Toyota Vios will it be launched in India?

Toyota India do not have any product to compete against the Honda City, Hyundai Verna and other cars of the segment. The Etios falls in the C1 segment while the Toyota Corolla has its seat in the D1 sedan segment. The C2 sedan segment is untouched by the Japs which is a growing segment in India. So, Toyota is planning to bring in a new entrant in India which will fill up the space in the C2 sedan segment for Toyota. This new vehicle would be the Toyota Vios.

2014 toyota vios

2014 toyota vios

Toyota Vios is currently one of the best selling sedans in Thailand. It had received a huge amount of appreciation from people there and Toyota thinks that it would get the same or even better response in India. Toyota knows that for Indians the looks of the car matters as much as its price and therefore, the Vios would prove to be the perfect car for the Indian market. The Toyota Vios is based on the new design philosophy of Toyota. The car is certainly capable of turning heads. The side profile of the Vios looks very stylish and elegant. It has a sportiness in it but at the same time it could be a family car. The front end of the Vios has got very aggressive looking projector headlamps and the front chrome grille whose horizontal lines merge into the top of the headlamps makes the Vios one of the stylish looking cars. The sharp lines and creases all along the car gives it a touch of modernization. The roof line of the Vios is carefully tailored to smoothen out as it reaches the rear end of the car. The rear end has got striking LED tail lamps which do remind me of the elegant Toyota Camry. The nicely sculpted boot lid with the chrome line looks fantastic.

The Toyota Vios would be available in two engine options; a 1.8 litre Dual VVT-i petrol engine which will produces a max power of around 140 PS and a peak torque of 173 Nm. The other option would be a 1.4 litre turbocharged diesel engine which churns out 88.4 PS of max power and much greater amount of torque than the petrol variant. Toyota would also make available an option of choosing between a 7 speed CVT or a 6 speed manual transmission with the petrol variant. While the diesel engine will be mated to a 6 speed manual transmission only.

Toyota has definitely gained a point for the design of the Vios. And it should be welcomed in India with open arms. Although, the launch date is still not known but according to some sources in Toyota we can expect the Vios to land on the Indian shores by the second quarter of 2015. Toyota will price the Vios aggressively in order to give a tough competition to the well established Honda City and the Hyundai Verna. It will be a war of the Japs and Koreans which should not be missed.

Toyota Rush will be launched in India next year?

It was around 2 years ago when we first heard about Toyota’s plan of bringing the Toyota Rush in India. But still there is no sign of it in our country. Around a year ago, Toyota Rush, again, came into news regarding its launch in India and we were expecting it to hit our shores this year. But again, nothing as of now. What is Toyota trying to do here is simply unfathomable.

2013 Toyota New Rush TRD Sportivo

2013 Toyota New Rush TRD Sportivo

Perhaps, in the past it wasn’t a good time to launch the Toyota Rush as the company was making a decent amount of profit by selling its other models like the Toyota Innova, Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Fortuner. But we think it is time now. The competition in the Indian car market has boosted up and in order to stay put Toyota has to bring in something new for the people. Maybe, the solution here is the Toyota Rush. Internationally, Toyota is selling its Rush in decent numbers. The international model of the Rush is powered by a 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder petrol engine which churns out a max power of 109 PS at 6000 rpm and generates a peak torque of 141 Nm at 4400 rpm. Toyota has also made available choices for the transmission system, a 5 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic transmission. Some safety features which are available on the international variant of Toyota Rush includes ABS, EBD and safety Airbags.

It is being anticipated that Toyota would reduce the overall length of the Rush for India and will keep it under 4 metres. This will make the Rush a compact SUV rather than a SUV. There is also some news regarding the type of engine which Toyota might put in into the Rush. As per the news there will be two engine options- a 1.5 litre VVT-i petrol engine and a 1.4 litre D4-D diesel engine which will be turbo charged. There are the same engines which have been currently employed to power up the Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios Liva. The international variant of the Toyota Rush is a 4WD but it is unlikely to make its way to the Indian model. Also, we will have to wait and watch whether Toyota incorporates the safety features of the international model of the Rush into the Indian model or not.

Toyota, still, hasn’t released any kind of details regarding the Rush. But the way the competition is growing it wouldn’t be long when we will see the Rush hitting our shores. Perhaps, Toyota will launch the Rush next year in India. We expect the Toyota Rush to fall in the price bracket of Rs 8-12 lakhs (Ex showroom) and we hope Toyota will not keep us longing too much for its Rush and launch it sooner than we’re expecting. Sometimes it is good to be a bit late in order to attract attention. But if you get too late then it becomes annoying and you’d be disliked rather than welcomed with open arms and smiles.

Vios an upcoming luxury stunner

Toyota has stunned the crowd with new Etios Cross and Corolla Altis, there is another interesting product to look forward to in 2015 the new Vios. It falls into the C2 segment category right on the competitive edge along with Etios a C1 segment car and Corolla a D1 sedan piece.

all new vios

All New Vios

Yes it is true that the car will launch in second quarterly (Q2) of 2015, and surely comes as a grand surprise. There are so many new launches happening that stretch to 2015 and beyond. The competitive auto market has churned new wonders, and news of a Vios launch is exciting beyond words. It is a popular car in Thailand.

Vios is a posh sedan, Toyota has injected the vehicle with a new design theme, and the car will have class lending styling with inventive lines and creases and a professionally styled roof. Every inch of the vehicle is creatively executed; the spoilers on bootlid are structured in a way to offer a stunning rear appearance. The other high-end features are LED tail lights, daytime running lights and projector headlamps.

The new Vios is packed with oodles of power and will run on a robust 1.8 litre dual VVTi engine. The efficient engine will yield peak energies of 173Nm and 140PS. The diesel 1.4 litre turbocharged diesel engine will emit 88.4PS, the petrol car is coupled with seven speed CVT or six speed manual gearbox. The diesel car is sold with six speed manual gearbox only.

Ardent sedan car buffs have so much to look forward to, Vios is wrapped in grandeur and it will be interesting to view what lies beneath. It might be a potential threat to Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid and Honda City. All its fierce rivals are stuffed with best-in-class features. Toyota will have to emerge with something spectacular unique to the vehicle and its class and given the robust luxury brand image of Toyota it does seem possible.

Toyota has startled the crowd to no end with eleventh gen Corolla Altis; it is a greater marvel of the past. The exteriors are garnished with a more premium dressing and insides are just super posh more than the level of its predecessor. Car buffs who test drove the car were baffled by the magnificence levels on the interiors.  The same level of enrichment can be expected with Vios.

At the moment deeper details of Vios are not divulged, the known facts are the exterior fitments and engine power. Toyota fanatics will surely wonder what lies inside. We will have to wait for a while and find out; a picturesque image of the car is uploaded on the web in a cool blue shade. It looks elegant and refined and shines to the core. The headlights are moulded into neat structures and merge with the professionally styled grille. The layout of the roof is classy and smoothly falls flat down to merge with the boot. The design of wheel arch is splendid and simple with two neat lines originating from a point.

A spacious enjoyable and smooth drive experience in 2014 Corolla Eco LE Plus

Toyota has surprised the world lately with its new Corolla; the car has passed through generations from 1960’s. The latest model is the eleventh generation piece. The car launched in India in May 2014, and within a month itself the company sold 548 pieces contributing a 6% growth. In June the company sold 922 Corolla Altis models.

2014 toyota corolla le eco interior front

2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco

Corolla has formed a strong bond with America for years, and is among the top sellers. As soon as Toyota’s main unit in Japan announced of its plan to unveil the new Corolla, the American subsidiary was attentive. The 2014 Corolla is a greater stunner of the past at a glance contributed by the innovative Furia concept showed in grand style at 2013 Detroit Auto show. The crowd was just too overwhelmed and the factors that caught the eye are its angular frame and high-tech nature. It looks dynamic from the outside and has many more equipments inside.

The car market at present is highly competitive because of the many launches to drift past the current challenging economy. The new Corolla is a threat to other strong contenders such as Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra and Honda Civic. One of the variants introduced in America is LE Eco Plus trimline sold at an initial rate of $20,605 which includes Driver Convenient and Moonroof optional package an addition of $2,360 which totals to $22,570.

The specialty of 2014 Corolla lies in a more modern design compared to the current piece. Toyota did not decorate the car to the brim with lines and creases, but ensured that the vehicle is a more elegant version of the past in a pure form. The headlights occupy most of the front area, the front portion moves up to small upper grille. Here there is an inventive blend of colours, the professional black filler spills against the shiny dark metallic green paint. The rear section is differently styled; it does not have the huge carbon stuffed on a segment of low fascia. It also does not have super illuminating LED lights, the sight of the rear is better than the earlier car.

The new Toyota Corolla is not filled with too many style elements, but looks spectacular nevertheless. If the exterior is a majestic leap from the past, let’s go over the layout of the interiors. The Eco LE variant is a upper mid level car, and is hence not too heavenly and does not top notch leather seats, high-tech touchscreen and world class gauges. There is a touchsreen which is smaller, but attractive. It is well engineered, customers can easily access navigation software, hands free phone devise and sound equipment. On the gauge cluster is a small information screen that provides useful information of fuel economy and trip meter along with fuel gauge, speedometer and analog tachometer.

Corolla Eco Plus LE variant has comfortable seats covered with dual texture two coloured material. The light nature of upholstery merges well with vibrant dashboard layout. The cabin room is vastly spacious with sufficient room in back, front and driver’s compartment. The roof and seats are well positioned comfortable for a six foot person.

The drive encounter in 1.8 litre engine is smooth, it pumps out 126 lb ft torque and 140 horsepower engineered with the advanced (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission technology.

The all new Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic version in high demand in India

Good times have finally shone on the rather sad Toyota Kirloskar Motor after the launch of its two car models in India. Toyota India was woe stricken with low sales, as the car maker could not handle the stiff market competition along with the long stretchy market slump. Things were even worse, as the Japanese car maker’s more affordable Etios sedan and Liva hatchback did not become great successes, compelling the company to withdraw itself from the compact car market of India.

2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla

However, recently the scenario changed for Toyota India. The Japanese car major recently launched two new cars in the form of the Etios Cross and the all new 2014 Corolla Altis. Both these new Toyota cars launched in the Month of May this year and both are drawing good sales for the car maker.

The all new Toyota Corolla is a great sedan as always and in its new 11th generation it has become all the more better than ever. The new bolder and more elegant looking Toyota Corolla has got great response from the Indian public as it got from the global audience. As per a new report, the all new Altis’ has latched on a waiting period of over two months to itself within days post its market launch.

A report states that the all new 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis is in great demand in India. And the better news is that the new Corolla is getting great demands for the automatic version. According to report about 60 to 70 percent of the total bookings for the all new Altis are for the sedan’s Automatic variant. The report also points out that while the waiting period for the 2014 Corolla Altis petrol version is of a month and half in Delhi, the sedan’s diesel version is currently enjoying a waiting period of up to two months. The demands for the all new Corolla are expected to go up in the coming months as well.

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis premium sedan is offered in the Indian car market in a total five petrol model trims, while the diesel version of the new Corolla gets four model trims.

The all new Altis gets the same 1.8 liter VVTi petrol and 1.4 liter D-4 D diesel mills as before. While the 1.8 Liter Dual VVTi Petrol engine churning out 138.1bhp of power and a peak torque of 173Nm, while the diesel 1.4 liter D4D generates 87.2bhp of power and 205Nm of torque.

The petrol engine comes mated to a superb CVT-i optional 7 speed automatic Shiftmatic gearbox with the newly introduced “Paddle Shift”, while the diesel mill is coupled with a 6 speed manual gearbox.

The all new Toyota Corolla is also loaded with great safety features including dual airbags, engine immobilizer, Brake Assist with EBD and ABS and rearview camera with display audio screen. The new Corolla Altis also comes with better space, having grown slightly bigger.

Toyota’s research & development head says EVs are still lacking a novel idea

The electric vehicles or the EVs are surely the need of the hour. Yes, there are the hybrids and the Fuel Cell vehicles also when eco-friendliness of vehicles is concerned. However, while the hybrid cars are more expensive and not fully green in nature, the Fuel Cell cars which are also very expensive but totally green, still have not come to the mass market. The EVs are by far the more affordable and totally emission-free vehicles that are available in the global car markets.

Toyota iQ Electric car

Toyota iQ Electric car

Nevertheless, not everyone wishes to buy an EV. In fact there much lesser numbers of EV lovers than there should be. The reason behind this is that the EVs are still not efficient and practical in all the aspects. While the range issue always persists, the charge time and availability of charging stations on the go remain few of the inconveniences that the car owners like to shun. Only being a nature lover does not compel one to invest in an otherwise potent EV. Then, there are the others who like to look the other way by saying that the EVs are not as powerful as the conventional cars.

The green agenda specialist and the hybrid pioneer, Toyota Motor thus holds the opinion that the EV technology is still way behind to make it really attractive. Toyota Motor’s global R&D head, Mitsuhisa Kato says that the technology that is required to make electric vehicles practical has not even been invented as yet.

Kato says that the range that the battery driven all green cars can travel is very short, while its battery charging time is still very long. He added that the EVs’ market condition is so sad that it needs some novel idea; an inventor who can present the EVS with a Nobel Prize winning battery pack that is super quick to chare and offers great range as well.

In order to deliver the range of a normal gasoline driven car, the current EVs require more batteries, which is not feasible as it would increase its price as well as charging. Moreover, the increased battery weight would also add to its weight making the vehicle heavy and less powerful. He added by saying that it is a “vicious cycle.”

In the meantime, Toyota is willing to wait for that Nobel prize winning inventor to save the EVs out of its woes. Kato made his observation on the battery powered EV cars while he is working on the company’s fully green alternative, the hydrogen powered FCV (fuel cell vehicle) which scheduled for its market launch next year.

Toyota’s realization for the less convenient green EVs could also mark its end in the company’s lineup by the time the its FCV launches. Toyota will be continuing its R&D on EV technology, but Kato concluded by saying that there is a limit to the amount of customers who really want to have a short ranged vehicle.

Toyota sells 622 Etios Cross products in a short span of time

Toyota India noted a 3% sale dip in June 2014; the company sold 13,394 units lower than 13,805 pieces sold a year ago. The company has achieved great level of sustainability with Etios series, and exported 1,384 units in June. Although the overall sales are marginally lower than last year, Toyota has made impressive gains in domestic segment with 9% growth.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota has structured its launches effectively with two best sellers in May, Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis. The company yielded fair amount of profit from Etios Cross with the movement of 626 vehicles. Etios Cross is sold with one diesel and two petrol engines sold at Rs 5.76 to 7.4 lakhs. There were many takers for Corolla Altis, the company sold 922 units of the car in June. Both cars were in huge demand the bookings for Corolla Altis is 3,000 units and 5,400 units of Etios Cross was booked. The waiting period of Etios Cross is over 3 months and with Corolla Altis it goes beyond 2 months.

The buying power for Etios Cross and Corolla Altis is enormously high in a short span of time. Toyota Kirloskar Motor plans to lower the waiting period, a breather here is the extension of excise duty concession by Union Government. Etios Cross is an interesting launch, the uniqueness of the car lies in the cross aspect. It looks professional and rugged at the same time with side cladding, artistically styled grille, silver guard and bull bar. The 15 inch diamond cut alloy wheels radiates to the core.

The insides of Etios Cross are grand covered with majestic beige and black décor, the design theme is inspired by the royalty of piano. The centre console and door panels are covered with royal black. There are shiny silver sprinkles on steering wheel. The central console has a robust air con unit, high-tech music system and instrumentation panels. To enjoy a fun-filled comfortable ride there is a glove box, cup holder, and accessory power outlet and bottle holder. The magnificent 2 Din music system is supported by Aux-in, USB and MP3 connectivity. The steering has audio controls; seats are height adjustable and have head rests.

Toyota has added so much excitement into Etios Cross with variety of items to choose from. All kinds of products are sold such as perfumes, steering covers, GPS equipments, carpeting, floor mats, and seat upholstery and touch screen display. Consumers can feel sense of security with dual front SRS airbags, key less entry, parking brake and headlamp, engine immobilizer, central locking, electronic brake force distribution and anti lock brake system.

Etios Cross offers different kind of excitement, it is certainly thrilling to explore a Cross atmosphere. Everything about the car is great from one of kind exterior, vibrant and professional interiors to full-fledged list of safety features. The mileage offered by the diesel vehicle is 23.59 kmpl and the petrol car moves at 17.71kmpl. It is a strong contender in hatch and cross segment, few of its arch rivals are Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Hyundai i10 Grand, Volkswagen Polo Cross, and Chevrolet Beat.

Toyota restructures Camry with greater punch and power

The competition levels in global car sector have become so intense that companies are launching more aggressive variants of current model. Toyota has incorporated greater style statements into its 2015 Camry. It sports a more sophisticated look with chiselled sides and aggressively designed grille. The car startled the public at the prestigious New York International Auto Show.

2015 Toyota camry

2015 Toyota camry

A new Camry launch with more impact sounds interesting; it is a bigger model in terms of width and length. Every bit of the car is modified except the roof; the public is obsessed with new Camry. It has generated the highest buying power in US for twelve consecutive years. The reason for its phenomenal success according to Toyota can be attributed to the extent of pleasure it offers in terms of comfort, space and safety.

Over the past few years the attitude towards car tastes has changed, the change is so rapid that auto manufacturers have to keep abreast of the modified needs. Toyota has kept with the times effectively visible in 2015 Camry. It has been a while since the launch of a new Camry; the latest is the 2011 model. It is a measure of a massive drift in liking power after the passage of few years.

The inside too is advancement from the past with softer equipments and wireless charge network. The exterior framework is more rigid with superior steering and suspension to enable a smoother and noiseless ride. The modifications are not just limited to the visibly obvious surface, the side mirrors and carpets have a different outlook to create a quieter atmosphere inside.

The Camry is draped in an exceptionally lavish casing; the new 2015 piece comes in a better package. Imagine the competition levels, its arch rivals are Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat, Hyundai Sonata and Honda Accord. There are two sporty variants on offer, SE and XSE. SE has generated 45% sales; the two cars will be packed with luxury and grandeur with imaginative mesh grille, revamped electric power steering, high spring rates, firm suspension, and 18 inch aluminium wheels. The SE car has a new antiroll bar in front, stronger control arm and reworked shock absorbing valve. The sheet covering is new to add another kind of excitement different from the vanilla layering. The car is longer by 1.8 inches and measures 191cm.

On the front bumper is a wider grille, the arty headlights blend with front fenders and front turn signals merge with illuminating daytime running LED lights. There is neat cut that starts from front fenders moves along the side to the rear section. The tail lights fold into back front fenders and converge with trunk lid.

Toyota has used the same mechanical fitments, the 2015 Camry will move on four cylinder 2.5 litre and an optional V6 3.5 litre powertrain. The engines are attached to six speed automatic transmission. It will offer great eco-friendly value with carbon-dioxide emission power of 35mpg on highways and 25mpg on cities. So follow the new Camry and live life king size.

The new Aygo is funky and vivacious

There is no better feeling than owning a trendy car that sports a fun and vibrant image, Aygo fits the bill. It is a thrilling car that offers a completely new hatch experience, the feel of ownership is different and special. The specialty is inscribed in front X type of sculpting. The front bonnet is huge moulded into a neat irregular V. The area surrounding the grille does not merge and the excitement lies in the sparkling head and fog light. The headlights are irregularly shaped and shine to the core and the fog lights are sculpted into neat small barrels and sparkle to the core. The uniqueness lies in the spectacular glow effect which would look spectacular beyond words at night.

2014 toyota aygo

2014 toyota aygo

The latest car launched is the second generation piece, and sources say driving the car is fun beyond words. The mood atmosphere is nothing but positive and is a pleasure after a hard day’s work. The new car is built on a joint venture basis between Citroen and Peugeot, the collaboration between the three firms is firm and each had the liberty to form their own ideas. The new Aygo is a step ahead in design modernity; the impact is so phenomenal that it just hits your eye.

The characteristic of the vehicle that is attention grabbing at first sight is the inventive X design on the front. There are plenty of colours to choose from that matches the trendiness of the main colour. The insides too are equally picturesque filled with attractive colours. The styling is as varied as the exteriors stuffed with sporty and vivacious bright orange and the entire cabin is draped in refined black.

The new car is known to offer more comfort than the outgoing model, the steering wheel is strategically placed. The driver’s seat is height adjustable and viable for tall and short individuals. The back and front movement is pretty smooth as well. There is a fair amount of storage space, the boot volume is 168 litres which is sufficient but not too impressive, and is acceptable for its small size. The engine is quite firm built with three cylinder 1 litre capacity; Toyota has engineered the vehicle to offer a smooth ride with less room for noise and extended fuel consumption. Aygo is an eco-friendly model, the carbon dioxide emission output is 95g’kg for 68.9mpg fuel consumption. What is even more beneficial is it does not evoke road tax.

The engine is coupled with five speed gearbox, which is smooth; the gear ratios are adjusted to meet the required silky drive rhythm especially on highways. Sources say the new Aygo sails on the streets, even on challenging highway roads; it moves with ease with no room for lost balance or jerks. There are three variants to choose from X-pression, X-play and X all of which have five doors, steering wheel mounted paddles and X-shift clutchless automated manual gearbox. The insides are layered with luxury with seven inch colour touchscreen, rear-view monitoring system, smartphone connectivity and premium leather seats. It costs £ 8595.

Toyota Vios: Strong product for the Indian market

Toyota has been sitting dormant for a while now after the launch of the New Corolla at the Auto Expo 2014. This has been a very popular vehicle in the segment but the competition has grown fierce in all these years of its existence. Still it continues to be a vehicle of choice when it comes to reliability and quality. The popular people carrier Innova has been around for a long time as well and has received various minor and major changes. It is still a very popular vehicle in the segment despite the increase in prices.

all new vios

All New Vios

The Etios and Etios Liva hatchback have been another success story for Toyota though they are missing on a lot of potential customers due to the absence of a product between the Etios and Corolla. To fill this gap, the Toyota Vios which is already being sold in many other markets, can be quite a good option. This segment is dominated by the Honda City and Hyundai Verna. While the City was lagging behind earlier, the addition of a diesel engine as an option with the launch of new model put it on the top once again.

Toyota can replicate this story if they come up with the right product to compete against the Honda City. Vios looks more like a slightly scaled down version of the Corolla which isn’t a bad thing at all. The exterior design is simple yet elegant and the fit and finish is typically Toyota once you get inside. It might be powered by the same engine from Etios sedan if it is launched in India. There are some other cars entering this segment like the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz that will replace the SX4.

Toyota is soon going to launch the popular premium SUV Fortuner with a 2.5 litre engine. Until now it has always been available with a 3.0 litre engine which was very capable but made the vehicle very costly. A 2.5 litre engine will make it relatively appealing to people who have otherwise been looking at the low cost alternatives. They might also cut down the equipment list to decrease the costs further though the looks will be the same except for the different badging. The 2.5 litre engine is expected to develop a peak power of around 130-140 bhp which would be plenty to haul the SUV easily.

There can be other Toyota products lined up for the Indian market as well. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga has been stealing some of the customers who would have chosen a lower variant of Innova otherwise. Another new entry in the market, the Honda Mobilio will further add to the competition and Toyota needs a low cost people carrier in the market. To tackle the competition, they might introduce the Toyota Avanza in Indian market. It is being sold in some other markets with a 1.5 lire petrol engine. If it makes it here, expect this engine with the option of a diesel as well.

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