Toyota in India and its future plans Toyota is all set to launch New model Vios Toyota and its new driving school in Kochi Toyota vs Eric Dahl-a controversial ad leads to a lawsuit Toyota Not to Use AMT in its Cars The Toyota Corolla Altis – Know all about it The car sharing service has got a new name with i-Road EV Toyota tends to Focus Solely on Safety in India, not Sales Volumes Toyota’s brand new Fortuner to be launched with fresh features in 2016 Latest news from the automobile world-including new, funny ads and stunts


Toyota in India and its future plans

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. The company was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda as a spinoff from his father’s company Toyota Industries. The first passenger car, the Toyota AA, was launched in 1936. Ever since, Toyota has only gone from strength to strength in every car segment. Its long list of successful vehicles include pickup trucks like the Tundra DoubleCab, compact SUV’s like the Matrix, mid-sized cars like the Camry and full-sized ones such as the Avalon.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota’s Indian subsidiary is known as Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd. The Kirloskar Group is a minority owner in this company. Overall, it is the 4th largest carmaker in India after Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Mahindra. Toyota began its foray in India in 1997 with a joint venture with the Kirloskar Group. It has manufacturing facilities at Bidadi and Bangalore, both in Karnataka.

Toyota’s Indian venture has been through lots of ups and downs and in 2014, the company suffered a loss of 180 crore rupees, the first in its history. Much of the blame was put down to a shift in focus from utility vehicles like the successful Qualis and up-market sedans like the Corolla to small cars like the Liva and sedans like the Etios. A lack of consumer interest saw Toyota losing out to its rivals. According to Managing Director of Toyota Kirloskar, Naomi Ishii, a lack of new models compared to Hyundai and Honda may have also hurt its prospects. And while 2015-16 will not see too many new models, the company has driven up production capacities in its various facilities with the hope of bringing out new models.

In particular, Toyota hopes to make it big when it comes to low-priced Multi-Purpose Vehicles, which would contend with the Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster and Honda Mobilio. These models could be placed in the 10-lakh plus range. The new models, according to Ishii, would meet Toyota’s international standards, reputed to be among some of the best in the world. A lot of stress will be laid on safety and even the most low-end of models will be equipped with dual airbags. Toyota is also intending to change its long-term strategy, with a greater focus and after-sales care to build up a solid base in the Indian market. This would help avoid it getting sucked into the numbers game, and would give it solid returns while focusing on its strengths, according to Mr.Ishii.

Ishii also spoke at length on the implications of the latest Union Budget on Toyota Kirloskar in particular and the automobile industry in general. He said that carmakers in India feel discouraged at the very high rates of tax which Indian vehicles are subjected to-which is in excess of 50-60 percent. This is not the case in Japan, and such high tax rates are greatly hinder bulk manufacturing.  He did, however, speak positively of the “Make in India” policy, as the local sourcing of products of parts would greatly lessen the needs for imports.

Toyota, inspite of market vagaries, continues to remain an automobile giant, and Indian customers will be greatly heartened to know of the steps which it has taken to boost its presence here.

Toyota is all set to launch New model Vios

The Indian automobile market is soon going to have a new model from leading Japanese car brand Toyota. The company has been present in India since long and has provided many successful models which have got tremendous response from the car market. The Toyota is coming up with a new model which is named as Toyota Vios. The company is currently testing the model on Indian roads. If market sources are believed the new Toyota Vios will be filling the gap between two traditional rival models Toyota Etios and Corolla Altis. The Toyota Vios is produced at the Thailand Plant of Toyota and sent to different areas of the world. However, in India this car expected at the end of the current year or the beginning of New Year 2016. As per the automobile market expert, the Vios once launched in the Indian market will have nearest rivals as Honda City, Maruti Ciaz and Hyundai Verna in the market of sedan cars.

2014 Toyota Vios

The Toyota will have its third generation of this particular car and a latest model for the automobile segment. There are beautiful features added to this vehicle, which contribute much to bring premium value to the car. The luxurious and elegant interiors, the design, the external look and the safety features are some of the typical characteristics of this vehicle which has derived some quality features from Toyota Corolla. The wheelbase of the car is same as of Toyota Corolla with dimensions as 2550mm as wheelbase, the length of 4410 mm, the width of 1700mm and the height of 1475mm. The engine of this car could be 1.5 litre D4-D with diesel fuel, which is same as of Corolla Altis or 1.5 litre petrol which is same as of Toyota Etios. It could have the power of 88.8 bhp with enormous torque of 205 Nm. This makes it much competitive with Honda City, Maruti Ciaz and Hyundai Verna and, therefore, can fetch good numbers for the company in terms of sales in the Indian market as well as bring fame for the company worldwide.

The company and overall Indian automobile market expect this car as a fortune changer for the company. Currently, the situation of the auto giant is such that none of its latest models has done well in the market, and therefore it is in great need of a substantial boost to increase the market share. Vios can very well perform this task. The latest models of the Toyota such as Etios and Liva have got average response and the sales figures for its other models such as Innova, Altis and Fortuner also have dropped significantly which is a grave concern for the company. The company is expecting this model as a game changer in the competition of the sedans in the industry. The model Vios from Toyota has all the features that can rock the market and seduce customers who prefer cars. It is a good news for all Toyota lovers.

Toyota and its new driving school in Kochi

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. It was created in 1937 as a spinoff from Toyota Industries to create automobiles. The company’s founder was Kiichiro Toyoda.  From the ever reliable Corolla to the excellent hybrid Prius, from the pickup trucks like the Tundra Double Cab and Hiluxes to the mid-size Camry and the full-size Avalon, Toyota’s range of vehicles is immense and impressive. Toyota has a long history of making reliable, versatile cars. It has also been involved extensively in motorsports, participating in Formula Nippon, Formula One, the FIA World Endurance Championship and the Le Mans series among others.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Given its wide variety of interests, it is not surprising that Toyota is investing in driver’s schools also. Driving schools are well known to all, even to those Indians who often evade them to get licenses or a fee!!! However, the importance of driving education cannot be underestimated, since road safety is built upon the building blocks of driver education.  The first formal driver schools began in the UK in 1909-10. The British School of Motoring (BSM) was one of the first such initiatives set up in South London by Hugh Stanley Roberts.  In most modern driving schools, budding drivers learn driving through the aid of an instructor who sits alongside him. Often, licenses are given after the process of learning driving has been completed. Nowadays, driver education is also available online.

Toyota’s initiative to build a driving school is part of its extensive road safety programme. The programme involves partnership building, UN collaborations, specialized projects and the spreading of awareness among others. Among the specialized programmes floated by it are the “safe to school-safe to home” initiative and numerous workshops aimed at spreading awareness on driver safety.

The Toyota Driving School which is being set up to further Toyota’s goal of road safety is being promoted by Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Toyota’s Indian subsidiary. It was inaugurated on the 21st of March, 2015 by the State Fisheries Minister K Babu, the MD of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Naomi Ishii and the Managing Director of Nippon Motors, Babu Moopan.  The programme is in line with the company’s vision of “Safest car with Safest driver” and Toyota will endeavour to ensure that there are no gaps in the education of any drivers, according to Mr ishii. The training programme will be extremely thorough and comprehensive and will include training models like the driver simulator mechanism which will aim at replicating the experience of driving a Toyota Etios. According to Mr Ishii, this driving school will be unique in the sense that its mission directive is to provide quality training to budding drivers instead of just trying to provide them with driving licenses, as is the case with most Indian driving schools today. Also, Toyota aims to set up 50 such schools in dealerships across the country.

In a country like India, where road safety is a massive concern, it is extremely heartening to see a big manufacturer like Toyota doing its bit to enhance road safety and reduce accidents. One can only hope that this novel initiative succeeds.

Toyota vs Eric Dahl-a controversial ad leads to a lawsuit

In 2009, Eric Dahl of Nashville, Tennessee   purchased a Gibson guitar in a Las Vegas pawnshop.  What was to follow next was a bitter-sweet tale full of ups and downs which culminated recently in a lawsuit filed against Toyota.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The guitar was a B.B King “Lucille” model.  “Lucilles” are what B.B. King Guitars are called. For those not in the know, a brief appreciation of guitar legend B.B. King may be necessary. Born Riley B. King in 1925, the legendary American guitarist is widely considered to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time. His distinctive style of soloing would influence every electric blues guitarist in the generations to follow.

He often fuses blues, jazz, swing, mainstream pop and jump into a unique sound.

Some of his most famous hits include the “3 O’Clock Blues”, “You Know I Love You”, “Woke up this Morning”, “Sweet Little Angel” and “Every Day I Have the Blues”.  He was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. He has also been known for his tireless performances, and often used to appear at 250-300 concerts per year till he was seventy years old.
Back to the original story. Dahl, soon realized that the guitar he had purchased was the original “Prototype 1” model which Gibson had given to King on his 80th birthday in 2005.

However, in 2009, the guitar was stolen from King’s home. In November, Dahl ensured the reuniting of the stolen guitar with its legendary owner. As a mark of appreciation, King autographed another Gibson Lucille and gave it to Dahl. In 2013, Dahl wrote a book titled “B.B.King’s Lucille and the Loves before Her” regarding the highly memorable episode. All seemed nice till a copyright infringement which Dahl claimed occurred when Toyota aired a television advertisement which, according to him, was a visual interpretation of the story as present in the Chapters 25 through 27 of his book.

Dahl’s attorney, Jeffrey Galiher, stressed that the lawsuit was filed to protect Dahl’s intellectual property.  Other defendants in the federal case are the advertising firm Saatchi&Saatchi North America Inc. and the video production company Smuggler Inc. Both of them are based in California. The defendants, on the other hand, contend that Dahl’s book is not “substantially similar” to the ad which is at the center of the storm. The ad is meant to be for the 2015 Toyota Camry.  The ad features a young woman who finds a “Lucille” guitar inside a recently purchased storage locker.  In what some claim is uncanny similarity with Dahl’s book, she finds B.B.King and gives him the guitar, and is given an autographed one in turn!!!

In a March 10 order, U.S. District Judge, James Mahan concluded that Dahl’s complaint does adequately allege similarities between the two works.  Both sides are currently engaged in getting evidence and no trial date has as yet been set.  Toyota must be hoping that this unnecessary controversy doesn’t detract from its brand image or the 2015 Camry’s market prospects.

Toyota Not to Use AMT in its Cars

In these days when most car makers like Tata, M&M and Renault are planning to use Automated Manual Transmission in their automobiles, Toyota Motors, the world`s biggest auto manufacturer has refused to use AMT in its future and latest models.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The company has a reason for doing so as it has own research about the AMT. The reason for this refusal is that Toyota thinks Automatic, Manual Transmission may lead to various breakdowns and is not long-working. Toyota has completely red flagged the AMT technology and put a question mark on this technology along the success of AMT technology in the coming future. They state that automatic transmission may have a higher risk for wear and tear in the automobiles, which can be harmful to the prestige of the company as well as the customers. And hence, there is nothing wrong to be with manual transmission technology.

As Mr N Raja, who is Toyota India`s director and V.P  the company thinks that the auto market is no doubt gradually moving towards automatic cars, but we will stick firmly to traditional automatic transmission. It has serious concern of gearbox as the repairing of a gearbox costs a great deal of money and AMT has a higher number of moveable parts and may not be as durable.

As per the background of AMT technology, the Automated Manual Transmission was first used by Maruti Suzuki in India, in its hatchback, Celerio. In India, Demands for the Automated Transmission cars is not enough as these cars are pricier than the cars with manual transmission and these cars are known as lesser fuel efficient cars than manual transmission ones. Merely 3%, sales are fixed for automatic transmission cars in India. If the sources are to be believed, this AMT technology will be tugging the whole car market in coming years. As per the market, though it is not popular till now, but it is expected to rise rapidly following the success story of Celerio which has the AMT. With the growth in the number of auto manufacturers who are designing to launch their AMT powered cars, the market will get more competent and will be increasing the demand for the AMT powered cars significantly.

Many big auto producers such as Tata Motors, Renault and Mahindra are much eager to follow Maruti`s footsteps and are planning to launch AMT powered vehicles with all their capacities to be in the auto market competition. They believe that this technology will be a huge hit in the market and will drive the market in near future.

However, despite the fact about Growth and competition in the near future, the Toyota appears to be firm on its theory about the AMT only. It thinks that as per its views the AMT will not be successful in the long future. The vehicle with this technology has a grave concern with AMT powered cars. Consequently, Toyota does not look overly impressed by Automated Manual Transmission technology and is not willing to go for it also.

The Toyota Corolla Altis – Know all about it

The first Toyota Corolla was launched by the Japanese carmaker Toyota in 1966. The subcompact cars have been a huge hit ever since. Its longevity and popularity can be attributed to the numerous facelifts it has undergone over the years, with many new editions also having been produced.

corolla altis with VVTI badge-1.

corolla altis with VVTI badge

Toyota does not have any fresh launches in mind for 2015, but several facelifts and mid-life enhancements are in the pipeline for many of its cars over the next two years. The new-gen Corolla was launched in India in 2014, and the facelift is likely to be unveiled next year.

The 2014 Corolla was considered to be of the 11th generation. It sported several new features which greatly enhanced its desirability and was radically different from many of its predecessors. For starters, it was a full 80mm longer than the old car, besides being 15mm wider and a bit shorter as well. The sleeker proportions imbue it with a leaner look. The conservative design of the previous editions is swept away by a cursory glance at the 2014 edition, which reveals flared wheel arches, aggressive upswept headlights and LED strips. The new model is also a good 180mm above the road. The rear has an excellent chrome touch and boasts of refined styling.

The interiors are roomier with the seats using a foam which is soft to touch and extremely comfortable. The dashboard is well textured and has a mixture of shades, and it also sports a seven-inch touchscreen. The seats are extremely comfortable with an excellent backrest and a lot of legroom.

Engine options include the same old 138bhp 1.8-liter and an 87bhp 1.4-liter. The petrol is mated to a six-speed manual or a seven-speed step-CVT automatic, with the diesel getting only the six-speed manual gearbox.  The power delivery is smooth and predictable, with the engine having a highly refined output. The overall output may not be too high, but the turbo spike more than makes up for it.

The car tackles the hardest of roads well, which makes it a bright prospect in the Indian market. The suspension takes out road shocks easily. It handles extremely safely, and nimbly, even if it’s not the best handling car ever.

The overall product is thus an excellent-looking vehicle which builds on the strengths of its predecessors while overcoming many of its weaknesses, inspite of its share of shortcomings-such as its not being too well-equipped or the lack of engine power.

And what can we expect of the facelift? The updated Corolla is likely to get a new bumper with a little less chrome and LED DRL’s will also be present on the sides of the lower front fascia. The rear is expected to feature a revised bumper, clear lens tail-lamps and a fixed spoiler among others. Whether new engines are also part of the deal or not is something which we don’t know at present.

The new Altis is expected to make its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show next month.  With a slew of new features, it is expected to only improve upon the highly popular model.

The car sharing service has got a new name with i-Road EV

From the month of April’15 the city of Tokyo, is going to have a new car sharing service on its roads. No doubt at this stage, the service is only on a trial basis only. The service is going to be tested with an ultra-compact vehicle which is battery operated and three-wheeled. It is developed by Park24 Co which is a parking lot operator and the auto giant Toyota Motor Corporation. This three-wheeled vehicle is designed with beautiful features with ease of use and flexibility. It will pair with Times Car Plus Service, which is run by Park24 Co. and will allow its members to utilize the service at any point of time. The test is also going to have some elements from Toyota’s Ha: mo which is well-known as an optimized urban transport system to handle the congestion of traffic on city roads with ease.

Toyota i-Road HaMo

The trial phase of this service is going to be launched on April 10 and will be in effect till the month of September. During this testing phase various data such as usage by different people, their feedback about the service, its feasibility on the road, will be collected and analyzed. The testing phase will also help to use this data to bring certain changes such as any modification in the service, vehicle or activity if requires. It will also contribute to checking the user activity style and receptiveness about this new system. The data will also help to understand the viability and usefulness of the project, in the long run. This system focuses on a one-way transportation facility only, and therefore it will be used for sightseeing and commercial transportation in particular areas. The user can pick up the service from the Yurakucho ITOCiA Times Station and can return it to any of the five destinations provided which are Yurakucho ITOCiA, Asakusa, Tokyo Dome City, Odaiba Palette Town and Tokyo Tower.

According to the market sources, The Park24 is going to offer this service to Times Car Plus members in the corporate category and a few individual members. The system will have online booking for users to check for the availability of service, reservation and specific sign up for mandatory i-road training courses. The service will be charging 412 yen for a unit of 15 minutes, and it can be booked for a maximum period of two and a half hour.

The Park24 is a leading company that has a parking lot network across the Japan and it has created the Car sharing service Times Car Plus as its mobility services for people with the aim of the convenience of the general public. Now collectively both the services have approximately 430,000 members. It offers these members a vast variety of vehicles which include imported as well as compact vehicles. Hence, in the field of car sharing the company possesses extensive experience.

The basic aim of this system is to improve mobility of people and vehicle, get free from traffic jam and lower air pollution. The Ha: mo system is going to link public and private transportations.

Toyota tends to Focus Solely on Safety in India, not Sales Volumes

The world’s largest car maker, Japanese company Toyota has shown that it will be focusing on the safety only as its main concern and will ensure a premium spot in all the segments of auto sector available in India. The presently Toyota is offering airbags with all of its various models irrespective of hatchback, sedan or SUV in India since the beginning of 2015. It has shown the company`s strategy to stay in competition and prove faster. The company does not want to have huge sales and other figures to show high growth in terms of revenue and car units sold, but it wants to have a paramount position of its cars as a most dependable car and a variety of other premium models.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

As per the Senior V.P of Toyota and Kirloskar Mr. N Raja, they want to have a safety and create awareness on it as they are very basic requirements for a dependable car. Even the customers also have started knowing these features as most important features and demand for security features right away. Considering this very seriously, they have started offering airbags as standard across all model ranges in all the variations of their vehicles since January.

According to him the small car market, which is nearly 75 percent of the total auto market is growing rapidly. Being a family car the safety features’ demands and understanding is also increasing. With an awareness of safety issues increasing and regulations likely to arrive in the hereafter, in three to four years the market will be moving up and they wanted to be prepared for this situation in advance.

He pronounced that the Indian Govt. Is also planning to make airbags mandatory for all the automobiles sold in the country, however, it is not that simple process and will take some time, but the step is really an important step for the car makers.. On the other hand, Toyota Motor has already set out its air bag offering in all the examples that are sold in 2015.

The Japanese carmaker company, Toyota when launched models in its mid sided sedan sector such as Etios and Liva, a hatchback vehicle, at that time, it was more concerned with sales figures and market share. But now it has come up with a completely new strategy at present. It is starting to prepare its cars as an entirely safe ride for Indian clients on the Indian roads.

In India, safety is among the most ignored factors when it comes to the production of automobiles. The matter has been taken up many times as most of the Indian cars are prone to more fatality at the time of a severe crash. But still, the government has not created any specific guidelines or any law affecting the safety standards of the vehicles. On the other hand, in European countries and the United States, Safety comes first when it comes to automobile production.

Toyota’s brand new Fortuner to be launched with fresh features in 2016

Toyota, one of the largest automaker of Japanese origin, is preparing itself for yet another success story by launching the new Toyota Fortuner next year. The SUV will have added or transformed features to give the best of performance. The latest model will be mostly launched in the latter half of 2016, owing to the popularity and success of the former or the original Toyota Fortuner, which comes in the segment of the top-most selling cars in the Indian market. The car will retain the current model’s image of being rugged yet stylish, sporty, comfortable and reliable features. The 2016 Fortuner will be based on IMV platform in tandem with the Toyota New Generation Architecture (TNGA).

New Toyota Fortuner

This new generation model shall have a muscular look and a futuristic design that would hit the right chords with the prospective customers. So as it maintains its rugged aspect it will be built on a much lighter yet strong ladder frame chassis that will make it stiffer and better in terms of handling. As far as the engines are concerned, reports suggest that it will retain the current Fortuner’s engine types or may have three engine variations that include 3.0L giving 163horsepower, 2.7L unit producing 160 horsepower and 2.5L version offering 140 horsepower. Also, it is being said that the new engine will be employed for the diesel variant, which shall impart much more efficiency and higher performance. The 2016 model would have 2WD and 4WD transmission options with 4 speed automatic and a 5 speed manual drive, as per your taste and preference. The Japanese company is most likely to increase the length of the 2016 model so as to increase its interior space. The comparatively sleek design and the Green House shape is entirely new along with a kink in the rear window. The thick C-pillar is also supposed to be replaced by an additional glass panel, imparting a floating roof effect. The new design will have in-built fog lights, LED lamps and much more. Also, the interior will be revamped majorly giving more head-space to the driver, an increase in the space between roof and seats, colour pallets being both red and black, a significant boost in the sitting space and a lot more.

The market price of the current running Fortuner is noted as Rs. 22 Lacs. Toyota is also planning for an all new Innova which will be priced at around Rs. 20 Lacs. Hence, to increase the window between the two best-selling models, 2016 Fortuner is most likely to be price tagged a little higher than the on-going price of the present Toyota model.

The new SUV being spotted at a number of occasions and the spy picture doing the rounds in the automobile market, is just adding to the much anticipation about the 2016 model. As per reports, the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo, slated for February, will witness its first look in India. The SUV will be competing with Hyundai Santa Fe, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the latest Ford Endeavour in this automobile segment.

Latest news from the automobile world-including new, funny ads and stunts

A lot of exciting news from the world of cars was released last week.  From exciting tidbits gleaned about the latest Chevrolet Camaro to interesting ads from Toyota and an all-supercar police force, quirky and irresistible are the adjectives best used to describe the plethora of news which we got recently.

Toyota Etios South Africa Exports

Recently, further information has been got about the latest Chevrolet Camaro through an ad dealing with the fifth generation version of the car. At the end of the video, a camo-wrapped car and a V8 rumble make their appearance, only serving to heighten the suspension.  The Camaro, a “pony car” was first produced by General Motors under the Chevrolet Band in 1966. After a 7 year hiatus, production resumed in 2009-10. From what we know about the latest Camaro, it appears to have a wheelbase three inches shorter than its predecessor. This should help its dynamics. Its fuel economy is also expected to be boosted through weight reduction. It is expected that a V8 engine will power the 2016. General Motors has been trying to keep all details about the Camaro under wraps, but these periodic teasers are only serving to heighten our expectations.

Another highly interesting bit of recent news is a funny ad involving the Toyota Aygo. It makes fun of weather forecasters-a much vilified group of people. The latest ad shows Toyota handing over Aygo keys to 3 weather forecasters. The canvas roof was tied to into the forecaster’s predictions for the day. If cold was predicted, the roof would stay closed. Forecasters were also given warm and cold weather gear.

Later, bungled predictions led to crossed signals and expectedly unhappy drivers!!!  What a funny ad!!
The next bit of news involves the latest edition of the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 7. The trailers reveal the crew bring packed into their machines before they roll out of a C-130 transport. During shooting, this is achieved by actually dropping cars from a real plane. Skydivers with expensive camera gear are required to pull off this dangerous stunt which requires a lot of skill and planning.

The Bloodhound SSC is an elite vehicle designed to attack the land speed record. It can reach speeds of up to 1000 mph and at that speed, its wheels will be spinning 170 times per second. If a part of the wheel falls off, we can have a life-ending projectile. The Bloodhound team aimed a large chunk of metal at the protection panel shielding the driver. This chunk was travelling at 2,300 mph and the Bloodhound cleared the test.

Among the latest achievements of BMW is the addition of the i8 to the supercar-laden fleet of the Dubai Police Force. The i8 now forms part of a fleet which also features the Veyron, McLaren 12C and the Lamborghini Aventador among others. A truly eyeball-grabbing lineup!

And lastly, the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce was launched down a wet, narrow parking lot. The 739 bhp supercar managed to hit 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, and it looked even faster. Those who saw the Aventador zooming down the lot were left truly astounded at its capacities.

From interesting to exciting to funky to eyeball-grabbing, automobile-related news for the week is extremely varied, but no one can claim that it’s boring!

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