Toyota Starts Avensis Production

Avensis, a very popular car from Toyota, is all set to appear in a new avatar. Production of new Avensis packed with features has been started by Toyota. The company says that manufacturing this new car is not just challenging but also signals a new milestone for the company in terms of achievement. Toyota will present the new Avensis in petrol as well as diesel models. This is not all as consumers will also have the option of choosing between two different body styles namely Tourer and Saloon. The all new Avensis will be manufactured alongside Auris 2015 in the Toyota plant at Burnaston.

Toyota Avensis 2015

This is unprecedented as never before has a manufacturing plant of Toyota outside Japan been entrusted with the task of not just planning and designing but also production of two new cars from the company. This is certainly a new milestone for Toyota Great Britain, an achievement that makes the management at Burnaston proud and very happy.

Avensis and Auris will share the same production line. This is something that is believed to cause a lot of problems but the dedication and motivation of the staff at Burnaston makes Toyota hopeful that the project will be completed in time without any delays. Toyota GP is sure to reach a production of 800 cars per day from zero in just 10 days’ time.

Jim Corpe, who is a project manager at Toyota Motors UK feels that it is possible to manufacture both Auris as well as Avensis on the same production line. He says that slowing down of production of an older model allows the new model to be produced. This means that the number of cars coming out of the production facility does not fall. But this is a unique situation as both Avensis as well as Auris are new cars. It posed a challenge for the staff at Burnaston as they had to make sure that the demand for both these cars had to be met through consistent production.

Tony Walker, who is the Deputy Managing Director at TMUK, said that the challenge of manufacturing both cars at the same time was made possible because of the experience of the staff at Burnaston. Average length of service experience of the employees at Burnaston happens to be 12 years. It is this huge experience that made them confident about taking on the challenge of producing both Avensis and Auris at the same time on the same production line. With these two cars, Burnaston plant becomes a facility of Toyota outside Japan that has been involved with development of no less than 12 cars since 1992. Burnaston has seen not just these 12 new cars rolling out of its plant in the last 25 years but it has also helped in facelifts of similar number of Toyota cars in the same time period.

The all new Toyota Avensis will go on sale in UK on 1 March 2016 while it would be made available to consumers in other European countries a few months later.

New Corolla from Toyota arrives on the scene

Corolla, the top selling sedan from Toyota in Australia, has recently received a face lift. The new Corolla not only looks more beautiful but it is also more fuel efficient. Prices have also gone up with the price of base level model going up by $300 while sporty models becoming pricier by nearly $1000. But Toyota is unperturbed with this increase in price as it feels there are many new features like reversing camera and touch screen infotainment system to compensate price rise.

2016 toyota corolla altis

If one takes a look at the images of the new Toyota Corolla, he finds that there are two design styles namely basic and premium. Basic style can be seen in cheaper models like Ascent and Ascent Sport where there is a sleeker front. Premium style is visible in high end models of new Corolla such as ZR and SX, where one can see alloy wheels (17 inch), roof spoiler, side skirts, and aggressive sculpting on the sides. ZR model is also fitted with LED headlights. The new Corolla is being offered in 8 attractive colors that include two new hues namely Citrus and Blue Gem.

Another new feature of all new Corolla cars is that they are now 55mm longer than before. According to the company, longer length of the car has allowed designers to improve upon the persona of the car. It is also more aerodynamic than before.

This facelift that Toyota Corolla has got in the middle of 2015 is actually its midlife facelift. This car that is popular around the world has already completed half of its life. Dashboard has been simplified with the addition of a touch screen entertainment system, Bluetooth, and USB. This system can also be used to work as a screen that depicts rear view when reversing the car.

The instrument panel is refreshing blue and the new Corolla is smarter than before with improved integration with your smartphone. This means you get updates on weather and traffic to change the route and also to save your time. Every new Corolla is fitted with a 1.8 liter petrol engine and it is more fuel efficient than before. It is only the customers buying AMT models who will complain the most as they will have to pay $2000 more than before. But new Corollas with AMT are expected to cover 100km in only 6.1l in comparison to a consumption of 6.6l earlier.

Good news with these new Corollas is the fact that all new customers will get service for three years at a fixed price of $140 per service. According to Toyota, the petrol engine fitted in the new Corolla is the most powerful engine in its class in the whole world. However, it is a fact that despite being powerful ad smooth, these engines are not the most efficient. There are cars in Australia that can cover 100km in just 4.6 liters of petrol.

Toyota is confident that new features and design styles will allow Toyota to dominate the Australian car market.

Indian compact sedan battle – Toyota Etios Vs Tata Zest

The Indian auto market is a highly competitive and fast maturing space which is being flooded with many quality cars from the auto majors of the world. One of the most popular and cutthroat segments in the passenger vehicle market of India is that of the compact sedans. The Indian car consumers’ preferences are fast changing and raising demands are witnessed for the bigger, more luxurious and spacious sedans.

New Toyota Etios

New Toyota Etios

One of the oldest compact sedan models in India is the Etios from the Japanese car giant Toyota, while the Indian car major Tata Motors launched its Zest, which is the latest entrant in the segment. We are going to consider, the new facelift Toyota Etios against the Tata Zest to find out which on scores more as an attractive buy.

When the technical specifications are concerned, both the compact sedans come in petrol and diesel versions. The Toyota Etios is powered by a 1.5 liter DOHC petrol motor and a 1.4 liter SOHC diesel mill. On the other hand, the Tata Zest gets a newly developed 1.2 liter 4 cylinder Revtron petrol motor and a 1.3 liter Quadrajet diesel motor. Though the Zest gets a smaller capacity engine, it is quite powerful.

The Etios petrol offers 88.77 bhp of max power and 132 Nm of peak torque, while the diesel version delivers 67.07 bhp of power and 170 Nm of torque. The Etios gets sophisticated and more efficient transmission system.

tata zest

The Zest diesel offers a max power of 88.77 bhp and peak torque of 200 Nm, while the petrol version pumps out 83.3 bhp and 140 Nm. The Zest is equipped with the F-tronic 5 speed Semi Automatic transmission for the diesel version and a regular 5 speed manual transmission for the petrol.

When design is concerned, the Tata Zest comes with a refreshing styling with sharp character lines and neat features. It gets a chrome front grille, bright projector headlights and stylish tail lights for an overall smart appeal if not stunning.

Toyota Etios appears sober with a relaxed appeal, while some might even call it as pretty boring. It has a neat front fascia with redesigned metallic styling elements for a classy touch on the front grille.

On the interior front, the Tata Zest gets stylish Beige-Black themed upholstery along with classy metal and chrome inserts that makes the cabin quite attractive. Its feature list comprise includes a 5 inch HARMAN touchscreen infotainment system with integrated MapMyIndia SATNAV system.

Toyota has endowed its Etios with a calm and interior design without any flashy touch. It gets a two-tone brown and beige upholstery along with nice faux wood trims on the inside doors. It offers a remote controlled 2-DIN audio system.

In terms of pricing, the Toyota Etios is rather expensive with the range between Rs. 5.74 and Rs. 8.16 lakhs. Tata Motors is known for its affordable pricing and tagged the Zest between Rs. 4.64 and Rs. 6.99 lakhs.

Considering everything and the Indian preference, the Tata Zest is a better choice and it shows in its sales numbers.

Toyota sustained top position in World’s Most Valuable Automotive Brand in ‘BrandZ’s

The well-known brand equity database, BrandZ, has given the top position to Toyota in the list of 100 most valuable globally recognized automotive brand in the year 2015. The overall value of the Japanese car maker was calculated to be around $28.9 billion and has retained its top 30 position in the all-sector position.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

It has been a decade since the BrandZ first analysis report has been publicized and since then the company, Toyota, has successfully managed to sustain the leading position in the automotive sector over eight times and on two occasions it has been ranked second in the list.

In the top ten list, the first three automotive brands have more value as compared to the other car makers. On the fourth position it is Honda with a value of $13.3 billion which is followed by Ford with a brand value of $13.1 billion then Nissan with $11.4 billion, Audi with $10.2 billion, VW with a brand value of $9.2 billion, Land Rover with $4.9 billion and last but not the least is Lexus with an overall count of $4.3 billion.

The top 100 most valued global brands ranking of BrandZ 2015 is basically a review which is based on the measurement of the brand equity derived from the feedback of the consumers over 2 million based globally. As per the BrandZ, the viewpoint of consumers regarding the brand is one of the major criteria in the determination of the values of the brand since a brand is actually a unique concoction of product delivery, performance in the business, clear positioning along with leadership.

In the study it was revealed that the automakers are faced with a challenge which is. The quality of products improves in every model however it becomes challenging to distinguish their brands. As per Millward Brown analysts, this is quite a fascinating perception and also mentioned that with the reduction in the figures of chassis which are utilized globally led to the cost savings as well as economies of scale but also led to the same appearance of the models.

Considering the report that has been published, there seems to be an improvement in the sales of the automotive in certain areas however the sales is still stagnant in certain countries. Toyota has marked an overall sale of 10.2 million units in the year 2014 which resulted in the growth of around 2.5 per cent.

The BrandZ most valuable top 100 brands report is accredited by the WPP and is carried out by Millward Brown Optimor. This report actually comprises the survey of numerous consumers based in over 30 countries.

Toyota has bagged the top most position in this survey. It has recently come up with modified Camry as well as its hybrid in the market. In order to increase the sales, Toyota will start a Monsoon Car Camp for its upcoming cars will be conducted between July 1st and July 31st 2015. The entire motive behind ToyotaQ strategy is to enable its consumers a hassle free and smooth driving experience.

Some of the other cars brands in the BrandZ top list 2015 are BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Lexus.

Spy shots of Toyota Innova in Thailand while testing

Few spy pictures have been captured by AutoSpinn of the upcoming 2016 Toyota Innova while testing on the Thailand roads. The spy shots have been taken just before the premiere which is scheduled somewhere in this year.

2016 Toyota Innova

When asked about the next generation Innova, the officials of the company were bit hesitant in the press conference that took place last week in Thailand in support of the new Hilux.  However the company admitted that the need for the replacement of the existing product was pending but the company has not yet revealed the exact date for its official launch.

Besides, the prototype has been spotted quite a few times while testing in Karnataka near its production facility. Going with the emerging reports, we can expect that the company will showcase its product in the renowned Auto Expo in 2016 however will launch it later in the Indian market. Innova, up till now, has been dominating the segment of MPV in India as compared to the others. Since 2005, the time when it was first launched, Innova has managed to grab the attention of buyers and seen a significant demand in India. It is expected that the new model will too repeat this achievement but this time with new features, specifications and looks.

It is expected that the inside cabin of the 2016 Toyota Innova will be changed as well. The entire design of the dashboard is expected to be bit modified with some minor changes in the instrument cluster of the car too. However, the major change in the car will be the up-gradation in the quality of the material used so as to remain competitive in this domain. It is clear from the spy shots that the vehicle will be equipped with completely new 3-spoke steering wheels which appears somewhat same as that of the Corolla and also comes along with steering mounted controls. In addition to this, the top end model of the Innova will be featured with a TFT screen with larger display.

As a part of the company’s IMV products (Innovative International Multi purpose vehicle), this new generation Innova will most probably have the same technology as that of HIlux, eight generation, which has been put on the roads of Thailand previous week. As far as the engine is concerned, this new Innova will have a completely new ‘GD’ engine but whether both the engines of the GD family including 2.8 litre units and 2.4 litre units will be available, is still not confirmed. 2016 Toyota Innova will be equipped with petrol engine of 2.7 litres for few selected markets.

The 2016 Innova is also geared up with the passenger’s safety feature. There are not only 7 air bags in the top model but the whole chassis of the car will be slightly more harder and will have enhanced crash protection levels in the front.

Post launch the car will directly compete with Nissan Evalia, Honda Mobilio, Maruti Ertiga, Tata Aria. It is expected to be priced around INR 9 Lakhs to INR 15 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

Toyota May 2015 Sales

As reported, Toyota Kirloskar Motor witnessed a sudden decrease in the sale in the month of May 2015. It reported a downfall of 2.7 % as a result of the shutdown of the manufacturing plant for yearly maintenance purposes, as per the company. The production plant was shut down by the company from May 29 until June 6 and during this period the manufacturing came to a halt. The shutdown of the plant for such a period of time can also adversely affect the sales for the month of June.

new camry hybrid facelift

The company managed a sale of 11,511 units during the last month which is quite less by 320 units as compared with the units sold in the same month a year ago. However there was an increase in the sale of Etios and Liva cars by 12%. This was probably because of the incorporation of air bags standard in almost all the models that were sold in the month of October 2014. There were around 107 units of newly launched Camry and accounted a growth of approximately 51 percent as against the same month in the last year. Amongst the total 107 units that were sold, Camry Hybrid accounted for a sale of 91% which exhibited its increasing popularity in this premium sedan segment. The prices of Camry Hybrid fell down by INR 70,000 as part of the incentive launched under the FAME scheme.

As per the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, N Raja, the hybrid segment is although new but still at its preliminary stage and is slowly gaining prominence in the Indian consumers. He also added that the company is thankful to the Indian consumers for accepting the change and their incredible response towards hybrid cars and also grateful to the Government of India for introducing incentives under its FAME scheme. Toyota Camry is the foremost locally made hybrid car which has gained recognition from the Government for being an eco-friendly car. As per the commitment by the Government, an amount of Rs. 70,000 as incentive has already been given to the consumers.

Post launch of the modified Camry on April 30, it marked a sale of 107 units in the current month with an overall growth of 51% in comparison with the previous year sales figures. This enabled the company to receive 251 orders from customers post its launch, which accounts for almost 35% of the entire sales of the Camry in the last year.

This new product by Toyota has been widely accepted and achieved success in the country this month. Although at a beginning stage, the hybrid segment will soon get recognition from the masses in India. Apart from this, the company is busy testing its upcoming new generation Innova to be unveiled somewhere towards the end of this year. This will be followed by Fortuner which is scheduled for the next year.

Toyota Yaris: A Challenge to Mitsubishi Mirage’s Cheapness

If you love cars and are searching for versatility, here are two options: the Mitsubishi Mirage and the Toyota made Yaris. With ability to stand by your expectations, they have given a new dimension to low budget small car market. Here is a discussion to furnish you an insight.

2015 Toyota Yaris facelift Europe

2015 Toyota Yaris facelift Europe

When Yaris is a subcompact type car, Mirage is a large minicar with a five-door hatchbacks technique. Though both the car are of same price range, yet both have their unique specifications.

Though the Mitsubishi product rates less than the Chevrolet Spark, still it has been roaring in the markets of Asia and some other countries as well. However, the Toyota automobile is the least expensive car till date in U.S. Market. With four adult seating capacity, the Mirage has round shape with a bland theme. But, the Yaris is more stylish than Mirage and has a vacuum-cleaner appearance because of the gaping maw at the bumper. Yet, it is the hatch area resolution that makes it stylish.

With large storage capacity and some soft-touch surfaces, the Toyota has high-quality plastic manufacturing and better switchgear while the Mirage still believes in old manufacturing skills. With a 40 mpg l-3 type gas engine along with CVT producing around 74 bhp, the Mirage automobile runs perfect when driven hard. At the same time, the other one uses a 106-bhp 33 mpg 1.5-litre l-4 engine gives a better performance only with a standard 5-speed manual gearbox. Reviews say that the Mirage ride is smooth on good roads though some noise are produced when accelerated. The soft suspension and a dead spot in steering make driving tedious while with an electric power steering along with an anti-sway bar and the stiffer suspension gives comfort to Yaris rider. However, the mixed safety test results from IIHS and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are some of the worries that the manufacturers won’t like.

Power locks, windows, automatic climate control technology, split folding type rear seat, audio with USB support, input jack and variable intermittent wipers are some of the features of Mitsubishi. Also, Bluetooth connection, alloy wheels, button start, audio and cruise control techniques along with height adjustable driver seat are some extra features available with ES model at the expense of $1,200. On the other hand, Yaris comes with three models L, LE and a sportive SE. With height changeable driver seat along with  touch screen technique, split folding seat, USB, radio, facility for voice recognition and Bluetooth pairing are the highlighting features that put Yaris ahead of Mirage. However, the SE model also has projector beam headlights, LED lamps running during day time, alloy made wheels, rear spoiler, disc brakes at rear side, navigation option, leather trim and sport fabric upgraded seats as the extra features.

Though both the vehicles are slow and inexpensive, yet Yaris has a higher rank as compared to Mirage (Not the highest slot). Though Toyota automobile is a bit costlier than the Mirage yet offers better equipment and comforts. However, the business shows the customer’s likeness for minicars and budget friendly ones. The Mitsubishi’s market is a clear proof for this.

Toyota wins heart leaving behind leading seller Maruti Suzuki

As per recent report based on the result of a recent survey made by JD Power Asia Pacific organization. The thorough research confirms a higher degree of customer satisfaction when comes to the brand name Toyota. The Japanese car maker has beaten all other manufacturing ventures in terms of providing customer satisfaction.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The survey has covered a total of 9 factors like marketing strategy, quality of product, sales index, and warranty on product, perfect delivery and ordering of product, sale time care by team, after sale care by team, training and support provided by the automobile manufacturer. The study was performed on an overall scale of 1000 points, out of which 919 points were recorded. Out of this 1000 points, the dealer satisfaction has secured a massive 826 points. The study reveals that Toyota has outperformed on eight of the above nine factors in the past few months to beat the other manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda.

As compared to last year’s 827 points, the above mentioned organization recorded a figure which is just 1 point short to reach 826 points this year. Toyota has not done an eye catching business in the country in recent past, yet it has come up with the top slot in the list by scoring 919 on a scale of 1000 points overall. The venture has outperformed the other brands in eight out of nine factors listed above. Maruti Suzuki who has the maximum dealer in the market in last few months and years is second in the list scoring total 885 points. With 884 index, Honda is in the third position in dealer satisfaction whereas Hyundai is at fourth with an 883 points (improved by 25 points opposed to last year’s). However, Nissan has made a remarkable improvement of 63 points to reach 756 points this year and thereby registered a maximum improvement to satisfy the dealers.

The top four ranked automobiles have the highest number of dealers and are expecting a large profit in the coming months. In the mentioned period the customer satisfaction has increased in 5 of the above 9 factors and a remarkable improvement is seen in the availability of spare parts, warranty time support and post-sale support. However, 1 in every 4 customers is not happy with the product portfolio. Out of total customers included in survey, around 27% of customers says about lack of manufacturing support while introducing the new products, and 24 % thinks their manufacturer have fewer ranges of vehicles to compete with various vehicles in the market. Low product satisfaction and unable to meet the market requirement are the key issues reported by the study.

The best satisfaction that dealers obtained was in term of parts satisfaction. The survey indicates that around 83 percent of dealers have received their parts within a period of 15 days from ordering. This kind of response is highest after 2002.

Toyota Plans big for Market Revival

After a flat sale in May 2015, Toyota is planning to revive its market status. No doubt the company is not in a mood to launch any new automobile in the current year, yet the officials are planning to launch a series of new cars in the coming year. This Japanese car maker has come up with a big plan ahead of the year 2016. Here is a brief discussion on its coming cars.

2016 Toyota Innova

Toyota New Innova:

Innova has been Toyota’s most selling vehicle till now. And possibly it will come as the 1st automobile to be out on sale in the 1st quarter of the next year. Toyota’s all time famous Innova is expected to come with a longer size as compared to its current model with projector type headlight and DRL type lights. The newly introduced rooflines and the side profile gives the car a new and pretty sleeker look. The rear side profile is however kept same as before with new LED type back lamp. The interior manufacturing resembles to the predecessor Corolla including a black theme added with a beige. Touch screen incorporated to audio system and climate adaptable facility are the some other features available in it. With powertrain facility and a styling look, the automobile will have 2.4-litre capacity diesel engine and the expected price range is INR 10 to 15 lakh. This Toyota products expect competition from Honda Mobilio and Renault.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner:

Based upon multi-purpose vehicle platform, is ready to debut in the domestic market at the Auto Show 2016. This new Fortuner being more spacious than its predecessors, is introduced with chrome surrounded twin-slat grille, projector based headlamps, newly added daytime running LED lamps and fog lamps. With a 2.4-litre (offering 160bhp power) and a 2.8-litre (offers 177bhp power), the Fortuner will be launched with choice of 2 engine. New, wide fenders, windows being small and big wheel arches on the side profile are some features available. The vehicle expects challenge from Pajero Sport, Endeavor and Hyundai make Santa Fe. INR 22- 26 lakh is the price tag for this vehicle.

2014 Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios:

Toyota is expecting Vios sedan to be launched in next January which will challenge to Honda Verna, city and Maruti Ciaz. The good sales going on in Malaysia and Indonesia has given a hope of good marketing in Indian market too. Its outer design is similar to that of Corolla Furia with similar type grille, sporty side-look by pedigree and flared wheel arches. The interior design resembles with the Corolla having beige, black theme, steering mounted audio control, 2-DIN music facility and climate adjust set up. With options of 1.5- and 1.4-litre diesel engines and 5- speed manual gearbox associated with 7-speed CVT box, the vehicle is ready to compete with Skoda made Rapid, Hyundai make Verna, Honda City, Maruti launched Ciaz and Volkswagen Vento. With a price of INR 8 to 12 lakh, the vehicle will be available in market from the festive season of 2016.

Latest edition of the Toyota HiLux revealed

The newest edition of the Toyota HiLux has been unveiled!!! This Japanese car has the distinction of slaying giants in its segment by outselling both the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon, which are great cars all on its own. The first edition of the HiLux was designed and created 10 years ago and has gone through a number of changes that make it a whole lot tougher and even more luxurious.  The chief engineer behind the new edition HiLux unveiled the car on 21st May and has also given preliminary launch date for the showroom around October 2015. The chief engineer is also credited with being the one who created Toyota’s European Car the iQ, and this car is one of the smallest cars in the segment.

2016 Toyota Hilux picture

The car has been a workhorse for the last thirty years but has still retained it ruggedness. The car has a lot of features and the interiors of the car have a lot of luxury which is normally meant for luxury cars. This car has a hi-tech dashboard with a screen display that resembles a tablet, seven airbags for safety, LED headlights, remote sensor key and other such exquisite technology.

Now for the revolutionary part that make this car unique is the addition of a rear-view camera in all the variants whether it be as cheap as USD 21000 or USD 60000. This addition of a rear-view camera is a welcome change and is applauded by safety advocated that say, SUV’s and hatchbacks are involved in approximately 70% of road related deaths, but they only account for 30% of all cars on the roads.

This car has the further distinction of being one of the smallest hatchbacks and can tow 3.5 tones a tonne more than the previous edition and this extra capacity for towing matches it with the Ford Ranger and Holden Colorado pick-ups. This rugged car doesn’t have a vanity mirror.

Australia is one of the biggest market for the hatchbacks in the world, so Toyota Motor Corp has asked for the input of the Australian engineers who work for the company. This is an important step as Australia has 80% of the world’s harshest road conditions so it was important to test the car there and see how it fares. The engineers had to make a number of changes to the car to make it seem like a luxury car from the inside because buyer tastes have changed and they want rugged looking cars, but also want snazzy interiors. Customers’ desires have changed to that much extent that they wasn’t a family oriented vehicle that is professional enough to take to work.

The Toyota HiLux has sold over 16 million models over the last fifty years around the world and approximately 850000 in Australia and is still going strong. The company estimates that there are approximately 50000 vehicles still on the road. This car is one of their bestselling four wheel drives over the last five years and has outright outsold the competition over the last 13 months.

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