Toyota keen to start its hydrogen fuel cell project by December

Auto companies all over the globe are working towards the strengthening of clean and green technologies. The common eco-friendly theories used are electric and hybrid systems. The latest hot research topic is hydrogen fuel cell technology. So much is written on hydrogen fuel systems and Honda too is keen to take this technology forward.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota has emerged powerful in eco-friendly car segment; its two biggest hits are Prius and Camry hybrids. According to Japan times, the manufacture process of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will start by mid December, and the first product make to come out will be a sedan. News of Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell model is not new; the company has said that it will introduce a hydrogen fuel car in 2015.

A new hydrogen fuel cell car launch is interesting; Toyota is aiming big numbers with its hydrogen fuel cell venture. The firm plans to produce vehicles in dozens per month, at price of $78,030 US, which is eight million yen. Toyota projected a price scheme for the vehicle last year itself, and the estimated figure was between $50,000 to 100,000. Sources have driven the first ever concept fuel cell hydrogen vehicle last year. The drive was said to be amazing, that they wanted the car to cost below 10 million yen.

A lot of investment is needed to design a robust fuel cell hydrogen vehicle, and $78k seems appropriate. It is however difficult to predict the exact investment figure, determination of a suitable amount is based on the availability of resources and government regulations.

There has been tremendous progress in the field of fuel cell hydrogen vehicles, the technology will over rule the power of fossil fuels. Hyundai too is working on the progressive benefits of this technology. On the 10th of June the company will use hydrogen fuel cells into its SUV. The technology has crossed paths in America, hydrogen fuel cells supply electricity to grids, Wal-Mart stores and server farms. In the coming summer months FedEx will use hydrogen cargo tractors for its Memphis air hub. On the great impact of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the head of combustion and hydrogen technologies, Daniel Dedrick said,’’ this is the most inspiring moment for fuel cells in my career, there is heaps of potential for growth. ‘’

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is not entirely a new process; it is an ancient theory that came to light way back in 1830s. The concern was it was a pricy process; it was used on Soviet submarines and Apollo space missions. Resources are plentiful and lot cheaper in current times, and come as a suitable alternative for minimal output of carbon emissions.

The main advantage of fuel cell vehicles is negligible dependence on resources, these vehicles run on hydrogen gas, not gasoline. The end result is almost zero emission levels. Fuel cell vehicles are packed with high-tech components, which are admirably advanced. There is a fuel cell stack that converts the stored hydrogen gas, with exterior oxygen to form electricity that drives the electric engine.

It is just a year away before the launch of fuel cell vehicle, and it will be the next big thing of auto revolution.

The new Corolla will head to China in September

The new Toyota Corolla is a big global launch; the car was recently launched in India, and was a stunner in no time. The car along with Etios Cross created a mark in May 2014 that enabled the firm to note impressive 6% gain over the previous year. Toyota launched both models in May this year.

2014 Toyota Corolla Altis ESport front

2014 Toyota Corolla Altis ESport front

After a big explosion in Indian markets, the 2014 Corolla is all set to launch in China in September this year. Details of the car are available on the company’s website, and are similar to the model launched in India, which is the European spec model. The car was displayed in grand style at 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

The car will be sold with two engines a 1.6litre and 1.8 litre petrol power train, generates enormous power of 138bhp and is coupled with CVT or six speed manual gearbox. The robust 1.6 litre engine yields 120bhp and is attached to CVT or five speed manual transmission. The 1.8 litre car falls into 159 to 800 Yuan (Rs 15.15 lakhs) bracket and costs Rs 15.1 lakhs and 1.6litre model is priced at 107 to800 Yuan and costs Rs 10.22 lakhs.

The Chinese spec 2014 Corolla will have similar characteristics to the Indian based model. The Chinese market will receive the car along with American segments under the joint venture tag of FAW Toyota. The American car is called Levin, and will be launched together with the car.

A new Corolla launch is exciting; the new car comes with a greater excitement package. The first source of excitement is the new Furia style concept that stunned the public to the core at 2014 Auto Expo. The current piece is the eleventh gen model. The exteriors are packed with style and sophistication contributed by creatively styled swept back head lights, sparkling chrome filled grille. The huge bonnet, low roofline and sporty identity makes the car glow to the core.

Nothing has changed on the mechanical front; the car is equipped with robust 1.8 liter petrol VVTi and 1.4 liter diesel D4D engine. The petrol car yields 140 PS and diesel power train yields 90PS power. The engines are coupled with six speed manual gearbox and there is an option of seven speed CVT gearbox as well.

The insides too are packed with a whole new level of greater newness; the surprise factor lies in touch screen, along with posh satellite navigation and infotainment system. The cabin room is enormously spacious, much more than the earlier car, because of the expansion in length. The new model is 100mm lengthier than the current car. To tuck in higher level of comforts the back seats have reclining amenities.

Too much of thrill factor is packed into the eleventh gen Corolla, every aspect is a greater wonder from the past in terms of design, comfort level, cabin room and interior grandeur. In such as short period loads of sparks are generated over the new Corolla. A greater level of amazement can be expected with the Chinese spec car post launch in September.

Toyota India keen to focus on exports and localisation

Toyota a highly acclaimed Japanese automobile firm has planned on a couple of strategies to boost profits. The company has emerged with two-pronged strategy to increase level of localization and also improve export volumes out of India, as stated by Raja the senior vice president and director in marketing and sale section of Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

2015 Toyota Yaris facelift Europe

2015 Toyota Yaris facelift Europe

The world is going through a depressed market phase, and according to Raja, the most practical approach would be to increase the content of localisation to preserve bulk costs. According to him, a series of cars in India have very little indigenous content, of about 50%. The highest amount of localization is achieved in Etios models. To facilitate impressive imports Toyota’s key destinations are South African and Asia Pacific. According to Toyota, taking into account the diversity of car market in India, it would not be practical to eye Gulf nations at an impressive export market, since these nations have greater demand for big models and sport utility vehicles (SUV’s).

The Indian market is filled with sedans and compact cars, well suited for South African and Asia-Pacific nations. In 2013 Toyota exported bulk amount of vehicles of 28,000 to its desired countries. The company is working on different strategies to enhance its export volumes. On the introduction of new models in India, Toyota said that there won’t be new products in market at the moment.

Toyota has not thought of targeting a fixed sale goal this financial year, it is of the view that it is not a completely practical strategy, with account of depressed market. The company is keen to maintain its current sale portfolio, and not expect too much, since the profit volume might increase due to increased car demand. Toyota did not record yearly growth last year with the sale of 1, 47,000 units of domestic products, which is a growth reduction from the earlier year.

Toyota has new interesting launches in India the Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis. Both cars are sprinkled with new level of excitement, Etios Cross is a cross version of Etios Liva hatch. What makes the Cross appealing is the fitment of silver plastic cladding; 15 inch diamond cut alloy wheels that accentuate the sporty look of the model. The size of radial tubeless tires is 185/60/R15. Apart from silver cladding the other signature features that define the cross nature of the car are silver roof rails and bull bar.

The new Corolla Altis is a greater marvel of the past; the car comes with more premium dressing, and glorified interiors. The insides are splendidly grand, with dual black and beige theme. The fascinating element here lies in presence of seven inch touchscreen.

Toyota is applauded for its new launches, the Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis will work well with export markets of South Africa and South East Asia. The initiative of the company to emphasize on localisation is a good move to build many more plush and cost-effective products.

Toyota has its strategies on hold, and geared to fight the battle of bleak economy.

Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis have led to a 6% growth in 2014 May

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has noted a 6% sale rise in 2014 May, for months the company has noted lower profits than the corresponding period. The major spoiler is weak market economy. Toyota has recorded profit for the first time in months. This is an achievement taking into account the extent of turmoil faced at the factory few months ago in the form of strikes.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2014

Amidst the uncertain circumstances of strike and constrained market, Toyota made profit. The company has strategized its business plan effectively with new Corolla Altis sedan and Etios Cross SUV. The two cars are responsible for the impressive 6% profit outcomes.

The month of May appeared to be an attractive period to push new attractive launches. There was massive rise in stock market, which led to smooth inflow of foreign funds. Toyota rolled out 13,230 vehicles in 2014 May, higher than 12,502 units noted in corresponding period. Majority of growth was contributed by the domestic sector. The export counter registered a decline.

The growth output in domestic sector in May 2014 is a significant 18% with the flow of 11,833 pieces, much more than 10,023 pieces noted same time last year. Toyota exported 1,397 units of Etios in May, on the admirable increase the Vice President in Sales and Marketing sector of the company, Raja N said, ‘’we have revived our lost production with growth profits in May.’’

Most of the magic happened in May with the launch of Corolla Altis and Etios Cross. ‘’The response has been great with the two cars, and we extend our gratitude of appreciation to customers’’ said Raja. Toyota sold 458 units of Altis and 555units of Etios Cross.

Toyota has generated noteworthy profits last month; it is a huge leap from the past. There is an overload of buyers for Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis, which is splendid since it has been barely a month post the introduction of both cars. Etios Cross and new Altis have something new to offer, the excitement with Etios Cross lies in the highlight of its signature cross identity with premium silver and black side cladding. The other one of a kind features, not usually spotted in many other cars are silver roof rails and front bull bar. It is a cross version of Etios Liva, and offers greater interior room and comfort than its inspiration.

The new Corolla Altis is a greater marvel of the past; a new Corolla product is stunning beyond words because of the grand nature of the car. Imagine the excitement levels with the new model, which sports a greater fantasy picture. The exteriors are more premium, and bigger than its predecessor, the insides too are spectacular with super colorful, posh and vibrant beige and black décor. It looks amazingly picturesque. With sensex hitting new highs it is difficult to stop anyone from buying the new Corolla Altis.

It is the price that matters the most when opting to buy a new car, the cost structure of petrol car is Rs 5.76 to 7.35 lakhs and with diesel cars it is Rs 6.9 to 7.4 lakhs.  The initial price of new Corolla Altis is Rs 12 lakhs.

New high-end Avanza luxury versions launched

Toyota an acclaimed Japanese based auto manufacturer has introduced a range of incredibly plush models. The company has explored depths of big car segment with Innova, Avanza and Sienna. Avanza is a popular car in Indonesia; Toyota has launched a new high-end version of the car called ‘Avanza luxury’, its strong contender is Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio.

New Toyota Avanza India 2013

Mobilio and Ertiga are in huge demand in the country, the launch of two high-end versions of Avanza happened recently, and will be placed on top of luxury car ladder. The aim is to increase customer choice options and also improve profits and strengthen the brand image of the car. The two new loaded cars are Avanza Veloz luxury and Avanza G luxury.

Avanza Veloz luxury radiates to the core from the outside, and insides too are filled with grand surprises. The cabin room is enormously spacious and the décor is stunning with jet black theme. The dashboard is professionally designed and looks extremely sophisticated and up market. The front row is filled with excitement; the rear compartment is magical as well. Occupants at the back have access to an amazing roof fitted 10 inch monitor that is DVD compatible. It is not always that consumers can breathe in atmosphere of marvelous luxury contributed by roof fitted 10 inch screen on rear compartment. It is a double exhilaration moment to have access to world class music system at front and back. Avanza Veloz is packed with new elation, and customers will surely expect an exorbitantly priced car, it is a reasonably priced car for its spark and costs Rp 198.2 million which is INR 9.91 lakhs, the automatic car is priced at Rp 209.7 million which is Rs 10.49 lakhs.

Avanza G Luxury is draws inspiration from type G model, the car gathers its energy from robust 1,500cc and 1,300 cc engine. The difference between Avanza G Luxury and type G car is vibrant dual tone interior and new body kit. It is interesting to learn that the car is sold with a new body kit, which has door finisher, rear bumper, side skirts and front bumper. The list is thrilling; consumers can actually design their own cars. Avanza G is filled with grandeur and vibrancy, and for its richness it is sold at generous prices of Rp 184.6 million INR 9.23 lakhs for manual car and Rp 195.3 million INR 9.77 lakh for automatic car, and the 1.5 liter manual model costs Rp 191.6 million which is INR 9.58 lakh.

Avanza is a huge hit in Indonesia and other Asian segments, Toyota will not introduce the current model in India. The car for Asian markets has no diesel power train. Avanza is on top of its game in lavish car market, the enormous interior space makes it a suitable family model. The addition of the two luxury models only adds to the thrill, the kind of ecstasy offered is different particularly with roof mounted ten inch touchscreen on back compartment. Those keen on the two models, both are worthy purchases to enjoy life in varied style.

Toyota’s global recall episode continues, calls back 2.27 million vehicles

Toyota Motor sure is fortunate to be the world’s largest selling car company, not that it does not deserve to be the same. Toyota is known for making some of the most reliable and safe car models in the world. The Japanese car maker is also known for its great innovative skills and technological advancements that show in the quality products from the company. Thus, it is no wonder for a car manufacturer that has been winning over the hearts of millions of customers for over many decades to be the global car leader. However, everything has not been smooth for Toyota, especially when it comes to the disgrace of huge global recalls.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota Motor has been making constant massive global recalls for the past couple of years, which still seems to be far from over. The Japanese car major certainly is not happy to make these recalls, as it can be really damaging to the reputation of the globe’s most reliable and favored car brand. Nevertheless, the auto behemoth is bound to make these recalls for safety issues and quality control. Most of the recalls of the Toyota vehicles have been primarily because of car components that the company sources from third party suppliers.

Toyota has yet again issued another global recall on 11th of this month that involves a massive 2.27 million vehicles. Contrary to the huge reputation for highly safe cars, Toyota’s this recent recall also involves safety issues. This time around, the massive number of cars has been recalled in order to fix a faulty airbag system that could also cause fires.

The current recall covers 20 Toyota models, including the iconic Corolla sedan, Yaris subcompact and the Noah minivan. Till now Toyota has got a single report of a vehicle’s seat cover burn due to the malfunctioning airbag inflators.

This current year started on a bad note for the Japanese car major, as it recalled a massive 1.9 million of its flagship Prius hybrid cars.  Then again in the month of April, Toyota called back a mammoth 6.39 million vehicles globally for a number of issues. Last month, 520,000 vehicles were recalled in the North America market again involving multiple issues. In the Indian car market, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) announced a recall in April that involved 44,989 units of the segment leading Innova MPV to replace a defective cable in the steering wheel.

This recent Toyota recall stretches last year’s recall which involved faulty airbags from Takata that made other Japanese car majors Honda Motor and Nissan Motor also to start investigating on the issue.

Involving the recent global recall from Toyota, the company’s Indian counterpart TKM India has yet revealed anything whether the Corolla sedans sold in India will also be recalled or not.

Though Toyota is always on top of the recall list, car recalls have become a common thing for most of the auto majors primarily because of the stringent quality and safety measures.

A look at the 2014 Toyota Prius V Hybrid

Toyota is not only the world’s largest auto maker, but also Hybrid pioneer. Toyota presented the hybrid cars which are now massively popular in the global market. The Prius hybrid is the most popular hybrid choice in the globe, though the competition in the field is getting more intensive day by day. Ford is also pulling into second position after Toyota in the hybrid field. There are others as well such as Honda with its very stylish and efficient hybrids. However, no other than the Japanese car giant can offer the huge plethora of the various hybrid models and powertrains options. Toyota has been offering a great choice of hybrids to the global car buyers more than a decade now.

2015 toyota prius side view rendering

In fact, Toyota Motor has showcased even a greater number of hybrid cars at the 2013 Hybrid World Tour that the car maker has in pipeline. The greener and friendly hybrid cars are indeed the specialty of Toyota. And for an all-rounder urban or suburban family hybrid car, the Toyota Prius V is the best ever choice.

The Prius V is the largest in the Prius family that includes the four models, the Prius C, the Prius plug-in and the original Prius. The hybrid cars’ primary criteria is Fuel economy, which the Prius V does fabulously, but this hybrid also takes care of the ample space and comfort requirements along with a very generous boot space as well. Again Toyota does a brilliant job at making the Prius V very spacious on the inside and compact on the outside, making it a very efficient city car.

The Prius V offers great overall room with ample legroom for the rear passengers. This car can accommodate 5 adult passengers and ample cargo space for all the occupants’ baggage as well. Though the rear seats are very comfortable and cosy, one really likes to be at the front.

The car offers very good driver’s position for a comfortable and commendable driving experience. A nice fabric upholstery comes as standard on these cars, which feels luxurious and is extremely durable to last for years. The driver’s seat comes with lumbar support feels great.

The Prius V although meant for a green, efficient car offers a great fun drive. It offers superb acceleration when in need and comes with the three drive mode of Power, Normal and Eco that all Prius cars come with.

The Prius V offers great visibility from the airy cabin which is very important. The car offers a user friendly dash and controls and offers various features of smart-key and keyless pushbutton start which is a great incorporation, as it is a city car. The car also comes at an attractive price point.

The info displays and the gauges on the Prius V come mounted on the center of the dashboard, the power tilt adjusting and telescope steering wheel is superb, but could be drawn little closer to the driver.

The Toyota Prius V is the one car than can truly impress a quality hybrid car seeker.

Toyota Fuel Cell car speculated to be launched in 2016

The Toyota fanatics who are eagerly expecting the new Fuel Cell car from the company to arrive towards the beginning of next year might get disappointed, as the latest reports suggest that the Toyota FCV (fuel cell vehicle) concept based sedan will be coming in the year 2016. However, Toyota Motor will commence manufacturing the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by December this year says a Japanese report. Thus, the FCV still has high chances of hitting the global market in the 2nd quarter of 2015 and go as per Toyota’s earlier plans of introducing this all green car.

Toyota Fuel Cell sedan

Toyota Fuel Cell sedan

The world’s automotive leader, Toyota motor first revealed its plans to go with the revolutionary green technology hydrogen powered cars at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota is known for being the pioneer in the hybrid technology and is famous for the Prius hybrid. However, in the field of Fuel Cell technology, it will not be the first company to be producing such a car, as fuel cell or hydrogen powered cars are already available in the global market though minimal in numbers. Moreover, Hyundai has already delivered its first hydrogen powered Tucson in the US market. However, Toyota’s vision of a clean and green future mobility system and cheaper hydrogen cars are really commendable. Moreover, Toyota could really surprise the global market by launching its fuel cell car with a really affordable price tag for its high success in the market. So far, the Toyota car lovers are hoping for this to happen in reality.

Till now, the reports say that Toyota’s first hydrogen cars would be priced about 8 million yen and the Japanese car maker is hoping to bring down the price to something between 3 million to 5 million yen by 2020.

The vehicle is still known as the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle or FCV based on the concept name. Toyota has revealed many details about the car including the fact that it uses compressed hydrogen and mixes it with oxygen found in the atmosphere to create energy to drive the car. The car has an approximate range of 300 miles, which is three times the range of the present day all electric cars.

Reports also say that Toyota would launch a modified version of FCV concept in the U.S. but nothing about its expected price is revealed.

The Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are all green cars that have zero harmful emissions and emit only pure water vapor. This all green vehicle is more beneficial and practical than the electric cars in terms of power, range and refueling. Toyota has revealed that its FCV has an equivalent refueling time as a conventional gasoline car and takes as less as three minutes to fill up its hydrogen tank.

The company has also stated that it would sell most of the FCV units in California, as the state is planning to set up around 50 hydrogen refueling stations by the end of the year 2016.

The new 2015 Toyota Camry with 2.0 turbo engine could spice up the bestseller

The world’s largest car maker, Toyota Motor has confirmed the new 2015 Camry sedan not only to arrive with a more engaging an attractive design language, but also powered by a new 2.0 liter turbocharged motor. The Japanese car major has confirmed that the new Camry is going come in its new peppy avatar along with a new 2.0 liter turbocharged mill from the Lexus family in two separate occasions. This is really great news for all the Toyota Camry lovers, as the new eye-catching design and the new engine can be a heavenly combination.

2015 Toyota camry

2015 Toyota camry

The Toyota Camry is an iconic sedan and has been an age long bestselling model in the US, however recently it is facing tough competition from the trendier looking new cars. The 2015 Toyota Camry is thus going to come along with a new charming style and new features. And now, it is also confirmed that the sedan is also going to get more powerful as well. The new dashing Toyota Camry will arrive in late fall this year with a new design language that is in the line of the new Corolla and new Avalon, both of which witnessed great sales growth after the new design change. However, Toyota has still not officially announced any new engines for the Camry, which is soon expected to change.

In just a few months’ time the 2015 Lexus NX 200t compact and mid-size crossover will start selling in the US market. This vehicle will be the first to use the new 2.0 liter turbocharged mill. Toyota and Lexus officials have made it pretty clear that this engine will eventually make its way into the other models as well as brands in the Toyota family. This new powerful engine in the 2015 Camry would cater to the requirements of the performance hungry consumers.

The 2015 Toyota Camry will not only come with a peppy new design and a new engine, but a new model trim as well which will combine the popular masculine looks of the SE and the premium and potent XLE with its great V6 engine. This new Camry trim will be named as XSE, and offer the customers both sporty, cool looks and premium comfort.

A Camry SE turbo in the 2015 or the 2016 model, if priced below the V6 engine powered XSE, could well draw in a lot of customers from the Scion family who are looking to upgrade to a spacious family car, but not compromise on the driving excitement. On the other hand, if the 2.0 Turbo powered Camry offers better fuel efficiency than the ongoing V6 mill, then the car will also make more sense on the economical and esthetic terms.

The new 2 liter turbocharged engine’s power figures are yet to be revealed, but it is certainly going to offer high performance. As a whole, the 2015 Camry with this new powerful engine is all set to be a new star performer.

The 2016 Toyota Hilux’s/ all new Fortuner SUV’s front fascia gets spied

The all-new 2016 Toyota Hilux pickup truck is indeed very important. Not only the new-gen Hilux will boost the sales and appeal of this incredibly popular pickup truck, but it will also bring in the next generation model of the bestselling Toyota Fortuner premium Sports Utility Vehicle. The 2016 Toyota Hilux pickup truck was recently spotted testing in Argentina by an ardent reader of an auto portal revealing its face.

2016 Toyota Hilux / Fortuner spied

2016 Toyota Hilux / Fortuner spied

The current gen Toyota Hilux pickup and the Fortuner SUV share the same front fascia till the B-Pillar, and the same design arrangement is expected to be kept for the upcoming next-gen models as well. Thus, as the Hilux’s front fascia gets revealed in these spy shots, we get to know about the all new Fortuner’s face as well. The spied Hilux’s test prototype model is shown to reveal the couple’s facade that is seen flaunting new styling elements but does retain the overall design. The next generation Toyota Fortuner’s rendered image is also doing the rounds of the internet now, which was made taking a cue from the new spy shots of the all new Hilux’s prototype showing off a part of the frontal looks.

The all new Hilux also gets a redesigned front grille which sports two very profound horizontal slats now shown in their plain form, but will most likely get a good doze of chrome finish. The spy shots also reveal the headlights of the vehicle that have now become more angular and sharper than before. The new Hilux pickup’s secondary air-dam and the fog light enclosures also seem to be mounted in a higher position on the front bumper. A roofline of the vehicle also gets a subtly redesign in order to make the design overhaul more complete. These are about the most part of the new front fascia design change in the upcoming all new 2016 Toyota Fortuner as well as the Hilux.

The side profiles are expected to get some subtle changes as well, while the incorporation of new alloy wheels is highly expected. The rear design of the all new Hilux and Fortuner are also supposed to be more attractive than ever before, as the company is aiming at a more engaging design for all its new vehicles.

Owing to the high customer preference, the new Hilux and Fortuner will retain their ladder-frame chassis rather than going for a monocoque chassis, to maintain the rugged visual appeal. More enhanced versions of the ongoing powertrains are expected to power both the new vehicles.

The next-gen Toyota Fortuner is expected to launch in India in 2016, but in the meantime Toyota India is expected to keep the consumers excited by launching new variants of the segment leader. A new base model trim for the Fortuner powered by the Innova’s 2.5 liter engine, and a new top-end trim with the powerful 3 liter mill are expected to launch in India before the next-gen model comes to picture.

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