Toyota lines up the big cars to make it big in the market

Toyota Kirloskar Motor, the Indian subordinate of Toyota Japan, is thriving to increase its shares in the national market with a fresh lineup. The manufacturer has lined up the latest facelifts of the Innova and the Fortuner and is now planning on a few new entries in the mid-size sedan sector and the compact SUV sector. Lets’ take a look at the Toyota lineup for 2016 releases.

2016 Toyota Innova

The new-gen Toyota Innova

The test phase of the latest version of the Innova is coming to an end as the car is approaching the date of its launch in early 2016. Leaked pictures reveal a totally different front face of the model with two chrome planks adorning the grille. The pictures also show the detailing of the backward curving headlamps and twin-cask projectors with focus on the integrated LED daytime running light. The bumper looks wider and features new fog lamps.

Though there will be no remarkable changes in the engine, the new Innova model is based on the Toyota New Global Architecture, which will make the car a lighter and more responsive form of the existing model.

2016 toyota fortuner front

The new-gen Toyota Fortuner

The new-gen Fortuner has already been unveiled in Australia. The launch of the SUV is expected to be sometime in the first quarter of 2016. The SUV is sleeker than its previous version but it did not lose its powerful performance and appearance. The engine will be a massive 2.8L one with four cylinders and will feature a turbo diesel unit with direct injection. It will be coupled with a 6 speed manual and a 6 speed automatic transmission.

The manual gearbox will be based on the ‘intelligent’ technology for smooth shifting by balancing the engine and transmission speeds. An easy-to-access dial enables the quick activation of the integrated 4×4 system. The new-gen Fortuner will come with dedicated backside air conditioning, sidesteps, trailer sway control, front and back disc brakes, an unit for keeping food and drinks under regulated temperatures and the Toyota Link connected mobility along with a big touchscreen audio display.

2014 Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios has been tested in the country for quite a few months now. The mid-sized sedan will not be unveiled any time soon. The 2016 Delhi Auto Expo will launch the car in the market to compete with grand successes like the Honda City, Hyundai Verna and the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

There has been no official statement about the car yet, though the Company has already clarified that it is focusing on the bigger cars this year and not on the mass-segment vehicles. The Vios looks similar to the Corolla and the Camry with an almost identical front face.

With the failure of Toyota’s small cars like the hatchback Etios Liva and the Etios Sedan, Toyota has turned its focus on the high-end cars to catch up with the Indian market by catering to high-end needs. As the smaller cars continue to struggle in the market, the new generation Innova, Fortuner and the Vios are getting prepped up to get Toyota back in the game.

The Toyota Prius 2016 is on the way

It doesn’t even matter what people think about Toyota Prius, well for the world’s largest automakers Toyota Prius is an extremely important car, so there might be several people who don’t like Toyota right and can bang off their phones on the wall due to hatred, you must be thinking why? It is because the official images of the 2016 Toyota Prius have been found leaked on a Taiwanese website, which is a matter of disgrace to the company.

2015 Toyota Prius C

2015 Toyota Prius C

Those leaked official images basically include official and reserved photographs of the car and its several diagrammatic drawings of the car. Those diagrams basically depict the evolution of the Toyota Prius’s previous version Prius Lozenge, with complete vocabulary of designs in the cars such as the Mirai and various other Toyota’s latest top concept cars. So finally Toyota provided us with a comment that they are not confirming and denying from anything, they might be capable of guessing the accurateness of these based on how raged their replies may be.

The new look and the new version of the Toyota Prius is bolder, less anonymous, with several crisp exotic designs and angles, and adding to its beauty are those amazing boomerang lights, which is a specialty of Toyota, not only this, but it comprises several other beautiful and strong lights. Though these lights are not that attractive, but they are not that boring at least and provides the car with a suitable lighting.

There are basically two basic versions of the Toots Prius 2016 which are Green and Blue, The base hybrid Toyota Prius is depicted by the Green one whereas the Blue one resembles the plug in variant. The Blue comprises a different font clip too, comprising a horizontal treatment of headlight, with a unique bumper font assemblage that has an exotic black color contrasting theme. Well, in our opinion, the blue version looks more conventional in design and look and is considered to be the better among the two.

Well you might not know about this, but internally there has been made few alleged alterations additionally. Its weight has been reduced to 2821 lbs., because one of the glass window panel of the tailgate was replaced with the acrylic one. Though the engine used in it is not that different, it has some powerful specification such as 1.8 liter DOHC VVT-i with a horsepower of 105.

So, let’s leave aside this clumsy translation of matters, the Toyota Prius more or fewer appeals like a hybrid design that has the capability of making a horsepower of around 150, and according to the gas mileage ratings of Japan, it is shown that there is an increase of approx. 3km per liter. Which shown an improvement of around 7.5% to 8%, so if the current version of US Prius gets up to 50 MPG, then we can probably expect 53-54 MPG from the upcoming version. Aren’t these numbers looking good? Oh yes, especially when you are considering the latest Toyota Prius’s horse power which stands right at 134 HP.

Toyota i-Road a 3-wheeler all electric eco-friendly vehicle

With the increasing population worldwide and due to that Americans are moving towards different cities making it crowded, Toyota believes and predicted that it has discovered a vehicle for the near future keeping the increasing population as a keyword. The Toyota i-Road is an electric vehicle which has three wheels and a strong rear steering, making it a personal mobility vehicle, which was showed off at the famous festival of ideas in Aspen, which got over the last weekend in Colorado. Well talking about some features about the I-Road, it is small, gets grounded easily and you would face no problems, anywhere while parking it. Since it runs on electric power, so it is an eco-friendly vehicle and thus good for the environment. So now for the near future this vehicle will just be the best option exclaimed by Toyota Business development manager of North America Mr. Jason Schulz.

toyota i-road

Well, Toyota’s i-Road can stand because it combines steering controlling the back wheel with an ability to make lean on turns of the rear wheels, recorded from a driving perspective. The CNBC reporter perspectives says that a drive would feel like riding a motorcycle more than driving a car, it feels more or less like flying a jet ski over land as it is fast. I-Road is quiet fast and when it comes to speed of this little car, it runs a top speed of 35 miles per hour, but you know what! It is more fun while driving it when compared to a golf cart.

There have been real commercial aspirations for this new vehicle by Toyota. Now in Japan, France and Grenoble it is being tested for the car sharing programs. The company have started approaching to the parking decks operators and parking lots within the last 30 days for making suitable room for this narrow as well as short vehicles, this is a strategy that company has undertaken to make use of its unused space as well as to monetize it well

The business development manager, Mr. Schulz refused to disclose about the i-Road stocks availability in the U.S markets, however, business conversations have begun between the other vehicle selling agencies based in California and Texas. From an initial standpoint, the company believes that there would be no use of helmets while driving i-Road car because of its all-electric status and other traits which are not similar to a motorcycle, thus these features of it can make the people avoid putting on helmets while driving it.

Now the i-Road vehicle has turned out to be a part of urban life. In the urbanized regions of Japan a scrutinizing survey was taken, mainly it was done in Tokyo and Kanagawa. For the publicity and promotion of the vehicle, Toyota offered 10 i-Road vehicles to various members of the public society and other specialists in other different sectors, and they were asked to leave a feedback after taking a wonderful drive, basically about its functioning, speed and other stuff.

Latest Version of Toyota Auris to flood the market with its phenomenal sales

Well, Toyota have come up with a model, rather a revised one, named Toyota Auris, though it cannot show the differences between its previous version in design, and is more or less same, but it differs in its capacity, and is very much spacious especially a resembling a family car. Once you are done with the running of the slide rule across few small facelift elements (such as to run a lower grill in the front width along a lower bumper with superb LED lights latched to its rear side), you will return into a safe as well as a predictable territory. Though we can that Hyundai i30 can’t be as similar as Honda Auris in sculpted profile, or it can’t be similar to the Volkswagen’s perennial glove like appearance. Honda Auris stands its solid and dependable profile devoid of any over excitement.

Toyota Auris

Well, it is true that Honda Auris’s appeal comes over a different terrain. It is built with a superb latest hybrid technology and comprises a 1.2 liter petrol engine, these fascinating features of it might attract people towards it and become a natural choice for people. It is proved, though the Hybrid technology is getting slow, yet is has formed a steady burner for the Toyota Auris. According to the recent market research, which revealed that sixty percent of the people think that they have to plug in any hybrid car in order to charge it and they are very well acquainted with this idea of self-generating electric power combined with petrol unit. According to the 2014 survey in Ireland, 116 Honda Auris were sold there, and the people who bought it mostly aged between 40 and 60 on an average scale. However, the predictions of the sales of Auris for this year (2015) is going to more than 250 and it will be doubled in the next year (2016)

The latest version of Honda Auris comprises some superb features which includes, the choices among five engines, and to be more precise, it has been recorded, that diesel engines have gained 50 percent sales and the petrol ones just stood at 33 percent and remaining 17 percent was taken over by the Hybrid model engines. People prefer to buy diesel engine cars more than the petrol and the hybrid ones, which was proved by that survey.

The latest version of the Honda Auris is just better and more exquisite than its previous version, and the sense of dynamism it comprises is very less. C-Segment will just be the perfect option for ride and handling. Though we have to say that it is not like Ford Focus with sharp or rather well-honed c-segment. These factors are very much essential for a car’s standard described in terms of its driving dynamics. Now coming to its interior, the steering is quiet light to handle and very well adjustable and the car works very well in cities and cruising situations. The interior is exquisitely designed.

The amazing Toyota Hilux gaining ground and will be shipped over 130 counties in 2015

Toyota started exporting its latest 8th generation car named Toyota Hilux from Thailand to other parts mainly Asia pacific regions this month, with declining market for the pickup trucks, which depreciated by 20 percent this year. The two massive Toyota’s plants will be manufacturing the Trucks and then the stocks will be exported to more than 130 countries accordingly.

2015 Toyota Hilux Pictures

2015 Toyota Hilux Pictures

The ratio for the export of the pickup trucks have been increased by the Japanese car manufacturer, with drastic increase from 50 percent to 60 percent for the increasing demands in local places, with Thailand as its global base for the manufacturing of the 1-ton pickup trucks. The company has a large production capacity in Thailand, which makes 4,50,000 units every year for its ever rising demands. From the total production, a fraction of approximately 1,86,000 units are exported to the markets of the major countries such as New Zealand, Australia, South America, UK and the middle East.

Based on a new platform, Hilux Revo is an 8th generation model, offering the features similar to a car, so now you are getting a car like luxury in a Pickup Truck. The pickup truck comprises several strong features such as, 7 airbags, BA, ABS, EBD, Trailer Swat control system, VSC, Downhill assist control as well as Hill assist control. The truck is very much comfortable with keyless features such as you can start it via pushing the start button, auto climate control, AC vents at the rear side, infotainment system with a touch screen display of 7 inches, strong headlights as well as LED running lamps especially for daytime.

The Hilux Revo, which is the Hilux pickup truck manufactured and exported by Toyota, in Thailand, comprises 3 engine options. The features of the engine will surely mesmerize you, it is a 2.4 liter with 4 cylinder DOHC engine comprising a turbo intercooler making up to 150 PS at 3,400 rpm, producing a superb torque of probably 343 Nm with the rpm ranging from 1,400-2,800, or it may produce 400 Nm with the rpm range of 1,600-2,000. Another Engine is a petrol one comprising 2.7 liter capacity with 4 cylinders DOHC Dual VVT-i which make a peak torque of 245 PS at rpm of 4000 and a normal torque of 166 PS at 5,200 rpm.

Finally, Toyota is presenting before you all, a pickup truck with superb 2.4 liter 4-cyclinder DOHC engine producing a high torque of 170 PS at 3,600 rotations per minute and also a peak torque of 343 Nm in a rpm range of 1,200-3,400, this feature is also provided in one form of the engine. Engines are coupled with either an automatic powerful gearbox or a 6 speed manual gearbox. The premium look of the truck makes it look more exquisite, as the additional car design doesn’t make you feel as if you are driving a truck. Not only the car design, but the interior is beautiful as well.

Get your car servicing done in Sixty Minutes by Toyota Express Service

The best place where your car can get a doctor is none but a car service center, where your car will be looked ad mended, for a day. At car service center, your car will be checked, tuned properly, rejuvenated, and then will be returned to you as if all proper medications for the car is done and it can well now. After getting your car from its service center you would drive a few thousand kilometers to enjoy fresh again, leaving behind all the tension which you had before for the car. However, you wouldn’t take any further step other than taking your car to a workshop and then pick it up after a day, besides only if you can’t arrange the similar one.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Spending lot of time at the car service workshop not only exclaims whether you are serious about spending so much of time. Now you should think of getting your cars well serviced because you don’t know when a problem can come over well have chosen to try out the Toyota express service which is accomplished in a day, you can take your car anytime any hour. The Toyota express service stands at a good reputation.

Well, let me describe you in brief, as you enter the service center, the manager welcomes you and then the car taken by a service man to the service floor where it the car servicing will be processed. Though it looks better than theater with a 3 hour movie if we don’t a popcorn to churn inside our mouth, since it has funny signs latched on the walls of the interior, which keeps you fascinated and busy for a while. You will be explained by the service manager in details about the service. Well what is more relevant than thinking about the car, what is going on with? Miniature car guiding blocks and miniature servicemen made of rubber give you feeling similar to a replica of a real state project. With service package you get, changed engine oil, change of the oil filter, full inspection of the battery and the fuel filter, disk and brake pad checking, and the change of the air conditioner filter. Though service at Toyota Express service center is affordable as the cost depends on the car model you bring for servicing, the cost ranges from 1,000 rupees to 10,000 rupees.

Now taking you to an interesting section. As the service hour is passing by, you do know what is going on with your car, but what to do all the time while the car is getting serviced? Well you will be glad to know that we have also prepared a guest area cum lounge for our customers, where a non-machine made black coffee is served to the customers, with a television facility, the latest magazines, and the best part is that you can see your car being serviced. You can see your car being washed off nicely, and other servicing. Once the servicing of your car is completed, the manager will call you up, after that you just have to make the payment accordingly and set out.

7,129 units of Toyota Corolla in India is recalled to fix airbags by the company

As a part of global exercise, The Japanese car giant Toyota present in India as a joint venture with Kirloskar group known as Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) had called in for 7129 units of its sedan Corolla in India to fix faulty airbags on the passenger side. TKM announced that the units recalled were manufactured between April 2007 and July 2008.The following was said by the company in statement that on the account of the running service campaign held willingly by TKM, TKM stated that the servicing campaign for the passenger side airbag in Corolla model will now include the Corolla models manufactured during April 2007 till June 2008.Moreover, productions between June 2008 and July 2008 comes under the ‘7 year mandate’ of voluntary recall code and for the same, TKM is going to initiate a voluntary Recall to check and rectify the vehicles. But no complains have been lodged so far in India as confirmed by TKM and this campaign has been elongated with Toyota’s global practices.

corolla altis with VVTI badge-1.

corolla altis with VVTI badge

In 2013, a selected lot of Corolla sold in India had been recalled by Toyota as per its global recall of 17.3 lakh vehicles for the rectification of defective airbags. Between January 2003 and June 2003, units of Corolla produced in the country were recalled.

This global crisis of recall of cars was because of a Japanese parts maker Takata. Because of the faulty airbags supplied by Takata lead a great impact on other manufacturers which included Nissan and Honda. Takata announced about the fault in April 2013. The issue with the airbags was that there was defect in inflator propellant devices that may not deploy properly during crash that shot metal fragments into vehicle occupants. This was the worst that could have happen during an event of a crash.

Nissan announced that 12,000 units of variant models, which included mid-sized sedan Sunny and small car Micra, which were manufactured between June 2013 and March 2015 in India are recalled on account of its global campaign for the rectification of engine switches and airbags. Honda Cars India called in 11,381 units of Accord, CR-V and Civic, which were manufactured between 2003 and 2007, in order to change a defective part in the driver and passenger side airbags, which is the part of their global campaign to fix potential faults related to airbags.

More than eight lakh vehicles have been recalled by different manufacturers after the auto industry body SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) started voluntary recalls to check issues involving safety in India in July 1, 2012 to add effort to road safety in India. So now, it is very clear that ever since the recall of the auto industry body SIAM because of the safety related problems occurred in India since July 2012. In this year approximately eight lakhs vehicles were recalled by several manufacturing companies throughout the country.

All new Toyota Fortuner officially revealed; Indian launch in 2016

After the spy shots of the next generation Toyota Fortuner went viral revealing the vehicle inside out prior to its global debut, now the Japanese car giant has officially revealed the all new SUV model in Australia. Toyota has announced that the all new Fortuner premium SUV is scheduled for its official market launch towards the end of October. As far as the Indian launch of the new Fortuner is concerned, then the SUV will not be arriving in the Indian terrain until next year, and is expected to be revealed in India at the 2016 Indian Auto Expo.

2016 toyota fortuner front

Toyota Motor will be offering the Fortuner in the Australian car market powered by its new 2.8 liter 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel motor empowered with direct fuel injection technology.

When the transmission gearbox options on the all new Toyota Fortuner comes into question, then it will be getting a new 6 speed manual transmission option apart from a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox choice. The new manual transmission comes with smart new technology that ensures smoother shifting that is made possible by matching the engine speed with the transmission speed. The new generation model of the premium SUV will be also coming with a part-time 4×4 system which may be accessed through a dial.

The all new Toyota Fortuner premium SUV will be offered for sale in three different model trims of GX, GXL and the range topping Crusade. The new SUV model will be offering many great premium features that include trailer sway control, air-conditioning throughout the cabin, Toyota Link connected mobility, large touchscreen integrated audio system along with infotainment system, side steps, advanced ventilated disc brakes for all 4 wheels, 17 inch or 18 inch stylized alloy wheels, an air conditioned compartment which will helps keep food and drinks warm or cold as per requirement among many others.

2016 toyota fortuner rear

The all new SUV will also get several other features including fog lights, roof rails, reverse parking sensors, downhill assist control, keyless smart entry and pushbutton start/stop system among lots of others. The top of the range Crusade model variant will be getting some exclusive premium features including bi-LED headlights, bright LED daytime running lights, a power back door and large 18 inch alloys fitted with highway tyres.

The all new 2016 Toyota Fortuner has become highly stylish and elegant looking with a new dashing design language. It now looks more smooth, sleek and styled than the outgoing version. Thus, now it looks more like a highly stylish urban car though it remains a tough off-roader, but it ditches some amount of its previous rugged muscular charm. It is now also tougher, sturdier and more stable than the current model, as Toyota has endowed it a new chassis. Its dimensions are 4795 mm in length, 1855 mm in width and 1835 mm in height. The vehicle rides on a large wheelbase that is 2745 mm long. It has a ground clearance of 225 mm.

All new Toyota Fortuner gets fully revealed without camouflage

The all-new 2016 Toyota Fortuner has got fully revealed through leaked images prior to its global launch. The premium SUV’s new model has been revealed through many spy images that show its exteriors as well as interiors without any veils.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

Latest images show the all new Toyota Fortuner’s leather upholstery in a rich chocolate brown color with stitching, rear seats, leather trims on the inside door boards as well as the rear design. All these details have emerged in the spy shots that were splashed online on the Thai websites.

As the 2016 Toyota Fortuner’s global launch nears, the spy images of the India bound premium SUV have yet again appeared on the Thai Facebook pages. The world premiere of the extremely popular Japanese premium SUV is slated to take place in Thailand on 17th of July 2015.

The next generation model of the Fortuner is a fully revamped version on the ongoing version. The Japanese car giant has endowed a lot of updates to the vehicle to make it an almost new SUV model. The new generation Fortuner has been developed on a new ladder frame chassis which is sturdier and safer. Toyota has also given a full redesign both on the vehicle’s exterior as well as interior. The leaked images clearly show the complete design makeover of the SUV which is remarkable indeed.

The Toyota Fortuner is extremely successful and high popular in the Indian car market, and the new Fortuner is expected to take its appeal further. However, the comprehensive makeover of the new generation Fortuner give it a sleek and contemporary visual appeal, and it loses some amount of its robust muscular appeal which might have been more appealing for the Indian audience. Nevertheless, as the young Indian car buyers’ tastes keep on changing, how well the new Fortuner clicks with the Indian public remains to be seen only after it launches in the county.

Going by the spy shots, the all new 2016 Toyota Fortuner could be sharing its interior design language with the new Hilux, but a number of styling components have been styled differently in order to give the Fortuner its individual appeal. The spy pictures also reveal a brand new centre console that has an integrated touchscreen on it. The dashboard of the new Fortuner looks more stylish and contemporary as compared against that of the Hilux. In the Thai car market, the next generation SUV will be powered by three engine options out of which two diesel and a single petrol unit.

However in the Indian car market, the new Toyota Fortuner will be driven by two engine options, namely a new 2.4 liter 4-cylinder diesel motor that generates 150 hp of power and 343 Nm of torque, and the new 2.8 liter diesel mill that will reportedly offer two tunes of power – 177 hp and 420 Nm, and 177 hp and 450 Nm. The all new Toyota Fortuner is expected to hit the Indian market in the next fiscal.

Toyota Kirloskar decides to focus on increased safety in India

Japanese car major and the world’s largest selling car manufacturer, Toyota Motor is known for its superb quality cars that offer outstanding reliability and safety. The car maker is very active when it comes to offering new innovative safety measures and constantly works on developing new safety equipments and technologies to make the future mobility system safer.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota Motor’s Indian counterpart, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) is not that hugely popular in the Indian car market owing to the company’s expensive price tags. However, the company remains very positive for India and aims to offer everything great in this market too which the global markets enjoy. From Hybrid cars to the premium cars, the Japanese company is never down when it comes to its outlook for the market. Toyota continues to plan big things for India and is never pessimistic about this future plans or sales growth. Despite, facing sales decline, Toyota India is constantly working on new plans for India and its efforts are also paid off in the great success that its new Camry Hybrid witnessed in a country which really does not recognize hybrid cars.

Now, Toyota is contemplating a complete game plan change for the Indian car market and is all for safety awareness in the country. India has poor safety system when it comes to automobiles and responsible drivers. Despite some reforms in the recent past, most of the small affordable cars in India lacks safety measures, have fragile built quality and poor child security system. These coupled with bad road conditions and reckless drivers create a deadly situation on the Indian roads.

Toyota is planning to commence its safety awareness program to bring down the alarming rates of accidents that India suffers every year. As per statistics, there’s a fatal accident takes place in every 4 minutes in the country.

While reinstating its position in offering safe cars in India, Toyota Kirloskar has also recently launched its first driving school, called the Toyota Driving School in Kochi. This driving school is designed to create safety ambassadors and responsible drivers in the country. This training institute will follow the example of the prestigious “Chubu Nippon Toyota Driving School” in Japan and will be offering a unique mode of research and driver training.

The Toyota Driving School’s curriculum comprises of a comprehensive training schedule which offers the students high quality driving training trough practical and innovative training models such as the driver simulator mechanism. This enables the students get accustomed to real world driving experience and situations. The trainees get to practice all sorts of car controls including the gear lever, accelerator, brakes and steering wheel before they are taken out for driving on actual roads. Moreover, through simulators the students also get to experience tough driving situations like low light, fog, uphill and downhill terrains, to become able and safe drivers.

Toyota Kirloskar has also already made crucial safety features such as driver and front passenger airbags standard across all variants in its car models Etios, Etios Liva and Etios Cross.

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