Toyota Prius hybrid used as Taxi in Austria Vienna and covers one million kilometers

Toyota a renowned auto manufacturer has taken technology to a whole new level; the company has explored the depths of hybrid car technology with the launch of Prius and Camry models. Auto companies today are focusing on clean and green technologies, to an extent that the Prius in Austrian city of Vienna is not just a passenger car but a taxi. The car can move enormous distances of around 1,000,000 kilometers.

Toyota Prius Taxi

The company which owns the Prius taxi is called EcoTaxi and was on the run since the 2007, the Managing Director of Eco Taxi, Milan Milic said, the term Eco Taxi is in sync with the eco-friendly properties of the car, and also the high sustainability levels. Hybrid cars from Toyota packed with long lasting durability, and eco friendly properties and these are the attributes which will push the power of Hybrid cars and make room for a brighter future.

The phrase eco friendly sounds catchy, and the firm has a robust hybrid unit base, and has over two hundred Prius cars. Prius hybrid taxi can cover vast distances of one million kilometers, and now Eco Taxi is working on improving the motion capacity of the car to around two million kilometers.

Toyota Prius is a product of breakthrough hybrid innovation; the company has not only filled the car with jam packed advanced technologies, but also draped it with a fine material. It is interesting to come to know that Prius Taxi is in full fledged use in Austria developed by Eco Taxi. There is extensive research being conducted on hybrid cars all over the world, and the fact that Prius is being used as taxi in Austria is a reflection of how companies are striving to push this technology forward.

Hybrid technology is a relatively new and innovative concept, car enthusiasts and aspiring automobile engineers are enthusiastic about driving the Prius to acquire a feel of being in a highly innovative product. Now since it is being used as taxi, the opportunity of getting a taste of the car is at the doorstep of Austrian citizens. Passengers will only be charged with taxi fare, which is nothing compared to buying the piece.

It would be interesting and beneficial if the Prius taxi is developed in India, the pollution levels in the country has increased drastically over the years. This is caused by massive industrial expansion and growth in IT, management consulting and pharmacy sectors. Indian cars emit huge amounts of carbon-dioxide from emission outlets. There is an established emission regulatory agency in India called Bharat Stage emission standards, but the effect is not powerful enough. If a Prius taxi is utilized in India to cover huge distances, then this will benefit co passengers and pedestrians. The pollution levels in the country will reduce drastically, and the atmosphere in the years to come will become a source of cleaner breathing space.

Lucky ones in Austria can get a taste of a high-tech Prius hybrid car, lets hope Prius and other hybrid taxis come to force in India. The citizens of the nation will be introduced to clean and green energies.

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