An insight into the simple yet elegant design of Toyota Etios Liva TRD Sportivo

Toyota is a world renowned auto figure, the Liva is a popular hatchback, car enthusiasts who have observed the car were fascinated by its design, which is simple yet elegant, such a scenario where there is creativity in simplicity can be compared to a painting which appears simple, but can have many meanings attached to it.

2013 Toyota Etios Liva TRD Sportivo front

The Liva portrays an amazingly straight forward design that appears grand in a small dimension. At first glance customers might view a small car but when observed closely it only gets bigger and bigger and the desirability factors are supremely high. The car is equipped with a powerful 1.2 liter petrol mill, and to suit its royal nature Toyota aims to incorporate a potent 1.5 liter engine into the car.

The 1.5 liter car has now surfaced, in a petrol format; the exteriors display an inventive sporty demeanor with a Sportivo TRD body kit, dark insides and alloy wheels which add spice to its sophisticated stance. To match the flawless architecture of the Liva Sportivo, it is offered in professional and interesting shades of white and ultramarine blue. Car enthusiasts have observed the white model, and they were amazed with its magnificent beauty in a small package, the fifteen inch wheel contributed remarkably to its grand appearance. They have even driven the car and after taking a short break, to have another glance of the exteriors, they were blown away by the design formula.

The Sportivo TRD Liva is similar to other Liva models in terms of design, and appears classy especially to those who enjoy creative simplicity. Simple designs can also project professionalism. The car does not have chrome decorations beneath the head lamps, which is observed in the sedan version of Etios. The front portion is stunning in a simple manner, without too many graphics splashed all over.

The car displays an amazing sporty language which is not too loud; those who are into sporty attires would have visualized simple shades. The same phenomenon follows for the Liva Sportivo TRD. This is a perfect retro creation of the 80’s and also 90’s where cars appeared simple and elegant. An interesting question which would arise is whether a simple design can become boring after a while, with the TRD Sportivo, this is not the case, the spaciously positioned wheel arches, body kit and B pillar with an arty black shade does the trick.

There are two lines which run from front wheel to back, and from A Pillar to back tail lamp which is also called shoulder line. The back portion is designed with simple cues. Car dealers are now offering graphics to add a tint of vibrancy to cars, but Toyota has not introduced such accessories for TRD Sportivo Liva.

The Liva TRD Sportivo meets the desires of those who are into simple and imaginatively designed cars. It takes loads of imaginative and innovation to emerge with simple yet professionally designed cars. Those who are keen to purchase the car to have fun and enjoy driving a classy and simple model, the Liva TRD Sportivo is a noteworthy purchase.

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