The energetic and young-looking Rush TRD Sportivo displayed in Indonesia

Toyota displayed its classic Rush TRD Sportivo at the 2014 Indonesia International Motor Show. Rush is a best seller in markets of Indonesia and Malaysia. The development of Rush TRD is inspired from the new Rush that was transported to Indonesian markets in late 2013.

toyota rush green suv

The new Rush TRD Sportivo is a mini SUV car furnished in a chick white and black shade. To highlight its unique youthful and sporty demeanor, there are side body decals. The other fashionable highlights of the car are 6-spoke back alloy wheels and full body kit with side skirts.

Toyota has decided to retain the Rush engine identity on the TRD Sportivo car, it will gather its fierce energy from a gasoline 1.5 liter four cylinder 16v engine that yields 141.2Nm and 107.5bhp. The engine is coupled with four speed automatic and five speed manual gearbox.

Rush is a hit in markets of South East Asia, Toyota is not keen to launch Rush TRD Sportivo in India. The company has not hinted of a possible launch, from the inside information gathered by sources, launching the mini SUV equipped with diesel power train will pose problems. The issue here is the manufacturing cost and type of equipment.

The good news is Toyota may introduce the next generation Rush, and will be engineered to suit ideal Indian terrains. The company will transport the car to the country with a diesel engine, since the demand for the fuel is greater than petrol. The competition levels in SUV segment has picked up in India, the launch of Renault Duster, new Tata Aria and Ford EcoSport has brightened the power of the segment. Toyota has made tremendous sales with its Fortuner SUV; it’s a ripper with regard to style, inner comfort and engine technology.

Toyota has maintained a robust launch strategy recently, it has produced one time hits in a short span of time. The new Etios Cross and eleventh gen Corolla Altis is in huge demand, the two offer different rhythm of excitement. Etios Cross provides a hard core cross atmosphere with neat side black cladding, roof rails and bull bar. The new Corolla Altis is a luxury transformation of the past, imagine the intensity of lavishness. If the next-gen Rush launches in India, the Toyota atmosphere will be filled with higher level of diversity.

The new Rush TRD Sportivo sports an enthusiastic and young-looking stance, it is well-suited for the young and energetic demographic. The selling proposition here is the young at heart nature of the vehicle, and will match the colorful attire of owners. The Rush will be a fascination symbol in India, a car with Rush characteristics is a rare sight in the country.

The launch of Rush in India is a trigger to elevate market share output of Toyota. The SUV market is just filling in to the brim; there is current and upcoming competition to view. If Rush launches in the country its fierce forthcoming rivals are Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha, Hyundai ix25, and Mahindra Scorpio facelift. It does have the power and energy to fight the harshness of Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Ford EcoSport.


Participate in the Etios Motor Racing Trophy a joyous moment for car racing fanatics

The Etios Motor Racing (EMR) trophy is a super fun racing event, the race is one. The first round was completed in July 2014, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (EMR) has now announced the onset of the second round, scheduled for the 27th and 28th of September. The venue is the familiar and prestigious Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida.

etios motor racing

The racing scene is massive in India, the EMR race is a thriller, and each year millions flock to the stadium. It is the only Formula 1 race in the country, apart from Etios Cup; an exhilarating Volkswagen Polo Cup race is organized. EMR is an excellent platform to showcase your race track driving proficiency; it is an opportunity to experience a race of a lifetime that involves the participation of 15 young passionate drivers.

The EMR Championship trophy this year is a rigorous event; the level of skill has intensified and is on par with National Racing Championship 2014. To make the event even more exciting there is going to be a Live performance by Shaan, an immensely talented playback singer. The fun does not end here, there is a ‘EMR Slogan Writing Contest’ conducted at all dealership units of Toyota. The winner can bag heaps of amazing prizes that is a fortune of a lifetime like iPads.

Toyota has generated bagfuls of exhilaration and amazement since the commencement of Etios Motor Racing in 2012. The vision here is to encourage the energetic spirit of car racing enthusiasts. It is a ticket to pursue your passion, the participation fee is reasonable, more so compared to even single seater Formula races. There is a fun-filled Toyota and Volkswagen trophy, now Mercedes-Benz has joined the racing promotion platform and is the first of the luxury car market to enhance car racing talent.

There is heaps of enjoyment and delight that goes into car racing, for most it is zeal since childhood. Driving speedily through fast lanes is a journey of a lifetime, it is a great form of recreation and the level of thrill and energy can be compared to a life-remembering roller coaster ride. For those keen to showcase their enormous driving skills EMR is an excellent platform, to spend all your energy and talent in the drive.

Car racing is joyous and challenging at the same time, it requires loads of mental and physical co-ordination, especially during sharp turns. The endurance level is higher than even the most competitive sports. Just voyaging through every segment of the terrain requires tons of mental energy, and the challenge here is the onset of giddiness. There is so much to combat to reach the finishing line.

Despite the giddiness and extraction of mental and physical energy, there is so much positivity involved with car racing. The feeling of driving swiftly is nothing but loads of fun and there is tremendous amount of energy flowing through the body, and the end feeling is immense rejuvenation. For those keen to participate in EMR racing, go ahead to just have loads of fun and soak in the delight of adrenaline-charged atmosphere.

Toyota Motor displays urban van concept model in USA

The city delivery trucks are in vogue with more and more models getting launched in the global market. As the segment gets more popular, the world’s most selling car maker Toyota definitely does not want to be left behind. The Japanese car major is thus considering entering the urban van segment, or so its latest concept model suggests.

toyota urban utility concept

toyota urban utility concept

Toyota Motor has unveiled a new compact van concept in the US which points towards the fact that the company is at least thinking about entering the compact utility van segment sometime in the near future.

The recently revealed van concept from the house of Toyota has been christened by the company as the Urban Utility concept vehicle, or in short the U2. Toyota says that this concept vehicle is the company’s reaction to the growing entrepreneurship which is transforming the mobility in cities. The small truck from Toyota comes with great features including a roll back roof and a nice multi-function tailgate that can fold down to form a ramp. Toyota Motor said that it is going to display the Urban Utility concept vehicle at the 2014 World Maker Faire in New York which is going to be held on 21st and 22 September.

The Urban Utility concept vehicle surely has a lot of potential and can actually be a great hit if Toyota really decides to put the concept into production and incorporate some more useful and innovative features into it. If really done so, Toyota’s Urban Utility concept vehicle could be the next step in this highly growing segment which was created by Ford’s Transit Connect. Ford’s urban van is a very useful, compact, fuel efficient urban van which amalgamates the advantages of a city car and a truck for the urban dwellers and it drives more like a car rather than a big people mover. Soon ford’s urban van was followed by the creations by Nissan and Chevrolet as did many other car makers to take the advantage of this highly beneficial segment.

Toyota Motor being the world’s leader thinks it can make a much better urban van with the help of its Calty design studio based in Newport Beach, California.

The president of Toyota’s Calty design studio, Kevin Hunter said in a statement that Toyota saw an opportunity in the urban van segment and is planning for a new approach with this vehicle. The potential segment is increasing based on re-urbanization of the cities and city drivers’ want for flexibility, fun driving and maneuverability. The Toyota U2 offers the audience a glimpse into the constant innovation that takes place within Toyota.

Toyota thinks its little van can be used for work and play both. The van comes with a rail system inside to hold or tie down bicycles, sports equipment, and other recreational things. The vehicle will come with smart all foldable seats to offer great flexibility.

Toyota also says that the U2’s design is meant to be “playful” and its rather bloated back is to show off the vehicle’s great storage capabilities.

Toyota keen to expand rural footprint via compact vehicles

Toyota Kirloskar Motor the Indian unit of the parent Japanese firm is keen to expand its footprint in India. The company is keen to strengthen its drive in rural markets. The auto market passed through a phase of turmoil for two continuous years, the worst in a decade. The markets are showing signs of recovery, there is yet a lengthy route to complete recovery.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The company has not made the desired gains and is still under the crux of recession. The aim to strengthen rural market expansion is to fight the fierce competition. The battle head is deep, with competitive strategies adopted by Hyundai Motor and Maruti Suzuki. The two firms are profitable across all sectors from hatchbacks to luxury sedans and SUV’s.

The parent Japanese firm is studying the effective strategies need to push rural volumes. The company is analyzing practical theories to re-structure the market conditions, to move to the pathway of recovery gradually. The managing director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) to media representative said, ‘’India is a robust market to drive business; we are studying different feasible approaches to push rural sales.

The aim of TKM to push rural sales is a requirement under the current pressurized economy. It poses its own challenges as well; the company has chosen Liva to push sales. It’s got the looks and power to rock rural markets, the rural market is not the main profit driving sector of TKM, only a portion of profits comes from this sector, and the goal now is to elevate the profit output to a new level with double digit profits.

As mentioned earlier it is a challenge to push rural sales, and is not as economically feasible as urban quarters. Toyota has formatted a profit driving and creative approach. It has enrolled in a village program that organized road shows with the vision to promote service and quality. There are over 250 Toyota dealerships all over India, and the firm aims to construct many more dealerships in the near future.

TKM is an integral component of the Indian auto segment, and is analyzing various strategies to elevate its market share. The company has predicted a double profit elevation of the Indian automobile industry by 2020 and the projected increased volume is five million units. The rural and town markets are critical sale driving segments, and significant portion of the company’s market share is driven by these segments.

Toyota has strategized effective sale driving strategies; it produced a couple of best sellers recently, the new Corolla Altis and Etios Cross. The two cars offer a new form of excitement, Etios Cross is a rugged variant of Liva hatch packed with desirable cross identities with side black cladding, roof rails and bull bar. The new Corolla Altis is covered with a superior luxury layer than its predecessor.

TKM is working on the new 2016 Innova, and the approach here is to design a better looking model than the current car to fight the cut-throat battle with Honda Mobilio and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The recent blockbuster outcomes together with robust rural sale drive will go in favor of the company.

Fascinating facts of Camry hybrid

Advanced automobile technology is a hot topic of research and development all over the globe. The vision here is to create a clean and green future, away from hazard exposure through the creation of hybrid, electric and fuel-cell vehicle technology. Toyota is among the first to leap into hybrid car market with the launch of Prius and Camry hybrids. The car is among the popular hybrids in the country, let’s browse through the interesting details of the car and highlight its powerful and desirable characteristics.

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry is the second best midsize car in India, it is voted high among twenty of its kind. The rating is stringent and reviewed via a number of factors such as price, mileage, driving performance and reviews. Camry has managed to get fantastic reviews through many critical layers, which is a reflection of world class engineering.

Hybrid cars are popular, but its presence is not felt amidst a large crowd, because the number is minimal compared to conventional fuels. The Indian market is filled with hybrid cars and Camry is voted the best among the lot, and the judging is rigorous.

There aren’t many new Toyota launches in India; the company has managed to attract a large crowd gathering via its unique approaches in terms of excellent service and high-quality design. Sources are amazed with the drive quality offered by Camry hybrid, it is packed with power, it’s got a forceful electric mill and four cylinder engine. The company has advanced leaps ahead in a revolutionary segment, which is a marvel taking into consideration, the challenges faced by the competitive auto industry.

Toyota cars in India are covered with a fantastic luxury glaze, and many of are amazingly powerful. The Camry hybrid is on top of the list, it moves with best-in-segment mileage of 43 on cities and 39 on highways. The fuel efficiency value is just behind Prius.

Camry hybrid offers breathtaking comfort and luxury; it is like soaking into a whole new lavish car world. Through the magnificence of opulence is exemplary ride and handling.

The price structure of Camry is Rs 25 to 29.13 lakhs, the pricing is centered on posh luxury cars, but being a hybrid piece it does appear to be in the affordable range. Owning the Camry hybrid is like possessing a class performing product, just sitting inside will make you feel on top of the world. It’s got first rate fashion statement, interior comfort, performance and reasonable pricing.

For those keen on Camry hybrid, it is worth the purchase, and is a reflection of the progression of hybrid technology. Hybrid car technology is the future, automobile firms all over the world are building hybrid vehicles filled with newer engineering theories. Hybrid vehicles involve electric motor, different from conventional fuels; it is going to take a while to get aquatinted to hybrid vehicles. The technology is moving at fast-track pace, and in a matter of few years the roads will be filled with many of them.

Car enthusiasts have captured interesting C-Pillar details of 2016 Innova

Toyota has created heaps of excitement and comfort with its Innova multipurpose vehicle (MPV). It is commonly referred to as ‘Peoples Car’ and has ruled the market for over ten years. Although Innova enjoys heightened supremacy in its segment, there is intense competition surrounding it. The weakened market economy has intensified auto rivalry, to fight the dominant profit making nature of Innova, Honda recently launched its much awaited Mobilio MPV.

toyota innova limited edition

toyota innova limited edition

To fight through the overbearing competition, Toyota is working on the 2016 Innova. It is the next-generation car and was captured by car enthusiasts in test mule form in Bangalore. The vehicle is being manufactured by Toyota Kirloskar Motor at the established Bidadi unit in Karnataka. The development of 2016 Innova is based on innovative new ladder-frame chassis; it is marginally bigger than current car and packed with superior interior room. Reports say that the size of the vehicle is retained; the styling of rear door is the same as its predecessor.

The car will run on new diesel engine and is likely to be coupled with automatic and manual transmission. There are some reports which state that 2016 Innova will have larger measurement that the current car. There will be more space inside, more pronounced in the third compartment, the rear wheel is elongated which means increased interior room in last section.

The 2016 Innova will have new distinctive characteristics, with new grille layered with glossy horizontal slats, the fog or headlights are redesigned to add increased levels of aestheticism. The side door panels are filled with new imaginative lines to enhance the aesthetic factor. The styling of the rear section is mysterious; it is stretched to accommodate greater space in the last row.

The scheduled launch period is 2016, ardent Innova admirers who feel the wait is too long, a global showcasing is likely to happen in 2015, and the venue is one of Asian Motor Shows. Apart from Mobilio, the other fierce rivals are Tata Aria, Maruti Ertiga, Nissan Evalia and Chevrolet Enjoy. The expected price range is Rs 9 to 15 lakhs.

The detailed description of 2016 Innova sounds interesting, it will have a superior layering than the current car. Innova is targeted to the nuclear family unit in India, and is a source of inspiration to Tata Motors and Honda that have developed new Tata Aria and Honda Mobilio. Toyota has not yet showcased the actual model of 2016 Innova, it is filled with fascinating mysterious. It will be designed with modern twist.

Innova is an immensely popular car; imagine the impact on the 2016 product covered with a more premium dressing. Innova may not be on the lead with Mobilio at present, but the 2016 car is certainly a threat. The new Innova is a perfect family car piece, and something to look forward to, to have a blast with family and friends exploring amazing vacation areas.

The 2016 Innova will arrive with new shockingly impressive surprises.

Toyota planning to expand in North East India

The world’s top car maker Toyota Motor has a more or less limited presence in India, as all its vehicles are not as popular in India as in the global markets. However, the Japanese car maker seems to be more popular on the north eastern side of India. Toyota Kirloskar Motor, as the car maker is known in the Indian car market is planning to expand its operations in the country’s North Eastern region. The decision of the company is very valid as its sales have grown at a double rate than the national average of 3 percent per year.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota Motor operates in India in a joint venture with the Indian Kirloskar group, and the company is planning to set up an area office in the North Eastern region after realizing the region’s rising importance for the company’s growth.

The Senior Vice President & Director of Sales and Marketing at Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), N. Raja told the media that the Indian North East market is at present growing by 6 percent in the company’s representative segment as compared against the national growth rate of 3 percent. The North East market of India is expected to show much healthier growth in the second half of the year.

He added by saying that the North East market of India also contributes a total 20 percent of the cumulative sales volume of the Indian Eastern market, thus making it very important region for TKM.

In the last month, TKM managed to sell a total 11,215 vehicle in the domestic car market of India, which is down by 6.6 percent as compared against the 12,007 units that sold in August last year.

However, TKM is getting constantly rising sales in the North Eastern India. The company has witnessed increased sales in 8 states of the North East region, the car maker is rightly planning to strengthen its presence in the region.

Raja further said that the company certainly intends to establish an Area Office in Assam’s state capital Guwahati at the right time sometime in the future. However, he declined from giving any definite timeline for that.

At present, the entire North Eastern car market of India is being addressed from TKM’s East Regional primary office that is located in Kolkata.

However, Toyota India has exclusive sales, service as well as customer relation personnel in the North Eastern region to look after the company proper sales in the region.

When asked whether the company is also planning for a more extensive expansion in the North Eastern region of India by investing in the region, Raja said that the company will study the market and then decide.

On sales he said that the Innova, Fortuner Etios, Liva and Etios Cross have got great response in the North East region. TKM has also witnessed growing demand for the premium Camry and Land Cruiser.

TKM has 6 dealership outlets in North east India namely, Guwahati, Silchar, Nagaon and Dibrugarh in Assam, Shillong in Meghalaya, and Dimapur in Nagaland.

Toyota drifts away from self-driven vehicle technology and gives improved safety top priority

Innovative automobile technology is the central focus of futuristic development; so many new techniques are emerging such as electric, hybrid, fuel cells and driverless technology. Driverless technology is the new invention, it is a steaming area of Research and Development, and there have been many reports on Google’s driverless vehicle advancement.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The whole world is discussing the positive impact of driverless cars in the long run. Toyota has decided to step out of this technology; it is a surprising fact to absorb, because the firm along with Google invested majorly on driverless cars. There is a supporting fact behind harsh decisions, and with respect to Toyota the underlying facts have to be concrete. A driverless car is driven by artificial intelligence, which is probably on par with software technology; the issue here is the lack of human intervention and advancement of technology.

Toyota said that it is not keen to submerge into driverless car technology, but it is not against the feasibility of the theory. Seigo Kuzumaki, the deputy Chief of Safety Technology of Toyota said, our main area of focus is vehicle efficacy coupled with safety. The firm is not keen to take a major step of launching driverless cars till sufficient level of safety technology is developed for full fledged protection.

Despite numerous reports on driverless cars and its heightened long-term benefits, it does not appear to be the need of the hour. Toyota is of the view that driverless technology is not an immediate requirement. Amidst the current weakened markets, building a driverless vehicle is a risk, and if it does not do too well, effectual business processes are affected.

Even Google is not too convinced about the outcome of driverless cars, fuelled by the current hectic lifestyle, driverless cars is a source of enhanced convenience. Life becomes breezier in a driverless car, where families can just sit back comfortably and not go through the hassle of driving. It all appears picturesque but there is a great deal of risk involved, humans have greater evolution history than software technology and artificial intelligent and have better car monitoring control.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles argues that there is a lot of innovation that needs to go into driverless vehicles before its actual take-off. According to the department, the cars should be designed to enable humans to have control of switches during emergencies.

Although there have been positive and negative reviews about self-driven cars, it is not really wasteful. It is a high-tech fantasy revolution which requires lot of Research and Development which is higher than novel technology used to design electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. Toyota has made a practical choice to stay away from driverless cars, only because of its long term research development. The firm has not completely drifted away from the technology; it is probably working on new safety vehicle theories well suited for self-driven cars.

Toyota is likely to surprise the crowd with its self driven vehicle venture, let’s wait and watch.

The new 2015 Toyota Hilux pickup truck comes with a new look

Japanese auto major Toyota has been always a leading manufacturer of high quality of pickup trucks. Toyota is not only the world’s car leader but also one of the most respected makers of a number of types of vehicles, and pickup trucks are definitely one of the special fields in which Toyota excels. Toyota also offers many highly popular pickup trucks among which the Hilux is certainly among the top models.

2015 Toyota Hilux Pictures

2015 Toyota Hilux Pictures

Toyota’s pickup truck making prowess is also clearly visible in the super successful 2014 Hilux model which is one of the best selling models in many markets and has grabbed the top spot in Australia. With the high flying success of the 2014 Hilux, Toyota is all ready to unleash an upgraded new 2015 model of the all time popular Hilux pick truck in order to ensure the top spot for the vehicle in many similar international car markets.

The new upcoming 2015 Toyota Hilux model has been already revealed through some leaked pictures that are going viral on the web world. The Hilux is already a stylish, tough pickup and its new updated model seems to be all the more alluring, if the leaked images are really to be believed. As per the newly posted spy images, the new 2015 Hilux will be featuring a front grille that seem to have been inspired by the new Corolla as well as the Highlander. The front grille is divided by a horizontal chrome bar that is an in vogue design element. The overall front face of the new upcoming pickup truck from Toyota looks very attractive, stylish, elegant and by all means very contemporary.

Under the hood, new 2015 Toyota Hilux is believed to be getting powered by a 2.5 liter and 3.0 4 four-cylinder diesel motors for the diesel version. On the other hand, the Hilux’s petrol version will be getting powered by the 4 liter V6 petrol engine which is going to be much bigger and more powerful than in the preceding model.

Apart from the impressive front fascia, the upcoming 2015 Toyota Hilux seems to be retaining the rest of the body with no dramatic changes or added features and looks just like the current model. From the leaked pictures, it seems like the 2015 Hilux looks to have been inspired by the Toyota Highlander and the Volkswagen Amarok in terms of design.

The Hilux’ range of transmission options is likely to include a 5 speed manual transmission and a 6 speed automated transmission gearbox depending on the two and four wheel drive system. The new Hilux will be fighting with the likes of the Nissan Frontier, Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger, and Mazda BT50.

Being a commercial vehicle, the pickup trucks get very severe designs that are restricted, but Toyota has done a great job with 2015 Hilux and has shown that pickups can also be fun and trendy. The 2015 Toyota Hilux is expected to be launched early next year.

Toyota Urban Utility Concept is a whole new urban car world

There are so many new launches happening with the vision to incorporate new style and luxury fittings. The core concept of a vehicle is not thought of, in terms of a typical urban development. Toyota has put forth this notion with its compact car called Urban Utility concept.

toyota urban utility concept

toyota urban utility concept

The simple shorthand terminology used on Urban Utility concept is U Squared or U2. The vehicle was introduced at a prestigious gathering, it was an event hosted by the popular Make Magazine in San Francisco. Urban Utility Concept was constructed by Toyota’s acclaimed Calty Design Research Facility in California in city of Newport Beach. The motto behind the concept was to create a product that is adaptable and efficient, and owners can access their core needs.

The car looks picturesque and high-tech, the first sight of fascination lies in boxy cargo section. When viewed from the front Urban Utility concept sports a typical SUV stance and from the side, it mimics a cargo van. It is covered with a pristine white layer to the level of high-profile white-collar demographic. It is a convenience model; consumers can add more seats or even remove some to accommodate driver and passengers, or heavy items. The rear glass stretches till tailgate which them extends to the ground to provide flexible cargo access. If the length of the item does not match the rear, there is still room for accommodation. The roof glass opens up into many compartments and draws in like a classic machine.

Urban Utility concept is truly a dream car; consumers can stiff a hell load of items from skate boards, cricket equipments, bikes and bicycles. As we dig deeper into the interiors, it becomes even more fascinating, there is a rail system concept inside, an ideal storage commodity on the dashboard to fit in baskets, books and even small desks. The rail system of design is used on cargo and sides of floor as well, to provide high-level of convenience to drivers.

Few inches in front of driver’s seat is steering wheel and digital instrument cluster. The steering wheel looks nothing like the regular one, sources say it is as one of a kind as the dashboard. On the right of driver’s seat is armrest and center console, which is supposed to have an intuitive shifter switch. Urban Utility concept is built for well suited urban driving climate; there are rubber fitments on wheel spokes to offer protection from rash drives. The bumpers are layered with sturdy plastic that is resistant to objects of any level of rigidity.

Sources say Urban Utility concept resembles Toyota Scion xb; it is an interesting vehicle with a distinctive theme. Consumers can have magical moments in the car; it is a sort of novel vehicle showcased in sci-fi movies. It will be interesting if many more of such concepts are developed to introduce a new lease of car atmosphere. It might happen in the near future, Urban Utility concept paints a mesmerizing story, and it is also a source of optimum convenience and a suitable passenger and cargo vehicle.

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