car industry and is the number one car manufacturer with around 9.1 million pieces released in the 2012 period.

2014 Toyota Corolla European specifications

The company is aiming to achieve significant sale figures in 2013 at ten million, to achieve its target; Toyota aims for revised production schemes. The first six months of this year, the company has recorded highest ever sales at 4.9 million pieces which is slightly higher compared to 4.8 million pieces released by the reputed General Motors which stood second, Toyota is working on plans to enhance sales and is determined to stay in the top position this year.

The sale output for the month of July is out, the firm has rolled out 14,470 pieces which is a 10% decline compared to 16,062 pieces same period last year. Exports are included in sale figures. The situation is not too favorable in the domestic segment as well with 11,515 pieces against 14,574 pieces same period in 2012. On the July 2013, a top company official of Toyota announced that ‘’the current market is on a downslide, and it is predicted that it might get tougher in the near future.’’

Toyota has some interesting new surprise packages; the Vios is one of them and will offer cut-throat competition in car market with Honda City, Skoda Rapid, and Hyundai Verna and so on. For those curious, the Vios is a sedan version of the trendy Yaris hatchback.

The car will be built with an artistically sculpted grille and can accommodate five occupants. The overall car is manufactured with a professional and modern build; the head lamps will enhance the exclusively stylish image of the car. The Vios is a sure shot winner with respect to comfort features, the interiors offer abundant room with world class audio system, and steering wheel is fitted with audio controls. The boot volume is impressive to fit in heavy luggage; hence this is a reliable vacation model as well.

The new Vios will be built with a powerful 1.4 and 1.5 liter diesel and petrol models respectively with manual and automatic transmissions and will be priced at Rs 7.5 to 10 lakhs.

The car is highly reliable in terms of safety and is built with EBD, ESP, ABS, parking sensors, seat belts, fog lights, airbags and many more features. The supreme comfort levels are contributed by fuel wiper, arm rests, rear defogger, power windows, central locking and many more.

The admirable features of new Vios might be the starting point for Toyota to achieve its remarkable target of ten million models in 2013. Let’s hope the market conditions improve in the near future that will result in higher buying powers and attractive bank loans and lower inflation rates.

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