Toyota’s dominance in the Indonesian market gets dampened by Honda Mobilio

Like many global markets, Toyota is the primary dominator of the Indonesian car market. However, the rising popularity and demands for the new Honda Mobilio MPV seems to be a major threat to the Toyota dominance in Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is a market where the larger vehicles such as MPV’s are hugely preferred, and these are also the most selling vehicles in the country. And in such a market, the Mobilio is proving to be a great winner with massive demands posing threat to the other car makers, especially to the top selling Toyota vehicles.

toyota innova limited edition

toyota innova limited edition

The new Honda Mobilio has been a great success both in Indonesia as well as in India. And in both the countries, the new MPV model has launched to instantly dethrone the very popular Maruti Suzuki compact MPV. Now, after defeating the Suzuki MPV, the new Honda Mobilio is posing to be potential threat to the Toyota MPVs, again both in India and in Indonesia. Interestingly, the fight is among the three Japanese car makers in the MPV segment.

So far, the Indonesian car market has been dominated by the Toyota MPVs, but ever since the Mobilio’s launch in the market, a lot of things have changed. The Honda Mobilio is a 7-seater sub-compact MPV which has been garnering outstanding response from the Indonesian car buyers ever since the vehicle launched in the country in January this year. The Mobilio’s exceeding demands have now, gone ahead denting Toyota’s leadership position in Indonesia. Recent reports have suggested that the constantly growing popularity of the Honda Mobilio is a clear threat to the Indonesia’s consistent market leader Toyota Motor. The reports say that the market share of Toyota as considerably dropped recently which is said to be because of the Mobilio.

Toyota Motor, the clear car market leader in Indonesia has suffered a plummet in its market share, which is down to 48.7 percent in the month of September from the previous 54 percent, and the reason is the massive sales of the Honda Mobilio. Post the Mobilio’s Indonesian launch, the market share of Honda jumped up to 13.6 percent while registering sales of around 67,000 units of the MPV since January this year.

The new Honda Mobilio MPV has been growing in its popularity among the global MPV lovers with its great stylish design, smart seating arrangement, ample amount of interior space, high fuel efficiency and aggressive price range. While in India, the MPV segment leader Toyota Innova is struck with lower sales, in Indonesia the Toyota Avanze MPV is at sales risk. In order to handle the growing market competition in Indonesia, Toyota is offering great discounts on the tag of the Avanza of up to 10 percent, which is about 50 percent higher than the vehicle’s last year’s discount.

Toyota is also considering launching a new revamped model of the Avanza to beat market competition. On the other hand, Honda is reportedly considering expanding its dealership network by 50 percent in Indonesia.

Toyota’s future vehicles to get debonair design

Toyota is the global auto leader and it has every reason to be. Apart from great quality and comfort also comes that solid reliability factor that makes the Toyota cars super liked. Though not as much as the bigger global markets India too loves all Toyota cars for the same reasons. That having said, when design comes in mind the Toyota cars cannot be branded as timeless beauties. Toyota has many evergreen cars, but not really dashing looking ones.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The Toyota car fans don’t have any reason to feel bad though, as the Japanese auto giant has promised to focus more on great visual appeal and heart racing design language for its new future cars. The new Toyota cars however, will also come with enhanced all that Toyota is good at, like quality, reliability, efficiency and safety. Reflecting the company’s understanding, the MD at Toyota Kirloskar Motor India, Naomi Ishii said that Toyota has been conservative, but all the cars of the company must look better with aggressive design.

When globally the new-generation design language of Toyota will debut on the all new Prius hybrid, in India the first dose of new style will be given to the Etios and Etios Liva in their 2016 avatars. These sedan and hatchback twins have been developed as India specific cars, but Toyota is not really happy with the sales volumes that these cars get and the expectation was much higher. The main reason behind the lackluster sales of these two cars is their plain looks. These able Etios twins don’t look bad from any angle, but are plain Janes as compared to their market rivals. The interiors of these two cars, are also very simple and boring though they are very comfortable and ergonomically designed. Toyota did launch the new Etios and Liva facelifts recently, but these also don’t get that oomph factor when styling is concerned, which is much needed.

The design down syndrome of Toyota is actually global, and though the Japanese car maker offers several bestselling models in the world, it doesn’t actually get the audience drooling at or cheering for the conservatively styled cars. Things are a bit different with the new Toyota cars though. The all new Corolla Altis shows that Toyota can also be spunky and ditch the boring to become bold. The elegant looking Innova, has always sold greatly in India, but it is still not that alluring looking. Ishii also commented on the next-gen Innova, and said that styling will be one of the focuses of the leading MPV, but it will not compromise on its biggest USP – space. Ishii added that the company will balance both function and form.

The recently spotted test prototypes of the next-gen 2016 Innova do seem to come with a fresh new style. However, only the final production version will reveal how much more appealing the MPV has become to remain on top of the chart. The new upcoming Toyota vehicles will hopefully please both the head and the heart.

Toyota India enhances festive mood by launching new refreshed Etios and Liva

Global car leader Toyota Motor is hugely regarded for its great reliability and quality. Though the brand is massively popular in the international car markets, it is not equally popular in the domestic Indian market. Nevertheless, Toyota vehicles are regarded very highly in India as well, as a prestigious global name, and Toyota has segment leaders in the Indian market too. In order to boost its sales in the Indian compact car market, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has recently launched the mildly refreshed new Etios sedan and the new Liva hatchback in India during this year’s festive season. Both the new models of the cars have received very warm response. While the new Toyota Etios has launched for Rs. 5.74 Lakhs, the new Liva has been tagged at Rs. 4.76 Lakhs.

New Toyota Etios Liva

New Toyota Etios Liva

The new Toyota Etios sedan has received cosmetic updates, and is still offered in the market in both its petrol as well as diesel versions. The diesel Etios gets its power from the 1.4 liter diesel motor, while the petrol version of the sedan continues to get equipped with a 1.5 liter petrol mill.

The Toyota Etios Liva hatchback which is based on the Etios sedan has also got similar cosmetic upgrades as its sedan counterpart. Under the hood, it still retains the same petrol and diesel engines. The petrol variants of the Liva are powered by the same 1.2 liter petrol motor, while the diesel variants are powered by the same 1.4 liter diesel engine.

As far as the cosmetic updates are concerned, the new Etios sedan get new exterior features such as electrically adjustable wing mirrors and chrome inserts for the door handles. The cabin of the sedan has received height adjustable driver’s seat and new premium upholstery. The car also offers reverse parking sensors and updated instrument cluster with new bigger infotainment LCD display. The new Etios also come with alarms for loose seatbelts, turned on headlights and door ajar. The best part of the new model is however, the safety feature of dual front SRS airbags that are offered as a standard feature across all model trims.

During the launch of the new Etios and Liva, the Senior Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing at TKM, Mr. N Raja said that the company launched the Etios back in 2010 and ever since the product has been constantly being improved with upgrades, new variants and limited edition models. The Toyota Etios range has grown over the years and has been able to cater to the customer requirements and preferences. The new Etios is designed to offer true comfortable sedan experience, as we usually spend long time everyday commuting. The new Etios Liva is also aimed to provide the best comforts and space to become a second home. Raja added by saying that the company thanks the valued customers for their support and appreciation of the product. The new models are aimed at created further customer delight and excitement in the festive season.

Toyota ensures top position for the Hilux with the new 2015 design

The Japanese car major and global auto leader, Toyota has many bestselling products in the world. However, most of the Toyota cars are not that popular when attractive design is concerned. The car major is heavily working to correct this factor to ensure its leading global position, and rolling out new models with far better design and visual appeal. After the all new Corolla and new Camry sedans, it is the turn of the very popular Hilux pickup truck. The Toyota Hilux has been a bestselling vehicle in its own segment, and its new 2015 avatar is coming to reinstate its top position in the global market.

2015 Toyota Hilux Pictures

2015 Toyota Hilux Pictures

The new 2015 Toyota Hilux is going to come with comprehensive upgrades and especially with new alluring design language to grab the attention of its potential buyers. The new design of the Hilux with a stunning new face is Toyota’s new strategy of ensuring the leading position of the very successful pickup truck and to tell the market rivals that they really need to work very hard to try and dethrone the Hilux.

The new 2015 Toyota Hilux will be flaunting a fresh exterior design and a remarkably distinctive new face. The new Hilux will take some styling cues from the design language of the stunning all new Corolla sedan when the front façade is concerned. The pickup will be endowed with a newly designed front grille that will have some individual Highlander feature plus a bit of the new Corolla grille design. The new front grille will be split from the middle with a horizontally placed thick chrome strip. This new front design seem to be the most favorite of Toyota and is most probably going to be features in many more Toyota products in the future. The Japanese car major will also be endowing the new Hilux pickup truck a wider body. Thus, this will definitely result in a more spacious cabin with ample amount of interior room.

While the new 2015 Toyota Hilux’s exterior design changes are known, there is very little known about the changes under the hood of the vehicle. The new Toyota Hilux will definitely get mechanical updates as well. It is most likely to be equipped with a 2.5 liter or a 3 liter diesel motor. The Japanese car maker could also choose to offer a petrol avatar of the vehicle as well. In case Toyota does offer the petrol version of the new Hilux, then it will most probably be powered by a 4 liter petrol V6 engine.

The new 2015 Toyota Hilux is expected to have its market launch towards the end of the current calendar year or in the beginning of the next year. The new 2015 Hilux pickup truck with its new updates will be better equipped to fight it out with its market competitors such as the Mazda BT50, Nissan Frontier, Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger, and many more models in the particular segment.

Toyota Kirloskar is under competition threat visible on third successive loss since FY12

The Indian car economy has faced a downturn for two continuous years; the setback has hit the Indian unit of the established Japanese based firm, Toyota Kirloskar Motor. The advent of Great Depression has hurt customer sentiment towards Toyota India; the sale output in rural and domestic segment has been unfavorable.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is a joint unit of Kirloskar Group, the net loss of the enterprise increased to Rs 62.9 crore, during the final phase of financial year that terminated in 2014 March, during the same period of earlier fiscal, the net worth was Rs 6 crore. It is the third loss encounter since Financial Year 12 (FY12).

Toyota’s dull profit drive moment is a reflection of the weakened market economy, during the end of FY14, the net sale decline of car industry is 11.2% with a loss outcome of Rs 13,216 crore, a dip from the corresponding period.

The company has indulged in favorable strategies to enhance manufacturing capacity. In 2011 Toyota increased the output to 1.5 lakh units, and it just kept increasing thereafter. In 2012 it was 2.1 lakh units and in 2013 3.1 lakh units. Toyota always maintained Etios sedan and Liva to be robust profit drivers, but the demand for the two cars has not matched up to the expectations. The Auto Analyst at Morgan Stanley, Yashesh Mukhi said, Toyota will have to adopt impressive methods to build sale volumes, which will otherwise hurt customer sentiment created by cost pressure.

As mentioned earlier, the main cause for Toyota’s sale depression is the slow moving market. During the FY14 period, sales of passenger vehicles dipped to 6% with the sale of 2.5 million products, compared to FY13. Toyota’s product movement has been below the industry expectation norm, with 22% decline in FY14. The company managed to sell 128,811 cars.

Toyota is the sixth best seller of passenger cars at end of FY14, behind Tata Motors and Honda Cars India. The weakened market has only heightened the competition race, and Toyota could not cope under the competition radar. The strategy to depend on Liva hatch and Etios sedan did not head to profit yielding direction.

Toyota launched Etios in 2010 December, and after six months it introduced Etios Liva. The company failed to generate admirable profit volumes compared to its other big sellers of the domestic segment. The company has recently indulged in a new line of creativity visible on Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis. Etios Cross is a cross model of Etios Liva hatch, and sports a true rugged cross identity created by black side plastic cladding, roof rail and bull bar. The new Altis is a premium transformation from the past, and looks stunning to the core. The Etios Liva cross and new Corolla Altis are instant best sellers.

Although Toyota does not appear to be in the rigorous competition circle, it has created a new line of inspiration. The Etios Liva Cross is a stimulus towards the creation of Fiat Avventura and Hyundai Elite i20 Cross.

Toyota is the first to capture the cross car market with Etios Cross

Toyota has captured enormous market share volume on the back of its small hatchback crossover car Etios Cross. It is a source of inspiration for the creation of Fiat Avventura crossover. The Etios Cross is not just unique and inspiring but valuable as well, sold at a price of Rs 5.76 to 7.4 lakhs.

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

The design stimulation of Etios Liva is engraved in the magnificence of Liva hatchback. The two cars are best sellers, and Etios Liva has been a key profit player since inception in 2014 May. Toyota has churned a new kind of excitement with its classic Etios Cross piece; it’s got hardcore cross identity visible on the solid black plastic cladding on the side.

It is certainly a different kind of adventure to ride in the Etios Cross, it is a taller version of Liva and has can carry an overload of luggage with its 50 to 55kg load bearing capacity. It is a varied product compared to the usual plain hatchback, sedan, compact sedan and sport utility vehicle cars that bear minimalistic designs.

The car market in India is incredibly diverse and the product range is vast from affordable hatchbacks to luxury cars. The most profitable of all is the small hatchback market, to cater to the mass population. The competition level in this segment has intensified in recent times, with magnificently innovative products from Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai with the creation of Maruti Celerio, Hyundai Grand i10 and Elite i20 and Tata Motors will launch its signature Bolt hatchback car.

Amidst the intensified competition, Toyota has emerged with something spectacular inscribed on Etios Liva cross. The car looks varied from the usual and ideal for a section of population who are into extreme adventures. It’s got aggressive sporty character perfect for suitable urbane and countryside drive.

Toyota has always maintained its Etios sedan and Liva hatchback cars to be key profit players. The profit outcome of the two models has however not been too favorable; the company has captured its setback with Etios Liva cross. Apart from the one of a kind and stylish fashion statement, the inner décor is amazingly vibrant and the quality of materials is top class.

The festive season is on and what better way to soak in the high-spirited atmosphere than to own a Etios Cross car. Toyota has actually trapped the Cross car inspiration spirit with Etios Cross. Fiat has designed its classic Avventura to beat the competition heat created by Etios Cross. It does not end here, Hyundai is working on a new Cross product, called Elite i20 Cross, as the name goes it is a cross version of Elite i20.

Toyota has indeed sparked a cross atmosphere with Etios Cross, which has resulted in Fiat Avventura and Hyundai Elite i20 Cross. In the coming years there may be many more cross cars, and the market share output of the segment will be on par with regularly seen hatchback, compact sedan, sedan and utility vehicles.

Etios Cross versus Fiat Avventura- Incredible cross power

There is so much of excitement to look forward to for Crossover car fans in India. The market share volume in this segment has risen in no time, and Toyota is among the first to capture the crossover market with Etios Cross. Fiat has recently launched its most wanted Fiat Avventura, the two cars are crossover marvels ready for the kill. Let’s compare the two cars and pick the more desirable one.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Etios Cross:


Etios Cross is a cross variant of the popular Etios Liva hatchback, it’s got hard core cross identity, with solid plastic side cladding, roof rail and bull bar. It’s a rugged version of Liva, and robust to the core, its load bearing capacity is 50 to 55 kgs. The nature of design is parallel to Etios Liva.


The interior of Etios Cross is vibrant and professional, and is the same as Liva. The quality of material is world class; there is ample cabin room for at least five occupants and the variant options are vast with four cars, two petrol V and G cars and the diesel options are VD and GD.


Etios Cross is sold with 1.5 liter and 1.2 liter petrol engines, the 1.5 liter car generates 132Nm and 89bhp and the 1.2 liter model gives out 104Nm and 79bhp. There is a 1.4 liter four cylinder car as well that emits 170Nm and 67bhp, coupled with five speed manual gearbox.


Etios Cross is priced at Rs 5.76 to 7.4 lakhs

Fiat Avventura:


Fiat has developed the Avventura using Punto hatchback platform; it is among the most desirable crossover cars, visible on its aggressive cross stature. It’s got solid plastic cladding, bits like bash plates and roof rails, the front portion has artistically sculpted slender headlights, air intake and arty mesh grille. The side profile of Avventura is similar to Punto and longer, on the rear is imaginatively styled Punto Evo inspired tail lights, and tail gate fitted spare wheel.


The insides of Avventura are vastly spacious with tons of headroom space; the most loaded cars have trendy alloy wheels, world class music system with Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable driver seat, rear air con vents, climate control and electrically adjustable mirrors.


There is a diesel and petrol engine to opt from, the 1.3 liter diesel car is built with Multijet technology and produces 209Nm and 92bhp. The 1.4 liter petrol car is engineered with the advanced Fiat Fire technique and yields 115Nm and 89bhp.


The car costs Rs 5.99 to 8.17 lakhs

Toyota Etios Cross and Fiat Avventura are ideal crossover cars to own, both models are feature rich sufficient to offer lifelong comfort and luxury. The Etios Cross is however more affordable for its rich features, and has more petrol engine options. The advantage with Avventura is the availability of diesel and petrol fuels.

Ardent crossover car fans who desire to take the extreme adventurous route; Etios Cross is the gift of a lifetime.

Toyota keen to achieve fierce rivalry with its new Innova 2.5 liter diesel engine

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is geared for the competition game with 2016 Innova, this time the Innova is going to sport a contemporary outlook, and is geared to fight the arch battle with Renault Duster, Mahindra Scorpio, Honda Mobilio and Maruti Ertiga.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

Innova has been a segment leader since inception in 2005, the Innova cars that followed came with mild refreshments and special editions. Toyota is all set for a big Innova in 2016 with a facelift 2016 Innova car. Although the Innova has conquered milestone records, Toyota is wary of current and upcoming competition. The Indian market condition has undergone a transformation, and the competition levels have intensified like never before. Over the past few years the market share value of the big car market has expanded within a short span of time created by best sellers Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Taigun, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano.

The 2016 Innova is in the development stage, and was captured several times by car enthusiasts, the recently captured car is completely camouflaged, and only few elements are revealed. According to reports, the exterior structure of 2016 Innova is similar to the previous model, and sources expect the car to launch with solid cosmetic treatment, and it may contain a whole new design concept, like the Furia design sculpture used on the new Corolla Altis.

Toyota is making considerable number of changes on 2016 Innova, apart from exterior changes, there is going to be a re-developed 2.5 liter diesel engine that will replace the current engine. The new car will arrive with more powerful engine and mileage technology.

The 2016 Innova will be garnished with higher degree of Innova excitement; the intensified modernity is visible on a new bumper, bigger headlights, larger front grille, taller stance and flatter front design. The car will stand on a revolutionary monocoque platform, engineered with the innovative ladder frame chassis technology. The sharp styling is accentuated by the sharp lines on D-pillar and trendy new rear quarter glass. The rear section will sport new bumper, tail lights and multi-structured boot lid.

The upcoming 2016 Innova will have higher level of interior opulence, and richer on the equipment angle as well. The car will have professionally styled dashboard, new touch screen, centre console, reverse camera and climate control.

The 2.5 liter diesel engine is still in the development stage, and Toyota is engineering the engine to overpower the efficiency of Mobilio, Scorpio, Duster and Ertiga. The new Innova is being developed on the lines of steaming competition. The sale output of the current Innova is higher than Mobilio and Duster put together, now imagine the impact of the new vehicle.

The already rich Innova will arrive in a richer package, and also a dearer price of Rs 9 to 15 lakhs. Let’s wait for some more developmental features in the months to come, and it will be interesting to soak into the new Innova, to just dwell into a higher degree of richness.

Toyota and Volkswagen welcome diesel deregulation policy

The auto market in India is going through a phase of turmoil, mainly because of the weakened economy at the micro level. The industry has suffered its worst for two consecutive years; the main triggers for low customer sentiment value are increased fuel and commodity prices.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The market is showing signs of improvement, and a handful of firms are witnessing growths from the previous year. It is a still a long way before complete recovery and the volatile economy mayhem has not ended. Toyota has recorded 4% growth in domestic market.

The effect of recession has not just affected auto firms, but oil companies as well. The (CCPA) Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs provided a statement to (OMCs) Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies to enhance the sale value of diesel retail price on a monthly basis by 40 to 50 paise. The increase is exclusive of VAT applicable in various union territories or states. The motto behind the initiative is to benefit consumers, and also trade along the elevated competition between various oil firms, and strengthen the efficiency of oil firms subjected to the challenges of weak economy.

The Government of India has recently proposed a plan to deregulate prices of diesel prices; Toyota and Volkswagen India have welcomed the move, Raja N, the Senior Vice President and Director in marketing and sales department of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Limited has given its satisfied viewpoint on diesel price deregulation and said, it is welcome move, more specifically high-spirited festive season in India. Consumers can now more freely chose their diesel vehicles, and liberally choose the desired characteristics. The auto industry in India is on its pathway to recovery and the deregulation of diesel costs is an added layer to enhancement of auto economy.

The Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Michael Mayer stated that the market is emerging out of its depressed state, visible on positive market conditions such as affordable fuel prices and interest rates. The company is satisfied with the potential increase in customer sentiment, and is looking forward to attractive sales during the festive season.

The Government of India earlier announced its aim of regulating prices of diesel vehicles in India, the tables are now reversed, and the Government has announced a diesel deregulation scheme. The Indian unit of the established Japanese based firm Toyota Kirloskar Motor has maintained a strong profit drive hold in the country. The company considers Etios Liva hatchback and Etios sedan to be important models.

Toyota has built a range of profitable cars across various segments, its blockbuster hits are Innova multipurpose vehicle, Fortuner sport utility vehicle, and Corolla Altis sedan. The company has managed to sustain great fortunes on the back of just few models, but could not withhold the impact of recession.

Now with the deregulation of diesel prices there is going to be a mass crowd in many of the dealerships in the country, especially with the amazing Etios Liva and Etios facelift package. With just a diesel deregulation policy, the car atmosphere in India has become incredibly rhythmic.

Etios Cross a fierce rival for Hyundai i20 Cross

Toyota is among the first to conquer the cross market in 2014, with the classy Etios Liva cross unveiled in May. Car enthusiasts have captured a camouflaged Hyundai i20 Cross car, and Hyundai is keen to gain a strong foothold into its rare venture and aims to overpower the dominant status of Etios Cross.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Even since the Etios Cross launched in May, it is in the most wanted car list, the whole of India is after the car. It’s got an unbeatable rugged car nature, with a solid black cladding treatment on the side, roof rails and taller wheels. The load bearing capacity of the car is 50 to 55kgs, and the nature of design is parallel to Etios Liva hatchback.

The inner décor of Etios Cross is similar to Etios Liva, it is feature rich and the quality of equipment is world class. The cabin room is vast sufficient to accommodate at least five occupants. The car moves on an efficient 1.5 liter and 1.2 liter petrol engine. The 1.5 liter car has a battery load of energy and emits 132Nm and 89bhp, the 1.2 liter car yields 104Nm and 79bhp. There is a 1.4 liter four cylinder mill as well that churns 170Nm and 67bhp. The three engines are coupled with five speed manual gearbox.

Hyundai will have to indulge in a lot of body work with its i20 Cross to out beat Etios Cross. The design structure of i20 Cross draws inspiration from Elite i20, the car will have aluminium roof rails, differently shaped alloy wheels and body cladding, the vision here is to cater to the needs of the ambitious young demographic.

Hyundai i20 Cross

Hyundai i20 Cross

The mechanical properties of Elite i20 Cross is similar to Elite i20, it will run on 1.4 liter diesel and 1.2 liter petrol engine. The 1.2 liter car is matted to five speed manual transmission and 1.4 liter car, a six speed manual transmission gearbox.

Toyota has achieved great market share volumes with Etios Cross in a short span of time. The customer purchasing capacity is 5,400 units, which makes it a menacing threat to its competition. The car market in India is currently going through a burning competition phase, for two continuous years, many esteemed firms were unable to gather sufficient buyers and it has intensified the competition levels, the Cross market too has become a profit driving sector.

Etios Cross is a cross variant of Etios Liva, and its core cross demeanor is hard to beat, on the front is a glossy silver bull bar that highlights the fierce nature of the car, and the silver roof rail completes the unique cross creativity picture. Apart from Hyundai, Fiat is inspired by the development of Etios Cross and has manufactured a Fiat Avventura cross car, that will launch tomorrow.

It will be interesting to learn about the future progress of i20 Cross in the coming months and its potential threat impact on Etios Cross, there is indeed so much of Cross excitement to look forward to.

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