Toyota 86 Limited Edition is funky sporty and stylish

Toyota 86 is among the most powerful sport cars in town, it is a rigid vehicle engineered with inventive creativity. The 86 is a series of sports coupes and grand tourer cars developed by Subaru and Toyota. It is eye catchy at first glance because of the imaginative construction of 2+2 seating, rear wheel drive, front and boxer engine. It is sold in many countries under different name tag, in Canada and US it is called Scion, the general common name for the vehicle all over the globe is Subaru and in Australia, South America, South Africa and Asia it is referred to as Toyota 86.

Toyota 86 Limited Edition

Toyota 86 Limited Edition

The uniqueness of the design of Limited Edition vehicle lies in the attachment of rear wing to fastened boot lid. Toyota 86 has been a powerful car since inception. The special edition car is infused with the same levels of engine energy. The material used to engineer the vehicle is executed in a manner to offer a spark aerodynamic effect.

Sporty car buffs are fascinated with Toyota 86, even though the framework of the body is unruly. The rear spoiler is tall, but constructed in a creative manner and does not obstruct the view of vehicle in front and behind. The bumper apron looks classy and sporty, the rear bumper skirt looks sophisticated and every piece of exterior equipments are in tune with the power of 86 Limited edition.

Toyota 86 will be sold in South Africa, the interiors looks uniquely funky packed with all the desirable elements a sporty car buff would yearn. The features to watch out for are jazzy red accents on sports seats, door panels, handbrake, gear lever and steering wheel. Since it is a Limited Edition car there are only two colors on offer, both go with the professional and sporty theme of the vehicle such as 86 Red and Pearl White. There is a special edition six speed manual gearbox, and the one on the most loaded vehicle is pricier by only R5400.

Consumers can chose from a range of options such as shark fin antenna in place of the usual bee sting aerial, re-worked suspension and daytime running lights for Limited and High edition cars. All variants of 86 model will come with best-in-class audio system with additional sat-nav and Bluetooth functionality. Customers can pick from range of upgrades like premium covering to hide the undesirable texture of full size spare parts.

The engine power of Toyota 86 is enormous; the low fitted 2 liter horizontally stacked engine generates 205Nm and 147kW. The power is transmitted to rear wheels within an acceleration interval of 100km/h in only 7.6 seconds. Toyota 86 is a dream model for race car enthusiasts, the rear overhangs and incredible style statement makes it desirable to the core.

The surprise package lies in the interiors, it is a rare sight to view sparkling red drawings on steering wheel, seats, handbrake, gear lever and music system. The 86 Limited Edition car will drive owners insane to an extent that they would not want to get out of it

Aygo offers loads of comfort and style despite drawbacks

Toyota is a pioneering auto brand, the company has produced class model all through its tenure since the 1930’s. Talking of a trendy hatch car the first image that pops up if Aygo. Aygo is among the most desirable hatchbacks in the market, and it an ace contender to Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Fabia. Engineering a small vehicle is a task, one glance at Aygo and the style statement is class apart. It is so different from other products in the market, the bonnet is molded into a neat V shaped design, and on the center is a neatly carved Toyota logo. Take note of the zig zag elements that pass through it.

2014 toyota aygo

2014 toyota aygo

Aygo from the mere look of it is a product of hard core engineering; the effect can be compared with other top class models of new Peugeot 108 and new Citrogen C1. Although Aygo is among the most picturesque vehicles in the market, there are some who find the design to be not so pleasing to the eye. Based on some reports, driving the car is like getting behind a steering wheel that does the work of a clumsy smartphone. Driving the Aygo is a pleasurable encounter, but the layout of interiors is not too great, the plastic material is fragile and easily collects dirt.

Despite the criticism there are interesting characteristics of Aygo that is so unique compared to other products of its class. Those who drove the five door variant were happy with the feel of the vehicle. The interior room is so vast and there is ample boot volume space to an extent that it can accommodate heaps of luggage, along with loads of other items and an interesting example put forth is umbrella style buggy. The engine is noisy; the mileage is good, the mile per gallon figure shoots up to peak forties. It has excellent eco-friendly properties with minimal carbon-dioxide emission levels, and comes under the vehicle excise duty free motoring scheme.

Aygo will excite consumers to no end; there is no better feeling that sitting inside an incredibly roomy hatchback. The dependability value is high, it is easy to park the vehicle in jam packed tight parking slots and it moves easily amidst jam packed traffic. The uniqueness of the car lies in the classy X that originates from A pillar and converges with front grille.

Any vehicle will have its set of drawbacks whether popular or not, with Aygo the only concern is the steering and engine noise levels. The inner décor is grand; the seats are super comfy and covered with refined upholstery. It is an eco-friendly model and perfect to protect yourself and the planet. It is a reflection on what auto manufacturers all over the globe are emphasizing on, clean and green technology. Those keen on the car it is a good buy sold at a price of 7995 to 11695 pounds.

India made Toyota Etios Liva launches in Nepal

The Toyota Etios Liva is a very capable compact hatchback that excels in quality and comfort. India has got its Liva hatchback for quite some time, and now India’s neighboring country Nepal will also be able to take the advantage of the overall efficient Toyota Liva hatchback.

Toyota EtiosLiva in Red

Toyota Etios Liva

Toyota has launches its Etios Liva hatchback in the country of Nepal through United Traders Syndicate, Toyota’s authorized distributor in Nepal. The Toyota Etios Liva has been launched in Nepal with the starting price of 33.45 lakhs NPR (equivalent to Rs. 20.9 lakhs).

Unlike the Indian car market where the Liva is available in both petrol as well as diesel variants, the car will be available in the car market of Nepal in only petrol variants. The Etios Liva in Nepal will be powered only by the 1.2 liter 4-cylinder petrol motor that has the capability of generating 80 PS of max power at 5,600 rpm and a peak torque of 104 Nm at 3,100 rpm. The petrol engine comes mated to a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. The Toyota Etios Liva will be offering the fuel efficiency of 17.71 km per liter with ARAI certification.

It is needless to mention that the Toyota Etios Liva which has just launched in Nepal has been exported from India. The Liva will be shipped from the manufacturing facilities of Toyota Kirloskar Motor India. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has twin car plants situated at Bidadi in Karnataka, and these will be responsible in catering to the demands of the Liva in Nepal.

Similar to the car market of India, the Toyota Etios Liva will be competing with the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Grand i10 and VW Polo in the Nepali car market.

The Toyota Etios Liva that has been launched in the car market of Nepal is exactly the same as the car’s Indian counterpart. The hatchback measures 3,775 mm long, 1,695 mm wide and 1,510 mm high. It stands on a wheelbase measuring 2,460 mm. The car also offers a good boot area of 251 liters.

Just like the Indian Toyota Etios Liva, the Nepali counterpart is also nicely designed sober looking hatchback with nice and comfortable interiors that Toyota offers. The Liva offers the patent reliability and great handling aspects that comes with all Toyota cars. This hatchback is a perfect city car and can handle the traffic stricken urban roads very nicely. It also offers great drive and ride experience to make both the driver and the passengers happy.

The Etios Liva also comes with a good feature list. The top of the range ‘V’ model trim comes loaded with fog lights, body colored bumpers and door handles, rear wiper and washer and stylish alloy wheels.

The car also offers great interior features including 2-DIN music system with CD/MP3/AUX-in capabilities, multifunction steering wheel, all 4 power windows and superior fabric upholstery. The Liva packs in great safety measures including dual front airbags, ABS and EBD.

Toyota Hilux sails across the desert at challenging Force Fuel 450 race

Toyota vehicles are packed with power and style, the winner of the intensely competitive Force Fuel 450 race was won by brothers Werner and Johan Horn with Hilux car. The third position was won by Leeroy Poulter of Castrol Team, a leap from the 17th position. The Team Principal was satisfied with the turnout of events and made a statement saying, ‘’we are immensely pleased with the outcome of Force Fuel 450. ‘’

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

In the beginning the upshot was different from the actual result, the race started off well for defending championship Denis Murphy (navigator) and Anthony Taylor. During the race on Friday the 8th of August, Murphy or Taylor spearheaded through the long 100km stretch in production vehicle segment. The Horn brothers were not too far away only four seconds behind. Poulter is a proficient racer, but is not on par on professional level. It was a task for him; he considers it to be his first season of Donaldson Cross Country Championship. Poulter managed to finish 6 minutes behind Murphy or Taylor.

The race began on a bright Saturday morning at 8am; Murphy or Taylor started off fiercely and maneuvered through a special vehicle in front and in the process lost a windscreen. As they further moves up the terrain, their tire got punctured and was forced to change the wheel. The momentum did not kick off as expected and so much time was in the process.

The lost grip suffered by Murphy or Taylor proved fruitful to Horn brothers, who were consistent from the beginning and surged through the victory line elegantly. Taylor or Murphy from Castrol team faced troubles along the road, they has to face grave transmission issues, and then had no other choice but to retire. This made it easy for Horns to emerge podium finishers for the very first time. The second place was taken by Siegfried Rousseau and Gary Bertholdt.

The Force Fuel racing event is challenging, the terrains are harsh drivers have to move past stubborn sandy roads. During the start of the race Leeroy Poulter was miles behind the winning streak huddled in seventeenth position. He just wanted to enjoy the rhythm of the race and was not positive of a win in the beginning.

It is a task to life vehicles all along the dust, Poulter said his team managed to do the task with ease. The fact that Horn brothers won the race on back of Hilux is a measure of how impactful Toyota vehicles are. A vehicle should have adequate amount of safety to jump on desert roads. It only goes to show that Toyota is a forerunner in the department of advanced suspension and acceleration technology. The next step in tournament is round 6 scheduled for the 12th and 13th of September 2014 at Vryburg.

Everyone likes a bit of adventure in their lives, Hilux is the perfect vehicle for adventure buffs who can travel along desert paths and enjoy every bit of it without the need to feel unsafe. It is worth the try more so with a large group of friends and family.

FT-1 Vision GT concept car is racing vehicle re-defined

Toyota showcased stunning visuals of the popular FT-1 Vision GT concept car; the company has formed together some more pieces of the vehicle. A teaser video of FT-1 Vision GT is on the web; the base development is inspired from FT-1 concept and will enter the Gran Turismo 6 stage.

FT-1 Vision GT concept

FT-1 Vision GT concept

Toyota is among the acclaimed global auto manufacturers, the company has produced world class models since inception in 1930’s. The crowd is not satisfied with the outline of Toyota cars in the past few years; the vehicles did not have original refined texture. With that said, the FT-1 Vision GT concept car overwhelmed the online world; people were shocked that Toyota actually emerged with a new admirable design after bouts of tasteless vehicles.

The concept Vision GT FT-1 car is plain black different from the usual eye catchy red. The car is compact and looks like other impressively looking sporty vehicles with intact body lines. Look out for the artistically styled nose in the front moulded into a neat pointed structure. From the front, one can spot carbon splitter protrusions which moves along till the side to the rear and then merges with large rear diffuser. The foldable rear wing is replaced by a bigger racing wing.

The mere structure of the vehicle is captivating, and is a thriller for ardent racing fans. On the hood is a pair of vents that merge into hood, what is unique about FT-1 Vision GT concept car, is the layering of red and black, the vehicle is designed at the prestigious Calty Design studio California. It is a unique vehicle to look forward to; every inch of the car is one of a kind and varied. There are tints of jazziness on the vehicle that brings out the fantastic sporty nature. There are strips of red layers on brake callipers, LED headlights and wheel, a perfect contrast against dark paint.

According to Toyota FT-1 is an influential vehicle with respect to steeping into world of advanced design technology. One look at the car and it is evident that the firm is keen to step into the sports car market arena. FT-1 looks burly and solid and is a reflection of the company’s vision to dig deeper into a world of sports cars.

Toyota Vision GT concept looks cool, so different from any other sporty car; watch out for the black layer on the bonnet. The creases and ridges look picturesque. There are neat cuts on the roof as well; the tail lights are imaginatively styled carved into neat curved bow like structure. The FT-1 GT concept car is an ideal vehicle to own, it looks absolutely insane, to an extent that it is hard to believe. It is the perfect vehicle for racing tracks, and driver’s will experience the pleasure of driving something so classy and vibrant and will feel on top of the world.

Toyota has plunged into a new world of racing car design technology; it will be interesting to view the products in the years to come. Years from now there may be sporty cars filled with three layers of colours.

Toyota getting ready to showcase the FCV in San Francisco

The world’s largest car maker Toyota Motor is ready with its ultimate green dream car, the FCV which the company has been showcasing around in various Motor shows around the globe. This fuel cell vehicle is one of the most highly anticipated car models from the house of Toyota. The hydrogen powered FCV (Fuel cell Vehicle) from the Japanese car giant is scheduled for its North American launch by the end of 2015.

2013 toyota fcv hydrogen car

2013 toyota fcv hydrogen car

Now, before Toyota actually launches its fuel cell sedan in North America, the car maker is going to premier the vehicle in the market this week in San Francisco by taking the advantage of an annual meeting of the American Chemical Society that is going to take place in San Francisco. The Toyota fuel cell sedan which has been getting displayed at several car events as the FCV concept is still known by this name, as the Japanese auto major has not given any other name to the project as yet.

This revolutionary Toyota FCV is scheduled to launch in the car market of California by next year, where Hyundai Motor has already launched the Tucson Fuel cell car. The Toyota FCV is a compact sedan that is run by hydrogen gas and its only exhaust is water vapor. This fully green and highly powerful car does not have the inconvenience of charging its batteries and can be re-fueled at a hydrogen pump within minutes just like any other fuel run conventional car. The hydrogen powered FCV also has a huge range of around 500 kilometers on a full tank of hydrogen according to Toyota Motor.

Toyota Motor is one of several major auto makers which will be bringing out its fuel cell vehicle which is a highly talked about green technology at present. The FCVs are efficient, convenient and hassle free cars compared against the battery run electric cars and they offer powerful performance as the fuel sipping conventional car. Moreover, these cars are absolutely green and zero emission environmentally friendly cars that can change the future of mobility system.

Toyota claims that it’s FCV can be refueled in as little as 3 minutes. The Toyota FCV concept is a very stylish, futuristic looking vehicle that is shaped like a water droplet in order to meaningfully say that it offers only water as exhaust and nothing else. The Toyota FCV will be offered as a sophisticated highly luxurious and premium car, apart from its fully environmental benefits, thus offering great ride quality and superior comfort apart from full freedom from the rising fuel costs, harmful emissions and even the hassle of charging batteries.

Though the upcoming Toyota hydrogen powered fuel cell sedan is expected to cost about $68,500 when the vehicle is scheduled to go on sale in Toyota’s home market Japan in spring next, the company has not yet decided on its American tag. The Toyota FCV is also yet to get a proper name for itself and is expected to be revealed only after its market launch.

Toyota Motor reportedly contemplating on the successor of Lexus LFA

The world’s most popular car maker, Toyota Motor has been seriously considering on developing a lot of new cars based on the company’s new design language which is supposed to be very much engaging and offer superb visual appeal. Among these new upcoming Toyota cars are some much speculated super cars, which are supposed to the flag bearers of Toyota’s new heart racing design philosophy as well as astonishing power and performance.

lexus lfa

lexus lfa

Toyota owned luxury brand Lexus has had the long-term plan of a successor to the brand’s limited model LFA supercar. This limitedly produced Lexus LFA supercar might spawn an all-new supercar which is not only going to be the heartthrob in terms of style as well as in terms of dream performance, according to the Vice President of Lexus, Mark Templin. However, according to him the car could take as long as three decades before it actually hits the market.

Templin said that Akio Toyoda believes that every generation deserves to get a fabulous car such as the LFA, thus the company is working on an LFA for today’s generation Templin said in Japan before a program for the new Lexus NX crossover. He also said that at some point of time, there might also be another special car for the next generation. He did not however, offer any other details or specific time periods for the same.

Toyota had stopped the production of the limited Lexus LFA supercar back in the year 2012. Ever since, the Japanese auto giant has not had a flagship supercar model under its brand name. There had been several talks and speculations of a potential successor to the LFA supercar. However, nothing actually materialized out of those. It is also known that Toyota had contemplated to bring out a successor to the car. However, those contemplations and discussions of the company eventually did not become fruitful and nothing has come out so far. Though the company has denied these reports so far, now it finally accepts that there is actually a free place at the top of its range and it will like to get it filled up at some point of time.

The LFA’s total development took around 9 years, and the company took out a bare minimum 500 units of the supercar, which was a loss-making project for the car maker. Selling more units of the car would have helped make great profits for the company, but Toyota did not do that just to save the car’s exclusive tag.

The successor Toyota supercar would most probably get the powertrains of RC F’s 5.0 liter V8 motor combined with an efficient electric motor coupled with a superb 10-speed transmission. Lexus also showcased an LF-LC coupe concept model at the 2012 Detroit auto show, which the car maker has not still made hitting the production. Whether and when the LFA successor is coming, is thus still in darkness, but it will come for sure.

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla is an all-round improvement of an evergreen bestseller

The Toyota Corolla is definitely the world’s most favored car and it has proven itself to deserve that position as well. The right balance of elegance, reliability, comfort, safety features, premium feel, drive and ride quality and consistence performance have all ensured that the Corolla remains the most liked car in the global market. This jewel of a car however has got massive competition in terms of looks, as many more quality cars are constantly getting launched with killer looks that the customers cannot resist. However, like always Toyota has improved this all time bestseller, like it has been doing for the last 47 years.

2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla is truly an all improved very capable car that has taken the car’s years’ of reputation one step ahead. The all new 11th generation Corolla is not really essentially totally different than its previous version. However, it is a great new car to buy if you are looking for one of the best cars in the world that too in an all improved form.

The 2014 Toyota Corolla has become fascinating with an evolutionary design language that is way more attractive and bolder than the older Corolla. The all new 2014 Corolla is designed inspired by the company’s new Furia concept. It flaunts with a large stylish front grille, sharp bumper design and large alluring headlights, which make the new Corolla look very smart and bold. Though the entire car hasn’t changed much, especially at the back, these changes are good enough to make the car remarkably more stylish. The car also gets sharp character lines that run all through its sides, ensuring its great new bold looks, while the LED daytime running lights in the higher trims make for greater looks. The 2014 Toyota Corolla is surely a hit on the face of all its criticizers.

The all new 11th generation Corolla is a sleeker and more masculine design which makes it look very different. The sedan has also grown a bit offering more interior space, but it still manages to look sleeker as compared against its previous model, thanks to its all new great new sharp and bold styling. The car has also become a nit lower giving it a more sturdy and sporty appearance and masculine stance. However, this new sporty and bolder look of the all new Toyota Corolla does not hamper its essential elegance; on the contrary it enhances the elegance and sophistication.

In the car market of India the all new 2014 Toyota Corolla is still powered by the same 1.8 liter petrol and 1.4 liter diesel motors, though these are tweaked to provide more power figures. Toyota has also improved the rigidity and suspension system of the new Corolla, and it offers excellent improved safety measures as well.

Toyota FT-1 Concept gets a more heart racing design for Gran Turismo 6

The world’s largest car maker, Toyota Motor has certainly made up its mind to get into the hearts and minds of the customers and compel them to buy a Toyota car, so that the company remains at the top of the sales charts. The very capable and reliable car models from the house of the Japanese car major have been always very well favored, but the advent of the super stylish head turning cars from the other car makers are taking away a good amount of Toyota customers.

Toyota FT1 Concept

Toyota FT1 Concept

In this style driven modern world, Toyota Motor has thus realized that it really needs to offer something superb looking that goes well with rest of the superb cars that it offers. Nobody seems to like the proverb, beauty lies on the inside, especially when it comes to the machine on wheels and like everything stylish and luxurious.

Thus, Toyota is concentrating on the more stylish cars and is working on full swing on the company’s design motto ‘Waku Doki’ styling which literally means heart racing. This heart racing and eye popping design language is best showcased on Toyota’s FT-1 concept car, which has created a big buzz in the automotive world. Now, this FT-1 concept has become even more stylish and edgier in its latest avatar for the Grand Turismo 6.

The Gran Turismo 6 platform is a highly preferred one for an upcoming product’s ample showcasing and marketing springboard for quite some brands as well as concept cars since the concept’s opening edition last year. The GT Vision concept idea specially has allowed manufacturers a complete place to offer totally new, original, and engaging idea has attracted automobile biggies such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota and many more global auto makers to showcase their dream projects on the digital stage before they actually start working on the real concept car models.

In fact, Toyota had teamed its live revealing of its FT-1 Concept car at the Detroit Auto Show with the launch of a game based on the car in this year’s January. In order to make the most of the GT6 apple, Toyota Motor has just again recently released a teaser video for an even more edgy new FT-1 Vision GT version of the same super sporty concept car.

The Japanese car major however, is not giving much to look and admire on this new teaser video of 30 seconds, and says that the concept was created by Toyota Motor’s Calty Design Research team based in California, and that it will soon be available for downloads. It seems like the new FT-1 concept is going to be more of a race car than the previous concept, and will have some major design changes to its basic form. There is still no word on the real cars.

Toyota has conquered vast segment networks to remain on top

Toyota is an acclaimed Japanese brand; it has maintained its high-value worth for years since inception in 1930’s. The global economy has witnessed a major crash that first started in 2008, the adversity was visible at macro level, and it took a toll on global auto sales. Toyota being a top end brand fell into the recession trap.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The US operation of Toyota has noted an impressive 4.6% gain during the April to June quarter period. The revenue holding capacity is an admirable USD 5.72 billion. Although the yields in US are high, the market of Asia has not borne fruitful profits visible in Indonesia, India, Japan and Thailand. Toyota’s operation has not been effective in Brazil; its two powerful sources are Europe and US.

With phenomenal profits seen in attractive US and Europe markets, the growth is pretty significant yielding massive 40% global profits. Now a hot debatable topic would be if Toyota has the power to remain on top of its game. The sale output in North America surged to 3% and in Europe it is 7%. The Asian market witnessed a 2% drop in sales, the only logical reason that can explain Toyota’s top spot in US is swift production and quality.

Toyota has made recalls lately, and it is certainly a black mark to its brand tag, the company has overcome the adversity of recalls and continues to launch world class products. The company is working towards re-inventing its style quotient and is developing a new Camry model with greater fashion statement. Camry is a top selling model in US for eleven long years; Toyota contributed 5,097 million global sales. The enormous success value of Camry has enabled Toyota to retain its top auto brand status. The next in line is Volkswagen that took away the second position from General Motors. Volkswagen sold 4.97 million pieces and General Motors 4.92. The economy has not picked up to an impactful effect and Toyota predicts a lower than anticipated global sale forecast of 10.22 million units against 11million pieces.

The manager of Toyota Group Yoshiaki Kawano, along with Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor Co of Toyota Group, are of the view that impressive sale forecast stems from the investment in gasoline and green car sector. Toyota is an industry leader in new innovative technologies like electric and hybrid car vehicles. The company is working on the fourth gen Prius model scheduled to arrive by end of 2015.

Auto makers all over the world are focussing on the beneficial impacts of clean and green technologies and so are the governments. The executive director at JD Power and Associates Mohit Arora said, the Chinese government is making room for strengthening electric vehicle technology with a vision to curb pollution.  Toyota has gained significant reputation across various segments, inclusive of hybrid vehicles. It is among the few firms to conquer every segment with victorious profits. It made commendable profits in US, and it will be interesting to view its growth output in the near future. It has the sustainable power to stay on top of its game.

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