All New Toyota Innova to be introduced in 2015

The Indian MPV market leader Toyota Innova is getting strong market competition recently. The MPV market is really lucrative in India, and that is why a whole lot of car majors are planning to launch their new MPVs in India. The newly launched Honda Mobilio MPV is already a massive hit and it is thought to eat into the high demands of the larger Innova as well.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

Toyota Motor thus, is preparing itself beforehand to deal with this raising competition. The MPV segment is also very hot in the international markets as well, and the Innova being one of the bestselling models from the house of Toyota has a lot of importance for the company. There had been quite recent reports about Toyota working on all new Innova as well as the all new Fortuner. However, while the next-gen Toyota Fortuner SUV which is also the bestselling premium SUV in India is expected to launch in India sometime towards the end of next year, the next-gen Innova was said to be launching sometime in the year 2016 in the Indian car market. However, now it is revealed that the all new Innova too might land up in India as soon as next year.

The very popular Toyota Innova MPV is now being worked on full speed by Toyota and the vehicle’s test prototype models have also been spied on several times both in India as well as on the roads of Thailand. It is now being said that the all new Toyota Innova might be introduced to the various car markets by the year 2016, while the actual market launch is expected to happen in early 2016. However going by the fast forward actions of some auto makers, Toyota too might speed up the process of bringing in the all new Innova, especially in India where the market competition will further increase within a couple of years.

While speaking to the media, the president of Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. Mr Michinobu Sugata, revealed that the company is contemplating to invest around a hefty 2 billion pesos to increase the parts localization of the new Innova. About 50 percent of this huge investment will be used in increasing the localization of the pressed parts now. Currently even the pressed body parts of the Innova MPV are being imported from Thailand, while Toyota is planning on increasing the localization to more than 30 percent for the upcoming version of the vehicle.

It is speculated that apart from completely overhauled exterior and interior designs, the all new Innova will be also housing Toyota’s newly developed range of diesel engines. Apart from this, Toyota is also expected add an automatic transmission gearbox on the diesel variants of the next-gen Innova.

So far the undisputed ruler of the Indian MPV segment The Toyota Innova is getting tough competition from the Maruti Ertiga compact MPV, Honda Mobilio Nissan Evalia and Chevrolet Enjoy. The next-gen Innova is expected to be priced at Rs. 9 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh.

Toyota teases India bound 2015 Camry facelift

The new Toyota Camry facelift that is going to come to the Indian car market is scheduled to be showcased at the 2014 Moscow Motor Show. The event in Moscow is scheduled to be held from 25th of August to 28th of August, 2014. Prior to the official unveiling of the new refreshed Toyota Camry at the Moscow Motor Show, the Japanese car major has teased the pictures of the facelift model.

2015 Toyota Camry India teased

2015 Toyota Camry India teased

As per the teased images of the new Camry facelift that is bound for India and many other international car markets, the model will get much more conservative design changes as compared against the sporty and contemporary facelift Camry for the North American market.

Toyota Motor created a wave of appreciation with the unveiling of the new refreshed Camry model for the North American car market at the 2014 New York Auto Show which was held earlier this year. The North American spec Camry facelift is a very stylish, contemporary and sporty looking sedan that is in marked contrast with the earlier conservative looking Camry. This design change was consciously made by Toyota as other very stylish rival cars are threatening the bestselling position of the Camry. However, the refreshed Camry that is going to be displayed at the Moscow Motor Show seems to be again keeping to its patent conservative styling though it will feature many design changes in the new model.

However, what exactly will be the new design changes of the new refreshed Camry for the non-North American car markets are yet not clearly known. Thus, again how far it keeps to its earlier conservative design language is also not very apparent as yet. Toyota has released a darkened teaser image of the facelift Camry, and thus most of the design updates are actually concealed.

The darkened teaser image of the Toyota Camry facelift model however offers a look at the updates that the car maker has made to the headlights and the front fascia of the car. The marked changes that are evident of the teaser are that the new refreshed Camry will be flaunting new headlamps along with LED Daytime Running Lights and also a new grille to make for a new face. The refreshed Camry facelift will have integrated DRLs, exterior rear view mirrors and a more prominent and bold Toyota logo at the front of the car making it look different than that of the previous model.

Toyota has yet not revealed details regarding any mechanical specification updates on the Camry facelift. However, it is expected that the same engine range will be carried over to the new facelift version which comprises of a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder and a 3.5 liter V6 engine.

When the Indian car market is concerned, the new refreshed Camry will be launched in India next. The new Camry is expected to be price at around Rs. 25 lakhs, featuring the same 2.5 liter petrol motor generating 180bhp of power and 233Nm of torque.

New Toyota cars to come packed with Nexus 7 built into the dashboards

Toyota Motor is known for its innovative ideas and futuristic cars. The world’s most selling car maker is very busy working on a whole new experience to be offered in its new cars. While Toyota is busy working on an all new attractive design language that is supposed to make the customer’s hearts go racing with a sudden adrenalin rush. This new ‘Waku Doki’ styling of the Japanese car major is expected to boost its sales volumes and to keep the Toyota customers from going to some other great looking rival cars. However, being Toyota Motor it simply cannot concentrate on smartly designed stunning looking cars, but also on smart cars altogether.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota is working on several smart things for its future cars from total futuristic green cars, to automated cars, to great efficient cars that are highly safe for both the drivers and the people on the roads. One such smart feature in the upcoming Toyota cars would be the Nexus 7.

A large 7 inch highly efficient tablet which is built into the car’s dashboard is really a great idea and is hugely practical too. This very sensible idea to elegantly offer GPS solutions to the car owners is so much better than the cheap and clunky infotainment options that are usually provided by the car manufacturers in their capable cars. Well, Toyota Motor has finally come up with the idea of incorporating the Nexus 7 on board its new cars. The latest Toyota cars in Taiwan will be coming with a built right Nexus 7 in their dashboards to offer great navigation facilities to the owners.

Toyota Motor has partnered with Unimax which is owned by Asus in order to create something which the company calls the Toyota Intelligent System (TIS). This Toyota Intelligent System is nothing, but essentially a regular Nexus 7 tablet which has been customized with added features such as voice-recognition, multimedia offering, 4G connectivity capability and off course all the Google Maps features that already come loaded it.

The best part about the Toyota Intelligent System is that as time passes on, and the newer and better tablets come into the markets, the inbuilt tab on the dashboard can be easily and quickly swapped in with different models as per the consumers’ choice and thus, offer full flexibility to remain up to date. Thus, the Toyota Intelligent System offers great user experience, latest apps and features of the Nexus 7, great customized features by Toyota as well as the option to stay updated and keep up with the changing times.

However, when it comes to which car models exactly from the house of Toyota will come packed with the Nexus 7, has yet not been announced by the Japanese car major. Only time will tell as to which new car models Toyota will choose to bless with the new Toyota Intelligent System to offer efficient and great infotainment experience to the car owners.

2015 Highlander is sporty stylish efficient and comfortable

Branded cars are the in thing today; with the creation of new opportunities and increase in employment rate everyone wants a lavish model to suit their high-income status. There are so many new developments in automobile engineering world, a hot topic of research and development (R and D) is the creation of aerodynamic exterior frame.

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Apart from a light vehicle, mileage is the key sales driving factor, along with swanky car customers look at fuel-economy as a critical buying element. The hectic work life and fast movement of business solutions has enabled employees to travel long distances.  A combination of light body and mileage is what customers are looking for, and 2015 Toyota Highlander fits the bill, and its ace contender is Nissan Pathfinder.

The competition levels in Indian auto market have intensified, the battle is so intense even in unnoticeable areas such as vehicle lightness. It is a cut-throat battle between Toyota Highlander and Nissan Pathfinder. Toyota launched Highlander years ago, and the development of the vehicle is in tune with advancements of automobile engineering and customer sentiment. The first Highlander was a small crossover car with only two rows; it was only slightly bigger than RAV4.

The new Highlander is a much bigger car from the earliest piece; the 2015 model is fitted with a robust 3.5 liter V6 engine that generates 270hp and coupled with six speed automatic transmission gearbox. Highlander can be driven long distances, for 100km city the fuel consumption rate is 12.5 liters, for all wheel drive it is 11.6 liters and the front wheel drive cars gives 9.3 liters. The all-wheel drive XLE car gives 11.3 liters for every 100km; the reading is calibrated taking a bit of city and highway driving into consideration.  With the all-wheel drive car consumers can pick from standard Limited and XLE car and LE model.

The new Highlander is a big car, it is engineered in a way to accommodate many occupants and take in heavy weight. It can fit in 2,268kg, and a person who drove the Highlander was satisfied with the feel of the vehicle. The interior room is vastly spacious, and offers world class comfort. The chassis is stiff and rigid and can absorb enormous impacts. The handling power of chassis is phenomenal it can accommodate 2,000 kg and the ride output is breathtaking.

Highlander is a perfect vacation model, the foldable seats makes it ideal to plan a perfect getaway like camping, water rafting and so on. The seats are foldable, and the volume can be extended from 385 liters to 2,370 liters with folding of second and third row seats. The cargo volume of Sienna is 4,247 liters.

The new Highlander is a worthy purchase packed with style and comfort, and the fashion statement is in tune with tastes of modern demographic. The car looks sturdy and classy; there are neat lines on side and front. The headlights are molded into neat slanted structures and look elegant and sophisticated. The grille is an imaginative four point structure filled with layers of horizontal lines.

Toyota Motor spawns two new versions of the funky FT-1 concept

The world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota Motor is renowned for its great quality and reliable cars. However, the Japanese auto giant has not had great luck in achieving as much praises for the styling of its cars. In the present time, when the modern car buyers are going for superbly designed cars and the various auto majors are offering too many stunning looking cars, Toyota cars are lagging behind in the style quotient being mostly conservatively designed.

Toyota FT1 Concept

Toyota FT1 Concept

In a bid to retain its crown for the globe’s top car maker, Toyota is now focusing greatly on making cars that are not only safe, efficient and reliable, but also great head turners. The Toyota designers are now guided by the company’s new motto of ‘Waku Doki’ styling which is Japanese for ‘heart racing’ car designs. While Toyota is still working on its all new design language which is expected to be featured in the next-gen Prius hybrid model, the company is showcasing many awe inspiring concept models.

One such eyeball grabbing concept from Toyota is the FT-1. Toyota received a lot of attention and praises from the visitors at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show for unveiling its FT-1 concept at the event. Now, it seems that the Japanese carmaker is eager to grab more attention when cool styling is concerned and wishes to cash in on the FT-1 concept, as it has revealed two new versions of the same concept at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance.

Among the two new versions that spawned out of the original Toyota FT-1 concept, one is a virtual concept called the Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo (GT) that has been specially created to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the game series Gran Turismo 6. The second new version of the FT-1 concept is called the Toyota FT-1 Graphite.

Needless to say, both the Toyota FT-1 Vision GT comes along with a muscular body which almost looks like a futuristic war machine. The concept features carbon fiber front splitter, huge air vents that spread over its massive wheel arches, deep cut side skirting and a large air diffuser that is integrated into the car’s rear bumper.

To add to the beefy look of the concept car, it features massive multi-spoke centre-locking wheels that are wrapped by low-profile Pirelli tires and a colossal rear spoiler which is designed out of carbon fiber wrap. The car looks very aggressive and track-focused.

The second version, the Toyota FT-1 Graphite very obviously flaunts a graphite body paint scheme and gets light brown premium leather upholstery for its cabin. According to Toyota these changes that are features in the Toyota FT-1 Graphite concept, add a more sophisticated look and feel to the original FT-1 concept, and is also in stark contrast to the race car inspired original red themed FT-1 concept model.

Both the new Toyota FT-1 Vision GT and the Toyota FT-1 with Graphite concepts can be downloaded from September in the Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3.

Nuances behind Tesla Toyota crash

Tesla an esteemed firm involved in the manufacture of electric components had entered into a joint agreement with Toyota. Based on the agreement Toyota agreed to enjoy $50 million in Tesla and Toyota in turn sold its California unit to Tesla at price of $42 million. There is an interesting episode that happened that led to two firms to sign a deal. Four years ago, the Chairman of Tesla Motors Elon Musk invited a fan to his house in California; he lent a Roadster sports car to his guest and allowed him the freedom to drive it. His guest is none other than the president of Toyota Akio Toyoda.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The encounter turned out memorable, the signing of $50 million and $42 million deal happened within weeks. The two parties agreed to retrofit a Toyota RAV4 car and also considered a stake on RX SUV electric Lexus car. Despite the detailed planning, the agreement between Tesla and Toyota is fragile; there were less than 2,000 orders for RAV4 electric car. With just few orders, Toyota had to raise the price of the vehicle by a massive $50,000, along with it came increased petrol costs that shot up by two fold.

Apart from dwindling customer sentiment, there were other factors that tarnished the partnership. The appointment of engineers was packed, so much has to be done, and there was little scope to focus on electric cars. Electric vehicle technology has progressed to the brim and auto manufacturers all over the world are focusing on the importance and beneficial outcomes of clean and green technology. Even with the time constrain, it is surprising to learn of Toyota’s move to distance itself from Tesla. Toyota has frequently mentioned of its plan to focus on fuel cell technology. Musk says Toyota’s reason to move away from Tesla deal stems from its aim to concentrate more on fuel cells more than electric vehicles.

On Tesla’s and Toyota’s partnership distancing move, the managing director of Intelligence Automotive Asia, Ashvin Chotai said, ‘’it is not common for two successful firms to produce victorious outcomes. When one firm tries to invest in something it has drifted from and the other is a major player there is going to be mishaps.’’

Toyota and Tesla did not comment on the deeper details of development outcome of RAV4 electric car. The initiative to join the alliance brought out the weaknesses of both firms. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch says Tesla started in 2003, and it was the period when car firms sought to increased expansion and manufacturing output.

The move of Tesla and Toyota to enter into an agreement seemed practical going by the massive developments in electric vehicle sector. The world is under the crux of recession that has led to uncertainties. Even a small investment is a risk since it is difficult to draw customer sentiment when fuel prices and cost of living has increased considerably.

There has been tremendous progress in eco-vehicle sector; the latest hot topic of research is fuel cell technology. Toyota aims to invest majorly in this segment, only time will tell when the feasibility level of manufacture and investment in electric car market becomes effectively approachable.

Toyota developing a new entry level sports car

The GT86 is the world’s top car maker Toyota Motor’s entry level sports car. Now, it is being speculated that the Japanese car major is busy working on a yet new sports car that will be positioned below the Toyota GT86. Rumors are rife that Toyota is developing a new rear wheel drive sports car that will be more affordable than that of the GT86.

Toyota new rwd sports car

Toyota new rwd sports car

As per the sources, the new entry level sports car from the house of Toyota Motor will be a mini sports car that will be compact, light weight, fuel efficient and more affordable. The reports further say that this new Toyota entry level sports car that is on the anvil is weigh less than 1000 kg and will have a length of under 4 meters. The car is expected to measure 3995 mm in length, 1695 mm in width and 320 mm in height. This new speculated sports car is expected to sit on a wheelbase measuring 2480 mm.

Although a new entry level sports car to sit below the Toyota GT86, the new car will not compromise on the design front. It is meant to be more affordable and cost effective and its compact dimensions justify that. It is also aimed that those sports car buyers who are looking at fun, sporty drive without taking out a huge vehicle or burning a huge whole in their pockets. This new Toyota sports car however would look great, or at least Toyota will try to make it a stunner, as the car maker is desperate to make its new cars very eye-catching. Toyota’s new motto of heart racing stylish cars will make way into all the new Toyota cars. And when it comes to this new mini sports car, then it will definitely receive an extra dose of oomph factor being an entirely new sports car.

Under the hood, the speculated new entry level Toyota sports car is expected to be powered by a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder motor that has the capacity of producing a max power of 130 bhp and a peak torque of 145Nm. This engine is again likely to be mated to a 6 speed manual transmission as well as an automatic transmission gearbox option. This powertrain should be responsive and capable enough to power this compact sports car and offer a great on road performance as well.

However, there is no official confirmation from Toyota’s side when this mini sports car is concerned. If the speculations are really true, then we can expect a concept model of the car to debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Just to add a bit to this information, if Toyota really launches this sub-4 meter mini sports car, it might as well launch it in India. This entry level sports will get the excise duty benefits in India, plus the country is really opening up to sporty new cars. Thus, Toyota India which is working hard to boost its sales should really consider of introducing this new car.

Watch out for Special Edition Prius called Persona next month

Toyota is a powerful auto enterprise; it has effectively flown with time since inception in 1930’s. It is among the first to plunge into segment of advanced clean and green technologies with the invention of Prius and Camry hybrid vehicles. The company has not just invented the technology, but has done wonders with it; Prius is the top selling hybrid vehicle in the globe.

2014 Toyota Prius C

2014 Toyota Prius C

The whole world is fascinated with cars; the mere thought of impactful hybrid technology is thrilling. The advent of Great Depression has fuelled competition intensity, although there is a range of hybrid vehicles in the offering, its position is not on top of the ladder. Hybrid vehicle sales have dipped by 11% since 2013, and the slow recovering economy is a hurdle to invest in high-tech engine and component parts.

To bring back the lost momentum, Toyota is working on a Special Edition Prius. A Prius car looks magnificent by itself, imagine the effect on Special Edition Prius. It will take on a more extravagant styling, and will be referred to with an interesting and catchy name called Persona. The official launch will happen in September.

A new Special Edition Prius has to be more forceful, sources are not sure of the engine fitments, whether it will be more inventive that current lineup of hybrid engines. Persona will come in a great package and expect to get awe-inspired; reports say the styling is going to more impressively aggressive to re-invite the aspirations and interest of luxury car enthusiasts.

The expectations with Persona are naturally big, and expect something stunningly grand. The vehicle will come garnished to the core, with a more premium dressing that one would have ever seen before. The car will be covered with classy metallic paint job, seventeen inch alloy wheels, heated mirrors, door handles and solid chrome treatment. The color choices are unique as well, also something new such as Absolutely Red or Blizzard Pearl.

The interiors will come with equal level of elegance stuffed with magnificent amount of chrome. There will be many more features, and the seats will be layered with refined SofTex fabric upholstery. Watch out for blue illumination on the space a little away from passenger and driver compartment.

Persona is filled with unbeatable luxury from head to toe, it will launch with a starting package of $26,985. Customers will have to pay an additional $895 for delivery and with Blizard Pearl will attract additional charges of $500.

It is just a month away before Persona releases, and it is definitely one of those dream cars anyone will yearn to own. A striking feature to watch out for is cool blue illumination on foot wells, it sounds so magical. Toyota has not exposed deep details of exterior and interior layering, with just little information the mere thought of a Persona launch sounds exhilarating. The punch line Persona sounds catchy and will surely come with deeper level of surprises. We will have to wait patiently for many more surprising details.

Indian’s will surely go insane over Persona, and it will be interesting to view customer sentiment post launch.

Toyota 86 Limited Edition is funky sporty and stylish

Toyota 86 is among the most powerful sport cars in town, it is a rigid vehicle engineered with inventive creativity. The 86 is a series of sports coupes and grand tourer cars developed by Subaru and Toyota. It is eye catchy at first glance because of the imaginative construction of 2+2 seating, rear wheel drive, front and boxer engine. It is sold in many countries under different name tag, in Canada and US it is called Scion, the general common name for the vehicle all over the globe is Subaru and in Australia, South America, South Africa and Asia it is referred to as Toyota 86.

Toyota 86 Limited Edition

Toyota 86 Limited Edition

The uniqueness of the design of Limited Edition vehicle lies in the attachment of rear wing to fastened boot lid. Toyota 86 has been a powerful car since inception. The special edition car is infused with the same levels of engine energy. The material used to engineer the vehicle is executed in a manner to offer a spark aerodynamic effect.

Sporty car buffs are fascinated with Toyota 86, even though the framework of the body is unruly. The rear spoiler is tall, but constructed in a creative manner and does not obstruct the view of vehicle in front and behind. The bumper apron looks classy and sporty, the rear bumper skirt looks sophisticated and every piece of exterior equipments are in tune with the power of 86 Limited edition.

Toyota 86 will be sold in South Africa, the interiors looks uniquely funky packed with all the desirable elements a sporty car buff would yearn. The features to watch out for are jazzy red accents on sports seats, door panels, handbrake, gear lever and steering wheel. Since it is a Limited Edition car there are only two colors on offer, both go with the professional and sporty theme of the vehicle such as 86 Red and Pearl White. There is a special edition six speed manual gearbox, and the one on the most loaded vehicle is pricier by only R5400.

Consumers can chose from a range of options such as shark fin antenna in place of the usual bee sting aerial, re-worked suspension and daytime running lights for Limited and High edition cars. All variants of 86 model will come with best-in-class audio system with additional sat-nav and Bluetooth functionality. Customers can pick from range of upgrades like premium covering to hide the undesirable texture of full size spare parts.

The engine power of Toyota 86 is enormous; the low fitted 2 liter horizontally stacked engine generates 205Nm and 147kW. The power is transmitted to rear wheels within an acceleration interval of 100km/h in only 7.6 seconds. Toyota 86 is a dream model for race car enthusiasts, the rear overhangs and incredible style statement makes it desirable to the core.

The surprise package lies in the interiors, it is a rare sight to view sparkling red drawings on steering wheel, seats, handbrake, gear lever and music system. The 86 Limited Edition car will drive owners insane to an extent that they would not want to get out of it

Aygo offers loads of comfort and style despite drawbacks

Toyota is a pioneering auto brand, the company has produced class model all through its tenure since the 1930’s. Talking of a trendy hatch car the first image that pops up if Aygo. Aygo is among the most desirable hatchbacks in the market, and it an ace contender to Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Fabia. Engineering a small vehicle is a task, one glance at Aygo and the style statement is class apart. It is so different from other products in the market, the bonnet is molded into a neat V shaped design, and on the center is a neatly carved Toyota logo. Take note of the zig zag elements that pass through it.

2014 toyota aygo

2014 toyota aygo

Aygo from the mere look of it is a product of hard core engineering; the effect can be compared with other top class models of new Peugeot 108 and new Citrogen C1. Although Aygo is among the most picturesque vehicles in the market, there are some who find the design to be not so pleasing to the eye. Based on some reports, driving the car is like getting behind a steering wheel that does the work of a clumsy smartphone. Driving the Aygo is a pleasurable encounter, but the layout of interiors is not too great, the plastic material is fragile and easily collects dirt.

Despite the criticism there are interesting characteristics of Aygo that is so unique compared to other products of its class. Those who drove the five door variant were happy with the feel of the vehicle. The interior room is so vast and there is ample boot volume space to an extent that it can accommodate heaps of luggage, along with loads of other items and an interesting example put forth is umbrella style buggy. The engine is noisy; the mileage is good, the mile per gallon figure shoots up to peak forties. It has excellent eco-friendly properties with minimal carbon-dioxide emission levels, and comes under the vehicle excise duty free motoring scheme.

Aygo will excite consumers to no end; there is no better feeling that sitting inside an incredibly roomy hatchback. The dependability value is high, it is easy to park the vehicle in jam packed tight parking slots and it moves easily amidst jam packed traffic. The uniqueness of the car lies in the classy X that originates from A pillar and converges with front grille.

Any vehicle will have its set of drawbacks whether popular or not, with Aygo the only concern is the steering and engine noise levels. The inner décor is grand; the seats are super comfy and covered with refined upholstery. It is an eco-friendly model and perfect to protect yourself and the planet. It is a reflection on what auto manufacturers all over the globe are emphasizing on, clean and green technology. Those keen on the car it is a good buy sold at a price of 7995 to 11695 pounds.

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