2014 Corolla – A greater fantasy package

Toyota Corolla is one car that is remembered for ages, born in the 1960’s, the car has undergone several modifications. From the 1960’s till today, Corolla still lives on, and Toyota is now on its way to launch 2014 Corolla.

2014 Toyota Corolla Altis Z Front View

The re-structured Corolla is the 11th gen model, and has all the characteristics of a reliable model such as low manufacturing costs, affordability, reliability and sturdy engine frame. The car preference levels with the modern demographic is vastly different to what is years ago. Customers seek enormous comfort and luxury, the interiors of 11th gen Corolla is more spacious, moves with superior mileage and has emits lesser noise and vibration outputs. The overall dimension is improved with a larger width, length and wheelbase.

Corolla today is a top selling auto brand, around forty million pieces of the car is sold. This is a phenomenal result indeed, and the best part this figure is calculated taking global sales into consideration.

Although branded a luxury model, customers are not too satisfied with the drive dynamics of the car. The steering is not too smooth; the brake movement is not up to the mark. The technology inserted in Corolla is (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission; Toyota is satisfied with this transmission option. The 2014 Corolla is a better package compared to its predecessor, in terms of minimal noise emission and smooth suspension mechanism.

The Indian spec 2014 Corolla will arrive with a new exterior makeover, rendering a more sophisticated appeal to the car. The front potion will have huge 3 bar grill with pristine chrome decoration, and the chrome visibility decreases towards the bumper area. The fog lights are creatively designed and merge with glossy chrome. The head lights sport a trendy and professional design.

Toyota will use the same current Indian spec engine for the 2014 Indian Corolla, which is a 1.4 liter and 1.8 liter diesel and petrol power train. The two engines are engineered to enhance power and performance. The company will build the 1.8 liter petrol engine with advanced VVTi technology, and the seven step automatic CVT gearbox will be used. The same transmission option was used in current model. The state-of-the art engineering technique used in diesel 1.4 liter engine is (VGT) Variable Geometry Turbo likely to pump efficient power outputs of 90bhp.

The features of 2014 Corolla does not get any better with the option of electric steering which is expected to render greater fuel efficiencies by around 3 to 5%. The insides are packed with lavish features such as climate control switches, glossy LED blue back lighting on dashboard, and a series of vibrant shades to create a supremely royal effect. The dials on both sides of multi information display sports a classy urbane appeal.

2014 Corolla will launch next year, and ardent Corolla fans can await another grand package. This time the lavishness is on the roof top compared to its predecessor. The Indian car market has a range of attractive packages in the offering in 2014. Corolla is among the most popular models in India and a common sight on Indian roads.

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