Toyota’s debut innovative Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle effortlessly covers 300 miles Toyota keen to impart knowledge and awareness to rural students through T-TEP Next-gen Sienta MPV spotted in an interesting format Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is ready and the next step is to increase production 2015 Sienna is the safest minivan with best resale value The magnificently plush Hiace plush passenger vehicle was a sight of amazement at the Bus and Special Vehicle Show Toyota keen to introduce series of SUV’s in US because of the robust demand Toyota has concerns with the initial progress of Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle 2015 Camry a class-apart luxury car to look forward to in 2015 The splendid and high energy packed Fortuner 4×4 automatic launched


Toyota’s debut innovative Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle effortlessly covers 300 miles

Toyota stunned the world with its new form of innovation, Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the whole world is aware of hydrogen fuel cell technology. For months automobile websites and pages were filled with this technology, and now it is visible in the form of full-fledged development visible on Mirai.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Over the years the eco-friendly vehicle segment has gained significant momentum, created by the development of hybrid, electric and now hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. It is the hydrogen fuel cell technology that is most publicized recently, and so much of enthusiasm is centered on Mirai. A hot topic of discussion is, whether the novel innovation of Mirai can out beat existing electric vehicle technology.

The drive distance of most electric vehicles in the market is 75 miles, the newly developed Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can move effortlessly for as long as 300miles. Sources who have test driven the car found Mirai to move swiftly, but not at super swift pace. The inner space is sufficiently vast and four occupants can sit comfortably with ease, and there is also enough room for hefty luggage. The government is keen to push the power of hydrogen fuel cell technology, and the car is reasonably priced taking its high-tech development into consideration and priced at below $45,000.

The principle behind the operation of hydrogen fuel systems is, a stack of hydrogen filled cells, react with the atmospheric oxygen to form electricity that drives the vehicle.  Mirai has an edge over other forms of eco-friendly systems, for the simple fact that the emitted gas is filled with only water. Inside Mirai is a couple of hydrogen tanks, and the refueling process happens in a jiffy in barely five minutes.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology functions differently, and the main concern is the sourcing of hydrogen gas to build hydrogen gas stations. It is the lightest element on the planet, despite the tediousness there are now quite a few hydrogen fuel cell tanks developed, and many are concentrated in California. The hydrogen fuel cell charging process is free for up to three years and it is funded by Toyota.

So how is it to sit inside Mirai, one can only imagine, but sources who have sat inside were mesmerized to the core. It has all the aspects of a space age car with capacitive touch slider switches for temperature settings, futuristic glass cockpit with LCD displays and a couple of centre fitted touchscreens. The centre stack is packed with equipments and the drive instructions are similar to any other conventional car, all drivers’ have to do is touch the starter button. Once in motion, the vehicle just travels and travels smoothly for long distances of 300 miles, which implies that the hydrogen gas stacked into it is the latest compressed natural gas form.

Toyota has installed the car with an efficient NiMH battery pack that offers the required boost to tread past long distances. In the near future will Mirai hydrogen fuel cell technology prove to be more significant than electric or hybrid vehicles? We will have to find out.

Toyota keen to impart knowledge and awareness to rural students through T-TEP

Toyota Kirloskar Motor announced of its plan to launch a Body and Paint Technical Toyota Technical Education Program (T-TEP) a distinctive training model at ITI Government Chalakudy. The program started in 2006 in Kerala and it is the first of its kind to launch in India.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is an established unit of the parent Japanese firm, and has produced top quality vehicles such as Corolla, Etios, Etios Liva Cross, Etios Liva, Fortuner and Innova. The company now plans to strengthen its efficiency to a whole new level, and the vision behind the T-TEP program is to improve technical abilities and employment opportunities of students who are 16 to 18 years of age.

The company has decided to take on this initiative in collaboration with ITI Government Chalakudy, and the aim here is to enhance the opportunity outcomes for rural students who display the needed skills to be a proficient automobile engineer. Toyota is really determined to make the T-TEP project a huge success, and it will offer all the possible support in the form of providing equipment, tools, training materials, visiting faculty and training consumables.

The Toyota Technical Program is highly appreciated not only by the Indian education faculty, but all over the globe. Around 419 institutes have been established in as many as 53 countries and apart from India; some of the big players are Vietnam, China, South Africa, Italy, Australia and USA.

India holds a strategic position in the global automobile market arena, and at one point it was the second biggest industry in the world, only behind China. There has been considerable growth over the years, and a couple of years ago, it was predicted that the automobile growth in the country is going to be vast.

A flourishing car industry is a boon all over the world; we all thrive on vehicles to go the distance. The Indian automobile sector is fast paced, and Toyota has produced models from various design segments in India, such as hatchbacks, sedans, sport utility vehicle and multi-purpose vehicle. With the T-TEP initiative, the company is keen to impart awareness and strengthen the knowhow of the functioning of automobiles to rural students.

There is a wide economic gap between the rural and urban market in India, and the supply of automobiles to the rural industry is the best way to narrow down the bridge. Cars are key economic expansion triggers, not only because of the luxury value, but also the comfort and convenience. People in rural sectors most of the time, walk distances to reach desirable destinations, and there is a minimal concentration of cars in these regions.

To enable enormous economic growth in India, the display of cars to rural markets is the best medium, but first we need to build knowledge and awareness abilities of the rural demographic, and that is what Toyota Kirloskar Motor plans to achieve through the T-TEP mission, and with the kind of materials it plans to offer, it is the starting point of growth development.

The richer and classier new Vellfire and Alphard minivans unveiled in Japan

Toyota has launched two new minivans in Japan, restructured models of Vellfire and Alphard minivans. The two minivans are popular, and the vision behind the new cars is to improve structural dynamics. The company has engineered the new minivans with world class handling, super comfy ride and abundantly roomy interiors. The new system of engineering is the construction of innovative double wishbone type of rear suspension.

Toyota Alphard Silver

Toyota Alphard Silver

The ground base of construction of the two cars is more or less the same, but the exterior architectural framework is different. Toyota has introduced different design concepts with the cars, the Alphard car has a huge grille stuffed with glossy mesh ornamentation that neatly blends in with the lower grille and on the back is a trendy U-shaped structure that connects that license plate with rear combination lights.

The Vellfire front grille has huge plated with professionally sculpted black tail light mesh and arty interconnected dual head lights. Customers can enjoy the luxury of eight seats in Vellfire and Alphard minivans. The décor is premium as well with refined wood grain flooring, and Toyota has engineered the vehicle to offer lower noise, vibration and harshness rhythms. The body is designed with a viewpoint to move with minimal vibrations.

Alphard and Vellfire minivans have three power trains, a 2.5 litre hybrid engine built with the advanced Atkinson-cycle technology. The engine is connected with E-Four electric four wheel drive system that churns 68PS from rear electric motor and 143PS from front electric motor, and six speed Sequential Shiftmatic engine. The other engine is built with 2.5 litre capacity with CVT-i and seven speed Sports Sequential Shitmatic technology. The engine yields peak 12.8km/l mileage. The last on the list is a powerful V6 3.5 litre gasoline mill connected with six speed sequential shiftmatic system that produces 9.5km/l mileage. The initial price system for both cars is 3,197,782 yen.

Toyota is a globally recognized esteemed automobile brand; it has built cars with top-class luxury value visible on Corolla, Lexus, Fortuner, Etios, Hilux, Sienna, Aygo and Etios Liva. The addition of Alphard and Vellfire minivans only builds the intense plush value of the company. The two vans flaunt homely and sophisticated exteriors; the vehicles look awe-inspiring from every angle and ideal to attract happy families.

The minivan market is a flourishing sector, because of the need to comfort immediate and extended family members. The family bonding system in Japan is strong and families yearn to travel in large numbers and Vellfire and Alphard minivans seem to be a perfect match. Toyota has established itself in the van market, and so much excitement and fascination is surrounded Sienna. Ardent minivan fanatics have two cars to choose from, which means double excitement moments.

Sitting in the two vans and driving away to no end will be loads of fun, Alphard and Vellfire are more professionally designed and feature packed than before. We can expect nothing but a massive crowd line-up in showrooms, and both models are worthy purchases to just enjoy loads of comfort and fun-filled moments.

Next-gen Sienta MPV spotted in an interesting format

Toyota has a new amazing launch in the pipeline called Sienta multipurpose vehicle, the car was spotted recently, and the parent Japanese firm will launch it in home soil in June 2015. It captured Sienta is the next generation model, and it is an improved variant of the past. According to sources it has a lengthier wheelbase and length dimension compared to first generation car.

Next-generation Toyota Sienta rendering

Next-generation Toyota Sienta rendering

It is commonly referred to as people carrier, and reports state that the car is 4.2 meters long, and an increased measurement of 0.1m compared to its predecessor. Toyota has designed the vehicle to meet the lifestyle pressures of Japan. The rear compartment will have sliding doors, to move past the fast paced life packed with gigantic population density.

Sienta is a car for the urbane population, and it will run on a powerful 1.5 liter four cylinder engine engineered with the advanced (VVT) variable valve timing technology. Toyota has incorporated the Atkinson cycle theory to render superior fuel efficiency. According to the buzz, if Sienta launches in India, it will be placed beneath Innova.

The Indian population will surely be excited about the launch of Toyota Sienta MPV in India; the company has already fuelled significant excitement in this segment contributed by Innova. It is a key profit player for Toyota and a high selling car since inception, and an ideal platform for nuclear families to have a whale of a time. The annual profit turnover of Innova every month is a creditworthy 9,100 units.

Although Sienta is rendered, Toyota Kirloskar Motor the Indian unit of the established parent Japanese firm has no plans of launching the car anytime soon. The Indian spec car is also expected to have sliding doors, and a likely launch is sometime in early 2016, and it will be on international display at a prestigious automotive event.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has already worked wonders in the big car segment contributed by Fortuner and Innova. Sienta is a popular car around the globe and the new model is likely to be inserted with a fierce 1.5 liter gasoline engine. An image of the vehicle is on the web and it looks trendy and youthful. It’s got a unique architecture that highlights the homely and young looking stance of the car.

The uniqueness lies in the small bonnet dimension and large glass window to meet the roof, the grille beneath the front portion looks classy. The artistically sculpted headlights move backwards and there is a bulge close to the window frame. The side profile is great as well with artistic cuts and ridges. The structure of wheel arch is also exceptionally arty and the rear view is elegant as well.

The excitement with Sienta lies in rear sliding doors, and like Japan it too will elevate the convenience of crowded Indian streets. The exciting bit is Sienta is rendered in India, but Toyota has not yet mentioned a launch date. Let’s wait for some more interesting details in the near future.

Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is ready and the next step is to increase production

Toyota has built its debut hydrogen fuel cell vehicle called Mirai, and it is a full-fledged development. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe has confirmed that the company has handed over the keys to build its first fuel cell vehicle. Since the vehicle is developed and is in motion, the company has announced that the only remaining task is to increase production.

2016 Toyota Mirai

2016 Toyota Mirai

Toyota earlier announced that it plans to limit the production of its hydrogen fuel cell car Mirai, and the planned outcome was 700units. Now the company aims to increase production rate to 2,000 units in the year 2016 and about 3,000 units in 2017. The company first introduced hydrogen fuel cell Mirai on the 15th of December 2014, and the favorable export destinations are certain European nations and UK.

The company has received more than 1,500 orders for the car, and Toyota now plans to adjust supply with demand. The people of Japan are fascinated with Mirai, because of its high-tech nature of development, and the request for it is hence gigantic. It is interesting to learn that Toyota has completed the full scale development of Mirai, its very hydrogen fuel cell venture.

Automobile companies all over the world are developing new theories co-related to hydrogen fuel cell technology. The principle behind the operation of the technique is the fitment of a stack of hydrogen cells that combine with the atmospheric oxygen to form electricity that runs the vehicle. Over the years, many eco-friendly vehicle theories have been developed such as hybrid and electric car technology. The theory of hydrogen fuel cell sounds conventional and practical, and most of us would wonder about why it has not been thought of earlier.

Hydrogen is the lightest element on the planet, and harvesting it is tedious, and the main hurdle is the construction of hydrogen gas stations. It is a task to extract hydrogen gas and store it in gas stations. The system is not as feasible as charging an electric car inserted with lithium ion battery. There may be few hydrogen gas stations, but the popularity of it is still unknown.

Toyota is now certain about the efficient motion of Mirai, and it can zoom through 483km on just a single hydrogen tank, and the refueling process happens in below five minutes. It is a zero emission system and the car emits only water with no harmful gases whatsoever. The potent electric motor churns impressive 152bhp power and it flows to front wheels.

Toyota’s innovative Mirai project is ready, and it will be intriguing to observe how it fares in the initial few months. The company will now increase the production numbers of the vehicle, there are considerable number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road and the movement of Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will soon gain pace. Few years from now there may be several hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road and its presence might be as impactful as conventional vehicles.

2015 Sienna is the safest minivan with best resale value

2015 Toyota Sienna has been tested to be the safest minivan and for some interesting news it has the best resale value as well. It is a celebration moment for Toyota, to launch the classy and homely looking Sienna minivan that is proven to be the safest car with the best resale value.

2015 Toyota Sienna

2015 Toyota Sienna

Sienna is the only minivan model that is proven to earn the highest safety rankings; it was on top of the list on the cover of the prestigious Kelly Blue Book’s best resale value awards in the minivan segment. The resale value of the car after thirty six months of ownership is 57.9% and after five years it is 44.3%. Reports reveal that no other car has earned such a high-level ranking and Sienna is miles ahead. Sienna stands second in resale value and has gained over six percentage points, and the number one position is bagged by Ford Transit Van.

There is an intense level of professionalism and coziness attached to 2015 Sienna, and according to Kelly Blue Book, it is the most impactful vehicle in its segment. The vehicle is engineered with the advanced all-wheel drive technology and the inner room is abundantly vast and can effectively accommodate a maximum figure of 8 occupants. It is a convenient model to carry hefty weight.

Automobile safety technology has progressed leaps and bounds, and companies have to put their vehicles through rigorous tests to be qualified for optimum safety. The (IIHS) Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is one of the most established safety testing organizations around the globe. The institution has conferred the highest ratings to 2015 Sienna; the new model is engineered with adequate security equipments, a progress from its predecessor that did not have state-of-the art forward collision prevention system, a necessity to be placed in the top safety list.

The 2015 Sienna is a massively changed model from the past and is garnished with new exterior design technology and plush interiors. The body structure fabric is redefined with the fitment of additional 142 spot welds. A team of pioneering engineers have introduced re-structured shocks and springs for smooth handling. According to reports 2015 SE Sienna car has a more efficient handling system and the inner space is vast enough to transport eight passengers and a hefty 4,560 pound weight.

The exterior refurbishments of 2015 Sienna are engraved on grille inserts for SE, XLE and LE cars. The SE car has headlight bezel and slender LED running lights, the stylish of dashboard is more professional, and there is a world class touchscreen infotainment technology system and the limited edition car has dynamic saddle color leather fittings. The nature of materials is soft and silky.

The braking system is effectual and admirably responsive, and the aftermath experience effect is mind blowing. The handling and grip factor of the steering is impressive and the encounter is pretty smooth even through irregular bumps. Buyers who are keen on 2015 Sienna, it is a car to go after, to feel homely, secure and comfortable.

The magnificently plush Hiace plush passenger vehicle was a sight of amazement at the Bus and Special Vehicle Show

Toyota Kirloskar Motor is an ace manufacturer of luxury vehicles; the firm has introduced a marvelous Hiace model at the prestigious 4th Bus and Special Vehicle Show. It is a stunning 5.38 meter long car, and the sight of it is not new, it was displayed in grand style at the acclaimed 2014 Auto Expo, and the scheduled arrival period is mid 2015.

2015 Toyota HiAce

2015 Toyota HiAce

Hiace is a gigantic vehicle and it  will launch with a potent 3.0 liter D-4D diesel power train, and pumps out fierce 300Nm torque and 136PS power. The power train is coupled with four speed automatic gearbox. The space inside is enormous, with not three but four rows, and ten occupants can tuck in with ease, inclusive of driver with no room for stuffiness. Consumers can be assured of optimum safety with dual airbags, reverse parking camera and ABS.

Hiace is a massively large vehicle packed with high-tech development; its 5.38 meter body is rigid and provides extensive stability with minimal space for vibrations. It is not a vehicle that is unheard of, it is on sale in more than 140 nations, and Toyota is firm with the elevted reliability factor associated with the multi-utility vehicle. According to the buzz, the company has not yet confirmed on the price details of the car, and sources are of the view that the expected price range is Rs 15lakhs.

The senior vice president of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Raja , commented on the showcasing of the car at the 4th Bus and Special Vehicle Show and announced, ‘’ our team has been analyzing customer preferences, and that has led us to display Hiace, an innovative product that sells in 140 countries and has earned us a vast market share of six million units globally. The main goal with the vehicle is to cater to the needs of the high-profile corporate demographic. ‘’

Majority of the Indian demographic is crazy about Toyota cars, and the company has surprised the crowd to the core with plush vehicles such as Corolla, Etios Liva, Etios, Innova and Fortuner. The introduction of Hiace will simply overwhelm the crowd, because no time in history has such a model been launched. It is the first of its kind in the country and how amazing does it sound.

There are so many exciting launches to look forward to in 2015, from different automobile manufacturers in India. The upcoming product range varies from affordable to luxury cars, but Toyota has enlightened the crowd with its aim to launch Hiace. It is the biggest surprise of all. An image of it is displayed on the web and it looks pretty high-tech. It is just some months away to the sight of Hiace, and it will be interesting to capture the crowd gathering.

The high-profile business market in India has expanded, created by the advent of IT and e-commerce industries and Hiace will be a classy platform to transport corporate to their desired destinations. We can at the moment only imagine how amazing it is going to be, and there are exhilarating moments to look forward to ahead.

Toyota keen to introduce series of SUV’s in US because of the robust demand

Toyota Motor Corp is an ace global luxury brand headquartered in Japan; the firm is keen to strengthen its factory manufacturing output in Canada and Japan. The reason being to sell more sport utility vehicles in US, and the demand in the region has increased significantly. SUV’s are popular all over the world, and are considered to be amazing recreation vehicles, to explore the depths of countryside.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Akio Toyoda the president of the firm has announced of the plan to expand the manufacturing capacity of cars Lexus RX and Toyota RAV4. The Chief Executive of the company’s North American unit, Jim Lentz has stated that the plan is confirmed. It is interesting to read about Toyota’s plan to expand its sport utility vehicle portfolio to cater to increasing demand in US. The pace of life has increased all over the globe and an efficient and smooth sailing SUV makes a relaxed weekend, all the more relaxing.

The plan of Toyota to build sport utility vehicles for US markets is on till 2016 March, said a top Toyota official when questioned at the esteemed North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The company for futuristic growth is considering the plan to construct a range of SUVs, and it has been a profitable sector, witnessed on the impressive 16% growth registered last year. The SUV craze in America has been over the top for a long time, the buying potential for passenger cars diminished and many customers opted for SUV’s.

An interesting question to debate on is, the reason behind the customer preferential drift towards SUV’s from passenger cars. The reason is inscribed on the increased efficiency with regard to mileage and also superior interior room. It is the strong movement of SUVs that has enabled Toyota to have an edge over its competition, and it has even out beaten Volkswagen, to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the country. Toyota has five best selling SUV’s in America and Volkswagen on the other hand has only a couple of high sellers, Touareg and compact Tiguan.

The upcoming desirable sport utility vehicle for US markets is Lexus NX Crossover sport utility vehicle, and a Toyota official stated that the firm is analyzing the feasibility outcome of RAV4 SUV.  The company is aiming at building about 300,000 RAV4 vehicles every year in US, and it is an increased manufacture outcome from the previous year, where the firm built 267, 698 vehicles.

The demand for sport utility vehicles is gigantic all over the globe, and it is the car to opt for under the current troubled economy circumstances. Consumers can lead an economical life, contributed by the high mileage power of the cars. The Indian segment is also packed with sport utility vehicles, and a popular Toyota SUV is Fortuner. The Indian unit of Toyota has recently launched the 4×4 Fortuner, ardent SUV fans in American can look forward to exciting times ahead; there is a series of vehicles to watch out for, and a good time to plan a memorable vacation.

Toyota has concerns with the initial progress of Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

A considerable amount of activity is happening in the green car market, and the awareness about the benefits of eco-friendly vehicles has increased in recent times. Toyota an ace Japanese based luxury car brand is a pioneer of the green car market. It stunned the world with the introduction of Prius and Camry hybrids.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Apart from hybrid and electric vehicles, the latest progress in the eco-friendly vehicle automobile industry is hydrogen powered vehicles. Toyota has for months announced of its plan to build Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car. The principle behind the operation of a hydrogen fuel cell car is different from others of its kind. The mode of operation here is the fitment of stack of hydrogen cells that reacts with atmospheric oxygen to form electricity that drives the vehicles.

The mode of discovery of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sounds high-tech and practical, it is an unexplored sources, that many would believe should have been thought of years ago. Toyota is keen to unravel the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology through the construction of Mirai and the goal is to carry the technology to the market and make it effectively accessible to a mass crowd.

The senior Vice President of Toyota, Bob Carter says, in order to showcase a pioneering futuristic technology, display it in the form of a real model, and that’s what we are working on. Mirai is a huge development and the company has stated over 5,000 patents, and is constructing measures to make the hydrogen fuel system available to a mass crowd through the construction of hydrogen gas station.

Toyota launched Mirai in 2014 November, and the vehicle runs on electricity generated from hydrogen, and it is not all dependent on electric engine. The acceleration potential of the vehicle is praiseworthy in just 9 seconds it can breezily travel distances of 0 to 60mph. With just a single tank of hydrogen gas, the car can zoom through vast distances of maximum range of 300 miles.

Despite the heightened efficacy and space-age technology infused into Mirai, Toyota is not very satisfied with the development of the vehicle. The size of Mirai is parallel to Camry, and it costs $57,500 pricier than any other high-tech Toyota car in the market. The main concern is majority of the inner space is occupied by stack of hydrogen fuel. The other issue is the efficient availability of hydrogen gas, and sources state that the gas is not as eco-friendly as the company makes it out to be. Hydrogen is the most widely available gas, but storing it is not as realistic as its abundance value. It is more light-weighted than atmospheric oxygen and harvesting it is tedious.

Toyota has been banking on the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology, but the initial stages of development did not start on a positive note. It is a known fact that hydrogen gas is difficult to harvest, because it is the lightest element on Earth. There is however still scope for progress, mainly because once hydrogen is harvested and the electricity generation process involves zero gas emission. Let’s observe the evolution of the technology in the near future.

2015 Camry a class-apart luxury car to look forward to in 2015

Toyota is a power house sector of the luxury car unit, and an upcoming marvelous product to look forward to is, 2015 Camry. It is incredibly picturesque at first sight and a delight to ardent luxury car enthusiasts. Images of the vehicle are online and it looks as magnificent as ever, and it has a uniquely crafted body that is too stunning to be true.

2015 toyota camry facelift

2015 toyota camry facelift

The Indian spec car looks magnificent, and it will blow anyone away at first sight and an extraordinary gift of richness. The attractiveness of 2015 Camry is inscribed on the exterior framework; it has a stunning body that looks professional to the core. The structure of bonnet is sturdy and attractive and so is the arrangement of headlights, upper and lower grille. The styling of the wheel arch is dynamic as well and it completes the overall aesthetic picture of the car.

The brand value of Toyota in India is exemplary, the company has however fallen prey to the weakened markets. Sales have taken a setback for months, and the firm is now keen to expand its vast market share in the country and 2015 Camry is among its strategic launches. It is a sight of delight to the luxury car fanatic.

The 2015 Camry has whole lot of upgrades; the revamped front has new fog lights, wide centrally located air dam surrounded by a glossy chrome lining and new bumper. On either side of bumper are deep cuts and creases, the structure of the grille is new as well, and top of it is a sparkling strip of chrome. The layout of headlights is new stuffed with shiny daytime running lights, the aesthetically styled alloy wheels are refreshed as well. The tail lights look classy to the core fitted with radiating LEDs and also decorative chrome piping in the middle.

The interiors of new Camry is as magnificent as the exteriors, step inside and it is nothing but luxurious. The cabin room is significantly vast, sufficient to sit comfortably during long drives, the car has a fresh three spoke steering wheel and the structure of instrument cluster is professional packed with jazzy blue backlighting. The measurement of information display is bigger at is now measures 4.2 inches, and the screen is bigger as well, and it is now 6.1 inches. Toyota has upgraded the suspension component of the vehicle; it is designed to offer greater comfort and lesser noise, vibration and harshness level (NVH). The movement and handling of electric power steering is comfortable and the other segment of improved engineering is the insertion of differential on front axle.

The Indian spec 2015 Camry will be fitted with an efficient 2.5 liter petrol mill, more powerful than the vehicle for overseas markets, equipped with 2.0 liter petrol engine. Toyota has not yet said anything about the launch of hybrid model, and it too is likely to be packed with cosmetic changes.  The expected arrival period is 2015 September and the likely price range is Rs 28 to 32 lakhs.

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