2015 4Runner offers all the possible fantasy rides one wishes for

Toyota is a global high-end luxury brand, and has produced immense class across all segments such as hatchbacks, sedans, compact sedans, sport utility vehicles and multipurpose vehicles. How does a relaxed Sunday drive in 2015 Toyota 4Runner sound?, it is the best medium to spend a leisure holiday all around the city. Let’s browse through an owner’s opinion of the vehicle.

2014 toyota 4runner

Driving the 2015 4Runner through thrilling adventures in Utah is an unforgettable delight; a bunch of people drove the car through off-roads. When the vehicle was bought, the first words according to the owner that was spelt by the dealer was ‘Keep it Wild’, and the statement holds good for the Trail Edition car. The earlier 4Runner car was sold in three basic variants, Limited, Trail and SR5, and this year, the company has launched the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Pro variant, and it was conferred with the 2015 4×4 car of the year by the prestigious Petersen’s Off Road magazine.

Sitting inside the 4Runner and experiencing its drive rhythm is a heck of exhilaration, and according to the owner, it is a great four wheel drive car. Toyota has engineered the vehicle with a viewpoint to create great family pleasures in a four wheel drive car. It is just perfect for any whether, and the vehicle adds layers of amazing moments when faced with harsh weather circumstances and just cruises along through snowy areas and hurricane wind.

The Premium model looks rugged from the exteriors, and also sports tints of family car sophistication, and just ideal for families to explore city and camping adventures, to just gaze through the suburb, head to the grocery store, beach and river side or mountainous and camping areas, the car is just ideal. The 4Runner is packed with ideal technologies to enable a smooth four wheel drive, and has the advanced 4WD active traction control with Torsen limited slip locking differential also called A-TRAC. When the rear wheels are in the lock mode it can move at an equivalent pace with A-TRAC and the mechanism is proven to be extremely safe.

The car also has the (KDSS) Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, and the principle behind the motion of this technology is some of the hydraulic system tucked beneath the vehicle is dysfunctional to facilitate flexible movement; the advantage with KDSS is the axels function through wider distances. The KDSS system monitors suspension for superior wheel movement and also modulates throttle and brakes on five low speed settings, enabling the driver to smoothly pass over aggressive terrains. There is also a multi terrain selector system that allows the driver to choose his terrain preference that ranges from solid rock to silky sand.

4Runner moves on an efficient 4.0 litre V6 engine that yields 278lt ft torque and 270hp, and the energy outputs are sufficient to pass through rough terrains and free roads. It is built to offer a massive 4700 pound towing capacity. Car enthusiasts who are keen on 4Runner it is a worthy purchase to enjoy the luxurious of life in bulk.

Corolla is the highest selling car in Australia in 2014

Toyota is a worldly renowned automobile enterprise; the Japanese based firm has produced high-end luxury cars for years across a range of segments such as hatchbacks, sedans and multi-purpose vehicle. An exceptionally plush car that launched years ago and continues to be a best seller even today is Corolla, and the whole world is crazy about it.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2014

It surely comes as no surprise that Corolla is the highest selling car in Australia, not just once but two times in a row. Toyota has through generations surpassed any possible luxury car that comes in front of it, like Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore. Corolla is not just a top seller in Australia, but all over the globe, its worldly sales is a fantabulous 40 million pieces and it has maintained this status since the year 1996, and its hit status in Australia was impactful for just a couple of years.

For years Corolla has been a hard model to beat, it is Toyota’s successful and lucky charm, its competition with Mazda3 was pretty close. Toyota has beaten cut-throat competition records and has outdone the supremacy of Holden Commodore by breaking its record of long fifteen year success in the year 2011 and 2012. Corolla overpowered Mazda3 with just 21 units, and at one point it regained power over Mazda 3 by 43,735 units and greater by 43,313 deliveries. The statistical data’s were provided by the highly esteemed News Corp Australia.

The automobile market in Australia is pretty robust, and the car diversity is vastly significant, and till date there are over 64 varieties being sold, and Corolla is among the victorious and has even overpowered the dominancy of Commodore. The competition battle between Toyota Corolla and Mazda3 is supposed to be more stifling than Ford versus Holden, and according to reports, there has never been a more intense competition.

The brand quality of Toyota is creditworthy in the country and for the tenth time, the firm sold a milestone 200,000 units, and is a market leader for the twelve consecutive time. The world is bearing the consequence of recession, and the impact like many other countries is felt in Australia. The overall sale outcome of Toyota in the country dipped for continuous three years and the delivery outcome was just 203, 498 units, a vast reduction output from the period of 2008 with 238,983 pieces.

The economic downturn impact was witnessed with other firms as well, Holden recorded a sales low for a prolonged period of a quarter of a century and managed to roll out 106,000 units and according to statistical date it is predicted to be overridden by Hyundai in 2015 with 100,010 units and Mazda with 100,700 units. Like Australia, Corolla is a highly desirable car in India, during the early periods of 2014 the Indian unit of Toyota, Toyota Kirloskar Motor introduced the all new Corolla Altis a contemporary variant of its predecessor and it turned out to be an instant hit, and is just desirable beyond words.

Toyota Kirloskar launches the new Fortuner 4×4 automatic in India

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has finally launched the long awaited automatic all four wheel drive variant of the popular Fortuner premium SUV. Toyota has launched the new Fortuner 4×4 Automatic in India tagged at Rs. 26.58 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). The new 4×4 AT variant is the costliest model of the premium SUV on sale in India.

toyota innova limited edition

toyota innova limited edition

Toyota India has also increased its product range prices after the expiry of the government excise duty. After the price revisions of the Toyota vehicles in India, the premium Fortuner SUV now costs in the range of Rs. 24.26 lakhs to Rs. 26.58 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi).

The new Toyota Fortuner premium SUV’s all four wheel drive automatic version is packed with the powerful 3 liter, 4-cylinder, turbocharged diesel motor that is capable of delivering the maximum power output of 171 PS at 3,600 rpm and a peak torque figure of 141 Nm at 3,400 rpm. The potent engine is paired with an efficient 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox. On the other hand, the Toyota Fortuner SUV’s TRD Sportivo models are equipped with a 2.5 liter turbocharged diesel oil burner.

Toyota India has not only launched the all four wheel drive automatic version of the Fortuner, but also made good use of the opportunity to update the design of the entire Fortuner lineup with cosmetic improvements. The new Toyota Fortuner premium SUV’s exterior design now comes with the cosmetic enhancements of smoked head light as well as smoked tail light enclosures, new chrome accents for the fog light housings and dark grey alloy wheels.

Toyota has also mildly updated the interiors of the Fortuner SUV. The changes made to the cabin of the 3 liter engine powered Fortuner models include premium all-black interiors. Toyota has also endowed a double-DIN touchscreen audio system on the new updated Fortuner. This audio system comes with an in-built satellite navigation system as well as voice recognition and has its control buttons mounted on the vehicle’s steering wheel.

The Toyota Fortuner is a much acclaimed SUV all over the world, and is the ruler of the premium SUV segment in the Indian car market. The Fortuner is a patent Toyota vehicle marked by its great quality, durability, high reliability and performance. It has a massive road presence and is a domineering off-roader. It comes with great charming premium styling and comfort and at the same time offers low maintenance and hassle free ownership.

The long awaited all 4 wheel automatic model launch of the Toyota Fortuner in India is certainly expected to boost its market presence and sales volumes in the country.

The new Toyota Fortuner 4×4 AT model will get massive competition from a lot of models in India. The Fortuner 4×4 AT will be rivaling against the likes of the Hyundai Santa Fe, Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton, Ford Endeavour and Chevrolet Captiva, all of which come in their 4×4 AT versions.

The luxurious and classy looking Rush compact SUV spied in India

Toyota Rush is globally reputed compact sport utility vehicle, the company plans to introduce the car in India. The vehicle was captured recently in test mule state in the city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra. The spied Rush SUV is heavily disguised, and its arrival will excite the public to the core.

2013 Toyota New Rush TRD Sportivo

2013 Toyota New Rush TRD Sportivo

Rush is a blockbuster hit in Asian markets, it is 1,740mm tall, 1,745mm wide and 4,420mm long, and its wheelbase measurement is 2,685mm. The current model running on the streets of Indonesia is the second-generation piece and moves with a robust 1.5 litre petrol engine that emits 141Nm and 107PS, and linked with four speed automatic and five speed manual transmission gearbox. The car is engineered to offer a phenomenal 200mm ground clearance, and the inner room is abundantly vast, sufficient to accommodate seven occupants.

According to reports, Toyota plans to introduce Rush compact SUV in India, it will surely be a sight of attraction, visible on the highly sophisticated and professionally designed body. The main concern is the presence of only a petrol model and not diesel; it is expected to be a major setback because of the high preferential levels of diesel cars in India. At the moment the vehicle was only sighted doing its test rounds, and the known information is the incorporation of a petrol engine, and reports also state that a considerable amount of investment is need for the development of the vehicle, and hence there is a fifty percent chance of the car launching in the country. Besides Indonesia, Rush is a highly profitable car in markets of China, Malaysia, Turkey and Chile.

The Indian automobile market is witnessing a harsh downturn phase, contributed by the weakened macro-economy. It could be one of the reasons for Toyota to launch the desirable Rush compact SUV in India. The sport utility vehicle market has become a highly competitive sector, contributed by products from Renault and Ford such as Duster and EcoSport respectively. Many other esteemed automobile firms are aiming to conquer the SUV market, Maruti Suzuki is developing its unique XA Alpha SUV car and Hyundai is working on a new ix25 SUV model.

Toyota has managed to capture a vast consumer network amidst troubled economy; it has introduced a couple of instant best sellers such as Etios Liva cross and all new Corolla Altis. The company is also building new Innova multi-purpose vehicle and Fortuner sport utility vehicle cars. Toyota has acquired great fame in the big car segment, Innova is a well-recognized model and popular among the vast nuclear family network in the country. A similar impact can be expected with Rush, according to reports Rush the front section of Rush resembles RAV4, another extremely popular SUV product of Toyota.

Rush is a highly fashionable SUV, the front bonnet is imaginatively carved, and the arrangement of grille and headlights is trendy. The body is compact and well-proportionate, and roof rails build the sporty character of the car. Let’s wait for some more interesting details of the car.

2015 Camry looks more contemporary and splendid than before

The world is waiting for 2015 Camry, it is a high value product of Toyota, and has ruled the luxury sedan market in US for 12 years. Its exterior architecture is incredibly stunning to an extent that it has overpowered many other lavish sedans of its kind such as Mazda 6, Chrysler 200, Kia Optima and Ford Fusion. All these models sport professional design and ideal to spent life-remembering family and friend moments.

2015 Toyota camry

2015 Toyota camry

The chairman of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, is passionate about creating a whole new plush new 2015 Camry car. It is packed with new level of aesthetics, and the design structure is highly professional, and the unique selling proposition value of the car is ‘’bold new Camry. The exterior design framework of the car is more contemporary than its predecessor and sources say it is on par with the everlastingly popular Lamborghini Huracan, consumers can expect nothing but intense grandness.

The front fascia of the car is inspired by the exquisiteness of Lexus, and the engine rhythm is said to be exceptionally refined. Toyota has decided to retain the already powerful engine apparatus of its earlier Camry into the 2015 model. It is fitted with a potent V6, four cylinder gas electric power train. The encounter of drive adventure is the same; the company has engineered the mill with robust insulation system to lower noise output. The interior décor is admirably grand, and nothing much has changed in the 2015 model from the earlier vehicle. The architecture of dashboard is new and the firm has also introduced a new sporty XSE car.

Toyota plans to introduce the 2015 Camry facelift in India, and the Indian spec model, overwhelmed the crowd massively at the prestigious 2014 Moscow International Motor Show. The car will be visually different and there will be some additional features as well, the car has revamped front fascia with professionally sculpted large lower grille that strikingly resembles Corolla facelift. The upper grille has generous amount of chrome packed with new LED headlights, there are new chrome decorated fog lamps as well. The bumper sculpture is new and so is the neat strip of chrome that runs along the car.

The insides of 2015 Camry facelift is lavish, it has newly designed upholstery, the décor and equipments will kill the enthusiasm of ardent luxury car fans. Inside is vibrant 4.2 inch color TFT display, and the other intriguing features to watch out for are world class infotainment system, heated back seats, automatic beams, wireless mobile charger and multi-functional steering wheel. On the centre console is a professionally engineered 7 inch multimedia screen.

The Indian spec Camry has four cylinder petrol engine linked with six speed automatic transmission that gives out 150bhp. Toyota is going to conquer the luxury car market again with 2015 Camry, just like the tremendous gain impact with all new Corolla Altis. The car is going to be just amazing and a whole new spectacular Camry delight.

Toyota sets to work on luxury hydrogen car – Lexus LS FCEV

After the successful launch of the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai in its home market Japan, Toyota Motors is set to take its FCV venture to a new level. Hence it is said that the world’s car leader has set to work on a fuel cell version of the Lexus LS.

2017 Lexus LS

2017 Lexus LS

As per the reports of an Australian auto website, an anonymous source has claimed that the Japanese car major is contemplating on introducing a new hydrogen powered variant of its flagship Lexus full sized luxury sedan model.

The news comes has arrived just less than a month’s time that Toyota has offered the Mirai FCV on sale in the car market of Japan. However, the first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle or FCEV, the Toyota Mirai is yet not open for sale to the general mass and will be sold only to the government organizations. Nevertheless, another Toyota FCEV will definitely not be of any harm, especially when Toyota is all praises about it. And if this new Fuel Cell car is a Lexus model, then it will certainly lure in many elite buyers for the car maker. In the meanwhile, Toyota will start selling the Mirai in United States and Europe in 2015.

The speculated Lexus LS FCEV will be utilizing the same Fuel Cell powertrain of Toyota that is employed in the Mirai. The only difference is, while the entire Mirai is built from scratch, the Lexus LS is already an existing luxury sedan that will be simply fitted with the new Fuel Cell system along with some modifications made to accommodate the same. According to the reports, the Lexus LS FCEV will be featuring a reworked front face including new air intakes that will facilitate enough ventilation for the hydrogen powered powertrain. The reports also say that the Fuel Cell system in the Lexus LS will be placed under its two front seats while Toyota will place the hydrogen tanks under and behind the rear seats.

The Fuel Cell system in the Lexus LS is said to around 200 kg lighter as compared against the V8 gasoline-electric 600h Lexus LS hybrid version’s powertain. Thus, the Lexus LS FCEV version is thus expected to be pretty powerful with its powertrain. It is likely to offer up to 239 miles of pure eco-friendly driving, which is lower than the 300 miles range of the Mirai.

However, this news regarding the upcoming Lexus LS FCEV is purely based on speculations, as none of it has been confirmed by Toyota. However, the Japanese auto giant did say earlier that following the Mirai, it will start working on other FCEV models.

The same auto site has also reported that Toyota Motor is also contemplating to launch the hydrogen fuel cell versions of many other vehicles including the Crown and the Corolla.

The reports surely go with the Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda’s words at the Mirai’s unveiling, that a world full of green vehicles will lessen the oil dependence and reduce environmental damage.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India posts about 8 percent sales jump in December 2014

It had been quite a dull period for the Japanese car major Toyota in India last year. Toyota India has been suffering from low demands and poor market performance, although towards the end of the year 2014 brought the much waited relief from the long market slowdown that had bugged the Indian car market. However, the world’s largest car maker, Toyota Motor has reported that it ended the year 2014 in a good note, as its car sales went up.

New Toyota Etios

New Toyota Etios

Toyota Motor’s Indian presence Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has posted a total of 7.97 percent increase in its sales which accounted to the sale of 13,628 vehicles in the month of December 2014. The car maker stated that it had managed to sell a total of 12,622 vehicles in the month of December, 2013

TKM also revealed in a company statement that the car manufacturer’s domestic sales performance as also improved by a good 10.25 percent, as the company managed to sell 11,740 vehicles in the Indian domestic market in the last month of 2014, as compared against the sale of 10,648 units in December in the previous year. TKM also stated that the company exported a total of 1,888 units of Etios in the month of December 2014.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India’s Senior Vice President of the Sales & Marketing department, N. Raja said that December of 2014 has been good in keeping with the upswing that the company had witnessed in November. Thus, the company has registered a sales growth both in the domestic as well as in the cumulative sales in the month of December 2014 as well. This sales momentum can be credited to the good year ending for the company.

As the Indian car market situation improves, the Indian government has also discontinued the reduced excise duty that was offered as a gesture to help the car makers keep their products’ cost down and to boost sales. Followed by this decision, some of the car majors in India including the country’s largest car maker Maruti have decided to increase the prices of their offerings with effect from January this year. When commenting on the discontinued slashed tax, TKM’s N. Raja said that the company will not immediately increase the cost of its products and will do a market study first and accordingly decide later.

Raja said that the company would have expected the Indian government to continue with the reduced excise duty a bit further, as this was really supporting the recovery of the Indian auto industry after a long market slump of over two years.

He added by saying that the company had really hoped that the Indian government will give greater consideration to the Indian auto industry for the upcoming financial year’s Budget, as it is a very important part of the Indian economy and thought that the auto excise duty benefits will form a part of the “Make in India” movement of the current Indian government.

Toyota introduces a sportier looking Harrier Elegance G’s

The global auto enthusiasts surely loved the sporty Toyota Harrier G Sports concept model along with its distinctive spindle grille design. Seems like the Japanese car major and the world’s bestselling car brand wishes to engage its customers with more beautiful cars and is thus, busy actually putting some of its great concepts into the production line rather than just displaying them to the world’s audience. The Toyota Harrier G Sports concept has now emerged in its production version which has been slightly renamed as the new Harrier Elegance G’s. The possessive apostrophe of the “G’s” is actually a different sort of abbreviation of the name “G Sports”.

Toyota Harrier Elegance G

Toyota Harrier Elegance G

The Toyota cars are greatly appreciated all over the world for their great quality, reliability and safety features, but most of the bestselling Toyota cars are surely not the best looking cars. However, the Japanese car mammoth is definitely working on it lately and it shows on its new cars. Keeping to this improved styling aspect the company seemed to have actually enhanced the original Toyota Harrier G Sports concept when style is concerned on its production form. The Toyota Harrier Elegance G’s comes with a sportier stance that looks more alluring as compared to its previewed concept model.

The spindle design of the Toyota Harrier Elegance G’s front grille has made it much intact from its concept model along with very aggressive chrome claw like frames of the lower air dam of the vehicle. The vehicle has been endowed with more aggressive styling elements in the form of a diffuser sort of rear bumper element, a classy chrome finished exhaust pipe and huge 19 inch aluminum alloy wheels.

It is very rare to find a concept model’s design alluringness intact in a production model, as car makers change a lot most of the times either to make the vehicle more practical or to keep its production costs in check. Hence, it is rarer to find a production model which is even better and sporty looking than its concept design. However, Toyota has done it in its Harrier Elegance G’s.

The Harrier Elegance G’s has more to it than just a mean face. It comes with a sports suspension and a lowered height. Toyota has even reinforced the vehicle’s chassis thanks to the extra spot welding as well as bracing, while it gets better braking system too.

The Harrier Elegance G’s is loaded with great features including sports seats, three-spoke steering wheel, premium upholstery with silver double-stitching, piano black trimmings, carbon fiber on the gear stick base, and several G’s emblems.

The Toyota Harrier Elegance G’s is based on the 2 liter CVT model, thus it gets a 2 liter 4-cylinder motor generating 151 PS and 193 Nm and is paired with a Super CVT-i transmission.

The Toyota Harrier Elegance G’s is preparing to be officially launched in Japan in January 2015. It will be tagged at starting 3.29 million yen. Its Japanese launch is going to be preceded with a showcase at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon.

New refreshed Toyota Camry to have its Indian launch by mid 2015

Japanese car major Toyota Motor introduced the new refreshed Camry sedan at the 2014 Moscow International Motor Show, which garnered a lot of appreciations. The global bestselling sedan has come with a new design language for its new facelift model, which is bolder and more appealing as against its predecessor which had a conservative design.

2015 toyota camry facelift

2015 toyota camry facelift

Toyota’s Indian presence that is known as the Toyota Kirloskar Motor India is now contemplating to launch the refreshed Camry sedan in the car market of India in the next year. The updated Camry model comes braced with new engaging styling, added features as well as improved drive dynamics to make the already very capable sedan all the more appealing.

The 2015 Camry facelift that has already launched in the U.S car market is now equipped with a new more attractive and contemporary front fascia with a larger lower grille. The face of the new Camry sedan looks pretty similar to that of the new Corolla midsized sedan. The new Camry facelift is endowed with a thinner upper grille that is finished in chrome and is flanked by a set of new headlights that get the added bling of LED elements. The car’s new face is also more distinct, as it now gets a huge air intake as well as new fog lamps that are rectangular in shape along with some chrome inserts. For the rear design of the new updated Camry sedan, Toyota has endowed a revised bumper design along with the added design element of a new chrome strip which runs all through the width of the car’s rear. The sedan also gets more muscular wheel arches which get a set of newly designed alloy wheels.

The cabin of the new refreshed Camry is also refreshed. It gets endowed with new upholstery as well as added new features. The new Camry comes equipped with a new backlit instrument panel as well as a new 4.2 inch color TFT screen for its new infotainment system. The other added new features include a new multi-functional steering wheel, automatic beams, a wireless mobile charger and heated rear seats. The updated Toyota sedan also gets a new 6.1 inch or a larger 7 inch screen for its new multimedia system. All these added features surely make the new Camry more alluring than its preceding model.

It is not yet known whether the India-bound new Camry model will get all the similar design and equipment updates or not. Some India specific changes and omissions are bound to take place for the India spec new Camry. The new Camry for the Indian market will continue to get equipped with the current petrol as well as petrol-hybrid powertrains. However, at the 2014 Moscow Show, Toyota Motor also unveiled a new base model equipped with a 2 liter petrol engine that generates 150bhp of power. This new motor is paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission. The sedan can reach from 0 to 100kmph in 10.4 seconds.

Crossover supremacy Etios Cross versus Fiat Avventura

The year 2014 was a pioneering and competitive one for established automobile firms in India. So many new launches have happened, across a range of segments such as hatchbacks, sedans, compact sedans, sport utility vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles and crossovers. Never a time in history were there an overload of various design arrivals, and the crossover market has gained significant important over the past years.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Crossover cars offer a unique kind of excitement and adventure, and possessing it can be compared to owning something exclusive. Reputed auto firms Toyota and Fiat have decided to dwell into new line of rugged design innovation and surfaced with two best selling models Etios Cross and Fiat Avventura. Toyota Etios Cross and Fiat Avventura sport a demeanor that is ready for the kill, and it is a tough choice to pick between the two. To make life simpler, let’s analyze the vehicle in detail and decide on the more desirable product.


A glance at Fiat Avventura and it looks exceptionally rugged and masculine and it is the longest crossover in the market and its overall length dimension is 3989mm, and Etios Cross measures 3895mm. Analyzing the level of ruggedness Avventura certainly looks more menacing and the appearance of both cars are ideal to plunge into mind blowing swift yet safe adventures.

Fiat Avventura

Fiat Avventura


The two cars maneuver on potent engine power, taking diesel vehicles of both cars into consideration, Etios Cross is inserted with 1.4 liter engine and Fiat Avventura runs on fierce 1.3 liter engine capacity. The power emission output of Avventura is 93PS and with Etios Cross it is only 68PS. Etios Cross is however more successful on the mileage front, it generates 23.59kmpl, against 20.5kmpl churned by Avventura.


Etios Cross and Avventura are packed with adequate safety amenities; Avventura has an edge over Etios Cross with regard to safety. The loaded models have anti-lock brake system and dual stage airbags and also fire protection system. Etios provides sufficient safety and has ABS and airbags, but it just does not have the fire protection system.


The price variation between the base model of both cars is minimal, the cost of diesel Avventura extends to Rs 8.17 lakhs and the highest price range of Etios Crossover is Rs 7.43 lakhs.


Etios Cross and Fiat Avventura are tempting at first sight and a source of marvel for ardent crossover car enthusiasts who yearn to dwell into life-remembering adventures. Although reports claim Avventura to have a superior aggressive design architecture, the rugged effect of both models are equally potent. Driving a crossover car requires sufficient safety, because it is engineered with high-energy engine powers required to aggressively go the distance. The two models are stuffed with life-protecting safety to make consumers feel sense of security and delight.

Etios Cross is a superior fuel preserver and is considerably more powerful than Avventura, it provides 23.59kmpl higher than 20.5kmpl generated by its competitor. Now to finally decide on the better model, the superior mileage output of Etios Cross adds more value to the price offered.

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