Toyota keen to achieve fierce rivalry with its new Innova 2.5 liter diesel engine Toyota and Volkswagen welcome diesel deregulation policy Etios Cross a fierce rival for Hyundai i20 Cross Innova continues to rule the MPV market and out beats arch rivals Mobilio, Evalia, Enjoy and Ertiga 2016 Innova spied again close to Bangalore factory Images of 2016 Innova just get more and more interesting Look forward to the amazing Liva and Etios package this festive season Toyota displays the new redesigned 2015 Camry race car for NASCAR Sprint Cup 2016 Innova test car captured under torrential rains in Bangalore Toyota contemplates venturing into the Indian small car market


Toyota keen to achieve fierce rivalry with its new Innova 2.5 liter diesel engine

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is geared for the competition game with 2016 Innova, this time the Innova is going to sport a contemporary outlook, and is geared to fight the arch battle with Renault Duster, Mahindra Scorpio, Honda Mobilio and Maruti Ertiga.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

Innova has been a segment leader since inception in 2005, the Innova cars that followed came with mild refreshments and special editions. Toyota is all set for a big Innova in 2016 with a facelift 2016 Innova car. Although the Innova has conquered milestone records, Toyota is wary of current and upcoming competition. The Indian market condition has undergone a transformation, and the competition levels have intensified like never before. Over the past few years the market share value of the big car market has expanded within a short span of time created by best sellers Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Taigun, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano.

The 2016 Innova is in the development stage, and was captured several times by car enthusiasts, the recently captured car is completely camouflaged, and only few elements are revealed. According to reports, the exterior structure of 2016 Innova is similar to the previous model, and sources expect the car to launch with solid cosmetic treatment, and it may contain a whole new design concept, like the Furia design sculpture used on the new Corolla Altis.

Toyota is making considerable number of changes on 2016 Innova, apart from exterior changes, there is going to be a re-developed 2.5 liter diesel engine that will replace the current engine. The new car will arrive with more powerful engine and mileage technology.

The 2016 Innova will be garnished with higher degree of Innova excitement; the intensified modernity is visible on a new bumper, bigger headlights, larger front grille, taller stance and flatter front design. The car will stand on a revolutionary monocoque platform, engineered with the innovative ladder frame chassis technology. The sharp styling is accentuated by the sharp lines on D-pillar and trendy new rear quarter glass. The rear section will sport new bumper, tail lights and multi-structured boot lid.

The upcoming 2016 Innova will have higher level of interior opulence, and richer on the equipment angle as well. The car will have professionally styled dashboard, new touch screen, centre console, reverse camera and climate control.

The 2.5 liter diesel engine is still in the development stage, and Toyota is engineering the engine to overpower the efficiency of Mobilio, Scorpio, Duster and Ertiga. The new Innova is being developed on the lines of steaming competition. The sale output of the current Innova is higher than Mobilio and Duster put together, now imagine the impact of the new vehicle.

The already rich Innova will arrive in a richer package, and also a dearer price of Rs 9 to 15 lakhs. Let’s wait for some more developmental features in the months to come, and it will be interesting to soak into the new Innova, to just dwell into a higher degree of richness.

Toyota and Volkswagen welcome diesel deregulation policy

The auto market in India is going through a phase of turmoil, mainly because of the weakened economy at the micro level. The industry has suffered its worst for two consecutive years; the main triggers for low customer sentiment value are increased fuel and commodity prices.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The market is showing signs of improvement, and a handful of firms are witnessing growths from the previous year. It is a still a long way before complete recovery and the volatile economy mayhem has not ended. Toyota has recorded 4% growth in domestic market.

The effect of recession has not just affected auto firms, but oil companies as well. The (CCPA) Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs provided a statement to (OMCs) Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies to enhance the sale value of diesel retail price on a monthly basis by 40 to 50 paise. The increase is exclusive of VAT applicable in various union territories or states. The motto behind the initiative is to benefit consumers, and also trade along the elevated competition between various oil firms, and strengthen the efficiency of oil firms subjected to the challenges of weak economy.

The Government of India has recently proposed a plan to deregulate prices of diesel prices; Toyota and Volkswagen India have welcomed the move, Raja N, the Senior Vice President and Director in marketing and sales department of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Limited has given its satisfied viewpoint on diesel price deregulation and said, it is welcome move, more specifically high-spirited festive season in India. Consumers can now more freely chose their diesel vehicles, and liberally choose the desired characteristics. The auto industry in India is on its pathway to recovery and the deregulation of diesel costs is an added layer to enhancement of auto economy.

The Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Michael Mayer stated that the market is emerging out of its depressed state, visible on positive market conditions such as affordable fuel prices and interest rates. The company is satisfied with the potential increase in customer sentiment, and is looking forward to attractive sales during the festive season.

The Government of India earlier announced its aim of regulating prices of diesel vehicles in India, the tables are now reversed, and the Government has announced a diesel deregulation scheme. The Indian unit of the established Japanese based firm Toyota Kirloskar Motor has maintained a strong profit drive hold in the country. The company considers Etios Liva hatchback and Etios sedan to be important models.

Toyota has built a range of profitable cars across various segments, its blockbuster hits are Innova multipurpose vehicle, Fortuner sport utility vehicle, and Corolla Altis sedan. The company has managed to sustain great fortunes on the back of just few models, but could not withhold the impact of recession.

Now with the deregulation of diesel prices there is going to be a mass crowd in many of the dealerships in the country, especially with the amazing Etios Liva and Etios facelift package. With just a diesel deregulation policy, the car atmosphere in India has become incredibly rhythmic.

Etios Cross a fierce rival for Hyundai i20 Cross

Toyota is among the first to conquer the cross market in 2014, with the classy Etios Liva cross unveiled in May. Car enthusiasts have captured a camouflaged Hyundai i20 Cross car, and Hyundai is keen to gain a strong foothold into its rare venture and aims to overpower the dominant status of Etios Cross.

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Toyota Etios Cross Orange

Even since the Etios Cross launched in May, it is in the most wanted car list, the whole of India is after the car. It’s got an unbeatable rugged car nature, with a solid black cladding treatment on the side, roof rails and taller wheels. The load bearing capacity of the car is 50 to 55kgs, and the nature of design is parallel to Etios Liva hatchback.

The inner décor of Etios Cross is similar to Etios Liva, it is feature rich and the quality of equipment is world class. The cabin room is vast sufficient to accommodate at least five occupants. The car moves on an efficient 1.5 liter and 1.2 liter petrol engine. The 1.5 liter car has a battery load of energy and emits 132Nm and 89bhp, the 1.2 liter car yields 104Nm and 79bhp. There is a 1.4 liter four cylinder mill as well that churns 170Nm and 67bhp. The three engines are coupled with five speed manual gearbox.

Hyundai will have to indulge in a lot of body work with its i20 Cross to out beat Etios Cross. The design structure of i20 Cross draws inspiration from Elite i20, the car will have aluminium roof rails, differently shaped alloy wheels and body cladding, the vision here is to cater to the needs of the ambitious young demographic.

Hyundai i20 Cross

Hyundai i20 Cross

The mechanical properties of Elite i20 Cross is similar to Elite i20, it will run on 1.4 liter diesel and 1.2 liter petrol engine. The 1.2 liter car is matted to five speed manual transmission and 1.4 liter car, a six speed manual transmission gearbox.

Toyota has achieved great market share volumes with Etios Cross in a short span of time. The customer purchasing capacity is 5,400 units, which makes it a menacing threat to its competition. The car market in India is currently going through a burning competition phase, for two continuous years, many esteemed firms were unable to gather sufficient buyers and it has intensified the competition levels, the Cross market too has become a profit driving sector.

Etios Cross is a cross variant of Etios Liva, and its core cross demeanor is hard to beat, on the front is a glossy silver bull bar that highlights the fierce nature of the car, and the silver roof rail completes the unique cross creativity picture. Apart from Hyundai, Fiat is inspired by the development of Etios Cross and has manufactured a Fiat Avventura cross car, that will launch tomorrow.

It will be interesting to learn about the future progress of i20 Cross in the coming months and its potential threat impact on Etios Cross, there is indeed so much of Cross excitement to look forward to.

Innova continues to rule the MPV market and out beats arch rivals Mobilio, Evalia, Enjoy and Ertiga

Toyota has conquered the multipurpose vehicle (MPV) market with its one time best seller Innova. The car has just ripped profits for years, and has always been a hard one to beat. Innova is a source of inspiration for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Nissan Evalia, Chevrolet Enjoy and Honda Mobilio.

toyota innova limited edition

toyota innova limited edition

Innova continues to remain blockbuster and has out beaten Mobilio, Evalia, Enjoy and Ertiga in 2014 September. During the period, Toyota sold 5,876 Innova cars, Maruti Suzuki managed to sell, 5,672 Ertiga’s and sale output of Mobilio is 5,329 units. Chevrolet sold 559 Enjoys and Nissan rolled out 26 Evalia’s.

Innova has captured memorable moments, and has formed a strong bond with the nuclear family system in the country. Toyota was under the competition threat heat months before the launch of Mobilio. The popularity levels of Innova became faint when the media mainly focused on Mobilio. Like Innova, Mobilio projects an ideal family car design, which makes it a competitive edge for both cars.

Honda launched Mobilio in 2014 July, and as expected it sold in large numbers the following month. The company managed to sell an overload of Mobilio’s higher than profits contributed by Ertiga and Innova. The trend has changed so quickly in just a month, Innova is now the top seller, and has out beaten both Ertiga and Mobilio.

Although Toyota sold many more Innova’s than Mobilio and Ertiga, the competition threat is still high. Innova will have to face the intense battle with upcoming cars Renault Lodgy and Datsun Go+ MPV, both scheduled for next year. The mystery behind the intense customer desirability factor for Innova, lies the creative engineering.

Innova is an incredibly spacious MUV, families can enjoy the moment of their lives, and the vehicle can easily accommodate 7 to 8 family members. Customers have the liberty to opt between diesel and petrol cars. Innova offers a true MPV ride, different from Ertiga, which people say is more like a sedan. Innova has the engine power and mileage to cover vast kilometers, compared to others in its segment.

Toyota certainly has the Innova edge; the company is building a new 2016 Innova model, which is going to just look better and more contemporary. Let’s browse through the intriguing details of the car. The next-gen car will undergo cosmetic modifications to create a modern look, and the newness of the design is inspired by the fashionable Toyota Fortuner. The 2016 car will project a taller stance, to achieve this, the company has tailored a higher front grille positioning, with refreshed bumper and bigger headlights.

The 2016 Innova will stand on a novel ladder frame chassis suspension to create a killer sporty car that cruises along rugged roads. The layout of D-pillar is inventive that results in a new unique side profile.

The 2016 Innova will be covered with ultra modern interiors, to create a more contemporary effect than earlier. The interesting and convenient features to watch out for are multifunction steering wheel, reverse camera, climate control and dual airbags.

Innova is and will continue to remain the king of multi-purpose vehicle market.

2016 Innova spied again close to Bangalore factory

The 2016 Innova has been spotted again close to Toyota’s factory unit in Bangalore. It’s been four months since the camouflaged car was displayed to the public. Innova is a popular car in India, it is all over the roads, and has formed a deep bond with the nuclear family network in the country.

Spypicture of 2016 Toyota Innova

Spypicture of 2016 Toyota Innova

The expected launch period is sometime in early 2016, Toyota’s main profit driving goal is Asian markets of India, Indonesia and Thailand. The 2016 Innova is a big development that will involve cutting-edge technologies. The car will be built on an advanced ladder frame chassis technology.

The front segment will have an inventively styled horizontal grille, packed with arty headlights, sourced from Corolla. The new Innova will sport parallel identity to the current car, it is however a bigger model with regard to breadth and length. The inner space is vast with no room for stuffiness, which calls for fun-filled family moments.

Toyota will develop a new diesel engine, and will no longer use the current 2.5 liter power train. The engine will be built with superior engineering theories with respect to increased efficiency, power and lower noise, voice and harshness (NVH) levels. According to the latest buzz, the company may incorporate the car with an automatic transmission unit, along with the present manual gearbox system.

Toyota has achieved enormous market share with Innova, despite the year long supremacy, the car market competition has become more cut-throat than before. The car was under threat by Honda’s new Mobilio multi-purpose vehicle creation; there were more buyers for Innova in 2014 September than Mobilio. The other fierce contenders are Maruti Ertiga, Tata Aria, Honda Mobilio, Chevrolet Enjoy and Nissan Evalia. The expected price range is Rs 9 to 15 lakhs.

Images of spy 2016 Innova models are on the web, the car is fully covered, what is most exciting about the car is, it will sport a more contemporary design than before. The car market economy in India has witnessed a setback for two continuous years, the market has improved to a considerable extent, but inflationary prices are still high.

It is a challenging moment for Toyota to gain enormous market volume with 2016 Innova. It has an edge over the past with respect to increased length and width measurement. In 2014 September Innova sold in higher numbers compared to arch rivals Mobilio and Ertiga.

The 2016 Innova is still in the testing stage, the known details at the moment are, it is a bigger car and will gather a superior fashion statement. The car has been in the spotlight recently, it was captured earlier under harsh torrential rain circumstances. The new car is pricier than the current model, which means it is going to be more feature rich.

It is a long wait to the new Innova, going by the details of the car; it is a fantastic valuable buy, where families and friends can soak in greater luxury moments. Let’s wait for many more intriguing details.

Images of 2016 Innova just get more and more interesting

Toyota is working on a new Innova multi purpose vehicle; it is the sight of attraction in recent times. The car was captured few days ago, close to the company’s established Bangalore unit, under torrential rain conditions. The 2016 Innova is spotted yet again, in the same location close to the factory of Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

Spypicture of 2016 Toyota Innova

Spypicture of 2016 Toyota Innova

From the details of test mule, passer by’s have discovered that the car in advanced stage of testing. Toyota will release the car in early 2016, which is probably a year and a half wait. The new car will come with massive cosmetic modification on the exterior. The styling of the front is aggressive, and is inspired by the grandeur of Fortuner. The company will design the front with enhanced creativity, which will be flatter and taller. The car will look more macho and sturdy and the changes are refreshed bumper, bigger headlights and taller front grille.

The 2016 Innova is going to just look more fashionable and contemporary with varied side profile, new rear quarter glass and a more inventive D-pillar design. Look out for a world of new Innova newness in the interiors as well, which is likely to sport a more modernized design than before. It will have superior quality of materials, plush touch screen centre console and re-structured dashboard.

Toyota will engineer the 2016 Innova on a revolutionary ladder and frame chassis. The company’s main vision with the car is to improve the passenger comfort value. Now what about the mechanical properties, sources say the company is going to employ superior engine technology and there is going to be a robust transmission option as well.

Innova has excited millions of Indian’s; it is a common sight, visible on every second lane. The desirability image of Innova is engraved on its homely family car stance; it has comforted an overload of nuclear families. Toyota has earned significant market share with Innova, and is a source of inspiration for new car Renault Lodgy MPV.

Although Toyota has earned great fortunes with Innova, it has to still be wary of existing and upcoming competition. The rivalry spirit has heated up, with the arrival of the much awaited Honda Mobilio. The car is now the centre stage of attraction and very little is spoken on new Innova.

To beat the intensified competition heat, Toyota is working on new Innova with a modern twist. Innova does not have the best of best fashion statement; it is one car that is admired by thousands, because of the extended space to comfort large happy families. The new car will arrive with new never seen before surprises, with contemporary exteriors and interiors. According to the buzz the company is working on new ground breaking engine technology as well.

A hot debatable topic is if the 2016 Innova can overpower the instantly popular Mobilio. Over viewing the description of the car, it is possible, because Toyota is working towards satisfying modified taste buds.

Look forward to the amazing Liva and Etios package this festive season

The festive season is packed with new model refreshments, to gather as many buyers as possible. Toyota Kirloskar has a double excitement package to offer, called 2014 Liva and Etios. The company will incorporate a mild maker over on Etios Liva hatch and Etios sedan.

Toyota Etios Xclusive Edition Sedan

Toyota Etios Xclusive Edition Sedan

Toyota has used an interesting punch line for the cars, called New Etios Liva and New Etios. The modifications are minor on the interiors and exterior, the Etios sedan will have a solid chrome treatment in front, layered with artistically styled single tooth grille. The new Liva hatchback will sport a new grille as well, but this time there will be no chrome accents.

Toyota seems to have safeguarded the side view of the back portion of the two cars. The only visible change is parking sensors, which is a standard feature. Like the exteriors, the interiors too are not a vast change of the past, evident on the minor upgrades. Despite the minimal modifications, consumers will acquire the new car atmosphere. The company has inserted new fittings on door panels and upholstery. The steering too is exciting, covered with world class and potent faux leather, and the gear stick will have illuminating chrome filled headlights. To protect occupants from every possible harsh circumstance, there are airbags on driver’s compartment, common on all variants, and the electrically adjustable exterior rear view mirrors will offer the required visibility for optimum safety.

Etios sedan and Liva hatchbacks are major profit contributors for Toyota, the company considers the cars to be critical for sustained profits. The first entry of the twins is the new Etios sedan scheduled for the 15th of October. The exact launch date of Liva is unknown, but will arrive within the festive period. The price range of Liva is Rs 4.40 to 6.91 lakhs and Etios costs Rs 5.39 to 8 lakhs.

The car market in India is witnessing what is probably the fiercest competition era. Although the Etios sedan and Liva hatchback are among the ace profit makers of Toyota, the visibility effect of the two has diminished, and there are very few products of the two cars on the roads. The move of Toyota to launch facelift versions of the two cars during the festive season is a good move, since the customer sentiment value has improved, due to improvements in market economy from a long two year slump.

The expected profit outcome of Etios sedan and Liva hatchback is high; the two cars are professionally styled and pose the appearance of any other luxury car. It is thereby startling to learn that very little is heard of the cars in recent times. Toyota has therefore chosen a right time to launch the car, the high-spirited festive season. Although the two cars are desirable, Toyota has to bear the competition heat with Maruti Suzuki Swift and Swift Dzire facelift cars.

Car buyers who are keen on Etios sedan and Liva hatchback, the two are amazing packages to kick start the colorful festive season.

Toyota displays the new redesigned 2015 Camry race car for NASCAR Sprint Cup

Finally, the Japanese car major Toyota Motors seems to be coming out of its shell of conservative, safe design strategy and going for dynamic and radical styling for its new cars. The world auto leader, Toyota showed that it can also be fun and exciting with its FT-1 sports car concept that completely wowed the audience. The Japanese car maker is working very hard on its great all new design language which is slowly getting showcased on its various new cars and concepts. While the all new Prius hybrid model is expected to be the first car to come with Toyota’s new heart racing styling, the car maker has displayed its cool, sleek and very aggressively styled new 2015 Camry NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race car. Toyota Motor Sales and Toyota Racing Development have showcased the new 2015 Camry race car on 11th at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

2015 toyota camry facelift

2015 toyota camry facelift

The new 2015 Camry is the result of the car maker’s first redesign of the ‘Gen 6’ model. This is Toyota’s redesign project with two key factors set as goals, first to provide more distinctive identity to the car; second to adhere to the appearance of the car’s 2015 street version which was displayed earlier this year.

While commenting on the vehicle, Toyota Racing Development’s president and GM, Dave Wilson said that a lot of hard work has gone into redesigning the new Camry race car for the NASCAR. The company successfully handled the big challenge of balancing performance and design, but it was possible working closely with company’s Calty Design center, NASCAR and the Toyota’s race team partners. Finally, Toyota developed a race car that looks close to its production version and also offers upgraded performance on the racetrack.

The face and the front grille opening of the new 2015 Toyota Camry comes with the aggressive design language of the new production model, which is the most obvious new design aspect.

The driver of the No. 15 Michael Waltrip Racing Toyota, Clint Bowyer was much pleased with the new race car. He said that there’s a reason why the Camry is always the No.1 selling vehicle in the US. It is the obvious choice of the car buyers all the time, and it is really good some great styling improvements to it a bit more aggressive, and a better appealing car than just a sure bet. He added by saying that while everyone likes a sure bet, people also want to drive around a handsome car to impress others. Certainly, Toyota has accomplished that with the new Camry, and it’s pretty exciting.

Bowyer and the other Toyota racing drivers will get a chance to get some track testing time in the new 2015 Camry race car this year prior to the NASCAR’s testing ban comes into effect from 1st January 2015. With NASCAR’s new lower-down-force, lower HP competition package that is set to be introduced in 2015, Bowyer feels that the new Camry has come just at the right time.

2016 Innova test car captured under torrential rains in Bangalore

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is developing a 2016 Innova multipurpose vehicle model. The car was captured several times by car enthusiasts, and a new test mule has surface again, this time under rigorous torrential rains. Innova is a profit seller of the Indian MPV market, and is commonly referred to as ‘People’s Car’. The car will hit Asian markets in 2015.

Spypicture of 2016 Toyota Innova

Spypicture of 2016 Toyota Innova

The Indian car market is going through a grueling competition phase, to an extent that companies have emerged with evolutionary theories. The new Innova is the 2016 model; Toyota will engineer the car with a sturdy new ladder-frame platform. The morphology of the vehicle is similar to its predecessor, with a lighter chassis. The D Pillar segment will have modern Innova furnishings, with tasteful window.

Toyota is building a novel diesel engine technology with a capacity superior to the already potent 2.5 liter engine. The elevated degree of technology will result in a power train with higher efficiency coupled with lower emission and Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels. According to reports the company may construct a standard manual gearbox along with automatic transmission.

What’s exciting about the new Innova is the new design language, on the front is artistically carved rectangular grille packed with three slats. The grille has a wider dimension and merges with bumper. The headlights will have super illuminating projector lights. The side view is great as well, and sources say it is easy to spot the visual difference between the new Innova and the current car. The styling of alloy wheel is new and different; the major modification is visible on the refurnished glass in third row compartment that builds the increased sporty nature of the vehicle. To be on the competition heat with Mobilio, Toyota has improved the interior room of third compartment.

The present Innova is among the best sellers of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, it is a common sight of attraction among the nuclear family system in India. Every month the company sells around 3,847 units of the vehicle. Toyota’s aim with 2016 Innova is to retain the magnificent fortunes created by the vehicle. An Indian launch is expected sometime in early 2016.

Although Innova is legend of the multipurpose vehicle market, Toyota is still wary of existing and upcoming competition. As mentioned earlier the car industry in India has become cut-throat competitive, and the ride this time is not going to be as smooth as before with Innova. Honda recently launched Mobilio MPV to fight the fierce battle with Innova and gain a firm foothold in its rare multipurpose vehicle market. Mobilio is already an instant best seller, and the design strategy is parallel to Innova, visible in the magnificent size, vast interior room and homely stance. Besides Mobilio, the other arch rivals are Tata Aria, Maruti Ertiga, Chevrolet Enjoy and Nissan Evalia. The expected price range is Rs 9 to 15 lakhs.

After the introduction of Mobilio, the customer sentiment value for Innova has diminished to a great extent. The car has not lost its sheen, but is just not the centre of attraction anymore. Toyota will re-create the reduced popularity of Innova with a new 2016 model.

Toyota contemplates venturing into the Indian small car market

India is a huge car market that is fast paced and highly developing. However, no matter how matured and fashionable it has become, India is still a humongous market for the small affordable cars. Considering this immensely potential market, Japanese auto leader Toyota Motor wishes to venture into the mini car market of India with a new car.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota’s Indian counterpart Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) had attempted to crack the very lucrative and popular compact hatchback car market of the country with the Etios Liva. However, the Liva never lived up to the sales expectations of the maker. The compact Etios sedan is also not that popular to make the company happy and this had prompted TKM to announce that the company is withdrawing from the compact car market of India and will concentrate only on the larger and more premium cars.

So, what actually caused the change of mind for Toyota India? Well, a look at the sheer number of the mini car models on the Indian roads like the Maruti Altos, Hyundai Eon and Tata Nano will give the answer. The compact or mini hatchback segment is very popular in India and comprises a chunk of the market and thus, is the new market for consideration for Toyota India. Toyota surely wishes to compete with top car makers of India namely maruti Suzuki and Hyundai and thus, is considering launching a new car in the below Rs.7 lakh price slab.

The Japanese car major has confirmed its interest in this particular compact car market of India. The Managing Director at Toyota Motor, Naomi Ishii has revealed in a recent interview that the company does not have a good presence in the under-7 lakh car market of India, which generates almost 70 to 80 percent of the total sales. Thus, it is expected that TKM is thinking to re-enter the compact car market of India, and most probably with a new affordable small car which will be India specific.

One of the biggest hurdles in the path of Toyota in cracking the compact car market of India is the right pricing. Moreover, the Toyota Etios and Liva are not as alluring as it market rivals which also stood in the path of success for these worthy cars. In order to resolve these issues, Toyota has also been looking to setup a Research & Development centre in India. At present, most of the company’s R&D work is handled by its centers in Japan and Thailand.

Most of the major competitors of TKM are constantly increasing the localization for their vehicles, resulting in reduced production cost and more affordable tags. Once Toyota also establishes its local R&D centre and network in India, the company will be all set would be ready to start its price war in the small car market of India.

Toyota is primarily a premium car maker in India, with around 50-60 percent market share with its bestselling models such as the Innova, Fortuner and Corolla.

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