Preview of 2015 Corolla Altis in sync with today’s era

Toyota has for years been a lavish car brand, the mere thought of a Toyota product is something highly exotic and glossy. Corolla is a supreme Toyota creation, the car is a blockbuster seller all over the globe. The first Corolla was introduced way back in 1960’s and till today the brand image continues to live on. The tag line of Corolla’s everlasting history is ‘Quality Revolution’.

2014 Toyota Corolla

The company is now geared to unveil the 2015 Corolla and now let’s go over the preview of the new model. The latest Corolla model is called Corolla Altis, and is by far Toyota’s best piece packed with grand luxury, style and performance. The car was displayed in grand style at 2014 auto expo. On the thought of a new Corolla Altis model the first thought that would emerge is a classy and sophisticated product, and yes the 2014 Corolla Altis is a huge transformation from its predecessor splashed with novel design theme draped with series of chrome, and prominent creases.

The exterior of 2015 Corolla Altis is an eye popper, filled with glossy chrome material that blends in with headlights. The headlight design is artier than the previous model. From the bumper to the grille and the last section of bumper are two lines. The creativity also stems from the sparkling chrome design on grille that goes above the head lights. There are projector lights on head lights and fog lamps are decorated with shiny chrome immersed in chrome filled sockets. The back portion has LED taillights and here too there are dynamic lines and creases.

Customers can look forward to a different and exciting interior atmosphere in 2015 Corolla Altis. Toyota has now used a new black and beige theme different from the two tone beige theme used in earlier models. The fresh color theme will cater to a different car atmosphere. The excitement does not end here; there is a classy 7.1 inch touch screen infotainment devise which is GPS enabled. The area which surrounds the center console is tailored with premium faux wood material, there is a digital clock positioned between newly created air con vents. There is also a stop or push button and back parking camera with sensors and there are rain sensors as well. 2015 Corolla Altis is just filled with heaps of comfort with reclining seats, back sunshade, back power window socket and back reading lamp.

2015 Corolla Altis is equipped with potent 1.8 liter petrol VVT dual engine that releases 138 hp and D4D diesel 1.4 liter mill that churns 87hp. The two fuels are matted to 6 speed manual gearboxes and the petrol car also comes with seven speed automatic sequential gearbox. The petrol manual car will move with 18 kmpl mileage and for the automatic car the mileage is 12kmpl.

Excited by the overall characteristics of 2015 Corolla, this is an ideal buy to just have a whale of a time. The car scores well on all fronts and Toyota has used a superior design theme which is more sophisticated and professional than its earlier Corolla creations.

Etios Cross – Draped in unique style and advanced features

There are heaps of new launches to choose from in 2014, the diversity is huge with hatchbacks, SUV’s, sedans, MPV’s and even Crosses. Toyota is set to launch the Etios Cross which is the third variant in Etios series.

Toyota Etios Cross Front Right

The sale scenario in Indian car market was constrained in the past year or so, there were not many takers for cars, caused by harsh impact of recession. Fuel and commodity prices have risen, but this year the prospects look more favorable, and the public will certainly look forward to the launch of Etios Cross. The car will run on three engines which is a 1.5 liter, 90PS and 1.2 liter 80 PS engine adopted from Etios, TRD Sportivo and Liva. In diesel compartment the engines used are 68 PS, D4D and 1.4 liter engine. The 80 PS Cross model will cost Rs 6.7 lakhs and 90 PS Cross Rs 6.8 lakhs, and 68 PS diesel will cost Rs 7.7 lakhs.

On the mechanical front the Etios Cross is similar to Liva hatch, the only variation is inscribed in its Cross identity. The lower portion of the car is fitted with plastic cladding which starts from bumper to ten spoke alloy wheel. The front portion of the car looks different because of cladding shield and is fitted with new grille, fog light apparatus and cluster. The Cross is the most loaded version and is hence loaded with features with defogger wiper, chilled glove box, steering fitted audio controls, world class two din music system with Aux-in, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a couple of airbags, EBD and ABS.

Toyota Etios Cross was showcased in grand style at 2014 Auto Expo, along with new Corolla Altis and GT86. Toyota is indeed all set for new interesting launches, the Altis is another inspirational model to look forward to and this time the design is more imaginative with greater lines and curves flowing all over the car. It will be interesting to drive the Etios Cross simply because the car looks different from the usual and is packed with all the desirable features a modern car fanatic can ever ask for.

The competition in Indian car market is at its peak and the diversity is just enormous. A new Toyota Etios launch might sound new to most, but it is not the case, there is a strong contender for the car, which is also an immensely popular hatch called Volkswagen Cross.

Etios Cross sports a youthful image and the perfect model for car fanatics who are keen to try out all the varied models launched. The name itself is catchy and there is always an air of mystery associated with it like a cross animal breed. It will be interesting to witness the stiff battle between Etios Cross and Volkswagen Polo Cross, and will lead to a new segment of car competition called Cross battle.

Those who are keen to purchase the Etios Cross is a worthy purchase to just try out something new and many be years from now there will be many more Cross products on the streets.

2014 Toyota Highlander is not too different from the earlier model

Toyota is an epic model in lavish and powerful car segment, and has injected powerful designs and technologies into its sport Utility vehicles. The Highlander is a craze all over the world, and Toyota has now introduced the 2014 Highlander.

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Highlander is the perfect family model, and the new car looks more attractive than its predecessor. The 2014 Highlander is splashed with amazing features with a greater aerodynamic roof, an artier and bigger grille. The insides are packed with luxury with the high tech Entune interactive screen technology used in all variants, and satellite navigation. There is a new all wheel drive system that offers extended stability with two engine options with a capacity of 3.5 or 2.7 liters that releases 185 or 270 hp.

Lifestyles and preferences have changed drastically over the years, and customers today yearn for optimum comfort and luxury to tide away from the hectic lifestyle. Toyota has infused desirable qualities into the 2014 Highlander that suits the needs of the modern demographic. The car is just more high tech and comfortable and in international markets the initial price of the vehicle is $30,000.

The changes are too visible, despite the massive improvement of 2014 Highlander from the previous model. The car has always been on a success roll, and Toyota has hence made the exteriors more creative and insides more comfortable and technologically advanced.

Highlander can be termed an amazing recreation vehicle for years, and perfect to spend a relaxed vacation browsing through fun outdoor activities. Car enthusiasts who have driven the 2014 Highlander has nothing but good reviews for the car. The ride was a super smooth one, for its dimension it did not feel heavy at all, and it is fun to drive the huge Highlander that can transport many occupants who would not feel the burden of a heavy carrier.

The 2014 Highlander is equipped with potent V6 3.5 liter (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission Engine that releases 280 bhp. The car maneuvers with a mileage of 28 mpg on highways and 27mpg on ideal city conditions. The car is sold in four wheel drive mode, and the mileage of all wheel drive mode is 24mpg on highways.

The 2014 Highlander looks pretty grand from outside, just step into the car and occupants can feel waves of luxury. The interior room is luxuriously spacious with ample storage spots. The space in center console is enormous that can fit in not one but two big bottles.

Highlander has always been the ideal fun vacation model and the 2014 model is just better than its predecessors. The car is simply perfect from all angles, and is highly fuel economical. The new Highlander is a thrill factor for many especially for those who are keen on an adventurous getaway.

The most exciting part about 2014 Highlander is it can carry tons of occupants and the aftermath effect is not a heavy one. It is a fun model for a group of family and friends to browse through fun activities and families can carry their sport and camping equipment.

Toyota to develop a new EcoSport challenger

The world’s automotive leader, Toyota Motor does not really have a great position in the Indian car market. Toyota is only the 6th largest car maker in India where it has its presence in the form of the Toyota Kirloskar Motor. However, during the ongoing long car market slump the company’s sales rate has been dwindling for quite some time now. However, this situation has been true for most of the other car makers in India as well.

Daihatsu Terios

As the other car makers are all very earnestly trying to cope up with the market slump by launching new cars in India, Toyota is also planning to do the same. For this year’s new launches, Toyota has already unveiled its all new Corolla Altis and the Etios Cross. While the Etios Cross has already commenced its official pre-launch bookings and is expected to be launched in May, the new Corolla Altis’ launch is also not far away.

One of the hottest segments in India of the recent times is that of the compact SUV. The compact SUVs are currently the newest most favored choice of the modern Indian car buyers, as these are powerful, spacious and aggressively styled. The most attractive fact about these cars is that they are city cars that can be efficiently driven on rough terrain as well. Unlike the traditional SUVs, these are not bulky or boxy and offer great style and are the new age urban cars. The urban SUVs such as the Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster are the new age favorites in the Indian car market. Toyota is thus, also looking to offer an urban SUV in India to fight it out with the likes.

Toyota is trying to bring in a SUV that will be positioned below the RAV4 in the international car markets to compete with the likes of the Nissan Juke, Ford EcoSport and the Honda Vezel and is working hard to do so according to reports.

Toyota Motor’s Australian wing’s product planner, Mr. Mark Dobson has also admitted to media that the very potential global mini SUV market cannot be ignored by Toyota for long.

According to Toyota market studies, the urban car consumers wish to have cars that are high on fuel efficiency, safety, have compact design and also make a lifestyle statement. All these demands could be catered by a more compact version of the Toyota RAV4, which is the smallest SUV from the Japanese car maker.

Toyota’s budget brand identity Daihatsu also offers the ‘Terios’ mini SUV in some Asian markets that is rebadged by Toyota as the ‘Rush’. However, design wise it is not expected to be much appealing to the young generation of urban SUV lovers. Interestingly the earlier version of the Terios SUV is offered in India by Premier Automotive, rebadged as the Rio SUV.

Thus, it cannot be told on which model Toyota will decide on, but both the Indian as well as the global car markets are expected to get a new mini SUV from Toyota very soon.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor recalls 167 units of Prius Hybrid in India

Following the global recall decision of the Prius Hybrid by the world’s auto leader Toyota, its Indian presence Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has announced that it will recall the Prius Hybrid models sold here. As a part of the global recall exercise announced by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), its Indian wing TKM has also announced its decision to have a recall campaign in order to fix the faulty software in the Prius Hybrid that were sold in the Indian market.

2013 Toyota Prius

As for the Indian market, the number of the recalled Prius units is considerably small, as the Prius does not really sell in India in great numbers. TKM has announced that this recall will involve 167 units of the Prius hybrid vehicles in India that forms a part of the global recall involving a massive 1.9 million units all over the world.

The recall is to rectify a software glitch in the car’s hybrid system that can potentially affect its driving capabilities and can even make it immovable.

A company statement said that TKM will recall a total of 167 units of the Prius Hybrid cars in India.

The company further revealed that the recall is required to fix the malfunctioning software in the car’s hybrid system that can make the car enter a fail safe mode.

Being more explicit, the company statement added that the company is making this recall as a part of Japanese parent company’s decision to follow a Voluntary Recall exercise. So far, no complaints regarding the malfunctioning software have been registered in India.

The statement mentioned that the recall exercise has begun on 14th of February, 2014.

The company statement further adds that Toyota will contact its Prius customers individually and the rectification will be done absolutely free of cost. The statement said that the repair work will not require much of the customers’ time and is expected to take only around 1 to 1.5 hours.

TKM regrets the inconvenience that is caused to the customers and is also looking forward their co-operation and kind understanding during the recall exercise.

In the previous year of 2013, Toyota Kirloskar had recalled 1,100 units of the diesel model of its popular Corolla Altis sedan in India in order to fix a drive shaft issue. This was only a part of Toyota’s recall series in India.

The company had also recalled a different batch of the Corolla Altis in 2013 in India to replace the defective airbags and this was also a part of a global recall that involved 17.3 lakhs of the global Corolla.

Going back, in the year 2011 Toyota had recalled 41,000 Etios sedan and the Liva hatchback units in India to change a flawed inlet pipe in the vehicles’ fuel tank.

The automobile companies in India have become very conscious about recalls. After SIAM started a voluntary recall policy in India in 2012, the automakers have started making voluntary recalls to fix the cars on finding any faults with it even though no complaints are registered.

Toyota celebrates 4Runner’s 30th Anniversary with discounts

The world’s largest auto maker Toyota Motor has many car models under its brand that are legendary and have been constantly charming the global audience for decades. Yet another such car from the house of Toyota is the 4Runner, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. As a gesture of gratitude towards the consumers who have made this SUV such a huge success for so many years and to celebrate the vehicle’s 30th anniversary, Toyota is offering discounts of up to $1,000 on the entire range of the 4Runner SUV.

2014 toyota 4runner

The Toyota 4Runner Sports Utility Vehicle has  first introduce back in the year 1984, ever since which it has been satisfying millions of consumers across the world with its tough and rugged quality off-road performance and its patent durability that comes in the package of all Toyota cars.

Thus, the Japanese car major is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the SUV with huge discounts to lure in some additional buyers for the car. According to Toyota, the company will offer a discount of $500 irrespective of the driveline of the SR5 and Trail models of the 4Runner. Which means all base and mid model trims of the rear wheel drive and the 4 wheel drive are eligible for this great discount. On the other hand, the SR5 Premium as well as the Trial Premium, which are the top trim models of the Toyota 4Runner, will give away an attractive tag discount of $750 for the customers. Moreover, the Limited edition models of the 4Runner will be offered with a discount of $1,000. The new prices after deducting the discount amount have come into effect and the consumers can take the opportunity to drive hone a new Toyota 4Runner at a discounted amount now.

Before the 30th anniversary discount offer of the 4Runner, Toyota has not listed any incentives in the month of January in the car market of USA for the SUV. The Japanese auto leader’s press release had been kept to bare minimum when it came to further specifics. However a company spokesman, Sam Butto has announced that the discount deal from Toyota for the 4Runner SUV will continue throughout the entire 2014.

Toyota had recently launched the fully redesigned, 6th generation model of the 4Runner SUV. The car hit the market in the month of September in the previous year. However, this really did not boost the sales for the SUV and the customers chose to buy only 3,958 of the new generation 4Runner in the month of January 2014. This reduced sale resulted in a decline in the sales rates of the vehicle which was recorded at 11.8 percent as against the sales in January 2013, when the buyers drove home almost 3 times more the units of the 4Runner.

The very popular Toyota 4Runner SUV has been suffering from reduced sales rates in the past few years. The vehicle sold a massive 100,000 units annually from 2003 to 2006, while it sold only 100,380 units in 2012 and 2013 combined.

Toyota ensures the Supra moniker’s sole possession

This is for those who still don’t know the fact that Toyota has all plans to bring back its Supra moniker with a new very dashing looking upcoming sports car that the Supra lovers had long wished for.

Toyota Supra Concept

Now, it has come to light that the Japanese car major is renewing its rights for the Supra brand name and is making sure that it has full rights on the name. Similar all trademarks, the brand names have an expiry as well, and if it remains unused for long by the original company, then after a certain period of time other companies may use the same names for their products. That is why all the companies need to renew their products’ names as well. And this is exactly what Toyota Motor Corp just did last week by renewing its “Supra” brand name. The Supra moniker had been also previously filed to be protected at the US Patent and the Trademark Office back in the year 2010 by the auto maker.

However, the down side of this news is that it still does not bring in any concrete details or solid plans of Toyota actually putting the grand looking FT-1 concept into thr production as the all new model of the Supra sports car. The gossip mongers might seize this opportunity as the confirmation of the next-gen Supra. However, it is still simply a legal procedure that Toyota has done. The renewal of the Supra moniker makes sure that Toyota owns the brand name solely and no auto maker crops up a new sports car named as the new Supra. Thus, the confirmation on the actual new Supra is still far from out.

The new Toyota FT-1 sports car concept surely made a lot of heads wagering, as the car had everyone stunned with its dashing looks at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Now, whether the auto leader will choose to put this concept into production and call it actually the new Supra or will name it entirely differently to join the likes of its brand new GT 86 is still completely unknown and is in the company’s hands.

The FT-1 sports car concept is thought as a really potential car model by the market experts which can be a game changer for the company. At a time when all the auto makers are increasingly concentrating on churning out stunning, head turning cars, Toyota is still being criticized for its conservative styling language. Being the global auto leader, Toyota is trying hard to put on a fashionable and contemporary impression tagged to its brand name, and in this the FT-1 concept car’s actual production version can really help it. However, the production model has to look closely familiar to its concept model version to serve this purpose. Given the eagerness of Toyota to charm the global audience, it is surely expected to actually put the FT-1 into production. For now, we just know that the Supra nameplate is going to remain under the ownership of Toyota.

Toyota Etios Cross’ bookings commence; market launch in May

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India has managed to get enough attention at the recently concluded 2014 Indian Auto Expo by unveiling the much anticipated Corolla Altis sedan and the sporty looking Etios cross crossover models at the event.

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

After the unveiling of the Etios cross on 6th of February, Toyota India has now commenced the official pre-launch bookings of the car as well. Toyota is registering bookings for the Etios Cross at a booking amount of Rs. 50,000 from the interested customers. The cars that are booked now will be delivered soon to the owner after the vehicle’s market launch.

Apart from starting taking the official booking of the Etios cross, the company has also revealed that it will be providing all the details of the car’s mechanical specifications as well as announce the range’s pricing and related details in the month of May, this year. It has also been revealed now, that the much speculated launch date of the Etios cross is sometime in the month of May itself. Very soon after the market launch, the company will start delivering the cars to the customers.

As a part of the Etios cross’ pre-launch marketing activity, Toyota has put up a whole website totally dedicated to the car that has currently gone live. On its exclusively Etios cross website, the users can get to view the new 2014 Etios cross in its several alluring body color options. Toyota is offering a total of 8 attractive body colors for the Etios cross. The website also provides the details of a closest official Toyota dealer to a prospective buyer.

The brand new Toyota Etios Cross will be offered in a total 3 engine options, out of which 2 are petrol and one is a diesel oil burner. Toyota has developed the new Etios Cross keeping with the company’s new QDR building philosophy. This results on a superb emphasis on the car’s built quality as well as durability.

Toyota Kirloskar Motors similar to most of the other car makers have been suffering a bit slow sales owing to the market slump. Thus the company is definitely hoping to pep up its sales rates with the launch of the brand new Etios Cross and the all new Corolla Altis in the Indian car market. Keeping with the segment’s pricing trend, the Etios cross is expected to be priced at 6.5 lakhs onwards.

The Etios Cross is aimed at the young and sporty car consumers of India. This car offers a good doze of aggressive looks, luxury, loads of cabin space and power to allure buyers. The car is essentially the Etios with increased ground clearance and a body kit to make it appear more aggressive that its sedan counterpart. Looks wise the car keeps to Toyota’s conservative styling with some interesting body cladding on the sides, and a nicely styled front grille guard and some added style elements.

The important thing is that the Etios Cross is Toyota’s venture into the compact crossover of India.

Toyota Motor unveils the TRD Pro Series at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

At the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the world’s auto leader, Toyota Motor has made a tribute towards the company’s capable off-road racing legacy by introducing the TRD Pro Series for the Tundra, 4Runner and Tacoma models.

Toyota Logo

While speaking during the unveiling of the TRD Pro Series at the Chicago Auto Show, the Vice President of Marketing at Toyota Motor, Jack Hollis said that the company is thrilled about the fact that it is adding a whole lot of off road enthusiasm to the Toyota family. He concluded with an exemplary pan of “Let’s get dirty”, to appeal to the off-road enthusiasts who love to hit the dirty and unpredictable rugged roads.

The new Toyota TRD Pro series targets the extreme adventurous off-road enthusiasts who really like to make the most of the rough and rugged roads. This new package would enable the already three very quality and capable off-road vehicles from Toyota with even more capabilities to challenge the extreme road conditions.

This new off-road package was specially designed by the professionals at Toyota Racing Development on the basis of Toyota’s experience with rallies in the deserts and the innumerable wins in the Baja 500 and 1000 fortitude races.

In order to make the TRD Pro packages stand out, the special models will be featuring TRD Bilstein shocks along with remote reservoirs, TRD front skid plates, TRD compatible front springs, distinct looking front grille with a new “TOYOTA” logo, TRD inscribed floor mats and the TRD logo on the shift knobs, and special black alloy wheels.

The TRD Pro series will be offered on only three body colors, namely Super White, Black, and Inferno.

The new 2015 Toyota 4Runner, Tundra as well as the Tacoma models along with the new TRD Pro Series package will be offered for sale during the autumn season of this year. Toyota Motor has yet not announced the pricing for the TRD Pro Series package. However, Hollis assured that the pricing of these models will be kept affordable though they are high on the capability level.

All the 3 vehicles will share the TRD features, but apart from that also each of the car models will get to have additional individual features that will make them stand out in the crowd and distinguish them from their regular counterparts.

The Tundra TRD Pro will feature TRD tuned springs along with 2 inch increased ground clearance, more refined ride comfort with decreased spring rates, TRD inscribed dual exhaust system, all black new 18 inch alloy wheels, TRD PRO badging on the panel bed, individual interior seat coloring with accentuated red stitches, fancy ornamental instrument panel inserts.

The Tacoma TRD Pro will feature TRD tweaked springs with 2 inch lifted front, reduced spring rate, 16 inch black alloys, black TRD PRO logo.

The 4Runner TRD Pro will feature 1.5 inch lifted front, new 17 inch TRD black alloys, Black TRD Pro logo, black accents for front and rear lower bumpers.

Toyota offers a look at the Hiace and the GT 86 at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo

Utilizing the platform of the recent 2014 Indian Auto Expo, Toyota Kirloskar Motor had displayed a lot of its superb quality cars to flaunt its car making brilliance to the Indian audience. At the just concluded most important Indian auto show, Toyota showcased a lot of cars that are not meant for the Indian car market, apart from the unveiling of the all new 2014 Corolla Altis and the Etios Cross in India.

toyota gt86

As a part of the Japanese car giant’s show only car model range, the company had put on display the legendary Toyota Hiace, the massive people mover as well as the swanky GT 86 sports car at the Expo.

Toyota had displayed the Grand Cabin version of the Hiace that comes with the spacious seating capacity of 10 occupants counting in the driver. This is a mammoth looking yet stylish people mover that offers a great amount of space and luxury on the inside. This enormous vehicle is powered by a powerful 3.0 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that has the capability to churn out a max power of 134hp and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The engine is further mated to a superior 4 speed automatic transmission gearbox to efficiently run the vehicle by sending the generated power to its rear wheels. The international car markets also get a petrol variant of the Hiace that packs in a 2.7 liter petrol mill which has the capability to produce a maximum power of 148 HP and a peak torque of 241 Nm. Toyota showcased this massive people mover to display the company prowess of building great powerful vehicles that offer superior luxurious space and comfort without compromising on the power front.

On the other hand, was the fast and furious sports car from the house of Toyota the world’s auto leader. The Toyota GT 86 offers great styling and lean and mean stance and is benefited for the sports cars. Unlike the Hiace, which is immense in size and is meant to offer more space than speed, the GT 86 is aimed at the passionate driving enthusiasts, who like to challenge the wind and race down the roads turning heads of the onlookers.

The sleek, powerful and swanky Toyota GT 86 sports car packs in a 2.0 liter Boxer engine which produces 197HP of power and 205Nm of peak torque. The sports car is offered with the transmission options of both manual and automatic gearboxes. The Toyota GT 86 is offers a top speed of 226 km per hour for the speed lovers to adore.

Toyota did not mention anything about launching any of these two cars in India in future, and these are best understood as cars meant purely for showcasing Toyota’s car making capabilities in diverse segments.

Toyota has unveiled the much awaited all new Corolla Altis and also the Etios Cross, both of which will be offered for sale soon in India.

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