Toyota is pondering over price increase in emerging economies The new Corolla Altis offers unmatched level of luxury Toyota keen to attain 6-7% growth this year Toyota strategy to take on Honda City and Hyundai Verna with Vios Grab the powerful and plush Corolla Toyota’s next-gen Prius will come with unbelievable design and technology Toyota made gains from few launches 2016 Innova captured and is filled with new surprises The new 4Runner 4×4 sails through the desert The Indian MPV leader Toyota Innova Vs the upcoming Honda Mobilio


Toyota is pondering over price increase in emerging economies

The huge impact of recession has affected global performance of auto industry, Toyota Motor Corp a reputed auto firm based in Aichi Japan is pondering about price hike in emerging Brazil and Indian markets, the issue here is weakening of local currency.

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota aims to raise costs in emerging nations, the strategy may sound practical, but a lot of thought process is involved. The company will have to ensure that increased rates do not have harsh impact on profits. The depreciation of currency value of emerging economies like Brazil and India has had a toll on the profit value of the Japan based firm. The revenue outputs are affected when the vehicles are manufactured at the local unit, and if these are exporter to developing nations the consequences are adverse. Not much of an impact is noted with Euro or dollar.

Toyota has expanded its product outlet to emerging markets and new nations; the power of recession is adverse with wide currency fluctuations. The undesirable consequences have had an effect on the profit outlook of Toyota Motor Corp. If the company has to analyse currency exchanges, there is a vast variation, and it will adversely affect operations by an enormous margin of 95 billion yen which is $934 million or Rs 5,593 crores in the current fiscal. The profit reduction rate is 0.3% and it is dismal taking into account the record breaking profits noted in earlier fiscal.

The sale output of Indian auto industry has been constrained; the trend has been visible for the past couple of years. The Indian subsidiary of Toyota, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has not been able to pull out profits in 2014 June. The firm noted a 2.97% decline with the movement of 13,394 vehicles. In the corresponding year the company rolled out 13,805 pieces. Amidst the reduced sale output, Toyota recorded decent domestic profits with 9% gains. The growth comes with the sale of 12,010 units significantly higher than 11,010 pieces rolled out in the corresponding year. The company managed to export impressive volumes of Etios by selling 1,384 pieces.

On the admirable sale outcome, Toyota Kirloskar Motor attributes much of the success to Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis. The booking output for Etios Cross is more than 3,000 and with new Corolla Altis it crosses over 5,400 pieces. Toyota is at the moment working towards reducing the waiting time for both vehicles.

From the sale figures it is evident that Toyota has not managed to export many units of its vehicles. The growth in domestic market has grown to a decent level, at a time when the markets have shown signs of revival first visible in 2014 May. Toyota has structured its launches effectively with the arrival of two amazing products in May Etios Cross and all new Altis. Both vehicles have something unique to offer, Etios Cross comes with plastic cladding, silver roof and bull bar. The new Corolla Altis comes with a more premium dressing and is nothing but a wow factor so much more than the past.

The new Corolla Altis offers unmatched level of luxury

Toyota has stunned the world with new Corolla; a Corolla launch is special because it has lived through generations since its inception in 1960’s. Excitement has built up all over the world with the launch of the eleventh gen car. All through its years Corolla has been a symbol of luxury and power.

corolla altis with VVTI badge-1.

corolla altis with VVTI badge

The new Corolla Altis is not just a fresh launch; it is a greater wonder of the past. This time it comes with a whole new design package adopted from the grandeur of Furia concept. It looks more premium and attractive than the earlier car. The car is stuffed with decent amounts of chrome, and has creatively styled swept back barrel headlights, trendy rear and chrome filled grille. The measurement of bonnet is wide and long, the 2014 Corolla Altis is sporty and trendy at the same time. The windscreen is sculpted into a neat acute angle structure and the position of lower roofline makes the car look impressively sporty.

The insides too are a surprise of the past; it looks completely different from the earlier car. It has satellite navigation and touch screen infotainment system, the cabin room is vast, more than its predecessor. Toyota has increased the length dimension of the new car by 100mm, for superbly comfortable rear room there are reclining rear seats.

The 2014 Corolla has a potent VVTi 1.8 liter gasoline engine attached to seven speed sequential shiftmatic gearbox built with CVT-I technology along with paddle shift. The diesel vehicle is fitted with D-4D 1ND 1.4 liter engine engineered with the advanced intercooler and variable nozzle turbo technology. The power train is coupled with six speed manual transmission gearbox, as thrilling as the vehicle is the color options. There are seven stunning colors are Celestial Black, Super White II, Champaign Mica Metallic, Blue Metallic, Grey Metallic, Silver Mica Metallic, and White Pearl Crystal Shine.

As mentioned earlier the 2014 Corolla is filled with a new fantasy package, to explain the intensity in depth. There is a glossy cyber carbon piano black instrument panel cluster, chrome filled door handles, a newly constructed optitrion meter with sparkling bright illumination, three spoke steering with Bluetooth connectivity. The cabin room is vast and is roomier than the current car by 100mm. There is ample space to just sit back and relax, there is a whole load of new comfort features with mind blowing 7 inch LCD touch screen, rain sensors, rear pocket socket, rear reading lamp, back sunshade, reclining seat in driver’s compartment. The 7 inch touchscreen is coupled with audio and Bluetooth connectivity.

The new Corolla continues to be affordable priced at Rs 11.99 to 13.7 lakhs, the starting price of the diesel car is Rs 13.7 lakhs. There are plenty of variants to choose from. The petrol car is sold with five variants, VL (CVT), GL, G-CVT, G and J(S). The diesel vehicle is offered in four versions DGL, DG, DJ (S) and DJ. The 2014 Corolla is car to buy to enjoy whole new luxuries of lush car atmosphere.

Toyota keen to attain 6-7% growth this year

Toyota Kirloskar Motor made steep 12% gains in 2014 June, the company made instant successes on the back of Etios Cross and new Corolla Altis. The company has made impressive profits for the first time in months. Bestowed by the success of Etios Cross and Altis, Toyota has chalked out a profit road map for the year. By the end of the year, it plans to achieve 6-7% gains.

Toyota Etios Platinum edition

Toyota Etios Platinum edition

The Senior Vice President of TKM, N Raja from the marketing and sales department said, ‘’ the 12% growth is a positive outcome, we expect the sales to blossom in 2014, the increased volume is limited to single digits and the desired mark is 6 to 7%. He further commented, we are back on profit track, the momentum is however slow with single digit increase. Customer sentiment value has risen; we are now banking on festive season to strengthen volumes.

After a prolonged period of slump Toyota has achieved so much in a month, the success gainer all new Altis arrived during the end of May. In just a few days the company managed to roll out 922 pieces of plush D segment car. Consumers have to wait for two whole months before they dig into the vehicle; the demand has ripped beyond the highest of high expectations. Even with the car selling like wildfire, Toyota has no plans to increasing its production or manufacturing capacity.

Toyota made 9% profits in domestic market; the company sold 13,805 vehicles in June, higher than 13,394 pieces sold in the corresponding year. The company sold 1,384 Etios series. In the domestic sector the number of vehicles sold in the month is 12,010 steeper than 11,010 units rolled out a year ago.

Toyota is confident about future growths caused by the extension of reduced excise duty concession. The prolongation of excise duty is a pathway to future growth. The all new Corolla Altis and Etios Cross have matched up to customer sentiment value. The company has focussed on three customer appreciation strategies that have worked wonders in the end. The cars are engineered to cater to optimum reliability, durability and quality. The company is appreciative of customer support. Toyota sold 626 units of Etios Cross and 922 pieces of Corolla Altis. The booking volume for Etios Cross alone has spearheaded the 5,400 mark and with Corolla Altis it has gone past 3,000 units. The waiting period for Corolla Altis is over two months and with Etios Cross it is over three months.

Etios Cross and eleventh gen Corolla Altis offer new wave of consumer excitement. The uniqueness of Cross lies in side plastic cladding, silver roof rail and bull bar. All the fascination for price of Rs 5 to 7.7lakhs, the new Altis comes with a greater style and wonder statement. The exteriors have re-worked cosmetic modifications and the interiors look so grand that consumers felt they were in heaven.

The demand for the cars is unstoppable and Toyota can surely expect greater customer sentiment during the festive season.

Toyota strategy to take on Honda City and Hyundai Verna with Vios

Toyota has always produced elegant cars. There is nothing wrong about them. They have four wheels, an engine, a cabin and a boot. They are drivable. They have everything which would need in a car. Except, they are just not fun to drive. They lack the punch which you’ll find in other cars like the Honda City and Hyundai Verna. You will reach to your destination safe and sound but all the way during the drive it would be like a slow classic Bollywood movie rather than a modern, livelier Hollywood movie. It has been like this for years. Now, Toyota is trying to change it by the Vios.

2014 toyota vios

2014 toyota vios

Toyota Vios is already being sold in the international markets. It is amongst the best selling sedans in Thailand. Toyota Vios could be a strategy from the Japs to tackle the hurdles set up by the South Koreas and their colleagues at Japan. Toyota is planning to launch the Vios in the Indian car market and we are expecting it to hit our shores by the second quarter of 2015. In order to attract customers Toyota has followed a new design philosophy for the Vios. It is elegant, it had to be as it’s a Toyota. But there is much more. It looks fantastic! It is certainly capable of turning more heads than you’d expect. The Toyota Vios has got very aggressive looking projector headlamps and the front chrome grille whose horizontal lines merge into the top of the headlamps makes the Vios one of the stylish looking cars. The rear end of the Vios features a well sculpted out boot lid and a set of impressive LED tail lights. Toyota Vios is a car which could be a fun car when you want it to be and at the same time it could be an elegant means of transportation which is Toyota’s expertise.

Toyota Vios would be coming to India in two engine options to choose from: a 1.8 litre Dual VVT-i petrol engine which will produces a max power of around 140 PS and a peak torque of 173 Nm. The other option would be a 1.4 litre turbocharged diesel engine which churns out 88.4 PS of max power and much greater amount of torque than the petrol variant. Toyota would also make available an option of choosing between a 7 speed CVT or a 6 speed manual transmission with the petrol variant. While the diesel engine will be mated to a 6 speed manual transmission only.

Toyota Vios might be the car which would help the company to jump over all the hurdles and give a good tough competition to the other sedans, especially, the Honda City and the Hyundai Verna. Toyota has done a good job with the Vios but it’s not over yet. Toyota knows our domestic car market and in order to win here Toyota has to put on a very aggressive price tag to the Vios which would then make the others tremble!

Grab the powerful and plush Corolla

Toyota has stunned the world with its 2014 Corolla; Corolla has lived through generations born in the 1960’s. The plush value of the latest car goes beyond normal expectations, more than even its predecessors. India and China has received the car, bookings for the vehicle are now open in Pakistan. Toyota’s profit network is robust in the country and is the second biggest auto manufacturer. The production operation is carried out in (IMC) Indus Motor Company Limited.

corolla altis with VVTI badge-1.

corolla altis with VVTI badge

The expectations with new Corolla is enormously high, IMC is banking on the power of the car to attract sales. The Chief Executive of IMC Parvez Ghias said, ‘’we hope to attain a huge customer response to a whole new level; we have enhanced our operation unit with $100 million investment to improvise the production facility and technology transfer.

The new Altis is the eleventh gen car, fitted with an efficient dual VVTI 1,800cc engine. The power train is coupled with 7-speed (CVT) Continuous Variable Transmission technology that renders flawless mileage performance and acceleration. The critical advancement inscribed in CVT is the car moves with low revolution per minute (RPM) when it is on higher acceleration mode.

The vehicle is well constructed, the shape and light weighted nature improves momentum and lowers air resistance. The uniqueness of the new Corolla is it looks sophisticated and sporty. The car looks classic from the front and rear with tints of sportiness. A feature to watch out for is paddle shift gears that offer a new level of drive encounter. The build of the body is centered towards a lower level, the positives are it reduces air hindrance, improves mileage. The suspension system is smoother and the overall feel of the ride is heavenly.

The insides of 2014 Corolla Altis is a massive surprise, car buffs who drove the Indian spec vehicle were speechless. The dual black and beige décor looks stunning. The surprise factor is seven inch touch screen in loaded cars; the lower end vehicles have five inch touchscreen. The car for Pakistan markets is filled with equal level of excitement. The cabin room is vastly spacious, the trunk area is huge. The wheelbase is re-engineered to give consumers the luxuries of ample convenience and comfort. Customers can expect nothing but extravagance with sparking décor, super comfy seats, over generous leg room and glossy black leather trims.

Till now the new Corolla Altis sports a picturesque story, many would dream for those initial drive moments. Expect something that so luxurious that it goes beyond your fairytale imagination. The car has all the comfort values one can ask for with Android based touch screen, audio controls on steering, world class in-built audio system, reclining seats at the back and height adjustable seats.

The world is obsessed with 2014 Corolla Altis, it is a marvel splashed with the latest engineering technologies in terms of light body and greater suspension. The insides are plush to the core and offer a feel good effect with no room for worries or negative thoughts. Those who are itching to own the car, book your dream come true piece now.

Toyota’s next-gen Prius will come with unbelievable design and technology

Toyota has plunged into the department of hybrid vehicle technology which is the need of the hour. Two of its stellar launches are Prius and Camry, Prius is the best selling hybrid in the world. To fuel greater power the company plans to offer an all-wheel drive system and lithium ion battery with the vehicle.

2015 toyota prius side view rendering

Toyota Motor Corp for some reason postponed the production procedure of the next-gen Prius. The production will start from the coming spring till 2015 December.  The upcoming Prius is the fourth gen model and will come with extra choice options. Customers can choose from lithium ion pack or low priced nickel metal hydride unit. The choice of battery packages was confirmed by the senior managing officer in charge of engine development, Koei Saga. The other additional option is the fitment of front all wheel drive system and Saga is positive of the outcome.

Saga did not expose further details on battery or structure of the vehicle, Toyota engineers are hell bent on building a new hybrid engine. It will fall into the next Prius category that will fall a wider network of vehicles in terms of body configuration and variant type. The new series of hybrid vehicles will be inscribed with the advancements of engineering technology in terms of lightness, smaller size and fuel efficiency. The bigger vehicles will have new design concepts.

The interesting part of next-gen Prius is the usage of two battery units, Toyota aims to engineer a potent nickel metal hydride battery that has undergone several clinical trials. Prius runs on conventional and hybrid fuel, the incorporation of nickel metal hydride battery is to have a model that runs only on electric engine. The option of metal hydride and lithium ion battery many be fitted in the most loaded car.

Saga says the next gen Prius will arrive in a new engineering identity, it will be an advancement shocker, particularly with the mileage and the batteries will be renewable. He did not mention the desired mileage outcome, the forthcoming Prius will be draped with a new design theme, and it sounds motivating christened, ‘Toyota New Global Architecture’. The vision here is to enhance the overall quality of the vehicle and sell it at valuable rates.

The next gen Prius sounds fascinating; the first captivating source is the incorporation of nickel metal hydride and lithium ion battery. The high-end car will run purely on electrical battery technology. Most hybrid cars move on petrol and electric power, the next gen Prius is a step ahead with the usage of two battery units.

The company says mileage will be a shocker, wonder what it will be; Saga has not provided a number. Prius is appreciated for its stunning design, and the next gen car will arrive with a greater package, ‘Toyota New Global Architecture’ and it too will be a marvelous surprise. The entire package sounds captivating; we will have to wait till 2015 to witness first levels of breathtaking chills.

Let’s hope the next-gen Prius comes to India, a fantabulous body along with higher level of cutting-edge technology will work well in the country.

Toyota made gains from few launches

Toyota Kirloskar Motor made profitable outcomes in June with 12% gains, the company made commendable fortunes in a short span of time. Much of the profits came from the new Etios Cross and Corolla Altis, both May newcomers. After achieving so much so fast, Toyota is hopeful of 6 to 7% growth graph by end of 2014.

2013 Toyota New Rush TRD Sportivo

2013 Toyota New Rush TRD Sportivo

Toyota did not make impressive sales during the initial four months of the year, it was a continuous decline. The company along with many esteemed auto manufacturers had to bear the brunt of weak economy. It was only in the month of May signs of revival was witnessed, it was a welcoming surprise of two years of continuous slump. The company recorded 6% profits in May.

The new Corolla Altis is a global launch; the world is desperately waiting for the car. India’s are fascinated with the layers of luxury tucked into the car, and the demand is just overflowing. In June Toyota sold 900 units of the car a leap from the demand in May with the sale of 548 pieces. To grab the vehicle customers will have to wait two months.

Toyota brought in a new wave of excitement with launch of 2014 Etios Cross, it has unique cross attributes visible in side plastic cladding, silver roof rail and bull bar. The front grille comes with a blend of class and sophistication draped in shiny silver. The layout of headlights is adapted from Liva hatch and is filled with sparkling courtesy lights and halogen lamps. Beneath the bumper is pair of arty fog lights. The side view looks macho and stylish with glossy silver cladding. The rear section has Liva identities, Etios Cross on the whole offers different wave of wonder and adventure.

The insides of Etios Cross are as unique as exteriors; the décor is an all black piano theme. The seats are covered with premium upholstery and are super comfy. The door panels have classic black finish; the same trend is spilt over to central console. The central console on dashboard is packed with high-tech instruments in the form of instrument panel, high-end music system and air con units. There is heaps of comfort and storage amenities to look forward to like glove box, bottle holders, accessory power outlets and cup holders.

Toyota recently launched Etios Xclusive edition, it comes in an elegant package with professional jet black interiors, refreshed chrome grille, artistically styled head lights, glossy chrome treatment on tail lights and classically sculpted outer rear view mirrors. There is a world class music system with audio and Bluetooth connectivity.

The new Corolla Altis is a greater wonder of the past; the insides too are garnished with spectacular luxury, at a higher level than its predecessor. Toyota’s top seller in MPV segment is Innova, it has excited millions of robust nuclear family network in India. The company is working on a new 2016 model which is a bigger surprise of the past to offer cut-throat rivalry to Honda Mobilio.

2016 Innova captured and is filled with new surprises

So much excitement is centered on the upcoming Honda Mobilio, it is a huge MPV launch. For months car bloggers could not take their mind off the vehicle, and it is a threat to its competition. Its fierce contender is Toyota Innova, with so much written on Mobilio, the public would have surely wondered about what Toyota would do to drift past its competition. Car enthusiasts have recently spotted the next gen 2016 Innova in Bangalore in a completely disguised state.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

It is the second gen car, and yes it comes with heavy cosmetic treatment and new engine base. The insides and exteriors are revamped, the new base framework is not on the lines of monocoque platform, and the car will have a novel ladder frame structure which is incredibly rigid and aggressive.

The next gen Innova is not a completely new catch, the layout of the vehicle is the same as the current one. There are interesting details to look into, such as a new outlines of rear quarter glass, body panels, grille, taillights and headlights. The insides will have greater volume and is packed with all the desirable equipments of a modern car in the form of mutltification steering wheel, climate control, reverse camera and dual airbags.

The engine fitment for 2016 Innova will follow the same pattern as the series of new diesel power trains developed by the company. Toyota plans to study the feasibility of using a diesel engine coupled with automatic transmission gearbox.

Innova is a top seller from Toyota’s stable, the details of the new car sound interesting. Apart from Mobilio, its arch rivals are Nissan Evalia, Mahindra Bolero and Chevrolet Enjoy. The expected price range is Rs 9 to 15 lakhs.

Honda has engineered a ground breaking iDTEC diesel engine in its Amaze and all new City cars. The same is spilt over to Mobilio MPV; Toyota too is using a similar approach by working on new diesel engine theories. The excitement lies in whether Toyota will engineer a diesel engine that offers greater power than Honda’s iDTEC mill.

The next gen 2016 Innova is filled with new fantasies; it is expected to be airier than the current car. Toyota is familiar with the approaches used to design Mobilio MPV, it is moving on the same lines in terms of vast cabin room, vaster than the current car. The exterior design is a different take from the past, and might have the same grandeur effect as Mobilio.

Innova has ruled the roads for years, Mobilio is a brand new entity, and it will take time to get adapted to a new car, particularly under the current constrained economy. Innova is etched in people’s mind, and it cannot be forgotten all of a sudden. The new car will bring in greater delight, and Toyota has the current and new car to beat. It will definitely be a ripper.

Let’s wait for a few more days and witness stages of development, and if it has the power to surpass Mobilio.

The new 4Runner 4×4 sails through the desert

Everyone likes a bit of adventure in their lives, Toyota 4Runner is the perfect choice. It is filled with off-road terror and eye catchy on-frame construction, the insides are vastly spacious and consumers can expect nothing but comfort with the new and innovative Entune Audio System. Wonder how it feels to drive the 2014 4Runner? Someone has written about their experience, let’s find out.

2014 toyota 4runner

The writer spent days in the harsh sandy terrains of Sahara driving 4Runner on stretches of sand. It is baffling to move inches to inches between camels and windy sand. The person was not perplexed at all and just drive past and dint feel even a bit of uneasiness when the car tilted at an angle of 33 degrees. The 2014 4Runner has skid plates it protects the fuel tank, front suspension and engine. Its power wonder is contributed by back coil spring rear suspension and 4 link independent double wishbone.

The other mystery behind the cars robustness to tackle dense desert sand is the fitment of electronically controlled rear differential that submits power to the two wheels at the back. The back wheels operate at the same speed, irrespective of whether it is pressed to the ground or not. The output is so dynamic that it can spearhead through any obstacle that comes your way.

Driving in the desert can be a little or too scary, but in the 2014 4Runner you probably can lead a city life in the desert. The person who drove the car said; why not use the music system, connectivity and navigation. The world class Entune Premium Audio with App Suite and navigation together has 6.1 inch high resolution touch screen display with MP3 or WMA playback, CD player and integrated backup camera display. The music system has six speakers, to connect to the lonely desert world; there is a high-end Sirius XM Satellite radio with ninety day access trial. The person says the satellite navigation is so efficient even in far away land of Bangladesh or Texas Highway.

The visibility effect of the rear glass is superb; you can see everything at the back from miles away. The new 4Runner has a solid cargo tray that can take heft weights that stretch to 470 pounds. It has sliding facilities and can be opened with just the press of a button. The cargo tray is a boon to carry all kinds of items required for a fun-filled camp adventure. The engine can carry any weight tucked into it that extends to a mind blowing 4,700 pounds.

The new 4Runer is equipped with a super efficient V6 4 litre 24 valve DOHC engine engineered with the advanced dual variable valve timing technology. The fiery engine pumps out 270hp and is admirable fuel efficient, you can comfortably drive on the highway with fuel consumption rate of 21mpg and on the cities it is 18mpg.

The 4Runner has the perfect off-terrain identity, and offers the best possible security with passenger and driver advanced airbag system that offers protection to the side, knee, abdomen and thorax. There is also a tire pressure monitor system, rear side curtains and front roll sensing. There are headrests in passenger and driver compartment, the headrests are fitted in a way to protect the body from all angles. It was on the whole a magnificent desert encounter.

The Indian MPV leader Toyota Innova Vs the upcoming Honda Mobilio

The Indian MPV market has been the very stylish and comfortable Innova from the world’s auto leader Toyota Motor. The Innova has been the constant and undisputed market leader ever since it launched in India. However, now many suspect the continued leadership of the superior Innova, as Toyota’s fellow Japanese car maker Honda is about to launch its Mobilio in India.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

The Innova and the Mobilio do not belong to the same segment however. While the Toyota Innova is a full sized premium MPV, the soon to be launched Honda Mobilio is a smaller sub-compact MPV, and the Mobilio’s primary market rival would be the Maruti Ertiga compact MPV. Nevertheless, the Honda Mobilio with its great looks, superb space, premium interiors, smart seating arrangements and expected competitive pricing, might as well dislodge the Toyota Innova from its ruling position.  

At a time when Honda has officially confirmed the much-awaited Mobilio 7-seater MPV’s India launch on July 23rd, 2014.  Let us take a look at what the Toyota Innova and the Honda Mobilio have on offer.

The Toyota Innova is a larger MPV with a length of 4585mm, width measuring 1765mm and height of 1760mm, along with a wheelbase of 2750mm and the impressive ground clearance of 176 mm.

On the other hand, the Honda Mobilio is 4,390mm long, 1,680mm wide and 1,610mm tall. The sub-compact MPV has a wheelbase of 2,650mm and a great ground clearance of 189mm.

Thus, the Honda Mobilio though smaller in dimensions will have ample space and comfort. Moreover, its more compact body will make it a perfect MPV for the highly traffic stricken roads. The Honda Mobilio also has a better ground clearance than the Toyota Innova, thus ensuring that it will have better off roading capabilities with a go anywhere attitude.

The Toyota Innova MPV is offered for sale in the Indian car market powered by a 2 liter 1TR-FE 1998cc, 4-cylinder petrol motor, while the Innova diesel packs in a 2.5 liter 2KD-FTV 2494cc, 4-cylinder diesel mill. Both the engines are mated to a standard 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. While the petrol Innova offers the fuel efficiency of 11.4 km per liter, the diesel Innova offers the mileage of 13 km per liter.

On the other hand, the upcoming Honda Mobilio will be offered in India powered by the two very efficient engines that also drive the massively popular new Honda City sedan. The Mobilio petrol will pack in the 1.5 liter i-VTEC petrol engine, while the Mobilio diesel will be powered by the star performing 1.5 liter i-DTEC diesel motor. Honda Mobilio petrol would offer an expected mileage 18 km per liter, the diesel version will offer a massive 24.2 km per liter.

The Honda Mobilio is thus a clear mileage winner.

In terms of pricing, the Toyota Innova is expensive with a price range of 9.97 lakhs to 14.92 lakhs, while the Honda Mobilio is expected to have a price range of 6.5 lakhs to 9 lakhs.

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