The Indian MPV leader Toyota Innova Vs the upcoming Honda Mobilio

The Indian MPV market has been the very stylish and comfortable Innova from the world’s auto leader Toyota Motor. The Innova has been the constant and undisputed market leader ever since it launched in India. However, now many suspect the continued leadership of the superior Innova, as Toyota’s fellow Japanese car maker Honda is about to launch its Mobilio in India.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

The Innova and the Mobilio do not belong to the same segment however. While the Toyota Innova is a full sized premium MPV, the soon to be launched Honda Mobilio is a smaller sub-compact MPV, and the Mobilio’s primary market rival would be the Maruti Ertiga compact MPV. Nevertheless, the Honda Mobilio with its great looks, superb space, premium interiors, smart seating arrangements and expected competitive pricing, might as well dislodge the Toyota Innova from its ruling position.  

At a time when Honda has officially confirmed the much-awaited Mobilio 7-seater MPV’s India launch on July 23rd, 2014.  Let us take a look at what the Toyota Innova and the Honda Mobilio have on offer.

The Toyota Innova is a larger MPV with a length of 4585mm, width measuring 1765mm and height of 1760mm, along with a wheelbase of 2750mm and the impressive ground clearance of 176 mm.

On the other hand, the Honda Mobilio is 4,390mm long, 1,680mm wide and 1,610mm tall. The sub-compact MPV has a wheelbase of 2,650mm and a great ground clearance of 189mm.

Thus, the Honda Mobilio though smaller in dimensions will have ample space and comfort. Moreover, its more compact body will make it a perfect MPV for the highly traffic stricken roads. The Honda Mobilio also has a better ground clearance than the Toyota Innova, thus ensuring that it will have better off roading capabilities with a go anywhere attitude.

The Toyota Innova MPV is offered for sale in the Indian car market powered by a 2 liter 1TR-FE 1998cc, 4-cylinder petrol motor, while the Innova diesel packs in a 2.5 liter 2KD-FTV 2494cc, 4-cylinder diesel mill. Both the engines are mated to a standard 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. While the petrol Innova offers the fuel efficiency of 11.4 km per liter, the diesel Innova offers the mileage of 13 km per liter.

On the other hand, the upcoming Honda Mobilio will be offered in India powered by the two very efficient engines that also drive the massively popular new Honda City sedan. The Mobilio petrol will pack in the 1.5 liter i-VTEC petrol engine, while the Mobilio diesel will be powered by the star performing 1.5 liter i-DTEC diesel motor. Honda Mobilio petrol would offer an expected mileage 18 km per liter, the diesel version will offer a massive 24.2 km per liter.

The Honda Mobilio is thus a clear mileage winner.

In terms of pricing, the Toyota Innova is expensive with a price range of 9.97 lakhs to 14.92 lakhs, while the Honda Mobilio is expected to have a price range of 6.5 lakhs to 9 lakhs.

India made new Toyota Etios Cross launches in the car market of South Africa

Toyota India made a good move to improve its sales in the domestic car market by launching the new Etios Cross in the month of May followed by the launch of the all new Corolla. The Etios Cross hatchback-crossover has received great response in the Indian car market owing to its superb aggressive styling, boosting the Japanese car maker’s monthly sales instantly.

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

Now, soon after the India launch, Toyota has gone ahead by launching the India made Etios Cross in the South African car market. The new Toyota Etios Cross has launched in South Africa tagged at Rs. 159,800 Rand (approximately Rs. 8.99 lakhs). Similar to the Indian car market, the new Etios Cross has joined the Toyota Etios family containing the Liva hatchback and the Etios sedan in South Africa.

The Toyota Etios Cross for the South African car market is exactly the same car that has just recently launched in the Indian car market. The Toyota Etios Cross is a hatchback turned crossover model similar to that of the Volkswagen Cross Polo. The Etios Cross is a completely design overhaul and a beefier version of the same Toyota Etios Liva hatchback.

Nonetheless, the new Toyota Etios Cross looks much more attractive and aggressive that the Liva, owing to its added cosmetic features that have been smartly incorporated by Toyota. The Etios Cross has been fitted with a new body kit that comprises of full plastic body cladding in matte black with silver accents, new bumpers, sporty silver roof rails and side skirts and new 10 spoke diamond cut alloy wheels in dual color. These cosmetic changes help give the Etios Cross its trendy masculine new visual appeal, which already seems to be highly appreciated.

On the inside, Toyota endows the Etios Cross with a more premium feel by updating the Liva’s cabin thoroughly. The Etios Cross offers classy black themed upholstery along with a piano-black theme center console. The black seats covers get the ‘Cross’ logo sticked onto it with contrasting white stitching. The new Toyota Etios Cross is only available in the top of the line variant and thus, it packs in great safety features as well including dual airbags and ABS with EBD as standard.

While the Toyota Etios Cross is offered in the Indian car market in three petrol and diesel engine options, in South Africa it will be offered only with the 1.5 liter petrol motor that generates 89bhp of max power and 132Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. In India, the Etios Cross is also available with a 1.2 liter petrol as well as a 1.4 liter diesel engine options.

The more affordable Etios range was developed by Toyota for the developing car markets of the world. While the Etios sedan and Etios Liva hatchback have been good sellers, the far attractive looking Etios Cross is expected to boost the range’s success further.


Toyota should discontinue the Etios Liva and bring in the Yaris?

Toyota is in the car business for decades now and in India it is quite well established but still there are a few segments where the Japanese have got work to do. Toyota brought in the Etios twins in Indian car market years ago and since then the twins aren’t meeting the expectations of the company. Toyota Etios Liva, which is a hatchback little brother of the Etios sedan, has been sold in very few numbers across the country. And now, with the competition in the market reaching sky limits, Toyota has to do something about it. Perhaps, it should bring in the Toyota Yaris which could be a better replacement for the Etios Liva.

Toyota EtiosLiva in Red

Toyota Etios Liva

The Etios Liva looks exactly the same as the Etios sedan, which means that it has got the same prosaic look which did not exactly attract many buyers. It looks superannuated. There are many other hot hatchbacks available in the country today, which not only looks much better than the Etios Liva but also provides a lot more features. The Etios Liva is available in 2 engine options:  a 1.2L petrol engine and a 1.3L diesel engine. Both these engines are mated to a manual gearbox. The Etios Liva also did not have a lot to talk about the interiors. It is decent but the unusual placement of the instrument cluster, in the middle of the dashboard, simply makes it look cranky. The Etios Cross is much better than the Liva in most of the aspects.

2015 Toyota Yaris facelift Europe

2015 Toyota Yaris facelift Europe

Toyota should observe the response and feedback which they’re getting about the Etios Liva. Time has changed and we think that the company should launch in the Toyota Yaris. We favour for the Yaris because it has many features which the Etios Liva lacked. Starting with the looks of the car. The Yaris looks much more modern, confident and energetic. The nicely sculpted headlamps with the placement of the DRLs and a thin strip of LEDs looks fantastic. The chrome work at the front, which is a plain line, is nicely mated to the headlamps. The new designed front grille is also refreshing. The front bumper has got nice pits for the neat fog lamps. At the rear end of the Yaris we find a small spoiler protruding out from the roof of the car which increases the sportiness of it. The tail lamps are also very thoughtfully designed and matches the entire design philosophy of the car.

If we look at the engine options, the Yaris, which is being sold in the other markets, is currently available in 3 engine options: a 1.0L and 1.3L petrol engine and a 1.4L diesel engine. The performance of the car is great. Perhaps, Toyota would have to do some minor tweaks in order to make it compatible for the Indian conditions and demand.

Toyota is lagging behind in the hatchback segment of the Indian car market. We think that if Toyota launches the Yaris in India, it could really boost up the sales and bring in more smiles to us as well as to the Japanese!

Toyota Verso to compete with Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio

Toyota, Maruti Suzuki and Honda, all of the three are major car makers which are fully established in the Indian market. All of them have at least one product in the MUV segment which are doing very well. Toyota has Innova, Maruti Suzuki has Ertiga and Honda recently launched its Mobilio. While the Ertiga and Mobilio falls below the Innova, the Innova is much more of a true MPV. So, Toyota has a new contender for the MUV segment. It is the Toyota Verso.

toyota verso

Toyota Verso

The Toyota Verso is a compact MPV and it is in the international markets since 2009. Toyota Verso would be a tough competition for the Maruti Ertiga and Honda Mobilio. The Ertiga has been in the game for many years now and with time it has started looking outdated. On the other hand, the Honda Mobilio is just launched but as we all know that it is based on the platform of the Honda Brio and Honda Amaze, it also looks pretty much similar to them. It is a new vehicle but it just doesn’t feel to be one, if you ignore the size. Now, Toyota has an edge here. The Verso is something which we haven’t seen before in the Indian market. Toyota has Innova but it did not copy the looks of Innova and put it on some other car. The Verso is brand new for the Indians and would really be appreciated by us all.

Another good feature about the Verso is that Toyota had joined hands with the German auto maker, BMW, and it is the first company to power its compact MUV with a 1.4 litre D 4D diesel engine manufactured by BMW. For most of us, this fact is also an attractive point. This makes it sure that the Toyota Verso not only looks better but it will also perform better than the rest of the players of the segment. If you put all the three vehicles side by side and ask anyone to pick one, just based on the looks of the car, then it would be the Verso which would be picked up. It has that dynamic and new modern look which the Ertiga and the Mobilio lacks.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga did well when it was launched and it sold in great numbers. It was a middle class family’s Innova. That was its impression. Honda Mobilio is a good MPV. It will attract buyers and they will be nothing less than satiated but the looks of the Mobilio are outdated. Toyota Verso, which hasn’t been launched yet, will definitely shatter its competition. Toyota has got a great weapon with itself right now. It now depends on how the Japs uses it. If Toyota manages to price the Verso with a mouth-watering price tag then it is going to whip the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the Honda Mobilio. We do not know what Toyota is waiting for. Come on, Toyota. Do what you need to do!

Toyota Avalon should be launched in India above Camry?

Toyota Camry is one of the finest products of the company. It has also been in the Indian car market for as long as I can remember. In its initial days the Camry did sell in decent numbers but I cannot recall witnessing two Camry’s in a single day on the road during my schooldays. Perhaps, it could be the high price even at that point of time which restricted some perspective buyers from purchasing it. And now, years after those days, I still do not see many Camry’s on the roads. Why is it so? I mean it’s not that the Camry is a bad car or it doesn’t perform well. Then why does it get such kind of response? Maybe, it’s because it doesn’t look as good as it should be. As we all know Toyota isn’t famous for making appealing cars. So, to improve the sales in this segment Toyota should launch its Avalon in India.

toyota avalon

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon is being currently sold in various nations and is being received very well. It is not a new car and has been in the game for many years now. It is in its fourth generation now. Toyota Avalon is a car which would turn definitely turn heads. That is something which the Camry lacked. The Avalon has a newly designed front grille which enhances the road presence of the car. It is somewhat like what we usually witness in a compact SUV or a SUV. Great job, Toyota. The face of the car is remarkably good than that of the Camry. It is made in such a way that it silently combines all of the front features of the car. The roofline has been stretched slightly to give it a coupe like look. Everything about the Avalon, aesthetically, is fit and fine and should please the Indian customers.

Apart from the striking looks, the Toyota Avalon has got some very plush and opulent interiors. The seats are very comfortable, especially the rear seats, as you’d be spending most of your time here rather than at the front. Some extra ordinary features which the Avalon boasts about includes pre collision equipments and radar cruise control. The Avalon has been decorated so, that you will not be disappointed with it at any stage in your ownership.

The Toyota Avalon could prove to be something more than the Camry, in the Indian car market. Although, Toyota has shown no sign of interest in launching the Avalon in our country in the near future. But when it does launches it here, whether it should be launched above the Camry or not, is a tough thing to say. Perhaps, if Toyota manages to price the Avalon accordingly and launch it alongside the Camry rather than above it, then, we think that the Avalon could bring some smiles to Toyota. It is a tough call to make, no doubt in that, but it is the big risks that big players take which returns some big victories.

Toyota Auris – why it is not launched in India?

With all the news, mostly related to Toyota Motors, coming in lately it seems that Toyota is putting on an aggressive mode. Toyota Auris, a compact hatchback, is the latest offering by the Japanese auto maker. It is compact hatchback which has been in the production line since 2006. Toyota Auris was launched in various markets all over the globe. It also used a different name for some markets. Toyota unveiled the next generation of the Toyota Auris in the Paris Motor Show in 2012. And the sales of the new Auris began in Japan began in September 2012 while the rest of the world had to wait till the second quarter of 2013. But, its 2014 now and we haven’t heard any news regarding the Toyota Auris making its way to the Indian car market.

2013 toyota auris touring

2013 toyota auris touring

It seems that Toyota is not at all interested in launching the Auris in India. Well, currently Toyota has a lot to deal with and we understand that the Japanese aren’t good at multi tasking, therefore, it is taking too long for them to consider the Indian car market. Perhaps, we wouldn’t be able to see the Toyota Auris on the Indian roads in the near future because Toyota already has many plans for us. Toyota Yaris, which sounds pretty much like the Auris, is also a compact hatchback and perhaps Toyota is planning to bring it here. I do not understand the nomenclature of these cars though. Toyota Yaris, Toyota Auris… maybe they named the both cars quite similar because they (tha Japanese) also look almost same. Anyways, the Yaris would hit the Indian shores next year and it is being anticipated that it will replace the Toyota Etios Liva.

We support the decision of Toyota of replacing the Etios Liva as it wasn’t doing any good in the domestic market. Perhaps, the Japanese would bring in the Toyota Yaris and put the launch of the Toyota Auris at the bottom of their To-do list, for now. Toyota Yaris would be a good experimental launch for the company. Toyota launched the Etios Liva a few years ago and entered the hatchback segment of the market. The company was trying to win the game here but it did not take long for Toyota to realize that they still have much to learn about the Indian market. The Etios Liva was not received well, especially from the youth of the country, who was the targeted lot of people.

For the time being, Toyota does not have anything big on its mind for India. It has not given any kind of information regarding the launch of the Yaris let alone the Auris. But if Toyota makes a move to re-enter the hatchback segment in the Indian car market then it is very likely that the company would pick up the Toyota Yaris first and if it did manage to win the hearts of the youth of the country then Toyota, perhaps, would bring in the Toyota Auris. As of now, there is nothing much cooking in Toyota’s facilities.

2014 Toyota Etios Cross Diesel a hit in India?

Toyota launched the Etios Cross in India a few months ago. The Japanese automaker took this step in order to get a grip in the cross over segment of automobiles in the domestic market. The Etios Cross stands up against the VW Polo Cross. Both these cross breeds are well made products from well known companies. Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios Liva are doing a decent business in the Indian market. But they did not achieve what the company had planned. Toyota Etios Cross is a move by the company in order to attract some young customers who needs a hatchback with some more fun factor.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross is quite similar to the Etios twins in terms of the looks. The Etios Cross has got some added features to it to suit its Cross breed nature. The car is surrounded by a black cladding at its bottom which enhances the muscularity of the car and gives a compact SUV-ish feeling to it. The Etios Cross also looks big on road. The rear end of the car has got a spoiler. And the roof rails also adds to the character of the car. We did not expect the Etios Cross to look any different from the Etios twins but we were wrong. The Etios Cross looks very steady and unshakable.

Just like the exteriors, the interiors of the Etios Cross shares a lot features with the Etios Liva. But the quality of the materials used has been improved. Also, the seats feels nicer now. As the dimensions of the Etios Cross have increased by a few millimetres, the cabin space is ample for both the front and the rear passengers. Toyota has passed the centre instrument cluster from the Etios twins to the Cross. We have no idea why the Japanese provided it in the Etios twins in the first place.

Toyota Etios Cross is available in 3 engine options, 2 petrol and 1 diesel. We will talk about the diesel variant here. The diesel unit is a 1.4 litre engine which churns out a max power output of 68 PS at 3800 RPM and generates a peak torque of 170 Nm at 1800-2400 RPM. The engine is refined and smooth. The people in India prefers the diesel engine over petrol (you know the reason why) Toyota claims that the Toyota Etios Cross Diesel will give a mileage of 23 kmpl.

The Etios Cross is a nice car. It feels great and looks better than the Etios twins. The enhancements in the exteriors of the car gives a more prominent look to it and overall the Cross seems to be pretty solid. The diesel engine works the way it should and gives a great fuel efficiency. At present, the only real competitor of the Etios Cross is the German made VW Polo Cross. But to be honest, Polo would definitely looks more pleasing than the Etios twins but the Etios Cross looks much better, as a crossover, than the VW Polo Cross. Priced at a range of Rs 7-8 lakhs, we don’t see a reason not to choose the Etios Cross Diesel.

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla S ride review

The iconic Toyota Corolla has always been one of the shiniest jewels in the global auto industry. It has been more than 47 years of the Toyota Corolla’s market existence and nothing has changed when the popularity and quality of the product are concerned. What has changed has all changed for good, and the all new 11th generation model of the Corolla is one of the most enhanced, superb cars in today’s marketplace.

2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is in fact, the world’s most favorite car, and its latest-gen version has added new feathers in its cap ensuring its global popularity.

The all new Toyota Corolla is a superbly improved sedan with new dashing bold looks, enhanced safety and drive dynamics to kill rising market competition. The new Corolla also offers better ride and handling along with a stiffer suspension and lowered emissions, making the car an all rounder. However, the world’s critics are never quite satisfied and they may demand a more powerful engine to go hand in hand with the new aggressive styling.

Nevertheless, the new 11th generation Corolla is a leap forward and its sportier S model shows you in the eye how far the car has improved.

The Toyota Corolla S model in the best selling model of the sedan in the US car market, and it deserves to be so. The S has a distinctive aggressive styling with a bolder front end and other added styling features. It also sports a more premium interior with superb styling and new instrument panel, Entune infotainment system and enhanced space. All these with a reasonable price tag.

The Corolla S is gets a small lip rear spoiler and aggressive 17-inch alloy wheels meant to have fun with. The model gets loaded with SofTex seats with fine luxurious leathery feel and its cabin space really makes you wonder whether it is really a Corolla.

The new Toyota Corolla boasts of a 1.8 liter continuously variable transmission (CVTi-S) 4-cylinder that has the capability to churn out 132 horsepower of max power mated to a CVT transmission gearbox.

The all new Toyota Corolla offers a very comfortable drive experience at any speed level that you are driving. Its smooth and responsive handling also makes for a pleasurable ride all along.

Toyota has also tweaked the suspension set-up of the all new Corolla which is really appreciable. The new Corolla offers quicker response and showed minimal lean and body roll even during the sharp corners, considering its increased length. The sedan feels very steady and well balanced as well, ensuring comfortable and stable ride consistency. This is certainly because Toyota has also enhanced the new Corolla’s chassis with reinforced strength, and this surely shows in its ride quality and makes the vehicle safer to drive as well. Though there is a bit of road noise filtering through the cabin on certain rough road conditions, the all new Corolla sedan certainly is a charmer when overall ride is concerned.

Toyota Avanza due for 2015?

With the competition in the domestic market becoming very tough, Toyota is also bringing in its new strategies in order to keep up. Recently, there has been some news regarding the launch of Toyota Vios and now it is the Avanza which is occupying the headlines. It seems that Toyota is going to become pretty aggressive in the upcoming days.

toyota avanza front

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza is already being sold internationally and is very popular in the South Asian markets like Indonesia, Philippines, etc. Toyota is now planning to launch the Avanza in our country. Although, Toyota hasn’t officially announced it yet but it is being anticipated that the company will launch the Avanza in 2015.

Toyota Avanza is aMPV which is slightly smaller than the Toyota Innova. It features some good designs and looks. As it is a MPV and is manufactured by Toyota then there have to be some features borrowed from the Innova. While the front end of the Avanza would be something new in the Indian car market, there is still a hint of Innova in it. You wouldn’t notice it at the first glance but if you’d look closely then you could find it. The front bumper is very big and enhances the road presence of the MPV. The wheel arches are nicely smoothed out into the bumper and is a nice touch. Overall it’s a refreshed design and would be appreciated in the domestic market.

The current model of Toyota Avanza, which is being sold internationally, is powered by a 1.4 litre petrol engine which produces a maximum power output of 109 PS and generates a peak torque of 141 Nm. The engine also has the VVT-i technology which enhances the performance of the MPV and also increases the fuel efficiency. It’s being anticipated that the Indian variant of the Toyota Avanza would be powered by the same engine and perhaps there would be a diesel variant too. The Indian population would prefer the diesel variant as we all know that in the entire world we pay the highest amount of money for a litre of petrol.

Toyota will also equip the Avanza with various safety features like airbags, ABS, EBD, etc. It’s always better to have all such features included in your car. The biggest competitor for Toyota Avanza will be the recently launched Honda Mobilio. Both of these MVPs are seven seaters and have many features. While Honda has already launched the Mobilio therefore, it has an extra edge. Toyota will have to apply a good strategy in order to defeat its competition. No information is available regarding the price of the Toyota Avanza but Toyota will be pricing it very aggressively to kill the other players of this segment.

We were expecting Toyota to launch the Avanza in the upcoming festive season at the end of the year but it is very unlikely that Toyota would do anything like that. If not in the festive season then at least, Toyota should launch it in the first or second quarter of 2015.

Toyota is hopeful that car donations will shape the future

Toyota is an esteemed venture of the auto world, the subsidiary power of the company is vast as well. A unit in America called Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi can produce about 170,000 Corolla cars a year. Toyota’s big mansion has enabled it to be generous; the Mississippi unit has donated 6 test vehicles recently to Tupelo Automobile Museum, Pontotoc and Union countries and to its technology unit in Lee.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Now coming to the interesting point, the donated vehicle, it is an assortment of the tenth and eleventh gen model. The eleventh gen car is a recent one that launched last summer. The vehicles are donated to schools to allow kids to gain deep insight into the workings of automotive technology.

The director of Tupelo Career Technical Center Evet Topp said, she was happy with the cars she chose, and students will understand the workings of a vehicle, this is not the first time that Toyota has decided to donate a vehicle. The company did so a year ago, but time we have received it directly from the firm. The second donation has happened after years; Toyota donated 29 cars worth $400,000 to community colleges and emergency management agencies.

The general manager in production control department of the unit, Kirk Manley said, ‘’the vision of the donation was to aid young students to learn the nuances of automotive technology, which is probably a leap into the future. A team member Manley said,’’ we hope the kids will learn all the technical aspects of a car, to maintain the competitive levels and expand to a whole new level. ‘’

The vehicles are not meant for the public; they were stuffed into trucks and transported to schools. Each student was given a couple of Corollas. Anyone will be excited by the episode of Toyota donating vehicles. The director of Pontotoc Ridge Career and Technology Centre Phil Ryan it was a godsend gift, the car given to us in 2001 was Camaro, now the system is completely different.

The Technology Education Director and New Albany or Union County School of Career John Ferrell said, ‘’ the students will have an edge imbibing new technologies and gain deeper knowledge. Officials of Toyota and Manley are hopeful that the event will be a regular one. The donation of vehicle is spread across all education institutions from schools to community colleges to universities. The trial vehicle is engineered by staff of Toyota unit in Blue Springs area of Mississippi and is an advantage for them to know everything about a car and its manufacturing process and also emphasize on the essential departments of engineering such as development and safety, workforce and vocational training.

It is an excellent initiative of Toyota to donate vehicles across various educational institutions. Auto technology is progressing like never before, companies are working on futuristic vehicles which are novel and imaginary. Cars are fascination products for people of all age groups; it starts at the toddler stage. It will be interesting if Toyota vehicles are donated in Indian schools and colleges, the car market in India is huge with incredible diversity to meet the aspirations of all sections of the society. Let’s hope it happens the learning process will be more enjoyable.

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