Toyota Fuel Cell sedan to deliver 136HP and 500 km

The world’s largest auto maker and the green car pioneer, Toyota Motors is bracing up for a number of new and refreshed hybrid car launches. More importantly, the Japanese car major is also advancing by leaps and bounds in the most talked about green vehicle technology, Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

Toyota Fuel Cell sedan

Toyota is the first mass producer of the Hybrid car that went ahead to create history in the form of the world’s favorite hybrid car Prius. And now, it seems that Toyota is also totally determined to be the pioneer of the mass produced Fuel Cell vehicle as well. Unlike other auto majors of the world, Toyota does not seem to be so very secretive about its upcoming important launches. And though Toyota does prefer to keep its new cars under the veil, the company at least gives out a whole lot of important details about its forthcoming cars and keeps the audience well informed about what to expect from a new Toyota car.

Toyota has already revealed that the company has advanced a lot in the Fuel Cell technology and has also able to find out effective cost cutting ways to make the car affordable. Recently the Japanese car major has also revealed that by 2015, when the company’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell sedan is going to launch, it will be able to cut down the production costs by half as compared to the present. The company is also expected to reduce the costs by half again by 2020 and offer much affordable fuel cell cars to the world’s auto consumers. Toyota has also previously said that its upcoming Fuel Cell sedan is going to have a range of 300 miles on a full tank of liquid hydrogen.

Now, Toyota Motors has yet revealed some new details on the upcoming hydrogen powered sedan.

The upcoming Toyota Fuel Cell sedan was previewed as the FCV-R concept and the production model of the fully green vehicle will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The near production model of the FCV-R concept is expected to be similar to the modified version of the same platform that has churned out the Toyota Sai as well as the Lexus HS 250h.

The Japanese car major has now revealed that its upcoming Hydrogen driven car will have the capacity to hold around 5 kg of compressed hydrogen. This will enable the vehicle to travel cover more than 500 km or 311 miles on a full tank. The company also says that when its hydrogen tank is completely empty, it can be fully refueled in around just 3 minutes.

Though the expected price and range of the upcoming Toyota Fuel Cell sedan is known, other specifications and design of the car are kept under the veil until its world premiere. The other facts that the company has revealed are that the hydrogen powered sedan will have a maximum power of around 136 HP and will cost approximately $50,000. Despite the lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure, Toyota is very hopeful about the project.

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