The car sharing service has got a new name with i-Road EV

From the month of April’15 the city of Tokyo, is going to have a new car sharing service on its roads. No doubt at this stage, the service is only on a trial basis only. The service is going to be tested with an ultra-compact vehicle which is battery operated and three-wheeled. It is developed by Park24 Co which is a parking lot operator and the auto giant Toyota Motor Corporation. This three-wheeled vehicle is designed with beautiful features with ease of use and flexibility. It will pair with Times Car Plus Service, which is run by Park24 Co. and will allow its members to utilize the service at any point of time. The test is also going to have some elements from Toyota’s Ha: mo which is well-known as an optimized urban transport system to handle the congestion of traffic on city roads with ease.

Toyota i-Road HaMo

The trial phase of this service is going to be launched on April 10 and will be in effect till the month of September. During this testing phase various data such as usage by different people, their feedback about the service, its feasibility on the road, will be collected and analyzed. The testing phase will also help to use this data to bring certain changes such as any modification in the service, vehicle or activity if requires. It will also contribute to checking the user activity style and receptiveness about this new system. The data will also help to understand the viability and usefulness of the project, in the long run. This system focuses on a one-way transportation facility only, and therefore it will be used for sightseeing and commercial transportation in particular areas. The user can pick up the service from the Yurakucho ITOCiA Times Station and can return it to any of the five destinations provided which are Yurakucho ITOCiA, Asakusa, Tokyo Dome City, Odaiba Palette Town and Tokyo Tower.

According to the market sources, The Park24 is going to offer this service to Times Car Plus members in the corporate category and a few individual members. The system will have online booking for users to check for the availability of service, reservation and specific sign up for mandatory i-road training courses. The service will be charging 412 yen for a unit of 15 minutes, and it can be booked for a maximum period of two and a half hour.

The Park24 is a leading company that has a parking lot network across the Japan and it has created the Car sharing service Times Car Plus as its mobility services for people with the aim of the convenience of the general public. Now collectively both the services have approximately 430,000 members. It offers these members a vast variety of vehicles which include imported as well as compact vehicles. Hence, in the field of car sharing the company possesses extensive experience.

The basic aim of this system is to improve mobility of people and vehicle, get free from traffic jam and lower air pollution. The Ha: mo system is going to link public and private transportations.

Toyota tends to Focus Solely on Safety in India, not Sales Volumes

The world’s largest car maker, Japanese company Toyota has shown that it will be focusing on the safety only as its main concern and will ensure a premium spot in all the segments of auto sector available in India. The presently Toyota is offering airbags with all of its various models irrespective of hatchback, sedan or SUV in India since the beginning of 2015. It has shown the company`s strategy to stay in competition and prove faster. The company does not want to have huge sales and other figures to show high growth in terms of revenue and car units sold, but it wants to have a paramount position of its cars as a most dependable car and a variety of other premium models.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

As per the Senior V.P of Toyota and Kirloskar Mr. N Raja, they want to have a safety and create awareness on it as they are very basic requirements for a dependable car. Even the customers also have started knowing these features as most important features and demand for security features right away. Considering this very seriously, they have started offering airbags as standard across all model ranges in all the variations of their vehicles since January.

According to him the small car market, which is nearly 75 percent of the total auto market is growing rapidly. Being a family car the safety features’ demands and understanding is also increasing. With an awareness of safety issues increasing and regulations likely to arrive in the hereafter, in three to four years the market will be moving up and they wanted to be prepared for this situation in advance.

He pronounced that the Indian Govt. Is also planning to make airbags mandatory for all the automobiles sold in the country, however, it is not that simple process and will take some time, but the step is really an important step for the car makers.. On the other hand, Toyota Motor has already set out its air bag offering in all the examples that are sold in 2015.

The Japanese carmaker company, Toyota when launched models in its mid sided sedan sector such as Etios and Liva, a hatchback vehicle, at that time, it was more concerned with sales figures and market share. But now it has come up with a completely new strategy at present. It is starting to prepare its cars as an entirely safe ride for Indian clients on the Indian roads.

In India, safety is among the most ignored factors when it comes to the production of automobiles. The matter has been taken up many times as most of the Indian cars are prone to more fatality at the time of a severe crash. But still, the government has not created any specific guidelines or any law affecting the safety standards of the vehicles. On the other hand, in European countries and the United States, Safety comes first when it comes to automobile production.

Toyota’s brand new Fortuner to be launched with fresh features in 2016

Toyota, one of the largest automaker of Japanese origin, is preparing itself for yet another success story by launching the new Toyota Fortuner next year. The SUV will have added or transformed features to give the best of performance. The latest model will be mostly launched in the latter half of 2016, owing to the popularity and success of the former or the original Toyota Fortuner, which comes in the segment of the top-most selling cars in the Indian market. The car will retain the current model’s image of being rugged yet stylish, sporty, comfortable and reliable features. The 2016 Fortuner will be based on IMV platform in tandem with the Toyota New Generation Architecture (TNGA).

New Toyota Fortuner

This new generation model shall have a muscular look and a futuristic design that would hit the right chords with the prospective customers. So as it maintains its rugged aspect it will be built on a much lighter yet strong ladder frame chassis that will make it stiffer and better in terms of handling. As far as the engines are concerned, reports suggest that it will retain the current Fortuner’s engine types or may have three engine variations that include 3.0L giving 163horsepower, 2.7L unit producing 160 horsepower and 2.5L version offering 140 horsepower. Also, it is being said that the new engine will be employed for the diesel variant, which shall impart much more efficiency and higher performance. The 2016 model would have 2WD and 4WD transmission options with 4 speed automatic and a 5 speed manual drive, as per your taste and preference. The Japanese company is most likely to increase the length of the 2016 model so as to increase its interior space. The comparatively sleek design and the Green House shape is entirely new along with a kink in the rear window. The thick C-pillar is also supposed to be replaced by an additional glass panel, imparting a floating roof effect. The new design will have in-built fog lights, LED lamps and much more. Also, the interior will be revamped majorly giving more head-space to the driver, an increase in the space between roof and seats, colour pallets being both red and black, a significant boost in the sitting space and a lot more.

The market price of the current running Fortuner is noted as Rs. 22 Lacs. Toyota is also planning for an all new Innova which will be priced at around Rs. 20 Lacs. Hence, to increase the window between the two best-selling models, 2016 Fortuner is most likely to be price tagged a little higher than the on-going price of the present Toyota model.

The new SUV being spotted at a number of occasions and the spy picture doing the rounds in the automobile market, is just adding to the much anticipation about the 2016 model. As per reports, the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo, slated for February, will witness its first look in India. The SUV will be competing with Hyundai Santa Fe, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the latest Ford Endeavour in this automobile segment.

Latest news from the automobile world-including new, funny ads and stunts

A lot of exciting news from the world of cars was released last week.  From exciting tidbits gleaned about the latest Chevrolet Camaro to interesting ads from Toyota and an all-supercar police force, quirky and irresistible are the adjectives best used to describe the plethora of news which we got recently.

Toyota Etios South Africa Exports

Recently, further information has been got about the latest Chevrolet Camaro through an ad dealing with the fifth generation version of the car. At the end of the video, a camo-wrapped car and a V8 rumble make their appearance, only serving to heighten the suspension.  The Camaro, a “pony car” was first produced by General Motors under the Chevrolet Band in 1966. After a 7 year hiatus, production resumed in 2009-10. From what we know about the latest Camaro, it appears to have a wheelbase three inches shorter than its predecessor. This should help its dynamics. Its fuel economy is also expected to be boosted through weight reduction. It is expected that a V8 engine will power the 2016. General Motors has been trying to keep all details about the Camaro under wraps, but these periodic teasers are only serving to heighten our expectations.

Another highly interesting bit of recent news is a funny ad involving the Toyota Aygo. It makes fun of weather forecasters-a much vilified group of people. The latest ad shows Toyota handing over Aygo keys to 3 weather forecasters. The canvas roof was tied to into the forecaster’s predictions for the day. If cold was predicted, the roof would stay closed. Forecasters were also given warm and cold weather gear.

Later, bungled predictions led to crossed signals and expectedly unhappy drivers!!!  What a funny ad!!
The next bit of news involves the latest edition of the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 7. The trailers reveal the crew bring packed into their machines before they roll out of a C-130 transport. During shooting, this is achieved by actually dropping cars from a real plane. Skydivers with expensive camera gear are required to pull off this dangerous stunt which requires a lot of skill and planning.

The Bloodhound SSC is an elite vehicle designed to attack the land speed record. It can reach speeds of up to 1000 mph and at that speed, its wheels will be spinning 170 times per second. If a part of the wheel falls off, we can have a life-ending projectile. The Bloodhound team aimed a large chunk of metal at the protection panel shielding the driver. This chunk was travelling at 2,300 mph and the Bloodhound cleared the test.

Among the latest achievements of BMW is the addition of the i8 to the supercar-laden fleet of the Dubai Police Force. The i8 now forms part of a fleet which also features the Veyron, McLaren 12C and the Lamborghini Aventador among others. A truly eyeball-grabbing lineup!

And lastly, the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce was launched down a wet, narrow parking lot. The 739 bhp supercar managed to hit 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, and it looked even faster. Those who saw the Aventador zooming down the lot were left truly astounded at its capacities.

From interesting to exciting to funky to eyeball-grabbing, automobile-related news for the week is extremely varied, but no one can claim that it’s boring!

AMT not a durable option says Toyota

The latest trend of Automatic Manual Transmission in the automobile industry seems to be soaring high as more and more manufacturers opting for the latest sought-after technology. Toyota, one of the leading companies of Indian Japanese joint venture, known for high quality and refined car products, though doesn’t seem to be very much interested in incorporating it in its high-end models in the market.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Maruti Suzuki was the first one to bring AMT technology in one of its cars named, Celerio, that was priced at a competitive value. This model with AMT surpassed all the expectations and was a huge hit in the market during its initial stages. Thereafter, most of the companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra and Renault have followed Maruti have opted for AMT as against the traditional automatic transmission. Be it Tata’s Zest on diesel, Maruti’s Alto K10, Renault’s XBA or Mahindra’s Quanto Autoshift, they have all fancied and followed the footsteps of AMT.

As per the largest car-maker, the technology is dated and is more prone to breakdowns in a shorter time span making the overall efficiency of the car less durable. As these cars are clutchless and gearless, there is a vast system of actuators and electro-valves that do all the functions of changing gears. This eventually means that there are more movable parts in the car system that there are in the traditional automatic transmission; hence, leading to more wear and tear. This ultimately leads to a larger risk of high maintenance of the crucial parts of the car. The repairing of the AMT gearbox is a very costly affair, thereby making the middle range customers not going in favour of the same. These cars are usually priced high because of the technologies used and in contrast give relatively lower fuel economies; approximately there is a 15-20% lesser yield in such cars in the longer run. In India, AMT run car sales just account to a mere value of 3% out of the total car sales.

Though the Indian market is opening up to the idea of AMT cars in the country and Toyota believing in that fact, the director and senior vice president of Toyota Kirloskar Motor India, N Raja, was quoted saying “We do believe the market is gradually moving towards automatic cars but we will stick to traditional automatic transmission. Repairing a gearbox costs a lot of money and AMT has higher number of movable parts and may not be as durable.”

Another reason that might be considered by the Toyota Group is the fact that the company mainly focuses on refined cars, and as opposed to that it feels that AMT, being comparatively cheaper is not as refined as the traditional automatic transmission gearbox. Moreover, it is a manufacturer of premium and exclusive cars, and it wishes to remain the same in the near future too; as the AMT technology does not go with the premium car segment that it offers.

Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Renault Lodgy vs Honda Mobilio

Recently in Indian auto market a number of MPVs and MUVs are launched by many car companies. There are a few MPVs and MUVs that have drawn the attention of auto experts due to the fierce competition between them. It is very interesting to compare these models to know a better model out of all newly launched models. However, presently in the market, there are four types that have attracted many MPV and MUV lovers, and the buyer feels a sweet dilemma of what to buy. This comparison can help such customers. The models that are here in comparison are Renault Lodgy, Maruti Ertiga, Honda Mobilio, and Toyota Innova.

toyota innova limited edition

toyota innova limited edition

The First point of comparison is the design of the vehicle. The Honda Mobilio is an entirely unconventional design in this segment. It is with a different look that though, looks like commercial vehicle but is a personal vehicle. At the same time, the Innova has also entered the market with improved look. The look of Renault Lodgy is a bit sporty to attract young riders while the Maruti Ertiga is there with a classic look.

maruti suzuki ertiga

For MPVs and MUVs, the engine plays a lead role while a comparison of the model is done. The diesel engine MPVs are always in front in this segment, and as the Renault has a 1.5 liter diesel engine with two tunes it is leading the market currently on this parameter. The Toyota Innova is available with 2.5 liter diesel that can produce 102PS and 200Nm torque. The Ertiga from Maruti has 90.2 PS with 200Nm torque. The Mobilio from Honda has 100PS with 200Nm torque. Hence, there are various models that can play well as per their engine power in different situations. Here the Renault Lodgy stays in the competition with its 1.5 litre engine with 110 PS and 245 Nm of torque. The Honda Mobilio is also available with an option of a 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol engine, and the Ertiga is available in CNG and Petrol versions.

Renault Lodgy

The seating capacity of the MPV and MUV is also to be compared which can help one to have a clear idea about the vehicle. The Maruti Ertiga is available with a seating capacity of 7. The Innova is the longest MPV length of 4,585mm while the new Renault Lodgy is available in barely with 4,498mm length. So far as the seating capacity is concerned, Lodgy and Innova has a capacity of 8 passengers while for Ertiga and Mobilio the seating capacity is restricted to 7.

Honda Mobilio Golden Front

Honda Mobilio Golden Front

Hence, overall the Renault Lodgy attracts the auto experts with its fresh characteristics in term of engine capacity, passenger capacity and size of the vehicle. The competition between these models are based only on a few parameters, but it is always better for one to check the vehicle as per own requirements. The safety features of these MPVs and MUVs are also important to be compared to have a perfect idea for the model that can suit different needs.

Toyota Innova vs Renault Lodgy vs Honda Mobilio

With MPVs being a highly competitive market for the automobiles, Renault, a French based company will be launching another of its baby, Renault Lodgy, an MPV. Lodgy will come in a face to face battle with the two Japanese companies, Toyota Innova and Honda Mobilio, that are already a rage in the market.  While Toyota Innova has kept its look the same since ages now, Honda Mobilio is one of the best looking MPVs in the scenario. Renault, with rather a tough competition, promises to cater all the requirements, including the style and needs with its elongated body and the look of it.

New Toyota Innova launched

New Toyota Innova

While talking about MPVs, the size and shape does matter to the highest extent. Renault seems to be doing a fairly good job in this regard. In context to the size, the wheelbase plays a major role, being directly proportional to the space inside. Lodgy seems to be very impressive with a wheelbase of 2810mm, little more than that of Mobilio and Innova with 2652mm and 2750mm.  The length, width and height of Lodgy comes somewhere in the middle of the other two competitors at the value of 4498mm length, 1751mm width and 1682 height. Mobilio has the minimum Length-breadth-height ratio of 4386mm-1683mm-1603mm whereas Innova has the highest with 4585mm-1760mm-1760mm.

Renault Lodgy

On a comparative note of the engine and its efficiency, on one hand Honda Mobilio gives the advantage of coming in both petrol and diesel whereas the other two come only in diesel. The engine capacity of Toyota Innova is maximum with 2.5 litre in 4 cylinders whereas Lodgy and Mobilio come with 1.5 litres in 4 cylinders. The power and torque units exceed in Renault Lodgy at 110 PS and 245 Nm, respectively as against the lower values of Mobilio (100 PS and 200 Nm) and Innova (102 PS and 200Nm). The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) efficiency ranks Mobilio at the top with 24.2 Kmpl whereas, Lodgy and Innova comes second and third, respectively with 19.98 Kmpl and 13.31 Kmpl.

Honda Mobilio Golden Front

Honda Mobilio Golden Front

The price factor of the three vehicles varies pretty much in tandem with the fuel efficiency and the models. While on one side, Innova ranges approximately between 12 lacs to 16 lacs, Mobilio comes with its stylish design comes at a low price of 6.75 lacs. Renault Lodgy is proposed to range somewhere in between the two extremes starting from 8 lacs and going up to 12 lacs.

With such striking features, Renault Lodgy has a high potential to steal the show. With Renault being the first to bring MPVs in the market, it does know how to cast the spell on the customers, an example being it name. The only full-sized ‘Multi-Purpose-Vehicle’ currently in the market is Toyota Innova that accommodates 7 people. So with Renault coming in the picture with Lodgy at a remarkable engine capacity and performance, stylish body, and a fairly good pricing, there is going to be a tough fight between the two. The real and ground reality test soon is about to happen. Let’s wait and watch till then!

The Huge recall of SUV and Cars by Toyota

In the automobile sector, there are a number of incidents when the manufacturer has to recall a particular model car due to technical problems. Recently one more such incident is registered and this time the company is Japanese automobile giant Toyota. The company, which is known for its innovative features associated with cars and SUVs has come to know about a technical problem with the electric power steering. The problem has recently come to notice of the company and therefore, the company has decided to recall 1,12,500 units of Toyota Camry, which is a mid-size sedan vehicle and Highlanders, which is a famous SUV from the company.

toyota camry

Toyota Camry

The company has declared that there is some technical problem, which may have occurred at company factory, to the power assisted steering and software. This has created trouble in power steer, and the problem may lead to a crash of the vehicle also. These models are sold in 2014 and 2015 by the company authorized dealers. The vehicle also has a problem detected with electric vehicle software. The company has formed a strategy and accordingly the recall from the market will be made in coming days.

The company has deployed dealers who will inspect the vehicle especially for the issue of power steering board and electric vehicle software. In the case, the problem can be resolved with the replacement of this board on the spot is possible, the dealer will make the necessary arrangements and the rectification will be carried out. However, if it is found by the dealer that the vehicle needs to be taken to the factory due to this problem will inform the customer accordingly and ask for the recall of that particular car.

It is needless to say that there are many such incidents have occurred in the recent past, and the companies have become more quality cautious now than before. Hence, before any serious issue happens, the company takes the risk of recalling with all the views taking into considerations. Hence, the same company has also declared a recall of another vehicle which is an electric vehicle known as RAV4. There were total 2500 units recalled as a problem in software for motor assembly come to the notice of the company. Due to this problem the vehicle was shifting to neutral on its own. The dealers are provided all the information about this problem, and the same strategy of recalling is implemented in the case of this problem too. The dealer will make necessary inspections and move ahead as per the situation and problem of the vehicle. This problem is found in the vehicles which are sold from 2012 to 2014.

As per the company sources, there is no report of any accidents or crash due to this technical problem of the company vehicle. However, this recall is made just to ensure that the company is quality cautious and at no cost quality can be compromised by this trusted Japanese brand.

The Dream Project of Self-Driving car from Japan is On

Japan, the most innovative country on the automobile front has decided to launch a self-driving car. As per the latest news around, the government of Japan has decided to provide best support to this sector and as a gesture, government has launched this project. It is said that the automobile giants of Japan: Honda, Nissan and Toyota will play key role in the formation of this modern car. This self-driving vehicle will have data analysis and support will be provided by research institute of the University of Tokyo and Nagoya university research center. It is considered as a dream project of Prime minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe, who has directed the government machinery to support this project my all the ways and means. This project is going to launch In June’15, and the self-driving car is expected to be on the road by 2020.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Since many years, Japan is ruling the automobile sector but in these days it depends on Bosch the German technology brand which provides sensors to carmakers across the globe. It has created serious concerns for Japanese car makers as it can sideline the Japanese automotive market in coming years. Hence, this dream project is segregated in various phases to facilitate the project implementation.

According to the available information, the automotive parts will be designed and manufactured by three automobile giants Honda, Toyota and Nissan while other technologies will be developed and delivered by Panasonic and Hitachi. The project is going to have total USD 84 million behind the test center and infrastructure development. This project is going to be launched under the joint venture with private and public sector.

With the development of the self-driving car, there will be a number of challenges for it on the road. In the first phase of this project, the automobile companies will provide it with the software of self-navigation so that it can drive as per the provided information. These auto giants will make a standardized software to support the easy navigation to this vehicle. This companies will design and deliver the software. To save this vehicle from on road accidents, it will have inbuilt track sensors, and there will be a different technology used to protect the software and other systems of this car from hacking. There will be special tracks prepared to run this car which will have immediate communication with on-road services. The public sector will make this arrangement.

There are many benefits Japan is looking at with the development of this self-driving car. The benefits for an owner of this vehicle are there, but Japan has a different reason. It is keeping an eye on the development of this car to get the lead position again in the global automobile market as it fears that as per the current trend, soon Europe and America will be leading the global automobile sector. In this race China and North Korea are also not that behind and, therefore, Japan is worried about its global position in the automobile industry.

2016 Toyota Fortuner to get more features

The world`s biggest Japanese automaker, Toyota, is about to embark on the production of all new Fortuner` which will be a new model in its sales kitty. The Toyota is expected to launch this SUV in the form of the new Fortuner by the second half of this year or in the early 2016. As per the market sources’ indications, the company can launch it at the Delhi auto expo, which will be held in February, 2016. The car is enriched with an excellence of style, plush and comfortable interiors, rugged robotic details and the well-known for trust associated with the Toyota Cars.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

The new SUV, Toyota Fortuner has been already a significant success in the SUV segment in India, which is still renowned for its prestige and luxury in the segment. The company has pulled its socks to write a new history with another success story with Fortuner 2016 which may rock the SUV market with its different impression and style that is most preferred by the SUV lovers.

The new Fortuner will be in the light of IMV stage, which will be in line with Toyota’s New Generation Architecture (TNGA). The new SUV will be firm, and the exterior is expected as extraordinary which is very much in line with the image of the company. There is no confirmed news about the factory from which the parts of this model will be provided, but as per the reliable sources the company may use the theory of the old engine only. Reports suggest that a completely new engine will be utilized for the diesel variant, which will be more fuel effective and high-performing. The auto will likewise emphasize 2WD and 4WD options.

The V-formed twin-brace grille that provides chrome encompasses on its fringes, and the Toyota Camry-like headlamp highlight projector units may enhance the look of the new SUV. The new model of this SUV will have a front guard with a wide jaw grille with a vertical LED daytime-running lights sits on the side along with the round mist lights. Checking the profile view, the bumpers of the SUV are broad, and the wheel curves are enough huge to suit vast, 12-spoke compound wheels. The Beltline of the vehicle is high, and all the windows are on the fewer side.

The price for the current Fortuner at present is Rs 22 lakhs, and there is news that is not yet confirmed that the Japanese automaker will price its new Innova at Rs. 20 lakhs onwards. Afterward, so as to establish a distinction between two of its top rated models, Toyota is expected to determine the new Fortuner pricing somewhat higher than the current model.

As it is one of the most sold SUVs across India, Toyota Fortuner new model 2016 Fortuner is expected by many Toyota fans and is expected to have massive sales figure which can set new records for the current model in terms of sales volume.

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