Cayla mini-MPV spied on the street New Toyota Innova Crysta achieves 20,000 bookh Toyota emphasizes on road safety with launch of driving school in Chennai New Toyota Innova Crysta garners 18,000 bookings, waiting period goes up 2016 Fortuner likely to re-create fading Fortuner desirability Toyota would not launch new cars in India as diesel car ban extends to Kerala New refreshed Toyota Corolla gets spotted in Turkey Toyota planning to invest in mid-size sedan segment to challenge Maruti Ciaz, Hyundai Verna and Honda City Innova Crysta is in huge demand with 15,000 bookings in just ten days Indian Innova fans miss out on the grand new Toyota Innova Crysta in Delhi NCR


Cayla mini-MPV spied on the street

There is some amazing news for Toyota car enthusiasts, passerby’s have spotted a spy Cayla mini-MPV, now this is a spectacular surprise, going by the popularity levels of Innova MPV. The public is surely going to wonder about the Cayla MPV, how it is going to look, and how luxurious and powerful it is going to be.

It is wonderful nspied Cayla MPV, and you can expect nothing but aesthetic exteriors. The design of the car is inspired from Agya hatchback a popular car in Indonesia. Toyota is in the very near future going to launch the car in Indonesia and it will be placed between Avanza MPV and Agya.

The Cayla mini MPV is going to be the perfect family car, and sources say the vehicle is big enough to fit in seven occupants. There is no report finalized about an Indian launch, and we are hoping that Toyota will introduce the car in India, it is going to an ideal vehicle to comfort a large group of family and friends.

The manufacturing process will happen in Indonesia and will have high level of localization, the petrol vehicle is likely to be fitted with a potent 1.2-liter engine, the same unit used in Etios and it yields fierce energies of 103.9NM and 80PS power and is connected to five-speed automatic or manual transmission geatic or manual transmission gearbox. The petrol car will have an efficient displacement capacity that ranges between 980cc and 1,200cc.

An image of Cayla is on the web and it looks like a classic mini MPV, it has a neatly structured exterior architecture, with trendy looking headlight, grille and bonnet. The side view looks amazing as well, like a perfect young looking MPV. If Toyota launches the car in India, it is going to be a fierce contends going to be a fierce contender to Honda Mobilio, Renault Lodgy and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. After reading about news of spied Cayla MPV and sources contemplating an Indian launch, a majority of the public will surely want the car to arrive in Indian showrooms.

Now coming to the hot topic of discussion, will Toyota launch Cayla in India, sometime in the near future. Automobile companies are disturbed by the new diesel vehicle regulation in India, that states vehicles with over 2,000cc engine should be banned, and Toyota is among the firms that is not in favor of this policy to an extent that it is uncertain about future growth and has even withheld future launches. If the car is fitted with 1.5-liter engine adopted from Etios, then it is likely to have displacement power that is less than 2000cc, and if it is the case we can hope for an Indian launch.

Let us wait and see whether there are reports about Toyota introducing Cayla in India, going by the increased competition power across various segments, it is likely to happen. The company recently launched Crysta, and if Cayla launches in India, the combination of Crysta and Cayla will make Toyota a highly fierce contender of the MPV market.

New Toyota Innova Crysta achieves 20,000 bookh

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India, Japanese car major Toyota’s Indian presence is definitely not having a good time, as the ban on the diesel vehicles with 2000cc and above engines is expanding. However, despite all the trouble the silver lining for the company is the overwhelming response that the all new Toyota Innova Crysta is receiving in the Indian market.

As per the latest reports, the new Toyota Innova Crysta which was launched in India on 2nd May 2016 has managed to achieve the outstanding bookings of 20,000 units within just a month’s time post its market launch. Reports also say that Toyota Kirloskar Motor India’s marketing director, N. Raja has confirmed that the fact that the new generation Innova MPV has actually achieved more than 20,000 bookings since its launch in the country’s domestic car market.

The second generation Toyota Innova Crysta MPV is more up-class as compared to its predecessor and is thus, also has a more expensive price range than before. The new generation global model of the Innova that has been named as the Innova Crysta has a price range of Rs. 13.84 lakhs to Rs. 20.78 lakhs (Ex-showroom, Mumbai). Owing to the more premium pricing, some feared that the incredible popularity of thhe incredible popularity of the former Innova might get less if it gets replaced by this new costlier model. However, it appears that all the changes and improvements along with the great premium appeal have made the new Innova Crysta a new favorite MPV of India. The MPV is presently comes with a waiting period of around 2 to 4 months.

It has been already reported that the Innova Crysta is receiving a great amount of bookings for its top of the range 2.8 ZX AT variant that is tagged at Rs. 20.78 lakhs. The Innova Crysta comes as an all-diesel model with two engine choices, both of which have over 2000 cc displacement, which makes the Crysta banned in the Delhi NCR and Kerala markets. Thus, people are hoping that the company will soon introduce the petrol version of the latest-gen Innova in India that is available in the global markets.

Owing to this large diesel car ban, Toyota has also said that it will rethink about launching any new models in India, which could mean that the imminent launch of the new generation Fortuner premium SUV could be shelved.

The all new Toyota Innova Crysta boasts of everything new, starting from new platform, to new styling, new diesel engines and added features and improved overall quality. The vehicle’s new 2.4 Liter GD diesel mill pumps out 150 Bhp of max power and 343 Nm of peak torque, while the larger 2.8 Liter GD diesel motor offers 174 Bhp of power and 360 Nm of top torque. Both the engines get coupled with a 5 speed manual transmission as standard, while the 2.8 Liter engine also gets a 6 speed automatic transmission choice. The Innova Crysta also offers enhanced fuel efficiency of 15.10Kmpl and 14.29Kmpl, for the two engines respectively.

Toyota emphasizes on road safety with launch of driving school in Chennai

The automobile industry in India has expanded vastly over the years, and some of the reasons could be the establishment of more number of industries and also longer working hours. The employee earning potential has increased as well, and the taxi industry has expanded. All these factors have contributed to increased number of vehicular traffic.

It is a common sight to view so many vehicles on the roads on a daily basis and rash driving has become a regular phenomenon. Whenever we take our cars out to reach a particular destination, we are faced with owners who do not adhere to traffic and safety rules and every other person is in a hurry to reach their end point and people just tend to come close to you or barge into your lane.

Viewing the irregular pattern of not following traffic and safety rules, (TKM) Toyota Kirloskar Motor has announced of its plan to introduce the first ever Toyota Driving School in Chennai and it is managed by dealer Lanson Toyota. The company has earlier built driving school units in the country, and the new driving school in Chennai will be the fourth driving school establishment of TKM.

Building a driving school unit in India with an emphasis to educate the public about safe driving practices is the need of the hour. The rash driving scene has become chaotic in the country and there are only a handful who are aware about safe driving in a manner that is safe for themselves and other co-drivers. The Managing Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Akito Tachibana said, ‘’ we are happy with our venture of launching the first driving school in Chennai, and the establishment of the school is a big opening of highlighting the importance of road safety. He also went on to say, it is not just a newly developed driving school, but an institution built with a vision to enable every student to imbibe the importance of being a responsible driver and safety ambassador.’’

The curriculum of driving school is extensive, and students will get a hands on experience about components of the car, driving and responsible driving practices. The main component of the teaching program is the simulator, here students can get wide exposure of car components and driving skills such as brake and gear shift, steering accelerator, they can get a good experience of all these units before handling a real car. The simulators create actual weather and road scenarios like downhill and uphill terrain, dim light and fog.

The driving school is Chennai is managed by Lanson Toyota, and the dealer principal of Lanson Toyota, Mr. Lankalingam commented on managing the driving school and said, ‘’it is a great honor to be associated with Toyota given a significant opportunity to manage a driving school with the intention of building and valuing the importance of safe driving and safer roads.’’

It is an excellent initiative of Toyota Kirloskar Motor to open its very first driving school in Chennai and the mode of teaching is innovative and excellent. Students can actually get vast driving exposure and learn all the possible driving techniques and importance of safety in a simulator and later on become driving experts and responsible drivers.

New Toyota Innova Crysta garners 18,000 bookings, waiting period goes up

India has a new avatar of its favorite MPV model – Innova. Toyota Kirloskar Motor India launched the new generation Innova Crysta earlier this month, and the new MPV model is garnering great sales. Toyota India has already got 18,000 bookings for the second generation Innova Crysta till now. This is certainly great for Toyota which is now grieved as the large diesel vehicle ban in Delhi has now got extended to Kerala.

Toyota Innova Crysta

This means that the new Innova Crysta which continues as an all diesel vehicle with engine displacement of more than 2-liter is off the markets of both Delhi NCR and Kerala.  Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) which generally suffers from lower sales rates has further got derailed sales figures due to this extending diesel ban.

As per the reports, the all new Innova Crysta has also got a waiting period that has been extended to up to 4 months. Reports say that the company’s managing director, Akito Tachibana has confirmed the waiting period for the new Innova Crysta, during his visit in the event at Chennai on Wednesday for the inauguration of the Toyota Driving School.

The reports also say that the all new Toyota Innova Crysta has received the highest numbers of bookings for the top end ZX model trim that comes with the convenience of an automatic transmission gearbox. The top of the range Innova Crysta ZX trim is priced at Rs. 20,77,930 (price ex-showroom, Mumbai). The Innova Crysta’s base model has been tagged at Rs. 13,83,677.

The all new Toyota Innova Crysta MPV has come as a much bolder looking and premium vehicle model as compared to the previous generation model. It boasts of everything new, starting from a new sturdier and lighter platform, to a new design language, to new features, to new engines. The overall quality of the vehicle has improved a lot as well making it a truly premium MPV.

The new-gen Innova Crysta is offered for sale in two grades that come equipped with automatic transmission gearbox – Gx, Zx and in four grades that come equipped with manual transmission gearbox – G, Gx, Vx, Zx.

Due to the large engine diesel car ban, it was expected that Toyota will launch the Innova Crysta in both petrol and diesel choices like other global markets. However, it has launched in its only diesel version with new engine options. Its 2,393 cc diesel mill offers 148 bhp of max power and 243 Nm of top torque, while the larger and more powerful 2,755 cc diesel engine pumps out 172 bhp of peak power and 360 Nm of max torque. The first engine is mated to a manual transmission as standard, while the larger mill comes paired to an AT. While the smaller engine offers a claimed fuel economy of 15.10 km per liter, the larger motor offers a mileage of up to 14.29 km per liter. A petrol version of the Innova Crysta is likely to launch by this year’s festive season.

2016 Fortuner likely to re-create fading Fortuner desirability

When Toyota introduced Fortuner in India in the year 2009, it was a sight of massive attraction and desirability. The mere sight of the vehicle and power made it a highly desirable vehicle in the market. Now the once popular Fortuner, is no longer all that famous, it is losing its popularity value and the main reason is the arrival of arch rival the new Ford Endeavour.

toyota fortuner trd sportivo

Toyota is now working on a new-generation Fortuner, and many of us would believe that it is a smart move to re-invent the popularity of the vehicle. There aren’t many people who favor the current-gen Fortuner and sources believe the main reason for it is the plain looking interior. The new-generation car also the 2016 Fortuner is an all new surprise, the company is engineering it with a more aggressive styling and higher level of exclusivity.  It is going to be more exciting than before with a marvelous touch-screen and stunning new multi-information screen.

Whenever you view the Fortuner, the first thing we sight is a burly and macho looking car, a perfect package for people who desire sporty and menacing styling. The 2016 car is going to look even better than before, with a whole new makeover contributing to supreme design. The features that is eye-catchy to the core is classy looking dense chrome brands and powerfully illuminating LED daytime running lights. The rear segment is going to look awe-inspiring as well with trendy elongated tail lights and a neat looking boot gate and elegant 18-inch alloy wheel to provide a fresh new classy outlook to the vehicle.

The interior of 2016 Fortuner is no longer going to look as mundane as the previous car, this time it is the other way around. The inner décor is grand as ever with a polished black and beige color theme and the quality of material is supreme and first rate and when you sit inside you experience nothing but a breathtaking feeling. Along with the exteriors, it is a great new surprise package.

Whenever we think of Fortuner, the first thing that comes to our mind is a power packed engine system. You can now expect the same engine rhythm in 2016 Fortuner, the car will be equipped with the same 2.8 liter and 2.6-liter engine also fitted into Innova Crysta. The expected price range of the vehicle is Rs 23 to 25 lakhs.

The main thrill about the launch of 2016 Fortuner is the expected fierce competition battle with arch rival Ford Endeavour. Today Ford Endeavour leads the battle with 560 units sold in 2016 April against only 509 units of Fortuner sold in India. The car is expected to arrive in showrooms sometime during the festive season, and it is surely going to be a big launch of the season.

For those who are keen on 2016 Fortuner it is going to be a whole new Fortuner surprise, and a bigger stunner than before, we just have to probably patiently wait till the festive season and enjoy the magnificence of the vehicle to the fullest.

Toyota would not launch new cars in India as diesel car ban extends to Kerala

Japanese car major Toyota might be the world’s largest car maker, but it has been always quite unfortunate when it comes to the Indian car market. The Japanese car major’s Indian joint venture – Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has been not so lucky in terms of sales growth in India as compared to the other global car majors. And although it always had premium segment leaders in the form of its Innova MPV and Fortuner premium SUV models, the company has been mostly troubled with falling sales rates. Now, as even these segment leading products from TKM are facing very adverse situations in India, the company is currently full of angst.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The SC’s interim ban on diesel vehicles with engine displacement of 2,000 cc and above is still in effect in Delhi NCR, and it has now extended to Kerala as well. This has made the situation worse for the car makers such as Toyota Kirloskar Motor which are hard hit by this ban. The anguished Japanese car major said that it is reconsidering its Indian operations and plans as it feels there is a lack of fair justice here. TKM has also said that it is not considering at launching new models in India, as per reports.

This new announcement by TKM indicates that the next big launch of the company – the new generation Fortuner SUV is uncertain now. The latest generation Toyota Fortuner premium SUV is already available in several global markets and it was expected to launch in India by this year’s end or early 2017. The SUV get powered by an over 2000cc diesel engine, which makes it banned in the markets of Delhi NCR and Kerala.

Toyota Kirloskar’s top official has voiced the company’s concerns by saying that the company is feeling that its vehicles are being targeted, as this ban is not fair and is not applied on all diesel vehicles which would have been understandable. The company is reconsidering its operations in India as the country’s principles are opposing natural justice. The viability of investing in India is being questioned by Toyota headquarters, so new Toyota model launches are unlikely to happen in India.

Toyota India has launched the new-gen Innova Crysta MPV on 13th May 2016, and although it is receiving great response, it is also out of the Delhi and Kerala markets due to its large diesel engine. Thus, TKM is naturally miffed and not keen on investing big on new model launches in India.

Apart from Toyota, other global car biggies such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and Land Rover, and homegrown Mahindra & Mahindra are also hard hit by this ban. Current Indian luxury car market leader, Mercedes Benz which has been launching innumerable new models lately, has also said that the company has put its investments plans in India on hold due to this larger diesel car ban. This is also seriously hurting a lot of production as well as related jobs in the Indian auto industry.

Toyota Camry Hybrid gets cheaper by Rs 2.3 lakhs in the Indian market

The Indian government has finally become friendly towards the eco-friendly cars, recently. The government now has special schemes and taxation plans for the greener and more sustainable vehicles in order to promote wider adaptation of such eco-friendly cars. Even a year ago, India was not a friendly ground for the electric or hybrid cars and these models hardly attracted customers due to their high price tags. India being a highly price conscious market always needed to offer considerable support to the green cars in order to promote their sales in a bid to address the grave pollution issue of the country. However, now that the government has been recently offering decent amount of support to all the eco-friendly vehicle models, they are set to become more widely accepted.

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid-facelift Thailand press shot interior

Under the Indian government’s FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India) policy, there has been a considerable slash in the Value Added Tax (VAT) on that is applied on the electric and hybrid vehicles. It has been reduced from the previous 25 percent to the current 12.5 percent, and this 50 percent reduction in VAT on the greener vehicles has just made them more affordable than before.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India has passed on this tax benefits to its customers by slashing down the prices of its highly popular Toyota Camry Hybrid model by as much as a whopping Rs. 2.3 lakhs. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is now priced at Rs. 30.9 lakhs as compared against the regular Camry sedan model that is tagged at Rs. 30.28 lakhs (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi).

Japanese car major Toyota currently offers two hybrid models in India, namely the Camry hybrid and the world acclaimed Prius hybrid sedan. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is presently the most popular hybrid car in the country, making it the ruler of the Indian luxury hybrid segment. The Camry Hybrid also accounts for the lion’s share of the total Camry sales in India, which is a massive 90 percent.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid first launched in India in the month of August 2013, and is the first hybrid model to be assembled in India. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) assembles the Camry Hybrid at its manufacturing facility at Bidadi alongside the regular petrol sipping Camry sedan. Back in 2013, only 15 percent of the Camry units sold in India were hybrid models. And now, the Camry Hybrid accounts for a whopping 90 percent of the total Camry sales in India.

Toyota India has been witnessing a massive spurt in demands for the Camry Hybrid following the various pollution regulatory rules on the regular cars, especially diesel cars. In this year’s January-April period, Toyota sold 419 units of the Camry Hybrid in India against only 44 units of the regular Camry petrol version.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid packs in a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder VVT-i petrol engine paired to an electric motor and a nickel-metal hybrid battery, offering a combined output of 205 PS.

New refreshed Toyota Corolla gets spotted in Turkey

It is not unknown that Japanese car major, Toyota Motor is busy working on the new facelift model of one its most popular and iconic products – the Toyota Corolla. Now, the much awaited new refreshed model of the Toyota Corolla sedan’s production version has been spotted in Turkey. The new Corolla facelift’s images have gone viral on the internet, and it looks amazing in its new avatar.

New refreshed Toyota Corolla

Seems like Toyota is seriously giving importance to stunning styling and this actually shows in its latest offerings. While the current generation Toyota Corolla itself got lots of praises for its sharper and bolder styling against the rather plain looks of the previous generation model, the upcoming facelift model looks even more stylish and sporty.

The new upcoming revamped Toyota Corolla sedan has received considerable amounts of styling updates to flaunt. Some of the most noteworthy exterior changes that the Toyota Corolla facelift boasts of include a lot of modifications to its front face in the form of restyled sleeker headlights which looks sharper and more premium than before along with LED guide lights. The front radiator grille design of the premium sedan has been updated in order to integrate well with and complement the redesigned headlight clusters that now have reduced height.

The upcoming refreshed Toyota Corolla sedan’s rear design also looks fresh owing to the new and more stylish LED tail lights. Along with the sportier looking new tail lights, the Japanese car major has also endowed a healthier dose of chrome accents on the rear design of the car that makes it look more premium and flamboyant. Other than these important exterior changes, the refreshed Corolla will also come with a choice of 16 or 17 inch newly design alloy wheels as well as addition chrome accents on the door handles.

As the exterior of the upcoming Toyota Corolla facelift version flaunts so many stylish updates, it can be safely said that the interior of the sedan model has been also endowed with some good amounts of styling updates along with some additional features to make it really interesting and alluring. However, unfortunately the interiors of the Toyota Corolla facelift are yet to get leaked out. So, the Corolla fans are yet to get some pleasant surprises on the inside of the Toyota Corolla facelift model.

The new refreshed Toyota Corolla is not expected to get any updates in its under the hood specifications. So, it is expected to continue getting powered by the same 1.8 liter petrol and 1.4 liter diesel engines that offer 140 PS of power and 173 Nm of torque and 88 PS and 204 Nm, respectively. The engines are likely to get equipped with the same transmission choices of a 6 speed manual and a 7 speed automatic transmission gearbox.

The upcoming Toyota Corolla facelift model will first launch in the European market and it will hit its initial production in Turkey. There are yet no talks about the revamped Corolla’s Indian launch, but it is eventually going to come our way sometime in 2017.

Image Source: CarDekho

The hybrid Camry is in huge demand

The Camry is a prime luxury sedan creation of Toyota, and it is among the best extravagant cars to own. Anyone would want to just tuck into the Camry and venture on a long amazing drive, and it is in huge demand even today, it is not just the regular Camry car that is in huge demand, it is the eco-friendly hybrid car. According to recent reports the demand for Camry sedan hybrid is a whopping 90%. We can now come to a conclusion that the public craves a combination of luxury and technology.

new camry hybrid facelift

Since the demand for Camry hybrid is 90%, it is an indication of increased awareness towards the necessity of a greener planet and improved fuel efficiency. The demand for Camry hybrid has been on the rise over the years, it was sometime during the 2013 period when sales dipped, with just 15% profit and in the year 2014 the profit outcome of Camry hybrid increased to 73% and in the year 2015 it further escalated to 86%.

Toyota has over the years been active in promoting sales of hybrid vehicles, the Camry was launched in India in the year 2013, and an important point to remember is, Toyota is the only firm that sells and assembles pure hybrid cars in India. It is a commendable moment for the company indeed to learn that 90% of the public demand is drifted towards Camry hybrid, and it is a great trigger towards admirable sale outcome on the car.

Mr. Shekhar Vishwanathan, the Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motors commented on the significant demand for Camry hybrid and said, ‘’about 90% of demand for Camry cars is from the hybrid sector. We sold around 419 Camry hybrids during the 2016 January to April period, and during the same period we were unable to push sales of gasoline cars, which a profit outcome of just 44 units. During the entire 2015 period, we rolled out 1,024 units of Camry out of 879 units were hybrids accounting for a creditable 86% profits.’’

Apart from Camry, the stunning spectacular luxury creation of Toyota is Prius hybrid, and it too is in huge demand. In the year 2015 Toyota sold 9 million hybrid cars worldwide, and a majority of the sales was driven by Camry and the next highest seller is Prius. According to recent report, there is now a new discount initiative of Rs 70,000 initiated by the government of India, and now Toyota expects nothing but a greater profit outcome from its hybrid car line up.

It is interesting to read about the hybrid Camry being in huge demand than the regular Camry car. It only highlights the fact that demand and awareness towards hybrid vehicles has increased, what are the benefits of driving a hybrid car, does it make driving a more convenient experience, let us explore some of the benefits of driving a hybrid car.

Benefits of driving a hybrid car:

  • It is built with light weight material
  • Reduced fuel prices
  • Vastly reduced emissions
  • High torque energy output
  • No room for idling

The Camry hybrid is sold at a price of Rs 33 lakh in New Delhi, the biggest market.

Toyota planning to invest in mid-size sedan segment to challenge Maruti Ciaz, Hyundai Verna and Honda City

The mid-size sedan car market has drawn tremendous attention with fantastic products such as Hyundai Verna, Maruti Ciaz and Honda City.  It is only recently, Maruti Suzuki launched Ciaz, Honda introduced the all new City and Hyundai has revamped the Verna to make it look ever so stylish and contemporary than before. Eyeing the high-intensity desirability and competition in this segment, Toyota has plans of investing in mid-size sedan segment.

The Indian unit of Toyota Motor Corp, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has introduced immense luxury in the sedan market, and is now keen to infuse extravagance in mid-size sedan segment. The newly introduced sedan car will be fitted between the highly luxurious Toyota Corolla Altis and Toyota Etios entry level sedan. For years the brand Toyota in India is associated with luxury and desirability and now we wonder how the upcoming mid-size sedan is going to be.

Now what is Toyota’s vision behind the introduction of mid-size sedan, the senior vice-president of the sales division of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, N Raja commented saying, ‘’we have submitted the feedback to the main Japanese unit, and they have noticed that there needs to be a car that fits between Etios and Corolla Altis and we are now working on connecting the gap.’’ Since Toyota Kirloskar Motor has now recognized that there is a gap between Etios and Corolla Altis that needs to be filled in order to gain wider consumer attraction, the firm is keen on launching the new mid-size sedan worldwide not just in India, but catering mainly to the entire breath of Asia Pacific markets.

The sale outcome of the Indian car industry is moving at a slow pace, and Toyota Kirloskar Motor is among the companies to be affected by the challenging market and Raja feels the most favorable method of tacking the grim situation of the passenger car segments is to introduce new launches in segments that are gaining wide consumer attention. He also said that his team will carefully analyze the market situation and working on introducing new launches when needed. N Raja also mentioned that the company is not too keen on investing in sub compact SUV segment to compete with best sellers like Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta and Ford EcoSport.

The mid-size sedan market is flourishing to a vast degree in India, and the top sellers are Volkswagen Vento, Maruti Ciaz, Hyundai Verna and Honda City. An important point to note is, this is not the first time Toyota has spoken of its plan to introduce a new sedan car, this point came across a couple of years ago. The entry level Etios sedan was launched in the year 2010 and it is a popular sight on Indian roads.

It will be interesting to observe how the upcoming mid sedan Toyota car is going to look, and one can expect nothing but something stunning, especially if it is going to be pitted against Honda City, Maruti Ciaz and Hyundai Verna.

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