Toyota Vios a magnificent upcoming sedan The next-gen Toyota Camry captured Toyota Innova Crysta sold 8,171 units in June, marking its highest sales ever Toyota wins Prius name in trademark contest in India Toyota Innova Crysta petrol version’s bookings commence Upcoming launches from Toyota Kirloskar Motor India in 2016-17 The classy and highly desirable Crysta is the best-selling MPV Toyota records an impressive 29% profit in 2016 June The Innova Crysta just gets more popular with waiting period of three months Toyota is keen to invest majorly in artificial intelligence based driving systems


Toyota Vios a magnificent upcoming sedan

The Vios is a luxury sedan and popular in many parts of the globe, but it is unheard of in India, and there is some fantastic news is store. Toyota is all set to launch the Vios in India sometime in 2016 November, and now how amazing does it sound? It is among the best looking luxury sedans in the market, and if you are keen on buying it, let us browse through the intriguing features.

2014 Toyota Vios

The characteristics of Vios that makes it a stunner is the amazing looking headlights, neatly drawn out curves and cutting-edge line designs. Toyota’s motto behind the creation of Vios is to get the owner totally captivated and excited, and the G variant has fashionable trunk spoiler, side skirts and rear spoilers and all these characteristics induces the deep elegance character into the Vios and it is a source of marvel from any corner.

View the car from the front and you will get totally awe-inspired, it is engineered on a new level of aesthetics, and the headlights look attractive to the hilt and so does the radiator grille covered in sparkling chrome, and the sportiness is highlighted by twelve spoke alloy wheels. With the exteriors looking so splendid, then imagine how marvelous the interior is going to look, and the factors that define the grandness is top quality décor and materials, high-end convenience and comfort. Toyota is going to design the seats with top quality leather material and it is well-suited to the taste of the Indian demographic. Every segment of the car looks awesome even the shift lever knob and premium leather covered steering.

For music buffs, the current Vios has a potent acoustic system with 6 speakers, it is unbelievable indeed! And there is so much of storage spaces and more than sufficient head and leg room, the seats are super comfy and is engineered with a 60:40 split folding capacity. You can be assured to feel extremely safe in Vios, the car has dual SRS airbags, brake assist, electronic brake-force distribution, anti-lock brake system. The front seats have whiplash injury lessening and it reduces the occurrence of suffering rear collision and neck injury. The Anti-Jam protection window prevents pinching and injury while pulling the window up. The seat belt pretensioner signals the occupants to fasten the seat belt during event of lurking danger. The car will be sold within a price range of Rs 12 to 18 lakhs.

There is no better news than the arrival of Vios, and it is one car that will stun luxury car enthusiasts to no end. People all over the world dream of owning a Vios, and now the car is headed to Indian markets, and it will certainly drive people crazy. For people who are keen on buying the Vios, it is a great purchase and among the most luxurious, comfortable and safe cars to own.

It will be interesting to view customer response levels towards Vios post launch and it is nothing but spectacular.

The next-gen Toyota Camry captured

There is some awesome news for ardent Toyota car enthusiasts, the company is working on a next-gen Camry car, expected to launch sometime in 2018. The car was captured in testing stage and it was heavily camouflaged and is likely to have few modifications. The upcoming car is the seventh generation model.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

It is exciting indeed to learn about a forthcoming next-gen Camry launch, car enthusiasts were able to trace some details of the disguised car, and some of the revealed features are new tail lights, new bumper and door fitted wing mirrors. Camry is a luxury sedan that is highly desirable in many parts of the globe, and now there is an eighth-generation car to look forward to.

The seventh-generation Camry is going to be engraved with a greater level of innovation, and it will be constructed on an advanced NGA-C platform, invented by the pioneering team of Toyota engineers. The engine too is going to be more revolutionary and powerful, the car will move on a modified variant of the present 2.5-liter Dual VVT-I naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol mill that generates super fierce energies of 178PS. According to reports Toyota is likely to introduce a hybrid variant as well.

The whole world is waiting for the seventh-gen Camry, and a global premier will happen in 2017, and is likely to be sold as 2018 model. The Indian population is surely going to go crazy about the seventh-gen Camry, however it is still unknown whether the car will launch in India or not. The good news is the hybrid car will do its rounds in India.

The next-gen Camry is going to be new source of futuristic invention defined by the ultra-space Toyota New Global Architecture platform. Toyota is engineering the car in a manner to facilitate effective drivability and world-class comfort. It is the TNGA platform that will cater to increased rigidity and reduced weight.

The next-gen Camry is among the most noteworthy introductions of Toyota, and this is a more futuristic model of the previous generations. It is the best feeling ever to own a luxurious Camry car, and it is just unmatched with regard to advanced style and technology. It is one model that is a huge success all over the world.

For ardent Camry fans in India, let us hope positive news of a next-gen vehicle launch is announced soon. This is going to be one car that is worth buying, because it represents a whole new level of technology advancement defined by the new TNGA platform, and there might be a hybrid launch as well.

It is certain that the nation of India is ready for a next-gen Camry car, and this one is going to be spectacular and just amazing. Toyota is likely to launch the car sometime in 2018, and this is going to be a revolutionary launch. Toyota has always been a pioneer of advanced technologies and has been among the great inventions of hybrid car, visible on Camry and Prius hybrid. For now, let us patiently wait for the announcement of next-gen Camry launch in India.

Toyota Innova Crysta sold 8,171 units in June, marking its highest sales ever

The all new Toyota Innova Crysta MPV is getting increasingly popular in the Indian car market after it launched in early May this year. The second generation Innova Crysta has not only gained back the crown of the bestselling MPV model in India to the iconic Innova brand, but has also become the top selling model in the entire utility vehicle segment of the country.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (KTM) has been basking in the outstanding response that it has been receiving from the market for the latest-gen Innova. The new Toyota Innova Crysta is become the highest selling Utility Vehicle in the country for the second consecutive month in June, as the model got the top position in its launch month May itself. The Innova Crysta managed to sell 8,171 units in the month of June, while the new MPV model recorded the sale of 7,259 units in the month of May, 2016, after launching on 2nd of the same month.

Moreover, the sale of 8,171 units in the month of June this year marks the highest ever sales that the iconic Toyota Innova has experienced ever since it first launched in India back in 2005. The Toyota Innova launched at a time when there was nothing like it in India, yet it soon became a favorite of the Indian consumers and ever since has been ruling the MPV segment, until the Maruti Ertiga compact segment snatched that title from it. The Innova continued to remain massively popular over a decade’s time and gained an iconic MPV model in the country similar to its global success. It was well expected that the new and all improved Innova Crysta will carry forward the heritage of the Innova brand in India, although some were doubtful about it as it has become all the more expensive this time around.

The Toyota Innova Crysta has proved all the doubts about it wrong and has immerged as all the more popular in its all new avatar. Toyota was selling an average of 5,000 units of the first generation Innova per month in 2015, and the sales volume were dropping every month. The new Innova Crysta has given a much needed boost to not only the Innova image but also to Toyota India’s falling sales.

The Innova Crysta has already bagged more than 30,000 of bookings within just two months of its Indian launch and now comes with a waiting period of up to 3 months. More interestingly, although a pricier vehicle, almost half of the bookings for the Crysta are for the top of the range automatic variant that is tagged at over Rs. 20 lakhs.

The new-gen Toyota Innova Crysta is a more premium, bolder looking an almost an entirely new vehicle as compared to its predecessors. It gets powered by a new 2.4L and 2.8L diesel engines paired to a 5 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic transmission. Toyota will soon start the deliveries of the petrol variant of the Innova Crysta.

Toyota wins Prius name in trademark contest in India

World’s top selling car maker, Toyota Motor Corporation has won the case over the brand name ‘Prius’ in India. The Japanese car major was troubled when it had to engage in a lawsuit to claim the brand name of its globally acclaimed and highly popular Prius hybrid model in India. However, Toyota gets to keep its iconic Prius branding to itself, as the company has emerged victorious by the High Court judgment about the use of the Prius name for the hybrid sedan in the country.

Toyota Prius Prime

The immensely popular, Toyota Prius hybrid has been around in India for quite some time now. However, the car major later found that another automotive company is using the ‘Prius’ name. The auto firm called itself Prius Auto Industries and also has an accessory manufacturing wing named as Prius Auto Accessories Private Limited. Both these companies however, do not manufacture cars but manufacture and supply automobile components as well as accessories. Toyota Motors also found out that these companies under the name of Prius Industries were also selling various automotive spare parts under the name of Toyota, Innova as well as Qualis. Thus, it became very apparent to the Japanese auto giant that Prius Auto industries is not using the name incidentally, but is intentionally cashing on the vast reputation of Toyota Motor.

Prius Auto Industries as well as the Prius Auto Accessories both held registered trademarks in India. On the other hand, Toyota Kirloskar Motor India, the Indian joint venture of the Japanese car major had not applied for any registration for the Prius name in this country. Nevertheless, the company got wary about the unjustified advantage that the components and accessory supplier was taking of the highly respected global brand value of Toyota Motors and misusing the credibility of the company to make profits. Hence, Toyota filed a case against the so-called Prius Auto Industries in the Delhi High Court back in the year 2009.

The court case lasted for seven long years, after which Toyota Motor has finally got justice in the form of the favorable judgment by the high court. In a final hearing in the Delhi High Court on 8th of July, the verdict was announced which gave the justified right of using the Prius brand to Toyota Motor or its Indian presence Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

The High Court also found that the Prius Industries have done business of over Rs. 20 crore by utilizing the Prius and the various Toyota brand names. Thus, the court has also slapped a penalty of Rs. 10 lakhs on the components supplier as a violation of the trademark rights of Toyota Motors and for unethically taking advantage of the global goodwill of the Toyota Prius brand name to sell its own products in the Indian automotive market by misguiding the Indian consumers. The components company will be paying the fine directly to Toyota Motor.

Thus, Toyota has rightfully gained the Prius brand name in India, which pioneered the global hybrid segment.

Toyota Innova Crysta petrol version’s bookings commence

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India is all ready to launch the petrol version of the all new Innova Crysta MPV to finally solve the diesel ban problem that has been stopping it from entering the Delhi NCR market. Toyota India is going to officially launch the Innova Crysta petrol in the market in the coming week, as per a company dealership. Prior to its market launch, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has commenced the bookings for the same. As per a tweet from Toyota Innova India’s official twitter account, the petrol automatic version of the Crysta is tagged at Rs. 14.7 lakhs ex-showroom.

Toyota Innova Crysta

The new Toyota Innova Crysta petrol will be powered by an in-line 2.7 liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that has the capability to generate a max power of 164 bhp at 5,200 rpm and 250 Nm of top torque at 4,000 rpm. This is the same petrol motor which powers the new generation Innova MPV in the car markets of Middle East. This refined and powerful petrol engine is expected to get paired with a choice of both 5 speed manual and a 6 speed automatic transmission.

The global second generation Toyota Innova has been named as the Innova Crysta for the Indian car market. The petrol version of the Innova Crysta is identical to its diesel counterpart, when design and dimensions and model trims are concerned, with no feature or equipment changes at all, excepting the petrol engine. Similar to the diesel model trims, the soon to launch Innova petrol version will also be offered in three variants of G, V and Z, for sale. The petrol variants are also expected to be priced around Rs. 60,000 lower as compared to the equivalent diesel trims, and this should attract even more buyers.

The new generation Innova Crysta was launched as an all-diesel MPV in the Indian market like its predecessor on 2nd May, 2016, and has received great response from the market despite its more expensive pricing. The diesel version of the Innova Crysta have been garnering great amount of bookings in these two months and has already bagged more than 30,000 bookings. The Innova Crysta diesel variants come powered by 2.4 liter and a 2.8-liter diesel motors, and they currently have waiting period of up to three months.

Toyota India produced 6,000 units of the new generation Innova Crysta in its launch month, but following the increasing demands the company has already increased the MPV’s production to 7,800 units in the month of June. The company managed to sell 8,171 units of the Innova Crysta in June in the domestic car market of India, which made it the bestselling model in the Indian UV segment by outselling the very popular compact SUVs Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

The all new Innova Crysta comes with everything new and improved right from the engines to the chassis. It has also become much more premium now as compared to its predecessor, while flaunting an all new bold design language.

Toyota imports the Lexus LX 450d to India for homologation

The largest global car manufacturing company, Toyota Motor has been considering bringing in its luxury brand Lexus in India for some time now. It has been highly speculated recently, that the Japanese auto major will be introducing Lexus in India very soon. While there have been hints from the company officials regarding the company’s interest in introducing its Lexus in India, there have been no definite conformation from the company, as to when the Lexus luxury brand will be introduced to India, or regarding the Indian portfolio of the brand.

The Indian luxury car market is growing at a very fast pace and thus, has been increasingly gaining the attention of the various global luxury car majors. While the Indian luxury segment is getting flooded with new car models and sales are galloping away, Toyota seems to have finally dropped its inhibitions about launching the Lexus brand in India and is actually preparing to introduce the luxury brand in this country soon. Proving that all the high speculations of the Lexus brand arriving in India, Toyota has lately imported the LX 450d luxury SUV from the stable of Lexus in India. The single unit of the luxury SUV that has been imported into India from Japan, has been brought for certification purposes.

However, it is good to mention at this point that the LX 450d is not the first Lexus model to have been imported in India for homologation purposes. It is the actually the second model, as the first Lexus car that was brought to India by the company was the ES 300h hybrid that arrived just a month ago. In February this year, several reports said that the Toyota India is finally getting ready to introduce the Lexus brand in the country, and these imported Lexus models confirm those reports.

While Toyota Motor has been considering launching the Lexus brand in India for quite long, its head quarter has rejected the idea twice in 2010 and in 2013. So, it is quite apparent that if Toyota India finally got the green signal from its head quarters this time around, then it must have done its market studies very thoroughly and found the results to be favorable.

Toyota’s top official Kyoichi Tanada, recently revealed to the media that the company is planning to launch Lexus starting with the hybrid vehicle models taking the Indian government’s requirements and the country’s environmental issues into consideration. He also added that the company is planning to introduce more hybrid models to meet the government’s requirements in India.

However, many said that the LX 450d that has arrived in India is not a hybrid model. This could mean that the company is also considering regular Lexus SUVs for the Indian car market in future. While these things can’t be clarified now, the one thing that is for certain is that Toyota is actually bringing the Lexus brand in India to fight with the various luxury brands in the country that are basking in success and growing sales rates.

Upcoming launches from Toyota Kirloskar Motor India in 2016-17

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has been basking in the high success of the new generation Innova Crysta MPV that is expected to carry forward the iconic vehicle’s heritage in India. Toyota cars are highly revered in India for their great quality, safety and reliability. The Japanese car major got enraged with the large capacity diesel car ban in the Delhi NCR and hinted of not investing further in new launches in India. However, the company’s decision to launch the petrol powered Innova Crysta assures us that we will get many newer cars from the house of KTM.

The Japanese auto giant has been considering launching quite a few new cars in India in the coming two years. Take a look at these:

New generation Toyota Fortuner premium SUV

The Toyota Fortuner has been the ruling model in the premium SUV segment in India, and the Fortuner fans of the country have been eagerly waiting for the all new model. The new generation Toyota Fortuner launched in 2015 in the global markets, but is yet to launch in India.

The all new Fortuner comes with a totally new design language that is sleeker, more contemporary and more premium than before. It gets completely new exterior and interior design with new features.

The new-gen Fortuner is offered in choice of 2.4 liter and 2.8 liter GD diesel motors offering 160bhp/400Nm and 177bhp/450Nm, respectively. The engines will be mated to a 6 speed manual and an automatic transmission choice in both 2WD and 4WD versions.

It is expected to have its Indian launch by end of this year, priced in the range of Rs. 23 – 25 lakhs.

Toyota Vios mid-sized sedan

Toyota has been considering bringing an able representative in the Indian C-segment by introducing the Vios, which is an internationally acclaimed model. The Toyota Vios will be placed above the Etios and below the iconic Corolla and is aimed to eat into the demands of the Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Hyundai Verna and the lot.

The Toyota Vios is an aggressive and sporty looking sedan that should attract the Indian C-segment buyers. The Vios also boasts of a premium quality stylish interiors and great comfort.

The Toyota Vios packs in a 1.5-liter petrol mill that generates 107bhp and 141Nm and a 1.4 liter diesel engine that offers 87bhp and 205Nm. The engines will be coupled with a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic transmission. It is expected to come in 2017, priced at around Rs. 8 – 10 lakhs.

Toyota Rush

Toyota is yet to enter the popular Indian compact SUV segment, and the company is expected to bring in the Rush compact SUV which looks like a smaller version of the Fortuner.

The Toyota Rush is a 7-seater SUV that boasts of a bold design and good features. It will get a 1.5-liter petrol mill, but for India it might also get a 1.4-liter diesel motor that also drives the Corolla Altis. The Rush is likely to launch in mid 2017 tagged in the range of Rs. 8 – 14 lakhs.

The classy and highly desirable Crysta is the best-selling MPV

The Innova is a highly popular MPV car in India, for years it has comforted thousands of large families. It is the perfect for a large group of family and friends to enjoy memorable moments and just sit back and relax. Recently the Indian unit of Toyota Motor, Toyota Kirloskar Motor introduced the Innova Crysta sometime in May 2016. It is an exclusive launch, and is a more premium variant of Innova. Now imagine how exciting it is to drive a more stylish and grander Innova car called Innova Crysta, it is indeed not at all surprising to learn that it is the best-selling MPV.

Toyota Innova Crysta

So far, from the time of launch in May till now about 20,000 units of Innova Crysta has been booked, it is remarkable indeed, considering the fact that it is a costlier car than the Innova. The demand for Crysta is high, despite the introduction of new regulation on diesel cars, diesel vehicles with engine displacement power of more than 2000cc is not allowed to be driven. This rule has come into effect in Delhi, and it has resulted in a 7% loss on Fortuner and Innova.

Crysta is one stylish MPV car the whole country is after, and for people who are really excited by the thought of buying the car, let us explore the features and get totally amazed to an extent that you will want to buy the car immediately.


When you have a look at the new Innova also called Crysta, you will be surprised, because it looks posher and glossier than before creating a more contemporary appearance. On the front is creatively styled frame-less grille, and the exterior architecture of the vehicle is created to make the vehicle look leaner and more sophisticated. The long slender headlights look great and so does the side profile, 17-inch wheels and arty boomerang shaped wrap around tail lights.


Step into the Crysta and it is just wonderful beyond words, it looks more up-to-date than Innova, the cabin is plush and the design of dashboard is fantastically shiny. There is ample chrome enhancing the aesthetic value of the car. The huge touchscreen looks amazing and there are ample storage spots to tuck in all kind of items from pens to even a small laptop. It is vastly spacious for eight occupants to have a grand time.


The diesel Crysta is equipped with a powerful 2.4 liter GDI engine that releases 147bhp higher than the earlier 2.5-liter car by over 101bhp. The torque energy is magnificent as well and it churns 343Nm coupled with five speed manual gearbox. There is also a new 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that generates shockingly efficient energies of 360Nm and 171bhp linked to six-speed automatic transmission.


The car is sold within a price range of Rs 17.11 to 25.68 lakhs.

The Crysta is a fantastic car to buy, the exteriors are unique and amazing, the interior equipment quality and décor is world-class and engine is incredibly power-packed. If this is your dream come true car, buy it now.

Toyota records an impressive 29% profit in 2016 June

Toyota records an impressive 29% profit in 2016 June, the company made an overall domestic sale profit of 13,502 units higher than only 10,464 units in 2015 June, leading to massive 29% profit. The export market did not witness fortunes, unlike the domestic segment, the firm managed to export just 1,352 units comparatively lower than 1,917 units in 2015 June.

2016 toyota fortuner front

The demand for Toyota cars has been significantly high in the domestic market, but the export segment witnessed a steep decline. It is one car that made the different that has enabled the company to yield commendable sales. It is none other than Innova Crysta MPV, the car launched few months ago, and it is already in huge demand with a waiting period touching three months.

N Raja, the Senior Vice President and Director in the marketing and sales department of Toyota Kirloskar Motor commented on the creditable success outcome of Innova Crysta and said, ‘’we introduced the Crysta in the market few months ago, and it is already in huge demand.’’ It is intriguing to learn about one car Innova Crysta bringing so much fortunes to the company. It indeed should be referred to as an incredible game changer.

The Innova Crysta is among the most desirable cars in the market, and now for people who want to buy the car will have to wait for three months. It is certainly worth the wait, because it is a MPV that offers abundant comfort, luxury and safety to its occupants. For those who own the car there is nothing like it and for people who are now really keen on buying the car, wait for three months, the reason being Toyota has to cater to the overwhelming waiting list which just gets bigger and bigger within a short span post launch.

What makes the Innova Crysta so admirable to the public, it is a more ultra-modern version of the current Innova. When you view the current Innova, it reminds you of a van, but the Innova Crysta does not look too much like a van, it rather has a leaner and posh body. The long pulled back headlights look classy, so does the frameless grille covered in multiple slats.

The interiors too are engineered to create a modish Innova appearance, there is ample space inside, and the quality of material is first-rate. Consumers can hope to encounter top-level comfort in the car, there are around 20 bottle holders and potent air-con vents in the second and third row.

The engine power of Innova Crysta is great, there is a 2.8 and 2.4liter GD diesel engine, the 2.4-liter engine yields 147bhp and the 2.8-liter engine releases 360Nm and 171bhp. The Crysta is loaded with advanced safety features to offer maximum protection, it has child restraint system, rear and front seat belts, seat belt warning, clearance and back sonar, hill start assist control, vehicle stability control, knee, co-passenger and driver airbag.

After browsing through the features, we certainly know why the Innova Crysta is in huge demand, and it alone has contributed the company to churn massive 29% profit in 2016 June.

The Innova Crysta just gets more popular with waiting period of three months

When Toyota launched the Innova Crysta in India sometime in 2016 May, the demand for it was huge. Post launch of Crysta the overall sale of Innova increased to 44% in May, the Crysta is a more premium version of Innova and now in just few month’s post launch the waiting period has increased to three months.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Now, for people who are keen on buying the Crysta will have to wait for three months to await the car. It is an amazing car to buy to just get the experience of owning a more premium Innova, so what is so fascinating about the Innova Crysta that makes it a highly popular car, let us explore.


The most exciting aspect about Innova Crysta is it looks more ultra-modern compared to Innova, and it looks exceptionally classy and sophisticated. It appears slenderer and neat and looks so different from a regular van image as visible on Innova. On the front is a creatively sculpted frame-less grille covered with multiple slates. The styling of the pulled back headlight is great and packed with LED’s to create a striking modish effect. The side view is similar to the previous Innova and the wrap around tail lights looks elegant.


The interior of Innova Crysta looks superb, the black and beige color theme looks marvelous, and it is just breathtaking. The design of dashboard and cabin is new and there is sizeable amount of chrome treatment. Consumers will certainly be stunned by the huge touch-screen on console and there is tons and tons of storage space to just have a grand time, to an extent that there are twenty bottle holders! How amazing does it sound? sit in the second and third row, you can now only enjoy a luxurious ride, but a comfortable one as well, contributed by the potent air con vents. The seats are super comfy and foldable, and there is enough space to fit in a small laptop and how much more luxurious and spacious can a vehicle get.


The car is fitted with an efficient 2.8 and 2.4-liter diesel engines, the power output of the GD 2.4-liter diesel car is 147bhp and the torque emission value is 343Nm and is connected to 5-speed manual gearbox. The 2.8-liter car yields 360Nm and 171bhp and is paired with 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox.


The Innova Crysta is a relatively safe car to drive and occupants will feel protected from all angles. The car has 3 airbags, inclusive of knee, co-passenger and driver airbag, and the other important safety features to take note of is door ajar warning and immobilizer, seat belt warning clearance and back sonar, back monitor, child restraint system and rear and front seat belts.


The car is sold within a price range of Rs 14 to 21 lakhs.

The overall features of Innova Crysta is amazing indeed, it is just spectacular inside out and most importantly one can get a feel of a more exquisite Innova. For people who are keen on buying the car, book your dream come true vehicle now and the waiting period is now three months.

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