Vios captured again in mysterious spy state Toyota will introduce Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sometime in 2018 or beyond The innovative I-Road concept a perfect adventure for two occupants The first driving school introduced in Kochi called Toyota Driving School Toyota Mirai – A Quick Preview 2016 Toyota Fortuner – A Quick preview Software glitch in the Toyota RAV4 and its implications An amazing exterior outline of the spied front segment of 2016 Fortuner Etios Liva an arch rival to Maruti Suzuki Swift A well-executed video of what might be called 2016 Corolla facelift


Vios captured again in mysterious spy state

Toyota has an amazing new sedan for Indian market, Vios, the car was spied several times, and car enthusiasts have captured another spy image, this time in Bangalore. The introduction of the car in India is confirmed by Toyota Kirloskar Motor. The company stunned the public with Corolla Altis and the new vehicle flaunts a more premium demeanor. The addition of a new Vios will add layers of creditability to Toyota’s range of luxury products in the country.

Toyota Vios rear end

Vios is not all that popular in India, it is a blockbuster hit in favorable markets of Asia, and according to reports, and it is rolled out in as many as eighty countries. Toyota has earned a profitable spot with the vehicle in Thailand and it is a prime export destination. Customers will surely be thrilled by the visual dynamics of the car, it has a wheelbase measurement of 2,550mm, and its height and width dimension is 1,475m and 1,700mm respectively. It is a light weighted vehicle and weighs just 1,075kg.

Vios is high on engine energy and powered by an efficient 1.5 liter four cylinder petrol mill that churns 114Nm and 107.5bhp and is coupled with four speed automatic and five speed manual transmission gearbox. With so much of intrigue and exhilaration surrounding the car, when is the scheduled arrival date, sources say it is expected to happen sometime in 2015.

Vios is an exceptionally popular car in overseas markets, and for probably the first time, Toyota is introducing the car in India. For those who are excited by the mere sound of it, it is the next big exclusive sedan in the market, and its presence will heighten the competition power of the aggressively competitive automobile market to a whole new level. It’s most sought after arch rival is Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

The exterior architecture of Vios is professional and a representation of exclusivity visible on headlight, grille, bonnet, roof line and tail light. As fascinating as the exteriors is the interiors, packed with grand aesthetics and comfort. The inner décor is premium and refined with fine leather seats, and the steering wheel looks posh as well. There is a state-of-the art music system with 6 speakers, the seats are super comfy with 60:40 split folding capacity and there is sufficient space to fit in tons of luggage. Occupants can be the rhythm of exclusive luxury in the vehicle with more than sufficient leg and head room.

Along with the incredible lavishness is world class safety, Toyota has incorporate world class safety fittings into the vehicle. It has anti-lock brake system, electronic brake force distribution, SRS airbags, brake assist, anti-jam protection window and whiplash injury lessening, tilt sensor, siren with battery backup, force limiter and immobilizer.

The known expected arrival date is end of 2015 and the likely price range is Rs 12 to 18 lakhs. The launch of Vios will certainly amaze luxury car fanatics to a whole new level and it is amazingly rich, feature packed and technologically advanced.

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Toyota will introduce Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sometime in 2018 or beyond

Green Car technology is progressing rapidly and Toyota is a big player, the company stunned the crowd with its Camry and Prius hybrid vehicles. Automobile companies all over the globe are working towards the advancements of eco-friendly cars, and the latest hot topic of research and development is hydrogen fuel cell technology and Toyota is building a Mirai fuel cell car.

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

The principle behind the operation of Mirai is it runs on hydrogen gas that combines with atmospheric oxygen and forms electricity that drives the vehicle. Hydrogen fuel cell system is not a common term, but the awareness of it has expanded recently and the demand for it is enormously high. Toyota is building the car in large scale and for some interesting piece of information, orders have started to pour in, and the expected arrival period is sometime in 2018.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology appears to be a highly innovative market of the space age, and Mirai is ideally developed on the lines of futuristic technology. The vehicle is packed with new advanced technologies, and Toyota is working on supreme quality and efficiency, and mentioned it is a press statement recently. Earlier reports revealed an earlier launch date and it has now been postponed, and the company has apologized for the delay.

How exciting would it be to drive Mirai, and it is a product of high-tech development, Toyota commenced the sale process in December in home town Japan. In January around 1,500 bookings were placed out of which 60% stemmed from the high-profile corporate arena and governments, and the remaining from the public. For some intriguing piece of information, the people who placed orders where men above the age of 65 and even older, and further details on booking has not yet been disclosed.

Mirai is a handmade car and costs 5.2 million Yen which is $43,010, and the manufacturing process is being carried out by only 13 workers at the established Motomachi factory situated in central Japan. Up till now Toyota has build three Mirai vehicles, and the current goal is to build about 700 fuel cell cars. The production outcome will be heightened in the year 2016 and the aim is to manufacture 2,000 units and in 2017 the company hopes to construct 3,000 units.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a flourishing area of research and development, Honda too is working on fuel cell vehicle. The significance of Mirai is displayed at the amazing 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and for those who are keen to have a firm glimpse of the vehicle can head to the event, it is open from the 5th to the 15th of March.

Toyota will unveil the vehicle sometime in 2018, which means car enthusiasts will have to wait for a few years. The wait is however worth it because a grand surprise is on its way, Mirai will transform occupants into ultra space age, and years from now there may be many more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the streets.

The innovative I-Road concept a perfect adventure for two occupants

So many new advancements have emerged in the automobile world, and the latest innovative trends involve green car technology and the concepts discovered are electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technology. The discovery of green vehicle technology is highly beneficial with regard to improved sustainability and reduced emissions, but what about a convenient mode of transport that facilitates smooth urban drive. Toyota has a solution for you, the i-Road concept.

toyota i-road

The i-Road concept is different from other high-tech vehicles, it is a three wheeled electric vehicle and from the design architecture it could resemble a car and bike. Toyota has engineered the vehicle with an advanced ultra-compact design technique. The concept is called personal mobility vehicle, and two occupants can tuck in, and sources will be reminded of a typical racing car or bike, and the difference is the narrow architecture. It is 56.9 inches tall, 33.5 inches wide and 92.5 inches long and according to the company the car has a dimension similar to a bike.

How exciting would it be to sit inside the i-Road concept, and it will offer immense protection, it has a potent roof panel that offers protection under varied weather circumstances and acts as a safety barrier as well. Like any other ultra-space concept, i-Road is intensely technology packed, equipped with self righting gadgetry which comprises of geared actuator connected to front wheel suspension and Active Lean technology. The movement is monitored by software, and leaning degree is controlled by a computer system and ensures that the front wheels are firmly balanced. The movement of vehicle through corners is controlled by steering angle and gyroscope. The gyroscope also rectifies imperfections on linear movement.

An interesting point to note is the vehicle does not have handle bars, and in place of it is an artistically sculpted squircle steering. It is engineering with front wheel drive electric technology, the power is contributed by a highly efficient electric engine that churns 2.7bhp and moves on potent lithium ion battery. The entire charge process happens in just three hours.

Toyota’s favorable export destination is Europe and automobile companies all over the globe are developing new eco-friendly car theories and Toyota on the other hand has immersed into a new line of development with i-Road concept. The vision behind the construction is to cater to the needs of urban demographic. If it is cost-effective, it is a sort of vehicle that will benefit the mass population.

The i-Road concept is a great source of convenience and it can transport two occupants at a time. It is filled with technological advancements that offer incredible protection and safety; it will be interesting to observe to what extent the technology progresses. Europe is renowned for being an automobile technology hub and it is certainly a promising destination.

If Toyota decides to introduce i-Road concept in India, then it will work in favor of the population, and it will probably be a suitable travel alternative to three wheelers. The only concern would the lack of infrastructure.

The first driving school introduced in Kochi called Toyota Driving School

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is a renowned Indian unit of the established Japanese based automobile enterprise. The company has for years produced top quality cars, scattered around the luxury, van, sedan, cross and sport utility vehicle range. Besides being a pioneer in manufacturing first rate vehicles, the firm launched the first ever driving school in Kochi.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The newly established driving school is called (TDS) Toyota Driving School, and the selling punch line for the institution is deep-rooted safety mission. The organization will be managed by the company’s reputed service and dealership unit, Nippon Toyota. The school was inaugurated by the Managing Director and Chairman of Nippon, Babu Moopan, the Managing Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Naomi Ishii, and State Fisheries Minister Babu K.

Naomi Ishii addressed the gathering on the launch of the company’s first driving school and said, ‘’as we set to launch out pilot driving school, it is an important day for us, road safety is an issue that requires immediate consideration, and it is a great opportunity to adopt significant solutions through the construction of the first driving school.’’

The traffic management system in India is weak, and there is a handful of the population that adapts to efficient road safety. Reckless driving has become the norm, which should have otherwise been infrequent and punishable by law, like followed in organized first world countries.

Toyota’s mission behind the establishment of Toyota Driving School, is to ensure everyone has the right to feel safe, and the company gave a press statement saying, our goal is to not only build cars with high-tech safety, but also ensure skilled driving practices our adapted to the maximum with a viewpoint that driver’s absorb the essentials of safe riding practices.

There are so many driving schools in the country, but the knowledge of secure driving is rarely visible on the streets. Toyota’s approach to Toyota Driving School is varied, and the vision is to impart the knowledge of safe driving. Students will be exposed to extensive curriculum covering a diverse range of essential practical and theoretical topics.

Toyota is among the big contributors to the enormous market share volumes churned by the Indian automobile industry. The streets are filled with a diverse range of vehicles from simple makes to high-end luxury vehicles built by Indian subsidiary units of highly reputed international brands.

Step on the streets and we are exposed to grave dangers created by reckless drivers, the reckless driving is not only limited to cars, also busses, two and three wheelers. It is totally unnecessary, Toyota has initiated a fantastic move of introducing Toyota Driving School, and it is the need of the hour. Only when the reality of unruly driving practices is showcased to the public, the population will adhere to the rules. It is important to follow traffic signal regulations and drive on a single lane.

The launch of Toyota Driving School is certainly a step towards a vast change of stringent lane discipline. Years from now there would hopefully be stronger lane disciple and lesser room for unwanted accidents.

Toyota Mirai – A Quick Preview

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by an electric motor which uses hydrogen and oxygen and thus emits no pollutants. Toyota hopes to lead the market in this segment, and the first Mirai’s will be available in the market in late 2016 in Hawaii. Ironically, Hawaii has no oil wells. All fuel has to be brought to the island through transportation. It would thus be extremely convenient if alternative sources of fuel could be used. Can the Toyota Mirai prove to be the solution to Hawaii, and the rest of the world’s fuel worries?


2016 Toyota Mirai

2016 Toyota Mirai

It would be wise here to first talk about the Mirai. It is a midsize sedan with numerous futuristic attributes.   Among the car’s distinctive features are two huge front air intakes. Their principal aim is to keep the fuel cell cool enough to ensure it to operate.  A sculpted dashboard and high-end readouts are also a staple feature of the Mirai’s looks.

The Mirai’s ride quality is pretty good, and it feels extremely smooth and pleasant when driven.  However, its acceleration is rather poor, and it takes 9 seconds to reach from naught to sixty. 3 driving modes-Normal, Eco and Power, are possible with the Mirai. Apparently, the Eco Mode allows for a more fuel efficient ride.

The fuel cell’s only emits water, which makes the prospects of a reduction in noisome automobile emissions very bright. The fuel cell endows the Mirai with a range of 300 miles on the 5 kg of hydrogen kept in the two tanks under the rear seats, which are made of powerful and tough carbon fibre.
However, several challenges must be overcome before fuel cell vehicles can take to the market in large numbers. Currently, the Mirai is expected to be sold at a price of $ 57,900, which makes it extremely pricey. Efforts are being made by Toyota’s fuel cell division to cut down the cost of fuel cells.  Also, infrastructure needs to be put in place to ensure the speedy refueling of Mirai’s throughout the globe. Currently, much of the world’s hydrogen is being produced by steaming it out of natural gas, which, unfortunately happens to be  a fossil fuel, that too one which is scarce in many places. Filling stations are also few and far between, with only 4 operational stations in Europe-2 in Germany and 2 in Denmark.   Alternatives are being studied, with the US government attempting to create a hydrogen refueling station in Hawaii using solar energy.  This system is expected to use electricity generated by photovoltaic panels on the roof, and then electrolysis would be used to secure the production of hydrogen.

Toyota intends to build 700 Mirai’s this year.  A number of Mirai’s are expected to be tested continuously, and the feedback of this revolutionary vehicle will undoubtedly contribute to the development process.

The Mirai is a path breaking vehicle which may reveal the future of the automobile industry. At the same time, in order to meet the aim of mass producing a fuel cell powered, non-polluting vehicle, and extensive work needs to be done, particularly as regards the setting up of crucial infrastructure and logistical management.

2016 Toyota Fortuner – A Quick preview

The first Fortuner was introduced in 2009, with a facelift occurring in 2011.  It has been sold in various avatars-the four- wheel -drive, the automatic and a combo of the two, a four-wheel drive auto.  All these versions have been hugely successful and Toyota has planned to increase its grip on the Indian market by releasing the 2016 version of the Toyota Fortuner later this year.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

Excitement continues to greet the anticipated launch of the Fortuner, with the front end of the SUV having been revealed through spy shots taken by the Headlight Magazine. Recently, the nose of the 2016 Toyota Hilux was also leaked.  Going by the look of things, it seems that both models will be significantly different from their current generation avatars.

The new Fortuner looks sleeker but make no mistake; its profile is still unmistakably that of an SUV.  The Twin-Salt Grille based on V-shaped has chrome surrounds on the borders along with projector headlamps which are wraparound. These headlamps also resemble those on the Camry. The new Fortuner is expected to come with a floating D-pillar. For those not in the know, the D pillar is the vertical support dividing a car’s rear windscreen from its rear window.  The blacked out pillars produce a “floating roof” effect. It will also be based on the Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle platform which underpins the Hilux and the Innova as well.  It will thus be based on the tried- and- tested ladder-frame chassis, one of the simplest and oldest of all designs.  The ladder-frame design offers good beam resistance, and enhances the vehicle’s overall height also.

Other design features include the broad chin on the front bumper. It merges with the grille and sports daytime-running lamps which are based out of LED at the corners and round fog lamps. The side fenders goes well with the wheel arches and are capable of accommodating large, 12-spoke alloy wheels.  The windows are smallish with a prominent kink sported on the glass-area at the C-pillar. This gives the windows a unique, stylish look. It also sports a high beltline.  The 2016 Fortuner will boast of a lower intakes and kick-up rear haunches similar to those on the Corolla Altis. Toyota claims that the Fortuner will boast more space and luxury inside in spite of its sleeker and less upright look.

The design is considered to be based on the same philosophy guiding the Lexus and “Spindle Grille”. Some reports state that such a design philosophy would make the SUV look more premium than its pickup avatar. Its design is also apparently more in conformation with the current generation off-roaders which Toyota has.

It is also expected that the Fortuner will sport new diesel and petrol units, mated to manual and automatic gearboxes. They are also expected to feature both 2WD and 4WD options.  Other reports, however, suggest that only slight changes may be made in the current model’s engines to fit the 2016 model.  These changes are likely to be minor tweaks for better fuel efficiency and emissions.

Production is expected to begin in July. The market eagerly awaits this new SUV, which appears to be an irresistible combo of good looks and power.

Software glitch in the Toyota RAV4 and its implications

Toyota recently announced that a software glitch has been noticed in parts supplied by Tesla Motors. According to Toyota, the components belong to the Electric Vehicle Traction Assembly. These are a part of the propulsion system. It may cause the affected vehicles to shift to neutral.  It may result in the production of a “Check EV System” warning message.  If the vehicle shifts to neutral, an increase in the risk of a crash may result due to the loss of drive power.

2014 Toyota Rav4

2014 Toyota Rav4

The magnitude of the problem being very significant, Toyota has announced that it would repair 110,000 of its vehicles in the US. Among these are 2,500 Toyota RAV4 electric crossovers.  The crossover’s electric propulsion system was being supplied by Tesla from 2012. However, the sales of the RAVE4 were discontinued because of a general lack of popularity of the vehicle.

Tesla has also supplied powertrain systems and components to Mercedes-Benz’s and Daimler’s electric cars. These glitches could badly hamper Tesla’s future prospects, and the Fremont based electric car-maker recognizes this.  According to Tesla, electric vehicles being highly dependent on software to operate, minor glitches could cause severe vehicular malfunctions.  Tesla seems to have accepted Toyota’s decision grimly and will no doubt be seeking to make amends.

Toyota’s recall announcement was part of a bigger notice which also pinpointed a separate problem as affecting over 100,000 2015 Camry, Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid vehicles.  This problem seems to have been related to the damage of a circuit board, which might cause the electric power steering system to malfunction. This will naturally increase the risk of accidents.

Let us now take a look at the specifics of the car which has been affected the most- the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 was first produced in 1994. It was the first ever compact crossover SUV ever created. Over the years, it has undergone numerous changes, all of which have helped to enhance its reputation as a versatile, excellent-handling car.  The latest RAV4 is considered to be a fourth-generation vehicle and it debuted in 2013.It is offered in 3 trim levels- namely the LE, XLE and Limited levels. All have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder churning out 176 bhp of power. It is mated with a six-speed automatic gearbox.  Based on the trim in question, a plethora of features are accessible, including rearview cameras, a touchscreen interface, dual-zone automatic climate control and a power lift gate among others.

The latest version is an excellent all-round vehicle. It has a very roomy cabin and beautiful interiors, with the possibility of smartphone integration.  The all-wheel drive system enables the crossover to traverse tough terrain, including the most slippery of roads. In the light of the excellent attributes of the various versions of the RAV4, one can only express regret at so many of its models being recalled due to the software glitch. It is also hoped that Tesla will take swift remedial actions.

An amazing exterior outline of the spied front segment of 2016 Fortuner

Toyota has an interesting range of cars in India, and a vehicle that is immensely powerful and fashionable is Fortuner. The company is working on a 2016 model, and spy images have surfaced revealed intriguing details of a new front. Fortuner has for years been a popular vehicle and is appreciated for its high-intensity engine power, and owners can it is fuel-efficient enough to cover enormous lengths and breadths.

2016 Toyota Fortuner front end spied undisguised

The 2016 Fortuner is an attractive vehicle to look forward to and these are the new refurbishments, visible on the presence of dense chrome grille, and professionally designed and slender headlights. It flaunts an interesting design and sources have attached an interesting tag to it, and say the design can be associated with Spindle Grille and Lexus philosophy. The design of the vehicle is thereby SUV like and the nature of styling is more premium compared to hilux pickup car.

The company has not yet confirmed of a plan to launch a diesel powered 2016 Fortuner, Toyota will introduce petrol engines and occupants can choose from 4WD and 2WD options. The engines will be coupled to automatic and manual gearbox, the company’s vision with 2016 Fortuner is to cater to favorable destinations in Asia, and the expected arrival period is sometime in 2016, and sources say the firm might unveil the vehicle at the prestigious 2016 Auto Expo.

Toyota has for years stood ahead of SUV competition with Fortuner, and now the arrival of 2016 model will raise the competition bar to a whole new level. Some of its arch rivals are Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Endeavour, Chevrolet Captiva and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The expected price range is Rs 20 to 25 lakhs and the company is likely to launch the car sometime in 2016.

Fortuner is a huge hit with the Indian demographic, and the design outline of the 2016 vehicle is intriguing and it reveals a new front structure. Toyota is surely developing a new design language and the dark shade of it looks splendid and one can only imagine how the real vehicle will look.

Fortuner is among the best vacation vehicles to own, there are stories of a group of people driving the vehicle across the length and breadth of India. There are some who have even ventured on a world tour with the car, into neighboring countries. Expect nothing but greater phenomenal style and power on the 2016 model.

The Indian population is fascinated with Toyota products, and owning the Fortuner is the best thing ever. It is a supremely stylish and powerful sport utility vehicle and the 2016 vehicle paints a more marvelous picture. We will have to wait till 2016 to get a chance to test drive the car, and by then many more mesmerizing details will be revealed.

From the exterior design outline of 2016 Fortuner, it could over power the supreme style architecture of Hyundai Santa Fe. It is a reflection to the extent of increased competition and Toyota has a grand new surprise for us with 2016 Fortuner.

Etios Liva an arch rival to Maruti Suzuki Swift

Toyota Kirloskar Motor enjoys a firm profit yielding position in India, and has produced models that range from hatchback to luxury brand and the popular ones are Etios Liva, Etios and Corolla Altis. Among the crowd Etios Liva is a popular car, and a medium of optimum attraction with the young and effervescent demographic. It is packed with phenomenal style and efficiency and its most sought after arch rival is Maruti Suzuki Swift.

New Toyota Etios Liva

New Toyota Etios Liva

Maruti Suzuki Swift is a renowned trendy hatchback, and let’s explore its competition power with Etios Liva. Etios Liva is among the most fashionable hatchbacks in the market and its style statement is magnificent. The attractiveness of the vehicle is highlighted by the presence of adjustable front seat headrests, chilled glove box, robust air con unit, world class audio system with Aux-in and USB connectivity. The inner décor is luxuriously grand filled with premium seats, and the other sources of comfort and convenience are sparkling chrome side door molding, bumper corner protector and alloy wheels.

Etios Liva is sold with diesel and petrol power trains, the diesel car moves on 1.4 liter engine and the petrol vehicle is built with an efficient 1.2 liter. The energy output from the diesel and petrol vehicle is 67bhp and 79bhp respectively. Maruti Suzuki Swift is amazingly attractive at first sight, and packed with grand style. It too is a splendid vehicle to own and offers all the amenities of comfort and convenience contributed by state of the art multi-information LCD display, automatic climate control, premium tilt steering, illuminated audio control and world class music system with Bluetooth connectivity and push start button. The vehicle is equipped with a fierce 1197cc engine engineered with an advanced K-series engine technology that churns 83bhp and the other power train option is a 1.3 liter diesel mill that pumps out 190Nm and 74bhp.

new swift

With regard to style, Toyota Etios Liva and Maruti Suzuki Swift are equally attractive, the inner luxury outcome and décor of both cars are equally magnificent as well. Etios Liva is on top of its game with regard to engine proficiency. The whole of India is immensely fascinated with Liva, the characteristic that makes it stand out in a crowd is the magnificent fashion statement. Toyota also enjoys a higher brand value presence in India against Maruti Suzuki, and majority of the public who are into premium luxury hatchback brands will certainly be more attracted to Etios Liva.

Etios Liva is a hit in Indian market, and to fuel greater excitement Toyota introduced the Liva Cross car. It is a cross variant of Liva and the sportiness is highlighted by professionally draped side plastic cladding and classy roof rails. Etios Cross is a fierce contender to Fiat Avventura, Volkswagen Polo Cross and Hyundai i20 Active. For those who are keen to buy Etios Liva or Etios Liva Cross, both are fantastic purchase to soak into new unexplored form of luxury in grand style.

A well-executed video of what might be called 2016 Corolla facelift

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is filled with a spectacular range of products, and the models represented are of current and futuristic eras. There was one car that stood out amidst the crowd and got everyone’s attention, the 2016 Toyota Corolla facelift. The company alarmed the crowd even more by displaying an animated video exhibiting improved driver assist systems and safety. For some intriguing piece of information, it is still unknown whether the car is actually 2016 Corolla facelift, but sources are certain it is.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2014

News of the possibility of a 2016 Toyota Corolla launch is amazing, and the car portrayed an extraordinary fashion statement. It is styled with new front fascia and few other modifications; the missing feature varied from the current car is the absence of glossy chrome grille slats. The structure of the bumper is professional, and on it is creatively sculpted Toyota logo. The artistically constructed twin pot headlight is shortened into single projector and emits illuminating radiation in the form of beams and also the turn indicator is moved to the extreme corner. The design of the side is more or less the same, and the new attractiveness of the rear is inscribed on dense chrome fittings between lights.

Corolla is a luxury sedan that is immensely popular all over the globe, and the latest product in India arrived in 2014 May. The present Corolla on display is a premium variant of the past, and has a fantastic exterior fashion statement and marvelous interior luxury. It is sold at a price of Rs 11.99 lakhs, and customers can choose from diesel and petrol power trains and some of its arch rivals are Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Octavia, Renault Fluence and Chevrolet Cruze.

The public was really amazed by the design of what might be 2016 Corolla facelift, and a video of it is on the web. The creators of the video have done a commendable job, the car moves in slow motion and each technologically advanced detail is showcased, and viewers who view the videotape will have a firm knowledge about the car and also get to visually witness the design to a crystal clear extent.

The most fascinating element of 2016 Corolla facelift is the design, it is so different from the present car. The variation is engraved on the creative merge of grille with headlights; Toyota may have decided to throw a grand surprise by introducing the vehicle at 2015 Geneva Motor Show. All we will have to do is await many more interesting details.

The present Corolla is among the hit models in India, and the public will surely be captivated with 2016 Corolla facelift. Few days from now intriguing details of the car might surface, and many would believe the design to be more professional and imaginative. Lucky ones at the Geneva Motor Show had a firm glimpse of the car, and let’s hope Toyota announces details of an Indian launch soon.

Toyota has a grand new luxury car in store called Vios, and the expected arrival period is sometime during the end of 2015.

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