Console Vault designs a safe for Camry owners to preserve valuable goods

Toyota, a world renowned Japanese headquartered firm, has explored the depths of technology with the launch of Prius and Camry hybrids. A US based firm, Console Vault, which specializes in safety products for automobiles and homes, has launched a new safe, for Toyota Camry. The safe will be highly beneficial to Camry owners to preserve their valuables.

camry console vault

Camry is a high tech hybrid model, and is the top selling model in US; it should be because it is a beauty inside out. The thrill of owning something posh and cutting-edge is certainly a God given gift. The President of Console Vault, Tom Duengel said, ‘’out team has worked out a safe to enable owners to preserve their items’’, and he stressed on the word firearms.

The new safe developed by Console Vault, fits the Camry console perfectly, and is suitable for Camry models released from the years 2011-2014. In the safe there is a series of lock facilities, all of which is manufactured in US. The office of Console Vault is situated in Nevada Las Vegas. Besides Camry the company has engineered vaults for Dodge Ram, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford F150.

Car thefts are a common episode all over the world, and with the global recession coming to force for over five years, car theft numbers have increased. California is known to be the most favorable car theft target in US. American’s rely on cars as means of transport to go to work, or take a long weekend drive to the coast. On an average American’s put in 60 to 80 works hours in a week, and enjoy three week vacation period. The total work hour in one year is 3,430 hours.

The work hours in US are pretty lengthy, and the current hectic work trendy has increased the car dependability factor. There are times when working professionals have to travel in between cities to attend meetings, and conferences. This has increased the car viewing visibility, and exterior sources try their luck to steel car goods.

Console Vault has indeed emerged with an incredibly useful product, safe for Camry owners. The dimensions match not only models launched this year, but the ones unveiled in 2011. Maintaining a safe in car is highly beneficial for those who travel miles to work, Camry is a valuable model bought with ones hard earned money and now if it is a soft target to car theft, then the consumer satisfaction levels are reduced, not many people respect somebody else’s priced possession.

Camry owners can now breathe a sigh of relief, now that there is a safe to store your priced items and lock it. Those who have shopped to purchase expensive jewelry can now safety store in the safe fitted in the center console.

It would be useful if car safes are introduced in India as well, in India too car thefts are on the rise. Gold is a valuable metal in India, wedding shoppers will have to store it carefully, because it is a highly valuable metal, and hence a soft target for thefts. If a safe is introduced precious gold and silver metals will be in safe corners and treasured forever.

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