Toyota Motor unveils the TRD Pro Series at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

At the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the world’s auto leader, Toyota Motor has made a tribute towards the company’s capable off-road racing legacy by introducing the TRD Pro Series for the Tundra, 4Runner and Tacoma models.

Toyota Logo

While speaking during the unveiling of the TRD Pro Series at the Chicago Auto Show, the Vice President of Marketing at Toyota Motor, Jack Hollis said that the company is thrilled about the fact that it is adding a whole lot of off road enthusiasm to the Toyota family. He concluded with an exemplary pan of “Let’s get dirty”, to appeal to the off-road enthusiasts who love to hit the dirty and unpredictable rugged roads.

The new Toyota TRD Pro series targets the extreme adventurous off-road enthusiasts who really like to make the most of the rough and rugged roads. This new package would enable the already three very quality and capable off-road vehicles from Toyota with even more capabilities to challenge the extreme road conditions.

This new off-road package was specially designed by the professionals at Toyota Racing Development on the basis of Toyota’s experience with rallies in the deserts and the innumerable wins in the Baja 500 and 1000 fortitude races.

In order to make the TRD Pro packages stand out, the special models will be featuring TRD Bilstein shocks along with remote reservoirs, TRD front skid plates, TRD compatible front springs, distinct looking front grille with a new “TOYOTA” logo, TRD inscribed floor mats and the TRD logo on the shift knobs, and special black alloy wheels.

The TRD Pro series will be offered on only three body colors, namely Super White, Black, and Inferno.

The new 2015 Toyota 4Runner, Tundra as well as the Tacoma models along with the new TRD Pro Series package will be offered for sale during the autumn season of this year. Toyota Motor has yet not announced the pricing for the TRD Pro Series package. However, Hollis assured that the pricing of these models will be kept affordable though they are high on the capability level.

All the 3 vehicles will share the TRD features, but apart from that also each of the car models will get to have additional individual features that will make them stand out in the crowd and distinguish them from their regular counterparts.

The Tundra TRD Pro will feature TRD tuned springs along with 2 inch increased ground clearance, more refined ride comfort with decreased spring rates, TRD inscribed dual exhaust system, all black new 18 inch alloy wheels, TRD PRO badging on the panel bed, individual interior seat coloring with accentuated red stitches, fancy ornamental instrument panel inserts.

The Tacoma TRD Pro will feature TRD tweaked springs with 2 inch lifted front, reduced spring rate, 16 inch black alloys, black TRD PRO logo.

The 4Runner TRD Pro will feature 1.5 inch lifted front, new 17 inch TRD black alloys, Black TRD Pro logo, black accents for front and rear lower bumpers.

Toyota offers a look at the Hiace and the GT 86 at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo

Utilizing the platform of the recent 2014 Indian Auto Expo, Toyota Kirloskar Motor had displayed a lot of its superb quality cars to flaunt its car making brilliance to the Indian audience. At the just concluded most important Indian auto show, Toyota showcased a lot of cars that are not meant for the Indian car market, apart from the unveiling of the all new 2014 Corolla Altis and the Etios Cross in India.

toyota gt86

As a part of the Japanese car giant’s show only car model range, the company had put on display the legendary Toyota Hiace, the massive people mover as well as the swanky GT 86 sports car at the Expo.

Toyota had displayed the Grand Cabin version of the Hiace that comes with the spacious seating capacity of 10 occupants counting in the driver. This is a mammoth looking yet stylish people mover that offers a great amount of space and luxury on the inside. This enormous vehicle is powered by a powerful 3.0 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that has the capability to churn out a max power of 134hp and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The engine is further mated to a superior 4 speed automatic transmission gearbox to efficiently run the vehicle by sending the generated power to its rear wheels. The international car markets also get a petrol variant of the Hiace that packs in a 2.7 liter petrol mill which has the capability to produce a maximum power of 148 HP and a peak torque of 241 Nm. Toyota showcased this massive people mover to display the company prowess of building great powerful vehicles that offer superior luxurious space and comfort without compromising on the power front.

On the other hand, was the fast and furious sports car from the house of Toyota the world’s auto leader. The Toyota GT 86 offers great styling and lean and mean stance and is benefited for the sports cars. Unlike the Hiace, which is immense in size and is meant to offer more space than speed, the GT 86 is aimed at the passionate driving enthusiasts, who like to challenge the wind and race down the roads turning heads of the onlookers.

The sleek, powerful and swanky Toyota GT 86 sports car packs in a 2.0 liter Boxer engine which produces 197HP of power and 205Nm of peak torque. The sports car is offered with the transmission options of both manual and automatic gearboxes. The Toyota GT 86 is offers a top speed of 226 km per hour for the speed lovers to adore.

Toyota did not mention anything about launching any of these two cars in India in future, and these are best understood as cars meant purely for showcasing Toyota’s car making capabilities in diverse segments.

Toyota has unveiled the much awaited all new Corolla Altis and also the Etios Cross, both of which will be offered for sale soon in India.

Toyota makes a global recall of 1.9 million Prius Hybrid

Yet again Toyota Motor has made another global recall, in which it is getting very famous (read infamous) for. Over a period of time, there has been a long series of global recalls that this global auto leader has made. At one point of time, the Japanese car major was getting increasingly worried about the impact of its lengthy recall issues on its customers. However, the consumers seem to still have enough confidence on the auto maker, and thus it has immerged as the top automaker again. Just when Toyota seemed to have come out of its troubles, a yet another global recall series seemed to have cropped up.

2013 Toyota Prius

This time around Toyota has again recalled its hybrid pioneer model Prius for technical faults. The Toyota Prius is still the most favored hybrid car and has had its share in its maker’s global recalls. A huge lot of the Prius has been recalled by Toyota.

Toyota has recalled 1.9 million Prius hybrid cars that were made between the time period of the month of March 2009 and the month of February 2014. The reason for this massive recall, is a malfunctioning software in the vehicles. Toyota has revealed that a total of 997,000 units of Prius from Japan, 713,000 vehicles from the US and 130,000 units from the European market as well the rest of the markets have been recalled. All the markets where the Prius Hybrids was sold in this time period are expected to be recalled by the Japanese car giant.

Toyota has revealed that the recall involves an issue in the software that controls the hybrid system of the vehicle. The company further explains that this malfunction issue of the software could potentially cause the vehicle’s transistors to be damaged which in turn can result in the warning lights going off. This problem can consequently result in increased driving power or even make the car stop.

This massive recall obviously will require a considerable time to rectify fully, but the company has assured that all the vehicles’ faulty software will be rectified and replaced as soon as possible. The company’s official website will provide ample information on the global recall to help the owners know about it. Apart from this the company’s dealerships across the nations will contact the owners individually as well. As it happens with all the recalls, the faluty software will be replaced by Toyota absolutely free of cost.

As for the Indian car market, the globally acclaimed Toyota Prius Hybrid car is sold in India as Completely Build Units (CBU). As all the Prius units manufactured in the time period of 2009 to 2014 are affected, Toyota Kirloskar India is also expected to recall all Prius units sold in India as well. Though the Prius models sold in India are considerably less in number, the company is certainly expected to rectify the software glitch in these cars as well.

Thus, Toyota Motor’s global recall woe continues and is far from being over.

Toyota Motor to stop making cars in Australia

The world’s auto leader, Toyota Motor has announced that the company will stop producing cars in Australia by the end of the year 2017. The Japanese car major has also revealed its intentions to its employees in the factory located in Australia. The government of the country has revealed that the Japanese car maker’s decision to pull out of the nation of Australia will change the country’s car industry forever.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Motor employs over 2,000 employees at its manufacturing facility in Australia, all of these jobs will be lost at the time the car giant shuts its facility in the year 2017. The state secretary of the Manufacturing Workers Union in Australia has reportedly told the media that Toyota’s decision to shut down its production in Australia will have wide spread impact on the people as well as the economy of Australia, apart from affecting the country’s car industry badly.

He further said that the car maker’s decision will affect thousands and thousands of workers who are not only employed directly by Toyota but also in and around Victoria as well as the car maker’s supply chain. The added by saying that as it is quality blue collar jobs are getting fewer and the pulling out of Toyota from the country will have real bad consequences.

Steve Dargavel has revealed to a journal that it is not possible for Toyota to continue to make cars in the country of Australia without government support and thus this decision of the company was inevitable.

Another market expert has said that it is indeed very sad that several thousands of workers will lose jobs following Toyota’s withdrawal from the country. However, Toyota’s announcement is not a surprise as there are several reasons working behind it.

Firstly, strong valuation of Australian dollars means that it is cheaper to import vehicles. Secondly, the cost of manufacturing cars on the soil of Australia is much higher than that of the other countries. More importantly, the AMWU has taken the Japanese car major to court. And lastly and most importantly, the Australian consumers themselves don’t buy enough made in Australia cars. Thus, Toyota has nothing to win by staying in Australia but on the contrary a number of disadvantages for any car maker to continue in a country.

A company letter from Toyota has been leaked on Twitter, and this reads that it has been the toughest decision that the company had ever to make. It further said that with extreme sadness it is announcing that Toyota Motor Corp. will stop making cars as well as engines in the country Australia by the end of the year 2017.

The leaked letter further elaborated that the company had worked very hard to strengthen its business in the country, thus it was the toughest decision it had to make. A market analyst said that this news is indeed very sad; Toyota’s walking out of Australia will cause irrecoverable damage and that the Australian auto industry is practically dead.

Toyota is on major revamp to cut cost

TKM (Toyota Kirloskar Motors) is rapidly developing indigenisation of basic automotive parts such as motors to ride parts via the loss in auto sales in the nation. What the company is actually endeavouring to accomplish is a steady cost framework via indigenisation, stated Mr. Shekhar Viswanathan the Vice Chairman of External Affairs of Toyota Kirolskar. Other than this, the company is also planning to enter into a joint venture between India’s Kirloskar Group and Toyota Motor Corp, in order to seek for a strong fiscal base in the future along with a list of product that will help it pass through the trough going on in the automotive industry.

Toyota Logo

Viswanathan also stated that captive fiscal arm of the company will appear in hand to attract more and more customers as the rise in interest rates have kept the sales of the company down. The company anticipates offering better alluring to enhance its sales in the year 2014.

The upsurge in the excise duty is killing the automotive segment. After the tobacco industry, the auto segment is most taxed sector in the nation, he further added. Toyota is looking ahead to the auto mission strategy for the ear 2016 to 2020 which is being discussed at this stage.

Check out more sops

The company expects that the Indian government will announce sops as new strategic document for the betterment of the industry like redrawing rules for commanding excise duty depending on the length of the car. These regulations don’t allow the companies to design similar cars for sales and exports at the same time. Thus, one cannot accomplish the economies of scale.

More releases

Toyota Kirloskar Motors expects to release more versions in the year 2014, out of which some of which will stand in the Auto Expo of 2014 in Delhi. Amongst the releases, two of the market pioneers are Fortuner SUV with a 60% share and the MPV Innova with a market share of 35% However, the compact series of the company, Liva and Etios haven’t make a big change since the time they have released in the year 2011.

The A and B segment of the company stand in the toughest competition in the global market due to the multitude of vehicles in that segment. Recently, Naomi Ilshi was appointed as the new MD of the largest car producer, Toyota India. Hiroshi Nakagawa was replaced and he was returned back to Japan to the Parent company.

Last year, December and January 2014 hasn’t worked much in the favour of the company. The sales of the company constantly continue to fall since December.  Thus, Toyota needs to make certain changes in the company to make a jump back in the market. The Auto Expo will release Corolla Altis in the market. It will surely enhance the market share of Toyota and bring an increment in the sales of the company. However, nothing can be said as of now and we shall wait to see the verdict of the masses.

Toyota’s stunning new FT-1 concept could actually be the latest Supra

As per the reports of an Australian auto journal, it is now confirmed that the new Toyota FT-1 Concept that made its global premiere at the recent 2014 Detroit Motor Show in the month of January, is actually the much anticipated next-gen Toyota Supra sports car.

Toyota FT-1 concept

The next generation model of the Toyota Supra has been a long awaited car that the company seemed too reluctant to come up with. However, in order to appeal to the young and spirited drivers of the world and also to reveal its new design approach, the world’s auto leader Toyota has finally revealed its very aggressively designed Toyota FT-1 sports car concept.

While there has been a great buzz that this new concept with its dramatic and bold design language could be actually the all new Supra, Toyota never confirmed anything. And now, this auto journal is actually claiming the concept to be actually the speculated new-gen Supra model.

The very bold and dashing new Toyota FT-1 sports car concept was created to showcase the capabilities and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company’s Calty design studio. The concept was also developed in a short notice to pay a tribute to the company’s Vision Gran Turismo project in which many other car makers had also participated in. However negating all these factors, much before the car concept was actually unveiled at the Detroit motor show to wow everyone, there had been a heavy buzz about the fact that Toyota is about to showcase the next generation Supra sports car. Finally, reports suggest that all those speculations could be actually true after all.

However, apart from the still doubtful confirmation, no more details about the FT-1 concept’s production version have been derived. The concept has truly stunned everyone with its superb bold designing, but its actual production version even and when ready is inevitably expected to be much less dramatic when styling is concerned both on the outside as well as inside. It is also expected that the car will pack in an engine sending the generated power to its rear wheels. However, Toyota seem to be determined to churn out very differently styled cars than ever in order to charm and connect with the young generation car consumers. Thus, the company is vowed to design its cars very boldly in the near future. Considering these things, the new-gen Supra is likely to be much more premium and gorgeously styled as compared to the previous generation models of the Supra sports car. The next-gen Supra is also expected to pack in a powerful V6 2.5 liter turbocharged hybrid engine producing a whopping power figure of 400hp offering a spirited drive.

Moreover, Toyota is also speculated to be developing a new sports car model to be placed below the stunning new GT86. This new entry level sports car from Toyota might be getting the same turbocharged 2 liter petrol mill as the new Lexus NX SUV.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India sales decline 18% in January 2014

Toyota Kirloskar Motors testified a decline of 18.14% in its national sales recorded at 10910 numbers in the month of January 2014. The company managed an aggregate sale of 13329 numbers in the similar month in the year 2013 stated KTM in a report. It reportedly made a sale of 1530 numbers of Etios in the same month.

Toyota Logo

The Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing department of TKM, Mr. N Raja stated that the market consistently continues to be low and thus its sentiments continue to be low. The company will be releasing the amazingly new Etios Cross and Corolla Altis at the event of Auto Expo. The company is looking forward to make every attempt to delight the customers with the new gen models which are being designed keeping the Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR) standard in mind. the vehicles largely produced from the sheds of Toyota immensely focus on all the three qualities. The Auto Expo proves to be a perfect event to bring excitement to the car market and enhance the sentiments of the customers.

Previously in the week, Toyota Motors made an announcement about the management alterations made by the company which will be in effect from the 1st of April in 2014. It continues to bring the Deputy Managing Director of the company for Sales, Marketing, Consumer Services as well as Commercial Division, Mr. Sandeep Singh to shift to the Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing department, which has its head quarter in Bangkok as the Executive Managing Coordinator and head the Strategic Group at the Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing department.

The Senior Vice President, Mr. N Raja and Senior Managing Coordinator Mr. Akitoshi Taemura will together handle and manage the responsibility of Sales and Marketing duties at the Toyota Kirloskar Motors. The Vice President and Director, Mr. T.S. Jai Shankar will be given the duties for the commercial responsibilities and the Senior President, Mr. Hitoshi Iwanaga will be given the responsibility of Customer Service duties.

The company has brought these changes for the efficient management of the different departments and to enhance the production level with new innovative ideology. These changes will work from the 1st of April and the new appointments will surely work in favour of the company. Last year, in December also the company couldn’t perform quite well due to economic failure of the car segment.

The 18% decline in the sales of the car for the month of January also brought quite a set back for the company. Thus, Toyota required to take some immediate action. It was on Toyota’s part to pen down the necessary action. However, the Auto Expo release of Corolla Altis and Etios Cross will also enhance the market share of the car and help in changing the consumer sentiment. It will be interesting to see the change in the customer preferences after the release of both these prominent models. However, we still have to wait to see the reaction of the people!


Toyota confirms all-wheel drive V8 hybrid for TS040 LMP1 car in 2014

The Toyota racing would be revealing the details of their participation in FIA 2014, World endurance championship. It will be pushing limits of their Hybrid power-strain technologies in motor-sport. Toyota has entered 2 cars in this season of WEC. These are LE Mans twenty four hours and Automobile club de l’quest. This is the 3rd year in a row, when Alex, Nicholas, Kazuki, Anthony, Sebastien and Stephanie will be driving for Toyota racing. They have been joined by the test and the reserve driver would be Mike.

Toyota V8 hybrid for TS040 LMP1 car

Toyota’s TS040 Hybrid Prototype will be designed as per the latest rules and regulations. The intentions are for keeping WEC as well as Le Mans on the fore-front of the road related technological development. The official Test session of WEC will be witnessing the first ever public-appearance of the car on 28th and 29th march. It will be taking the track along with prototypes such as Porsche and Audi.

After the establishment of Hybrid TS030, Toyota racing has been considered as the pioneer in the domain of Hybrid power-trains for the motorsports. TS030 Hybrid is being waited for taking the technological advancement to the following level. This addition of the Aisin AW Motor generator on front Axle combined with DEBSO units at rear will prove that TOYOTA Hybrid system racing will now offer powered solutions to the 4 wheels also.

Under the declaration the moot generator applies braking forces. These are combined with the traditional mechanized brakes for the generation of energy. This energy is then transferred through DENSO inverters to NISSHINBO super capacitor. While the acceleration is in force, the motor reverses its functioning. This helps the motor in delivering optimum power enhancement.

This 4 wheel drive Hybrid has been allied to petrol powered engine of V8. It has been developed by Motor Sports Unit development division at Higashifuji technological centre. At this centre the generation next Toyota road cars technology is being developed. This kind of a link, between the motor-sport technology and the upcoming road car is known to TOYOTA racing. The TS040 just like its ancestors, act as a real life testing bench for Toyota’s new hybrid ideas. Toyota has made sales of more than 6 million already.

TS040 Hybrid Chassis has been designed, manufactured, developed, operated and built by Toyota motorsport GmbH in Cologne. It is a representative of a major- evolution on TS030 Hybrid all thanks to the advanced Aerodynamic as well as the light-weight designs.
The intensive simulation as well as the calculation-work at the TMG has filtered TS040 Hybrid. It utilizes the hardware in loop techniques for testing the individual-components on the basis of the real tracker data as well as the strong calculation of the computers for optimizing the designs.

These kinds of cutting edge technologies are increasingly becoming more and more capable. This car has completed a successful roll out at the Paul Ricard. More specifications regarding TS040 Hybrid comprising the technological components might be released before the official testing of WEC. The president of the team Yoshiaki told that they are looking forward for the latest season where their new car will be launched.

Toyota’s dominance in world markets has grown during 2013

Japanese carmaker Toyota has grown rapidly across world markets in last couple of years to cement its dominant position in Australia and North America as a top selling brand. While the firm has suffered a slight setback in Asian markets due to turbulent political and economic situations growth, in Western hemisphere steady demand for Toyota’s vehicles has led to increase by two percent since last year. In Australia Toyota has sold nearly 13,645 units during 2014 depicting an increase of 270 units when compared to last year January 2013. Toyota’s best selling brands in Australia have been Corolla and Hilux contributing to nearly half of total sold units.

Toyota Logo

Other top selling brands in Australia are Mazda which sold 9411 units and Holden which sold 8871 units in January 2014 which is a setback for Mazda since it was the nation’s top selling brand till 2012 and witnessed drop of 4 percent within one year. Even in international markets across Europe and America Toyota’s best selling brand has been Corolla followed by Innova and Camry 86. Toyota’s winning strategy has been to develop products which match reigning market leaders in every segment with similar engineering and performance quality in addition of improved looks. Therefore each model of Toyota which has emerged as top selling brand precisely meets needs of buyers in that segment.

Toyota has emerged as Australia’s number one carmaker by selling 214,630 units in 2013 and beating its closest rival Holden by 102,000 units.  To continue its dominance of Australian markets which has been maintained for past eleven years Toyota will be launching sedan version of Corolla in February 2014.  During initial half of 2013 Toyota’s total sales across local and international markets from January to June has been almost 4.91 million beating world leaders Volkswagen and General Motors. Though it was able to grow in Europe and Japan it faced tough times in China due to political crisis and in American markets due to recalls.

Toyota’s strong product portfolio and sales network has helped this resilient automaker in retaining its leadership position by managing to clock sales of nearly 9.98 million between Jan – Dec 2013. Therefore the firm has declared sales target of 10.32 million by 2014 to retain its stronghold in world markets for passenger vehicles by making products in every segment. Toyota suffered a severe setback to its production units in Japan during two of Japan’s worst natural disasters in 2011 due to tsunami and earthquake which caused widespread devastation and affected its raw material supplies and production. These disasters followed by production recalls due to faulty parts also affected reputation.

According to industry experts the main reason for success of Toyota has been Japan’s monetary policy which helped the nation’s exports grow by nearly 31 percent among which largest share was contributed by export of cars as fall off Japan’s currency against American dollar made them cheaper. Besides external factors, Toyota has also concentrated on continuously upgrading itself by changing marketing strategies and technologically upgrading their products to meet changing demands. Toyota has also shown its resilience by making hybrid products which are technically superior to others and are also offered at competitive price.

Toyota Kirloskar makes the most of the 2014 Auto Expo by unveiling the all new Corolla and Etios Cross

The ongoing 2014 Indian Auto Expo is a big event where all the auto majors are unveiling their latest offerings. Taking the opportunity, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has also unveiled its most anticipated all new Corolla and the new Etios Cross at the Auto Expo, to make the most of the event.

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

The Toyota Corolla Altis has been always a popular sedan in India though pretty dull in comparison to the car’s international bestselling fame. Moreover, in the recent times as a number of greater stunning and capable new rival sedan models started getting launched in India, the Toyota Corolla Altis suffered from increasing competition. The very capable and reliable sedan lacked the glam quotient to attract the young and fashionable Indian car consumers. The same story was becoming more apparent in the world as well, as the takers of the Corolla were mostly the more middle aged group. World’s auto leader Toyota set to change this and launched the all new Corolla with an evolutionary design upgrade. Thus the new Corolla looks much more stylish along with its very bold front fascia. Being highly praised in the global markets, the new generation model should be the company’s game changer in India as well.

This new generation model of the Corolla Altis takes design inspiration from Toyota’s Furia design philosophy. It flaunts a new bold front fascia with new grille, new blackened projector headlights along with LED inserts. The contemporary look is further enhanced by a sloping bonnet and bold crease to enhance its side profiles. The rear design of the sedan flaunts new wrap around extended tail lamps. The European specification of the new Corolla features an all black interior, but for the Indian car market it comes with sophisticated beige upholstery. The new Corolla is also a bigger car with more cabin space along with new world class features such as new touchscreen infotainment system. The sedan packs in the same 1.8 liter petrol and the 1.4 liter diesel mills as before, mated to the transmission options of a manual or automatic gearbox.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has also unveiled its first crossover in India in the form of the New Etios Cross aiming at the young and adventurous customers. The Etios Cross is essentially the Etios Liva hatchback. However, the Etios Cross offers a more sporty and aggressive looks with an additional plastic body kit including more stylish bumpers, side skirting and roof rails. This new car also offers an increased ground clearance to pose to be a utility vehicle. Post its market launch in India, it will compete with the Volkswagen Cross Polo.

It will be available in the engine options of a 1.5 and a 1.2 liter petrol engines, as well as a 1.4 liter diesel mill. Toyota has announced that the new Etios cross will be launched in the month of May this year, and its pre-launch bookings have already commenced.

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