Toyota recorded admirable 17% growth in 2015 February The plush Indian spec Vios is expected to launch anytime soon A splendid teaser image of 2016 Fortuner 2016 Innova sports a new contemporary styling Toyota India will not have any new launches in 2015, except Hiace New Corolla Hybrid captured with intriguing front dynamics in China The time tested, tough Toyota Land Cruiser The mystery behind the esteemed popularity of Innova in India Two majestic Cross car Etios Cross versus Fiat Avventura Toyota Kirloskar Motor introduces road safety training for drivers


Toyota recorded admirable 17% growth in 2015 February

Toyota Kirloskar Motor, the Indian arm of Toyota Motor Corp has recorded a 17% growth in 2015 February. The firm sold 13,280 units higher to 11,286 pieces sold a year ago; the exported market witnessed a significant growth with 24.84% profit. Etios series is a key player and the company exported 1,478 units, higher to 1,184 pieced exported in the corresponding period.

New Toyota Fortuner 2.5litre

New Toyota Fortuner 2.5 litres

The company has recorded admirable profits in 2015 January as well, with 15.46% profits, the Whole Time Director and Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Shekhar Vishwanathan, said, the budget announced this year is towards progress and trigger to fuel vast business development. The budget emphasizes on skill development, insurance and job creation, and the lowering of custom duty prices on manufacturing costs and raw materials will aid in greater progress outcomes of Indian automobile industry.

The Senior Vice President and Director of the marketing and sale department of Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, the automobile market is hoping to witness a reduction in excise duty in order for the industry to re-witness growth momentum. The Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley is working out strategies to fund electric vehicle construction and technology.

The automobile market scenario in India has been sluggish for over two years; sales have taken a setback mainly caused by the pressurized macro-economy. Inflation took a toll on the affordability of petrol and commodity prices. The annual consumer inflation rate in India increased to 5.11% in January, significantly higher to 4.28% noted a month earlier.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is a highly established auto brand in India and for years the firm has amazed the public with top quality cars. Some of the best sellers are Corolla, Etios, Etios Liva, Fortuner and Innova. The automobile market is showing signs of improvement, and to sustain the high-intensity competition and economic pressures, companies are adopting localization and cost-effective strategies.

There are some amazing upcoming Toyota cars to look forward to, and there are fresh products that are not very common to the Indian market. Within the year 2015, the company will launch Camry facelift, 2015 Hiace and Vios. In 2016 the company will introduce Avanza two wheel drive (2WD) and 2016 Innova.

The year 2015 and beyond is exhilarating for ardent Toyota fans, the new product range extends from affordable to luxury cars. The new products are 2015 Hiace and Vios, it is a commendable strategy for the company to introduce a couple of uncommon products in India, to fight the harsh competition.

The company has churned 17% profits on the current range of products, and with the forthcoming models, the attraction towards the Toyota brand is only going to get bigger. The new Innova is a more contemporary variant of the current model, and the same strategy is incorporated into the new Fortuner, and driving the two luxurious family cars is going to be more desirable than ever.

There is no better feeling than owning a brand new Toyota car and the upcoming model line-up will drive anyone crazy.

The plush Indian spec Vios is expected to launch anytime soon

Toyota has a classic surprise for the Indian crowd, the upcoming Vios luxury sedan, for quite a while there have been extensive reports on the car. It is a huge hit in international markets, particularly Asia and will be positioned between Etios and Corolla. The company is geared to capture the plush car market yet again, and it is a huge threat to Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Skoda Rapid, Nissan Sunny, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento and Honda City.

2014 toyota vios

2014 toyota vios

For some amazing piece of information, reports state that the launch is expected to happen soon, how exciting is it to test drive the new Vios? It is a splendid looking car, covered with phenomenal luxury and sheen. It has a well-proportioned body with professionally sculpted bonnet, grille and headlights. Buyers who are completely mesmerized by the details of Vios, let’s browse through the intriguing characteristics.

Vios is an exquisite sedan and the exterior styling is inspired by the advanced Corolla Furia design concept. The structure of the classy octagonal grille is similar to the Indian spec model; the side view has tints of sportiness and a robust shoulder line, the rear view is not very different from 2014 Toyota Corolla, filled with huge inventively styled wrap around tail lights covered with glossy chrome.

The inner décor of Vios is lavish to the brim and resembles the new Corolla with regard to the design structure and nature of equipments. The dual tone black and beige color theme is marvelous, and there are bits of silver to accentuate the sparkle of the black and beige combination. It has a state-of-the art 2-Din music devise, potent air con vents at the rear and audio controls on steering.

The forthcoming Vios is high on engine power and, the company has introduced a couple of engine options, which is a powerful 1.5 liter VVT-I petrol mill and an efficient 1.4 liter D4D diesel engine. The petrol car yields fierce 141Nm torque and 107bhp power energies and the diesel model pumps out 88PS power. The transmission systems are 5-speed manual, the standard equipment and 4-speed automatic.

The crowd is totally taken in by the dimension of Vios, it is 1475mm tall, 1700mm wide and has a wheel base measurement of 2550 mm. Toyota has earned great fame with the luxury sedan car market in India visible on Corolla, and now there is a Vios model to look forward to, and the arrival date is said to be round the corner.

From the design and development of Vios, it is a strong contender of the plush car market, and a hot topic of discussion is the power of Toyota to rule the posh sedan market with the car. It is pitted against a series of rivals, and the fiercest contender most of us would believe, is the new Honda City.

It will be interesting to observe the efficiency of Vios in India, and the public will surely be blown away. It is a highly fascinating new car to go after, and let’s wait for the launch and tuck in.

A splendid teaser image of 2016 Fortuner

Toyota is a globally acclaimed brand and has produced world class models such as Corolla, Etios, Etios Liva, Fortuner, Innova and so on. The company is geared to amaze the crowd in India with the new 2016 Fortuner. It is an exceptionally stylish and powerful model; people have driven through the length and breadth of India and in Fortuner.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

The country is fascinated with Fortuner and the 2016 model is going to be as potent as ever, and will be engineered with an advanced ladder-frame chassis technology. The prime selling feature of the car is fierce off-road power and sporty nature. The diesel car will run on an efficient 3.0 litre D4-D engine and customers can choose from two and four wheel drive options.

The first teaser of 2016 Fortuner has been published; Toyota will introduce the car together with new Hilux pickup. It is exciting to learn of a 2016 Fortuner launch, and it is a bigger surprise this time. According to sources, the car will flaunt a more contemporary design retaining the off-road and rugged nature.

Based on the nature of teaser image, reports state that Toyota is incorporating a new design language into the car, different from the styling language of the very first model unveiled in 2005. The outline of greenhouse is novel with kink in back window and the dense C pillar is substituted for glass panel.

For those who are completely mesmerized by the teaser image of 2016 Fortuner, an Indian launch is expected to sometime during the beginning of 2016. Some of its arch rivals are Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Endeavour, Chevrolet Captiva, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Ford Endeavour. It costs Rs 20 to 25 lakhs.

The teaser images of 2016 Fortuner looks great, it is among the significant upcoming launches. It is a highly popular car in India, and the new model will arrive in a grander package. The year 2015 and beyond is packed with new launches, the level of competition of the Indian automobile industry has elevated like never before, mainly because the markets weakened at one point, inflation rose to new heights and sales took a setback.

Toyota hopes to fight the grilling competition and unpredictable economy with 2016 Fortuner. For years driving the Fortuner is nothing but highly enjoyable, and the forthcoming car is going to be all the more enjoyable. The scheduled arrival period is 2016, and it is a long way off, and for most of us the wait is hard, but the firm has injected new waves of surprises into the car.

The 2016 Fortuner is an amazing new product to go after; the first sight of attraction is the contemporary design structure, greatly visible on the teaser image. Toyota is going to style the car with an all new design language. Many of us would wonder about the actual real world picture of 2016 Fortuner, it is surely going to be splendid.

Toyota is developing a new Innova car as well, build on the same new strategy lines as 2016 Fortuner, and it too will have an ultra-modern body compared to its predecessor.

2016 Innova sports a new contemporary styling

Toyota Kirloskar Motor, the Indian unit of the Japanese based firm has manufactured class-performing vehicles such as Corolla, Etios, Etios Liva, Innova and Fortuner. Among the lot, a model that has worked well with the nuclear family system in India is Innova. Step on the roads, and it is impossible to not spot an Innova.

2016 Toyota Innova

The family bonding system in India is strong, and Innova is the best medium for families and a bunch of happy friends to explore a relaxed city ride or a vacation. For some amazing piece of information Toyota is working on a next-generation Innova, and news about it is not new. So what is so special about 2016 Innova, it is an exclusive new multi-purpose vehicle launch, and has a greater sparkle and fashion statement than the present car.

An image of 2016 Innova is splashed on the web, and the exclusivity is engraved in the new styling. The teaser picture looks splendid and from it one will discover that the new Innova is a contemporary variant of the present product. Sources were mesmerized by the design of rear windows, and Toyota’s new design language is clearly visible on the front. Analyzing the new concept of design technology, it is clearly evident that it is the second-generation Innova car.

Apart from just being marvelously stylish, it will be infused with innovative technologies and will have a novel ladder-frame chassis. According to the buzz, Toyota may display the 2016 Innova to the public at the prestigious 2016 Auto Expo Show. The car will offer top quality comfort and convenience and safety. It has state-of-the art touchscreen infotainment system with steering mounted controls, rear air con vents, automatic climate control, ABS and dual front airbags.

The car market in India is going through an intense competition phase, and the level of intensity is higher than before. Toyota is the ruler of the MPV market contributed by Innova, but Honda has emerged with a strategy to overtake Innova with Mobilio. The 2016 Innova is certainly a hard one to beat, because the company has built it in accordance with the modifying taste trends of the present demographic.

The arrival of 2016 Innova is a threat to Chevrolet Enjoy, Honda Mobilio, Maruti Ertiga, Nissan Evalia and Tata Aria. It costs Rs 9 to 15 lakhs and the expected arrival period is early 2016. The excitement with 2016 Innova is inscribed in a more plush looking and contemporary architecture, a hot topic of discussion is how much more stylish is it from its predecessor.

The exterior framework on 2016 Innova is not very different from the earlier car, it is just a more well-groomed product, and it is the finer lines that make a difference. The 2016 Innova has a neater windshield. The styling of the front and rear windows is the same, the windows in the third row have an arty V shape design. The side design is elegant, with robust shoulder line that merges with tail light.

The front grille of 2016 Innova has imaginatively constructed headlight clusters, and the structure of it draws inspiration from new generation Corolla. How exciting would it be to own the 2016 Innova? It is an ultra-modern variant of the previous car, and it is a great purchase to explore happy family moments.

Toyota India will not have any new launches in 2015, except Hiace

Japanese auto major Toyota Motor’s Indian joint venture Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) will not be launching any new vehicles in the country this year, excepting the Hiace people mover. The company has itself revealed about this strategy for this year to the media.

Toyota HIACE

During an interview, Toyota Kirloskar Motor’s Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing & Sales, Mr. N. Raja said that the company would not be any new product launches this year, confirming the reports.

In the last year, TKM had offered many launches including two new model launches. The company had launched the mildly refreshed models of the Etios sedan and Etios Liva hatchback. The company had also launched the Etios Cross based on the same Etios platform to venture into the new pseudo SUV segment of India. Moreover, TKM had launched the more stylish and bolder looking all new Corolla Altis in India, which was probably the company most important launch in India, considering Corolla’s iconic status. Buoyed on the new launches, TKM received good market performance with a considerable sales boost.

However, the current year of 2015 will be rather dull for Toyota India, as the company will not be launching any significant models this year. Nevertheless, TKM will be launching many new variants as well as special edition models of its existing products in order to have sustainable sales rates for the year. Toyota has also launched a new entry level model trim of the Fortuner SUV with a 2.5 liter engine and a new 3.0 liter all 4 wheel drive AT variant of the SUV in the last month.

TKM will also have a sole new model launch in India this year in the form of the Hiace people mover. The company has already announced about its plans to launch the new Hiace to the Indian car market in mid 2015.

While this year, the world’s top auto maker will not be launching many new models in India, next year will be a big launch year. For 2016 TKM is all geared up to launch the new generation models of two of its bestselling products in India, namely the Innova MPV and the Fortuner premium SUV. As per the reports, the all new Innova and the all new Fortuner are expected to be introduced to the world this year, while their Indian launches are highly expected to be taking place on the platform of the 2016 Indian Auto Expo which will be held in February next year.

While the big launches are reserved for the next year, TKM will retain the interest levels of its customers by introducing on special edition models and new model trims of its existing vehicles.

Toyota is also reportedly more focused on reinstating its premium and reliable status in India currently rather than simply focusing on increased sales. As part of this new strategy, TKM is trying to increase its safety levels for the Indian customers and has started offering airbags as standard across all its car models in India from the beginning of this year.

New Corolla Hybrid captured with intriguing front dynamics in China

Toyota is a highly acclaimed automobile brand based in China, and its luxury product range is a huge success all over the globe. Most of us would dream of owning a classic Corolla car at least once in our lifetime. The company is now building a Corolla hybrid model, and it drove the crowd totally fascinated during a prestigious event in China. A Chinese launch is expected to happen sometime during the latter periods of 2015.

2015 Corolla Hybrid

2015 Corolla Hybrid

A new Corolla hybrid car sounds exciting, and the company has not built a hybrid variant out of the present generation model in US or Asean markets. The upcoming Corolla hybrid is developed to cater to the demands of the Asean market and the same styling and features will be adapted to the Indian spec car.

The new Corolla hybrid has a redesigned front, and how did the public discover that it is a hybrid model. The discovery was tracked through the blue Toyota theme, and the same logo is incorporated into Prius and Camry hybrids sold in Indian markets. The car has re-structured headlights, front bumper and grille, and the vision here is to minimize the drag co-efficient.

The Chinese spec Corolla Hybrid is fitted with a powerful petrol 1.5 liter engine, engineered with the advanced Atkinson cycle technology and also a powerful electric power-train. Toyota has earlier introduced its innovative hybrid technology strategy into Camry and Prius hybrid. There has been a considerable demand for Camry hybrid, and it alone has accounted for more than 75% sales.

Toyota’s line-up of luxury vehicles is extraordinary; Corolla is a best seller in many parts of the world, along with Lexus, Vios, Prius and Camry. The company has experimented on advanced hybrid technologies with Camry and Prius cars, and now there is a hybrid Corolla car to look forward to, built out of the current generation model.

The awareness towards the benefit of eco-friendly technology has progressed leaps and bounds, and hybrid cars are among the initially developed technologies. The vehicles run on electric and conventional engines. Camry and Prius are high sellers of the hybrid vehicle segment. It will be interesting to learn about the future developments of Corolla hybrid, the spy model was captured in China, and it will work for the benefit of the population, in terms of reduction of pollution levels, which is a concern in the country.

Toyota’s automobile esteem presence is significant in India, and the firm launched the new Corolla facelift months ago, sometime in early periods of 2014. It turned out to be a huge hit and a sight of marvel, for some interesting information, it a more contemporary variant of the previous generation car, packed with greater levels of grandeur and comfort.

The Chinese population can soon get a taste of new Corolla hybrid, and it will surely fascinate the crowd, who will be thrilled to drive something that is high on style, comfort, power and technology.

The time tested, tough Toyota Land Cruiser

The world’s most selling car manufacturer, Toyota Motor has been offering a number of great car models across the globe. The Toyota Land Cruiser is certainly one such vehicle from this famous Japanese car major which has withstood the test of time and is going strong. The Land Cruiser has been around for about 31 years and has been serving all sorts of adventure and tough drivers all across the world.

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The Toyota Land Cruiser has always been a very capable and tough vehicle that has not learnt to give up, no matter what sort of rough or unpredictable terrain it faces. The vehicle is known for its flexibility and toughness on the rough terrains over the long journeys. The Land Cruiser is thus the time tested and trusted vehicle to depend on in the most hostile driving conditions. The vehicle is often seen on TV news channels footage, forest documentaries, the war stricken or natural calamity struck areas in the world.

The Land Cruiser has been manufactured in several models in the past and each of these models had been unique despite the fact that the difference among these models were kept to the minimum. The first model of the ionic Land Cruiser was the J70 that was produced back in 1984. This first Land Cruiser came with a short chassis and 3 doors and featured round headlights and springs for shock absorbers for both its front and rear.

After 6 years of time, due to improved technology, the next Land Cruiser model the J71 came into being. This one featured a new grille, new fender and a refreshed bonnet. The model’s headlights were redesigned in a square shape, while it had a long chassis with 5 doors. The model offered 3 engine types, namely a 2.4 liter 22R petrol mill and a 2.4 liter and a 2 liter TE diesel and turbocharged diesel motors.

Then came the J10 4.7 V8 edition model that was in third generation and it shared the suspension system with the ongoing models of the Toyota Hilux Surf, 4Runner as well as FJ Cruiser. It is equipped with a 2.7 liter diesel mill with a 5 speed automatic gearbox.

The last models of the Land Cruiser Prado are namely J150, KDJ150R and VX that were sold in Australia, and the 3.0D and 4D in Europe, which also meets the needed emission standards in these markets. These models also featured 5 doors and came in TXL and VXL model trims. These variants carried a spare tyre under their floor in the UK, while the spare tyre is mounted on the boot lid in Australia and Argentina.

However, the popular and highly potent Toyota Land Cruiser models also have a disadvantage and that is the availability of the vehicle’s spare parts. While the Land Cruiser parts are quite expensive, the genuine ones are not easily available as well. The newer models of the Land Cruisers are very much electrical and sophistic for the local mechanics to repair.

Leaving these issues, the Toyota Land Cruisers are just superb.

The mystery behind the esteemed popularity of Innova in India

The high-esteem brand value of Toyota in unmatched all over the world, and its presence in India is significant. In the country, the firm has introduced ace luxury cars such as Corolla and Fortuner, but a common simple yet elegant looking car that is a big hit among the mass is Innova. Step on the street and every second model is an Innova multipurpose vehicle brand.

toyota innova limited edition

toyota innova limited edition

There is no better car than Innova, for a large group of family and friends to enjoy life to the fullest catching in on all the interesting activities in town. It is the perfect vacation car to just sit and back and relax on the super comfortable seats. So what are the factors that make Innova truly desirable?

The drive rhythm is smooth and generates efficient torque and power outputs, higher than many of its rivals. The car is engineered with a robust exterior frame and efficiently absorbs the expected shocks on challenging road terrains, which makes it all the more fascinating to maneuver on well tarred and off-roads.

Customers can hope to acquire an overload of comfort and convenience for a reasonable price, and it is the prime strategy of Toyota to incorporate so much of power and convenience at a cost-effective rate. Innova is a car for the mass, and appreciated among the high-profile business demographic.

Innova is eye-catchy at first sight, and a perfect gift for large families, the well-proportionate body provides an elegant and homely stance. It is incredibly safe as well, and Toyota has engineered the exterior frame with rigid Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) structure, and it is a pioneering shock absorbing technology that protects occupants during the on-set of unexpected dangers. The other well-equipped security fittings are passenger’s side airbags for ZX and VX cars, driver’s side SRS airbag, anti-lock braking system and engine immobilizer.

Toyota is developing a new Innova a 2016 model, and it is a more up-to-date variant of the past. Innova is a best seller of the multipurpose vehicle market, but the company is wary of the current and future competition. Honda some months ago introduced its classic Mobilio, to overpower the competition threat provided by Innova, and Renault is building a new Lodgy model.

The 2016 model looks more modern and classy, and it is a source of amazement, and it will super fun to test drive the car, to just feel the rhythm of a more urbane Innova. From the developments of the new model, it is certain that Toyota will regain its competitive multi-purpose vehicle edge.

A hot topic of discussion is Toyota’s power to continue to rein the multi-purpose vehicle market with Innova. The market space is going to be flooded, but it is hard to forget the age old Innova, and this time the 2016 model will flaunt a more futuristic design than before. Buyers who are keen on 2016 Innova, it is a great new product to go after.

Two majestic Cross car Etios Cross versus Fiat Avventura

The crossover market of the Indian automobile industry is flourishing, and there is some excitement for the adventure freak. Toyota surprised the crowd with its class Etios Cross model, and Fiat’s greatest surprise in the sporty vehicle market is Avventura. Now choosing between the two is the toughest decision ever, it may not have to be so tedious after all, if we just do a comparison.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Summer is soon approaching and for those who are into some crazy adventures, Toyota Etios Cross and Fiat Avventura are classic products. Let’s now choose the better of the two, Etios Cross is a cross model of Liva, and it looks nothing like Etios Liva. The difference lies in the side plastic cladding. It is eye-catchy at first sight, contributed by the huge front grille, large headlights, trendy alloy wheels and stylish fog lights. Avventura is like a typical gigantic SUV, and the mere sight of it, will tempt sporty car enthusiasts to just jump in. It has a massive mesh like grille, and the fitment of spare wheel at the rear elevates the spectacular rugged nature of the vehicle.

The insides of Avventura is rich to the core, and the richness is highlighted by the pitch, compass and roll gauge. The inner décor of Toyota Etios Cross is not very appealing and rather mundane compared to its arch competitor. The decision can however vary depending on consumer preference levels, if you keen on a really rugged interior look, then go for the Avventura. If you are into simple yet professional sporty kind of interiors, then Etios Liva Cross is the car for you.

Fiat Avventura

Fiat Avventura

Now coming to the most important aspect, that defines the power of cross car, the engine. Etios Cross and Fiat Avventura are sold with a diesel and two petrol engines. The petrol car runs on a potent 1.2 litre engine that pumps out fierce 104Nm and 7bhp energies. The other petrol car is equipped with a powerful 1.5 litre mill that emits 104Nm and 89bhp. The diesel model on the other hand is installed with 1.4 litre unit and generates 170Nm and 67bhp.

The Avventura petrol moves on 1.2 litre mill that gives out 96Nm and 67bhp and the other higher end model has a 1.4 litre engine that churns 115Nm and 89bhp. The diesel model is fitted with a robust 1.3 litre mill engineered with the advanced Multijet engine technology and gives out 209Nm and 90bhp.

Even with the detailed description, it is still difficult to opt for the better model, because both cars are insanely desirable at first sight. Etios Cross and Avventura are equally attractive, Etios Cross will attract those who are into simple yet elegantly sophisticated sporty cars and Avventura flaunts an appearance that will drive a sporty car fanatic crazy.

The same holds good for the interiors, Etios Cross is an assortment of professionalism and sportiness and Avventura is packed with elevated sportiness. The two cars are on par with each other on the engine front as well.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor introduces road safety training for drivers

The traffic scene in India is hectic, and rash driving has become common, more widespread than before. The country has undergone an industrial revolution turn in the past years, with establishment of many software and e-commerce industries. For many of us, it is a task to drive at ease, because the traffic is just scattered and only a handful abide by the rules.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota Kirloskar Motor, an eminent Indian unit of the established parent firm, is aware of the recklessness of Indian traffic and the need to impart road safety education. The company has organized a road safety camp and has partnered with (BIAL) Bangalore International Airport, Sankara Eye Hospital and Sakra World Hospital. To be able to drive smoothly and responsibly, our senses have to be in pace, and one of the modules of road safety training is health check-ups, through frequent eye tests and also free spectacles will be rolled out to those battling blurry vision.

Toyota Kirlokar Motor and other collaborators are conducting the road safety event in full scale. The goal is to spread knowledge to more than 1000 drivers from a wide range of taxi services in the city. Road safety experts are training drivers to efficiently and safely pass through all the terrain challenges that one encounters on a daily basis. It is a forty minute challenge and participants will be tested and mentored on highways and night travel, the other critical areas that will be tested is, the responsibility of the driver to wear seat belt and make optimum use of all the existing parameters.

With a strong initiative to promote road safety, Toyota India has collaborated with premium institutions such as Commission for Global Road Safety and (IRTE) Road Traffic and Education, a unit of United Nations Road Safety Collaboration. The firm desire of the company to push the importance of road safety dates back to the year 2005. The company has alerted the youth to imbibe the benefit of safe driving at an early age, and knowledge has been imparted to kids between 10 to 14 years of age from Karnataka, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

The luxury brand value of Toyota in India is praiseworthy, Corolla Altis was conferred with ‘Executive Sedan of the year award in January, and the winning traits are top quality engineering and ground-breaking engineering technology.  Toyota has for years developed efficient modules to firmly promote the power of safe driving practices, and it is the reason for the extended trustworthiness towards Toyota brand.

The impact of vast economic gap is visible in India, and there is a section of society that is educated and there is also a handful of the population that is not at all exposed to education. For the taxi driver, a car is considered to be a source of luxury and he is so excited about the thought of sitting in it, and is not at all aware about the importance and life saving benefits of road safety. To rectify the issue Toyota is reaching out to taxi drivers and training them with an in-depth knowledge of lane security.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has undertaken an excellent venture to educate the public about road safety. With the quality training across many sections of society it is a step towards the reduction of road accidents.

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