The next-generation Toyota Prius expected to get an e-AWD Next generation Toyota Innova likely to debut in October 2017 Toyota Tacoma future facelift rendered 2016 Toyota Tacoma a perfect off-roader Camry is Canada’s favourite mid size car 2016 Tacoma is a tough competitor to beat Toyota safety sense pack on Aygo and Yaris Toyota posts record profit this fiscal Toyota to auction used cars soon in India Toyota Etios Xclusive edition launched in India


The next-generation Toyota Prius expected to get an e-AWD

The next-gen Toyota Prius is expected to be endowed with all the great things possible, starting from a great new design, to better fuel efficiency, to new technological enhancements, all are expected in one single package by the world’s auto enthusiasts. Being the world’s most popular Hybrid car, the Toyota Prius is definitely expected to come with everything most amazing in its all new avatar. Keeping in line with all these high expectations from the new Prius, Toyota is also speculated to be offering an all-wheel-drive version this time. Though there is no official word on it, the Prius fans all over the world are wishing for it certainly.

2016 toyota prius

The Japanese car major is also expected to offer premium variants of the all new Prius with its electric motor which would drive the rear wheels. As per the reports of a Japanese publication, the lenient JC08 cycle which offers the fuel efficiency of 94 miles per gallon will be also more fuel efficient. The standard model of the Toyota Prius offers the fuel efficiency of 40 kilometers per liter, while the e-AWD version of the Hybrid car would offer a much lower fuel efficiency of 35 km per liter or 83 mpg.

As per the reports, the next generation model of the Toyota Prius is expected to increase its fuel efficiency to about 55 miles per gallon. However, an electric all wheel drive system option will definitely negatively affect this fuel economy gain to some extent. However, how much this will be affected is still uncertain, though the e-AWD is also not certain as yet itself. Moreover, Toyota might be incorporating the next-gen Prius with such technology so that the car manages to negate the fuel gobbling tendency of the electric All Wheel Drive system and offer the fuel efficiency that is expected from it.

The all new Toyota Prius is certainly a highly awaited car all over the globe as people are waiting for the car to launch very eagerly for quite some time. Moreover, there are many prospective Prius hybrid buyers are currently putting their new car shopping on hold hoping for the all new Prius to come soon with all its expected glory.

AWD or no AWD, the next generation Toyota Prius is certainly a car that deserves the entire buzz around it. The Japanese car major has endowed an all new design language on the next generation Toyota Prius. Apart from dynamic new looks, new technology, better performance and higher fuel economy, the all new Prius is also expected to offer several other new benefits in order to retain its position in the market. As the market competition is very stiff, the all-time favorite Toyota Prius has been witnessing lower sales as several other new rival hybrid models are cropping up.

The e-AWD version will surely add to the edge of the all new Prius. While the production version of the new Prius was recently revealed, it will hit the market early next year.

Next generation Toyota Innova likely to debut in October

The world’s auto enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the next generation Toyota Innova, which has been in news for quite some time now. The Innova MPV has been one of the most successful and popular models from the house of the Japanese car major, and the company is said to be working hard to make its all new Innova really well equipped to handle the very tough competition in the car markets. The Toyota Innova is not only hugely popular in the Indian car market, but also in the world, however its rivals are many and competition is really getting stiff making life difficult for its elegant and reliable multipurpose vehicle.

Toyota Innova 2016

Thus, Toyota has been busy giving its favored Innova a major update to renew its appeal to the global audience and to beat the increasing market competition. The next generation model of the Toyota Innova is scheduled to launch in the Indian car market in early next year. However, nothing yet has been confirmed by the Japanese car major who is maintaining silence over this development. Nevertheless, it is expected that the new generation Toyota Innova will be getting its world premiere within this year.

According to the latest reports now, the new-gen model of Toyota Innova will be first making its appearance in the car market of Indonesia in the month of October this year. As per the report of an auto portal, the market launch is expected to take place at the 2015 Jakarta Auto Show that will be taking place alongside of the 2015 Indocomtech from 28th October to 1st November, 2015.

The report adds by saying that the all new Innova that is also known as the Kijang in some markets. The report also says that the new Innova will be coming with better design, improved safety features and enhanced body stability than the current model. The new Innova will be equipped with dual airbags, ABS and middle seat Isofix system which ensures better safety for the rear passengers including children.

Under the hood, the all new Toyota Innova is expected to be powered by a new 2.4 and 2.5 liter diesel motors mated to 6 speed manual as well as automatic transmissions. The all new Innova is built on a new platform and is expected to be lighter and more efficient than the ongoing model. The new Innova gets a new front fascia with a larger grille and redesigned front and rear bumpers. Moreover, the new avatar of the very popular MPV will boast of new projector headlights along with LED DRLs and new fog lamps.

On the inside as well, the all new Toyota Innova is expected to be better designed and equipped featuring dual-tone upholstery, new steering wheel, a new touchscreen heads-up unit. Post its launch in India, the new-gen Innova will be rivaling the likes of the Nissan Evalia, Renault Lodgy and Honda Mobilio. The next-gen Toyota Innova is likely to cost around Rs 1- 1.5 lakh more as compared to the ongoing model.

Source: autonetmagz

Maruti sells more than 50000 AMT vehicle models

India’s undisputed car manufacturing leader, Maruti Suzuki India has managed to sell more than 50,000 units of its vehicles that are equipped with its Automated Manual Transmission or AMT gearbox. This makes it apparent that the Maruti Suzuki introduced AMT variants are hugely popular and successful in the Indian car market.

maruti celerio amt

Maruti Suzuki is the most loved and trusted car brand in India, as the Indo-Japanese company has been offering reliable value for money vehicles over decades to win over the Indian car buyers. Encouraged by the huge trust that the company enjoys, Maruti Suzuki dares to introduce new technology into the market that others are still doubtful about introducing in the price conscious Indian market. Maruti Suzuki thus went ahead introducing the AMT technology first time in the Indian car market last year, and to its surprise the technology received outstanding response that surpassed the company’s expectations.

Maruti Suzuki introduced the Amt gearbox with the launch of the Celerio global hatchback in February, 2014. Like the brand new Maruti Celerio, the brand new AMT variant also became an instant hit, and demands spiraled for the affordable automatic transmission variants of the car. Maruti then introduced the AMT version of its popular Alto K10 hatchback as well, which also lures great many buyers.

Maruti Suzuki was struggling to cater to the rising demands for the automated variants of its cars, but the Indian car market leader has been doing a great job in reducing the waiting period. The waiting period for the Maruti Suzuki Celerio AMT variant was around 4 months, but in November 2014 the company announced that it has reduced the waiting period for Celerio automatic to 6-8 weeks.

At present, the variants equipped with AMT account for 25 percent of the total sales of the Maruti Celerio and Alto K10 together. The company’s Executive Director of Marketing and Sales, R.S Kalsi said that the Auto Gear Shift technology’s primary advantages are its affordability and driving ease in heavy traffic conditions without any fuel efficiency compromises. These benefits have led to the huge popularity of the technology in India. It is another great instance of Maruti’s capability of bringing the right technology with the right price. He added by saying that in keeping with the company’s aim of selling 2 million vehicles per year by 2020, Maruti Suzuki will be focusing on bringing many more such customer friendly technologies in India in the future.

Maruti Suzuki is planning to introduce the AMT to more of its cars, the company is also planning to set up the AMT unit production facility in association with Marelli at its Manesar plant that was expected to commence this year.

Maruti Suzuki currently offers the automated variants of only the Alto K10 and the Celerio hatchbacks. The new Maruti Alto K10 auto gear shift variant is priced at Rs. 3.94 lakhs, while the car’s CNG version has been tagged at Rs. 3.96 lakhs (Ex-showroom, Chennai).

2017 Toyota Tacoma future facelift rendered

Toyota is a popular company when it comes to the market section that deals with pickup trucks and as the Toyota Tacoma got launched, it scared off almost all the big ones. The Japanese company Toyota is world famous for the extravagant features its vehicles usually boast off. When the competition in form of Chevrolet Colorado appeared, everyone thought that the days are over for the Tacoma as Chevrolet’s pickup truck came with some power packed features and a beautiful yet rugged design. But all the speculations proved to be wrong as the Tacoma remained unaffected. Thus proving the act once again that when it comes to off roaders, Toyota still remains the favourite choice. And even worse for Chevrolet Colorado, it didn’t even perform the way it was expected to on its individual basis. Well, that proves one thing at least; Toyota can outperform any other vehicle when it comes to the on-road performance or the sales numbers.

2017 Toyota Tacoma

But as it is very common in the automotive world that when a vehicle underperforms, the developers tend to get stressed out and feel under pressure to make the desired changes. The same thing is expected to happen with the Colorado, a new marketing strategy or some new modifications can be announced quite soon. And thus, in order to maintain the upper hand over Colorado, the makers of Tacoma have to come up with some new innovations and added features into the truck. And for one thing, the exterior design specs of the Toyota midsized truck are in dire need of modification. And going by the past record of Toyota, the latest modification can very well be expected to arrive in a few months time. Well, that’s another occasion for the ardent Tacoma fans to rejoice eh?

The ruthless competition can’t allow the vehicles to stay away from tiring facelifts, such is the case with the biggest of car companies across the world. However, they bring lots of new features for the consumers, which makes such facelifts something to anticipate for. And even though the process becomes too tiring for the developers, the boosted up sales numbers are almost enough to lift their spirits up. Same thing is expected with the Tacoma, as the midsized pickup truck is already a hit among the consumers, especially the off-roaders, the new facelift is expected to add some new members to the already huge ‘Taco’ fanbase.

However, we very certainly are unaware of the thoughts going on in the Toyota think tank regarding the changes to be made to the vehicle, we can very well expect it to be better than ever, stronger than ever, faster than ever and the more suitable for off-roading than ever. The famous artist Theophilus Chin will be doing the designing for the latest model and given his popularity in the automotive world as a designer we can assume some very fine changes will be made to the Tacoma which comes with Fortuner’s front and the rear of Hilux. This is possible as the current model of the Tacoma looks like this only.

2016 Toyota Tacoma a perfect off-roader

When it comes to the mid-sized pickup truck segment, Toyota is the unabashed leader with Tacoma. However, the likes of Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are two tough competitors but Tacoma outsells the both with a big margin. One reason being the strong features and built that comes with all the Toyota vehicles, including this mid size truck. The new Tacoma is ready to enter the market segment and Toyota has very high hopes from the midsized truck as this will further concrete company’s position in the segment.

tacoma with gopro mount

Getting a facelift after a decade, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will be having some added features and will feature some specs from earlier version. The truck will be basically catering to the ‘adventurer’ and off roaders segment of the consumers. However, there is no denying on the usefulness of the vehicle for all the purposes but considering the rugged built and the strength of the vehicle, it’s no rocket science to understand the ultimate objective of the truck. The ardent fans often playfully call it ‘Taco’ and they will very certainly be excited upon knowing that the truck, in the latest update, will be getting the ‘crawl control’ feature, which is a very hi tech and upmarket technology featuring some very advanced controls and sensors. This will be the very first time when this technology will be making its debut in trucks. This bold decision by the Japanese developers is expected to take them several steps ahead of their competitors.

The vice president of Toyota’s U.S operations, Mr. Bill Fay recently said that most of the Tacoma buyers like to take their vehicle off-road as reports revealed that more than 40% of the Tacoma vehicles in the country are being used for off-road purposes. So, the latest modification of the pickup truck will make the experience smoother following the inception of the Crawl Control technology into their vehicles.

The said feature will prove to be the perfect assistant for the off-roading skills of the driver as it will be performing many duties in order to prevent the slip-ups and some basic errors the drivers make. Most of the vehicles in the same segment solely depends on the driver’s skills in order to avoid the unwanted occurrences during the travelling through harder terrains, while in the new Tacoma, owing to the crawl control, the smart computer system will get activated during harder situations and will be doing the job of providing brake assist to all the four wheels and will control the gas at the same time. This is a very fresh technology which will prevent a lot of accidents and will provide the drivers with the necessary help during the times when they usually panic thus leading their way into an accident.

In order to test the said system, Toyota reportedly invited some automotive journalists who gave a try to the system and they all concluded that this is a very unique experience and makes Tacoma safer than most of the vehicles out there.

Camry is Canada’s favourite mid size car

Canada’s midsized passenger car market has been very interesting since past few years. Toyota, the Japanese carmaker’s Camry has been competing with the Ford Fusion for the ultimate supremacy over the market section and so far, the competition has looked quite even. Camry started it all with being the country’s top selling mid segment car for back to back three years, 2006, 2007 and 2008 while in the next three years, Ford’s car stole the show as it removed Camry to become the top selling car in the segment for the years 2009,2010 and 2011. And after that, Camry regained its status as the top player in the year 2012 with Fusion becoming the top seller for back to back years 2013 and 2014.

2015 toyota camry facelift

2015 toyota camry facelift

Despite having a better overall performance than Camry, the road isn’t easy for the Fusion. However, it was named as the best seller in its respective segment for the year 2014, its sales declined. The sales for the Fusion were recorded for the year 2014 with a 11 percent drop along with its other competitors, most importantly the Camry, which also recorded a fatal drop in total number of sales in that particular year. The overall midsized passenger car segment in the country declined with a big rate of 11 percent which was a massive blow to the carmakers competing in the segment.

Let’s talk about the present scenario; the sales numbers for the Fusion cars are still on a fall as the company marked a sales drop of around 15 percent in the first seven months of the current year which amounts to 1687 units of the car. The overall market segment recorded a drop of a very disheartening 3 percent. The big companies who are suffering from this all time low in the market section are Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Mazda 6, Kia Optima, and Volkswagen Passat among others.

On one side, the overall market is suffering with a bad phase, but on the other side Toyota Camry has been reported to be on a very amazing success streak. Through the end of the July, Toyota’s share grew to 16 percent, 2 percent higher. In fact, the total market share of the Toyota vehicle from January 2015 to July 2015 is around 2 percent higher than it was when the last time the car was the top seller and better yet, Camry is going strong enough that we can safely presume that this year belongs only to Camry when it comes to mid-sized car market section in Canada.

This is quite good news for the leading Japanese carmaker company and more good news for Toyota are related to another most successful of their products, Corolla. The vehicle is ranked second overall in the list of Canada’s top selling cars and it has shown year by year improvements to earn the spot.

Toyota vehicles are insanely popular among the Canadians owing to their high end features and the very comfortable driving experience they provide. And these numbers are enough to boost up the confidence of the carmakers to carry on with the great job in the North American country.

2016 Tacoma is a tough competitor to beat

Toyota Motors launched its midsized pickup truck Tacoma in the U.S market back in 2005 with a very high level of anticipation among the consumers regarding the product. And the aura around the vehicle made sure that the vehicles rakes in some very high sales numbers, and that is exactly what happened a decade back. The truck proved to be a big success. But one thing the fans found hard to digest was the fact that the company wasn’t willing to come up with any changes to the model in more than 10 years. Now this is an era when the vehicles get face lifted every 3-5 years usually but the negligence of the Toyota was very hard to understand as they are known to be the ‘consumer’s company’ across the globe. But it seems like the waiting period has finally ended as the new facelift of the celebrated pickup truck is almost here.

Toyota Tacoma 2016

The new 2016 Toyota Tacoma will be making its way into the showrooms and the dealerships sometime around this month in order to make up for the losses they incurred due to the global financial crisis. The new facelift is going to add some new features to the pickup truck such as a GoPro camera mount which will be providing a helping hand to those adventurers who want to capture each and every moment of their voyage by mounting a camera on the front. And other than that, the new facelift will also feature a brand new V6 engine which is more powerful than before, a new technology for off roading.

Bill Fay, the division vice president and the general manager said recently that Tacoma has always been America’s favourite vehicle for off roading and the adventure sports purposes since it got launched back in 2005. And more so, much before Tacoma debuted on the American soil, Toyota trucks have always been the top favourites among the Americans and he promised that they will keep delivering such high quality products on a very regular basis. He further added regarding the new Tacoma that with this one midsized truck they have gone many steps ahead of their competitors and this truck is highly popular among the American youth who boast off a very adventurous spirit along with a very outgoing nature. He also said that not only the youth, the middle aged and the senior members of the society will also be benefitted from the product as there is no particular age restriction to go on an adventure.

The main competition for the truck will be provided by Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon, with both of them pretty strong for off roading in their own individual way. However, Tacoma seems to have an upper hand among all the others in the segment and with the arrival of the new face lifted model, Toyota stands to be pretty much stronger.

Bill Fay further added that more than 40% of the total Tacoma owners use their vehicle for the off roading purposes and with the arrival of the new ‘crawl control’ technology, the experience will me made even better.

2016 Chevrolet Colorado diesel price 33,705 USD

For the up and coming 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, GM has set the final price of the car and the full and final towing specs. The car is an efficient turbo diesel engine powered and will be launched by the end of the year to hit the international car arena with a storm.

2016 chevrolet colorado

The latest mid-sized diesel version will the only one in its particular segment and will face no competition as it starts its sales run by the end of 2016. The new Chevrolet Colorado is powered by a massive 2.8 litre turbocharged diesel engine with four cylinders and as it is expected from a vehicle of this calibre, this will churn out a maximum power of 181 horsepower with a peaking torque of 369 pound-feet. For a much smoother operation, it is laced with a balance shaft along with an anti-vibration damper and a common rail injection, direct. GM says that this is going to be the cleanest and a very powerful diesel engine. However, given all the amazing specs, the only factor determining the success of the vehicle in the respective market segment will be the comfort level it offers to the consumers but given the long list of good specs, it does looks like a sure shot winner.

On the rear drive models, Chevrolet will be rating the Duramax powered truck at up to a massive towing capacity of 7,700 pounds which is quite fascinating and unbelievable at the same time. However, the turbocharged diesel engine will only be made available with the crew cab models in LT or Z71. Chevrolet said that it will be priced a bit higher than the regular trims with a V6, with the difference in the price being 3.730 US dollars. Although, Chevy hasn’t given a final confirmation on the pricing list as of now but given the fact that the price has been already released for the 2016 Crew Cab Colorado with the base price amounting to USD 29,080 without including the diesel cost and add the destination cost of USD 895, the total price for the Colorado Duramax 2016 is somewhere around USD 33,705.

Also offered with an all-wheel drive, the turbodiesel Colorado trucks will be offering a maximum towing capacity of a whopping 76, 00 pounds which is among the best in the segment.

And how come a Chevrolet vehicle of this calibre won’t have a string of world class features? The added standard features on the latest 2016 Colorado are a six speed automatic transmission, hitch receiver that comes along with a trailering package, a trailer brake controller, a diesel exhaust brake system, a locking rear differential and what comes along with the all wheel drive models of the Colorado 2016 is the two speed transfer case which is going to be electrically controlled.

The Colorado family which adds Apple’s CarPlay application functionality in the 2016 Colorado vehicles, another second year addition is the turbodiesel engine.

However, we will very soon be driving the 2016 Colorado vehicle, so stay with us for further updates.

2015 MINI Countryman launched in India

BMW, the world famous luxury car producer, had halted the assembly of Countryman in the country a few weeks ago. But now BMW has launched the 2015 Mini Countryman in India which is going to cost 36.50 lakhs, ex showroom price, New Delhi. The vehicle will be brought in India through the CBU route as the earlier one saw a declination of total sales. The new model which has been launched just recently will be having an array of changes aesthetically and changes will be seen also inside the cabin. Being touted as a Sport activity vehicle this one, like the earlier Countryman will also be made available in just the diesel variant.

2015 MINI Countryman

Featuring a contoured bonnet, the new changes will bring a slight modification of the front fascia. The Hexagonal grilles have also been redesigned and it now is laced with larger Xenon headlights along with the beautiful foglights. Strikingly remarkable wheel arches will provide a good overall look to the 17 inch alloy wheels, overhands has been shortened and the ground clearance increased. The rear side of the vehicle gets curvy and beautiful LED lights with a muscular tailgate adding quite a bit of width to the overall design of the countryman with the twin exhausts gives the vehicle a cool sporty look. However, the changes made to the exteriors are quite standard, nothing too groundbreaking but there is no denying to the fact that they do contribute to the overall brilliant design of the car. BMW is widely known for the look its cars boast of and this one looks like a true beauty from the BMW herd.

While talking about the insides, we are going to see quite a good list of changes. For the better view of the driver the seats have been lifted a bit in the 2015 MINI countryman and the seats are made of very fine material which is very upmarket and seats are adjustable for the driver and the co-drivers. The dashboard remains the same with its beautiful circular shape. The makers have this time provided the consumers with many options to choose regarding the colour combinations, upholstery elements, trim elements and the new interior colours which are quite fascinating. However these changes do give the car a premium feeling but still nothing too groundbreaking to mention here. The consumers will be also getting a multi functional steering wheel along with the 6.5 inch multifunctional infotainment screen which will provide the entertainment in audio and visual forms. For additional music experience, there is a radio MINI boost CD laced with an efficient 640 watt loud music system which comes with 10 speakers, promises to provide an excellent entertainment experience during the longer and tiring drives. You can also have Panoramic Sunroof if you like it.

Let’s come to the powertrain of the vehicle. A turbocharged 2.0 litre and four cylindered diesel engine will power the car and is expected to churn out a maximum power of 112 bhp and a peak torque of 270 Nm.

Toyota safety sense pack on Aygo and Yaris

Toyota’s small models also will be having the widely acclaimed safety features such as the automatic emergency braking and the lane departure warning. The models which were recently laced with the features are Yaris Supermini and Aygo City car. Toyota declared in earlier this summer that the smallest trims of Aygo and Yaris will also be getting the aforementioned features as an option which will follow the installation of the said specs in Avensis and Auris.

2014 toyota aygo

2014 toyota aygo

Safety sense package will be bringing major safety features for both small cars. The pre-collision feature will warn the drivers if the vehicles detect any chances of a collision. The pre crash brake assistant will do the job of providing extra force to the brakes in case the drives decide to use breaks to avoid the collision. And if the driver doesn’t use breaks, then the highly efficient Autonomous Braking system will take the charge and will slow down the car to a speed of 19 mph without even the permission of the driver. These features will do a great job of reducing the number of accident which is on a rise per year.

Along with the above mentioned features, there also is the lane departure warning feature which will notify the driving in case he gets distracted and go out of his lane. Both audio and video warnings will alert him regarding the issue which is quite good and technologically advanced.

And what also is added? The automatic high beam technology which is a very essential part of the entire new pack of safety features. This hi tech system will enable the car to think itself and automatically it will switch between the low and the high beams. This was installed keeping in mind the problems which are faced by the drivers when they drive at night and the lights from the vehicles challenges the visual ability. This is one of the top reasons for road accidents at night as the drivers need to have a complete vision of the road in order to keep the car away from the pot holes and other things which are potentially very harmful and can become the cause of a major accident.

This is a huge step from Toyota motors as it has proved once again that driver’s safety is the main concern. While all other companies are busy giving their cars fresh sporty looks and lacing them with technologically advances features, safety generally gets sidelined but the steps taken by Toyota motors is quite commendable and it is expected that more companies will follow the trend and provide some high quality safety features in their lower trims as well. As of now, the advanced safety features are enjoyed mostly by the owners of the big shot cars.

However the inclusion of these new features will prove to be a little more costly for the owners of these cars. But some of the expense can easily be recovered as now the insurance aspect will be minimized.

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