Land Cruiser 70 continues to remain youthful after 30 long years The new 2014 Toyota Yaris is not all refined The battle of high-performers Innova ZX and Honda Mobilio RS (O) Toyota Yaris Hybrid – a possible India launch New refreshed Toyota Camry introduced at 2014 MIAS; India awaits launch in 2015 Toyota resurrects the most rugged Land Cruiser 70 in Japan A look at the most stylishly evolved 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis A unique and convenient weekend offer scheme Watch the amazing teaser image of 2015 Camry in pitch dark background All New Toyota Innova to be introduced in 2015


Land Cruiser 70 continues to remain youthful after 30 long years

There are some cars that are just unforgettable, one such model is Toyota Land Cruiser 70. It is now a thirty year old vehicle, and it does bring back interesting stories. Land Cruiser 70 (LC70) is a popular model in Australia, and way back in 1990s it was scattered among the farming community, every second farmer owned the LC70.

Land Cruiser 70

Land Cruiser 70

LC70 is a sturdy car, and will hence naturally fit into the farming sector, and perfect to carry out effective farming. The car was more than just reliable, it is reliable and powerful at the same time, and farmers were hell bent on owning the car. It’s voted the most versatile SUV in the world.

LC70 was the talk of the town since its arrival thirty years ago, although it has been out of sight for ten long years, it has not vanished completely. Toyota plans to work on a refreshed model. So how will LC70 look, it’s going to retain most of its born identities, via its retro appearance. The refurnished parts are bonnet, grille and headlights. The company, to draw out the year long survival of the vehicle has attached specially made 30th anniversary emblems on either side. The wheel arch design highlights the 21st century nature of the vehicle.

Just like the exteriors, the insides too have bits of modernity visible on maintenance record holder and leather key case, new air con vents and large central screen. The structure of interiors is completely new version of the past, and will make owners feel width and breadth of luxury.

Since LC70 has been on the run for thirty long years, Toyota has confirmed that it has no plans to launch the 30th Anniversary model. The Product Public Relations Manager of Toyota Australia, Steve Coughlan said, ‘’Toyota is not keen to launch a 30th Anniversary model of LC70, or even create a 30th Anniversary interiors.

Toyota is using the same engine that was used in the mighty legendary LC70, with potent V8 turbo diesel mill. The car is engineered with robust four wheel drive system with automatic locking together with electric differentials for rear and front axles, and there will also be an electric winch in front. Safety is given top priority with anti-lock brakes, and dual air bags in front compartment.

The Australian market will receive the novel dual cab 70 series; the Limited edition Japan model will be sold in five door wagon and four door dual cab body styles. The new LC70 will have sparkles of vibrancy with Nappa leather cushions, super chrome metallic paint, the second row will have two coloured black and silver upholstery, imaginatively styled geometric panel and dark grey metallic wheels.

The forthcoming new Toyota LC70 is an interesting car to look forward to, for those who are keen on buying the car, a video of the LC70 is on the web. It shows the power factor of the vehicle and is a fun model that can be driven any and everywhere from narrow roads, river and beach fronts. It’s a global blockbuster seller, Toyota sells 80,000 LC70 pieces annually and Australia is the top seller and next in line is South Africa and Middle East.

The new 2014 Toyota Yaris is not all refined

Being the global auto leader, Toyota Motor has a number of superior cars on offer. Among the many great quality Toyota cars is the Yaris sedan which is a very able model from every aspect. The new 2014 Toyota Yaris has become even better, when looks are concerned.

toyota yaris 2014

Toyota Yaris 2014

The new Toyota Yaris has become even more alluring with a more engaging and stylized exterior design language. The enhanced good looks have extended on the inside of the car as well, as the 2014 Yaris gets plusher interiors with more up-market fit and finish.

However, the same can’t be told about the car’s under the skin beauty. The new 2014 Toyota Yaris gets a 1.3 motor under the hood, which offers a rather uncomfortable driving position, while under the good looking exterior les a plain chassis that does not do proper justice to the car’s overall performance. May be these deficiencies will be set right by the compact diesel and 1.0 liter petrol mills that are on their way into the Yaris.

The Yaris was originally designed by Toyota to offer a superior driving experience to the owners that they will not forget. However, the car never kept up to those real intentions of the Japanese car major, as the Yaris has not been that popular as its cousins, except its very worthy hybrid version.

If we leave the performance level, then the new Toyota Yaris has really done a good job with its new visual appeal. The new Yaris gets new atrractive LED tail lights at the rear and a new more stylish and wider front grille giving both its front and rear sides a new appeal. On the inside, the car offers good finish and nice materials, but the choice of upholstery color is really drab. The test driven Sport trim level of the sedan however came along with sporty bright red upholstery and featured a new luxurious steering wheel and soft touch plastic trims on the dashboard. Nevertheless, below the dashboard there are a lot of hard plastics that have been used.

The new Toyota Yaris Sport model also features a very nice and usefull panoramic glass roof, which is optional and comes with an additional cost. The new Yaris also comes with 16 inch alloy wheels as standard to offer better looks and enhanced ride quality.

The rear headroom of the car has been enhanced, while the smart rear seats offer split fold function to expand the already large cargo space.

The new 2014 Yaris is really new, as Toyota has incorporated 1,000 new parts into it. However, the Japanese car giant offered nothing to adjust the steering wheel which feels too far away from the driver.

The Yaris’ 1.3 liter engine is also not as refined as that of the other Toyota cars. It vibrates and roars a bit with higher speeds. However, Toyota is all set to put it right with a new Yaris version powered by the Aygo 1.0 liter engine which is more able.

The battle of high-performers Innova ZX and Honda Mobilio RS (O)

The competition level in Indian auto market is fuming like never before, the battle is intense on every level from hatchbacks to multipurpose vehicles. Toyota has won great acclaim with its Innova MPV, every moment you step on to the roads and there is never a time the vehicle is not spotted. It is a source of inspiration for Honda to create the new Mobilio MPV. Mobilio is an instant hit because of the grand nature of the vehicle, in just days post launch the booking figure has crossed 9,000. Fueled by instant success Honda has launched the new RS (O) variant and will it overpower the supremacy of Innova? Let’s find out.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

Core characteristics:

Mobilio RS is new MPV redefined; it’s loaded with class features, and has advanced equipments in the form of rear view parking camera and (AVN) Audio Video Navigation. The AVN is 6 inch touch screen infotainment system with inbuilt maps, satellite-based voice guided navigation, car entertainment and connectivity. The navigation system has keyboard which makes it convenient to choose a particular location. The infotainment system is packed with best-in-class equipments and also has a reverse parking camera screen. The other interesting features are world class music system with MP3, i-POD, AM/FM, USB, and AUX connectivity. The Bluetooth is synced to the phone which enables consumers to answer calls and view call history book while driving.

Innova launched many years before Mobilio; the features are class performing for its time. There is a touch screen infotainment unit with reverse camera; consumers can encounter ample comfort in the car. The air con apparatus is robust, blast of chilled air is transported to all three compartments. Mobilio RS has manual air con unit, it has reclining seats and reports say it looks sportier than Innova. The new Mobilio has top class upholstery, potent headlights and day-time running LEDs. Mobilio RS and Innova have essential safety for optimum protection with dual airbags in front.

Honda Mobilio Golden Front

Honda Mobilio Golden Front


The fascination with a new swanky car lies in the dimension, and with MPV’s the thrill factor stretches to a whole new level. Innova is bigger than Mobilio, it is 1760mm tall, 1765mm wide and 4585mm long. There is a seven and eight seat vehicle, the seating option with Mobilio is limited, it is offered in seven seat format only. It is 4386mm long, 1603mm tall and 1683mm wide, the vehicle is designed on the pattern of ‘’Man Maximum machine minimum philosophy’’. Stepping into Mobilio is an element of fascination, it is so spacious on the insides, and there are many cubbyholes to store tons of items.

Engine power:

Innova runs on a robust 2.5 liter diesel and 2 liter petrol engine, the four cylinder 2 liter engine yields 181Nm and 131.4bhp. The 2.5 liter diesel car generates 200Nm and 100.6bhp. The mileage offered is 12kmpl.

There is only a diesel engine option for Mobilio RS, built with 1.5 liter i-DTEC capacity. The fierce engine produces 200Nm and 98.6bhp and offers world class mileage of 24.2kmpl.


The average price of Innova is Rs 14.92 lakhs and the average price of Mobilio is Rs 11.55 lakhs.

The two cars are equally powerful with respect to nature of interior equipments and comfort. Innova is a bigger car and Mobilio provides superior mileage power.


Toyota Yaris Hybrid – a possible India launch

The Japanese car major, Toyota Motor is the most popular auto maker in the world. Toyota is also certainly the best auto manufacturer to go for, if one is looking to buy a superior hybrid car. Toyota as we know, is the pioneer of Hybrid cars and is still the master of churning out some of the most proficient hybrid models in the world, although market competition has really increased. Moreover, the Toyota Prius, the company’s hybrid pioneering offering is still the most selling hybrid model in the globe despite the presence of a number of other rivals models.

toyota yaris hybrid-r

However, Toyota has gone ahead with its hybrid technology advancements and this shows in the latest Prius as well as the dozen other hybrid models that the Japanese car makers offers in the global markets. One such, hybrid car is the Toyota Yaris hybrid, which is equally efficient, high quality and really able as the other Toyota hybrid cars.

In India, Toyota is certainly not as famous as in the other global car markets and have a limited range of products as well. However, some of the Toyota cars such as the Innova and Fortuner are the segment leaders in India, while many other Toyota cars have been costistent market performers in the domestic market. Indias is certainly not a hybrid car market, but that did not stop Toyots from offering the imported Prius and then, the locally produced Camry Hybrid.

Given Toyota’s acclaimed position in the hybrid market, the Yaris Hybrid might also make it to India. The most remarkable aspect of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is its high fuel efficiency. Toyota had also introduced a Yaris Hybrid R concept model which had very impressive specifications.

However, in India which is still a very tough ground for anything other than petrol or diesel cars, Toyota Yaris Hybrid’s success rates will be highly doubtful. However, as the Indian market is fast developing, sooner or later the highly fuel efficient but expensive hybrid cars will get more popular in India, and the greener hybrids will win over the Indian car buyers. When this happens, the high fuel economy of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid will ensure its high success in India. Being a compact car, the Yaris Hybrid can surely be a hit with the model urban Indians who can shell out a hefty price for a car that is so efficient, superior and economical in the long run.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is sold in two variants of Icon and Excel in the car market of UK, where it is highly popular. If Toyota chooses to launch the Yaris Hybrid in India, then it should market the car very effectively and also make its price as affordable as possible. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid would cost around Rs. 20 lakhs in India, unless Toyota can make it cheaper by highly localizing the car.

As Toyota is a great green propagator and India is also steadily getting environmentally conscious, the Yaris Hybrid is expected to come to India in near future.

New refreshed Toyota Camry introduced at 2014 MIAS; India awaits launch in 2015

The world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota Motor has unveiled the new facelift model of one of its global bestselling cars, the Camry sedan at the 2014 Moscow International Auto Salon.

2015 toyota camry facelift

2015 toyota camry facelift

The Toyota Camry is an age old car that has been popular all over the world. This sedan model can be termed as evergreen considering its mass appeal in the international car markets over decades. The Camry has been one of the key pillars behind the massive success of Toyota Motors and its position as the global auto leader. The Toyota Camry has evolved at lot to keep pace with the changing time and to suite the modern car buyers of the world. However, the Camry has had that conservative tag latched on to it when design and visual appeal are concerned. This made the Camry’s much newer and stylish market rivals bolder as the new age car customers give a lot of importance to great contemporary design.

Taking the cue the Japanese car major Toyota Motor has given the Camry sedan a great mid-life makeover that does not only makes it much more cheerful looking, but improved as a whole as well. However, the new Camry facelift models will look a bit different for the various car markets of the world. The American spec facelift Camry that was unveiled by Toyota earlier this year flaunts a very bold and chic design, but the new Camry for the other car markets (including India) though very stylish, retains some of its conservative styling.

The most remarkable change in the new facelift model of the Toyota Camry is the introduction of an additional new engine. However, the new Camry has also received a number of cosmetic changes and new features to make it look great.

The refreshed Toyota Camry seems to be sharing some design cues with the bold, all new Corolla. The new Camry flaunts a new large lower grille, and a relatively thinner upper grille. The sedan also gets a new front fascia along with new LED infused head lights, large air dam and very stylish chrome accented rectangular new fog lamps. The new Camry’s new face also gets a refreshed bumper as well as a slim chrome strip running all through the body of the car. The side profile of the new Camry model remains largely the same, however the newly designed, stylish alloy wheels add to the car’s overall new sportier appeal.

On the inside, the new refreshed Toyota Camry features many updates including a new multi-functional steering wheel, a new 4.2 inch colour TFT display, a newly designed backlit instrument cluster, automatic beams, wireless mobile charger, a new infotainment system, heated rear seats and many more.

Under the hood, the new Toyota Camry facelift gets powered by a range of engines that includes a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder petrol, a 3.5 liter V6 petrol and a 2.0 liter petrol engine.

The new Camry is expected to launch in India early next year, though features and engine range could vary.

Toyota resurrects the most rugged Land Cruiser 70 in Japan

Toyota Motor is bringing back the rough and rugged Land Cruiser 70 in its home market Japan. Toyota is going to resurrect this old tough off roader in a gesture to catering to the consumers’ nostalgic demand for this rugged vehicle. The Land Cruiser 70 is highly acclaimed for its great powerful performance in the challenging terrains, and also as an able aid vehicle in the disaster zones, which is important in an earthquake prone country like Japan.

Land Cruiser 70

Land Cruiser 70

Toyota is going to offer the Land Cruiser 70 back again priced at 3.6 million yen (equivalent to $35,000). The Land Cruiser 70 which is the toughest of all the Land Cruiser models so far will arrive at the Toyota dealership outlets in Japan very soon. However, the Japanese auto major is offering the tough vehicle on a very limited basis. The Land Cruiser 70 will also be offered for sale in the Japanese market only for a year’s span. Then again, Toyota will have a limited planned production of only 200 units of the Land Cruiser 70 per month.

The Land Cruiser 70 was phased out in Japan way back in the year 2004, but the vehicles fans have wanted the model back for long because of the vehicles engaging fun to drive features.

The chief engineer at Toyota Japan, Sadayoshi Koyari told the media at an event for car aficionados in Tokyo that if one ever has to entrust one’s life with a vehicle, then he would choose the Land Cruiser.

The Land Cruiser 70 model was first introduced back in the year 1984, and it is still available in some global car markets such as the Africa, Middle East, Australia and other markets with good average monthly sales of 6,400 units.

The Land Cruiser 70 highly acclaimed durability is based on the vehicles great ladder-frame chassis as well as suspension, says the world’s top auto maker, Toyota. The vehicle is designed for highly hostile places where a breakdown is not merely a hassle but can also prove to be fatal. Thus, the Land Cruiser 70 is created for the most challenging terrains and situations.

Several Japanese auto enthusiasts are great fans of the Land Cruiser 70 and have constantly demanded for the resurrection of the vehicle ever since it was discontinued in the market in 2004.

For instance, 67 year old Masahiro Terada, lumber merchant is a diehard Land Cruiser 70 aficionado. He says with a laugh that a Land Cruiser is a toy for the big boys, those who never grow up, and he vows to drive his Land Cruiser until his dying day.

Global relief organizations such as the U.N. and the Red Cross use the Land Cruiser for relief works in the disaster struck areas, making Toyota proud.

The Land Cruiser 70’s comeback model is also available in a pickup version, and boasts of latest safety and smart-key features and is driven by a powerful 4.0 liter V6 motor mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.

A look at the most stylishly evolved 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis

The Toyota Corolla has been the most popular car in the world and it deserves to be so with all its great qualities. Being elegant, hugely reliable, extremely safe and comfortable car, the Corolla is gem of a car that comes from the global auto leader Toyota Motor. A bit shy of 5 decades old, the Toyota Corolla is an ever green sedan which has become even younger and bolder in its all new 11th generation avatar. The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla is undoubtedly the most evolved model in terms of design. The 11th generation model has finally bid adieu to its patent plain looks tag and got a more sophisticated, stylish, matured and bolder looks to suite the rest of the premium quality car.

corolla altis with VVTI badge-1.

corolla altis with VVTI badge

The all new Corolla has got a bold and sporty new face to create a solid first impression while looking at it up front. While keeping the older wheelbase intact, the Toyota engineers have made the new Corolla 80mm longer and 15mm wider to offer enhanced interior space. This results in a slight overhang at the car’s front, but the car is not wobbly at all, as Toyota has made its chassis stronger than before ensuring its increased safety aspect. The sedan has become a bit shorter to look sportier. The car gets bold character lines at the front and at its side which make it look lean and mean. Moreover, one more remarkable thing is that despite the increase proportions the car weights the same as before.

The new Corolla’s large airdam, highly stylized upswept large headlights with LED strips and the slightly flared sporty wheel arches ensure that the new model looks muscular and smart in stark contrast to its previous model’s conservative design. The 16 inch alloy wheels are great too, but looks a bit small on this car, as Toyota has increased its ground clearance which is best-in-class ground. This also tells that Toyota has not worked on the car’s skin deep beauty only, but has also improved it as a whole. The well raised car can handle rough roads and large speed-breakers smoothly to offer a superior ride. Toyota has also stiffened the sedan’s suspension for a great performance.

The all new Corolla’s rear has also received the new bold design language. It grabs attention with eye-catching tail lights, a good dose of chrome garnish to add to the bling.

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla is thus is truly an all new car to look at, and it feels new too with all the chassis and ride quality improvements that the company endowed on it. Toyota has also reduced the noise and vibration levels of the car and braced with even better safety features to reinforce its unbeatable reliability factor. The all new Corolla Altis has never been able to get its astral global success in India, but you never know the all new Corolla may start a new beginning for the brand.

A unique and convenient weekend offer scheme

The competition in Indian auto market is just moving, the market is just recovering from constrained economy. For the past few months the discount scheme is common, there are amazing weekend offers to look forward to. To bring back the lost customer sentiment, auto firms are handing out amazing packages in the form of free roadside assistance, free purchase and insurance, scratch and win gold coin and exchange bonanza.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota launched an amazing Exchange Carnival scheme, it is a unique format, and customers can avail best deals by exchanging their old cars for a new one. The offer was on till the 24th of August, and the bonus was a good deal in exchange for old model. Those who missed it can look out for some more of such offers and can contact a dealership near you.

Toyota has made commendable profits in 2014 July, and has surfaced out of the great depression state. In the month the firm made 4% gains and sold 11,921 vehicles higher than 11,515 in the previous year. A top Toyota executive stated, much of the gains came from new launches Etios Cross and Corolla Altis. The firm sold 882 units of Corolla and 888 pieces of Etios Cross. Long time best sellers Fortuner and Innova have also contributed significant profits.

Etios Cross was a big launch of 2014; so much excitement was centred on the car months before its arrival. It defines the core nature of Cross model with side cladding, front bull bar and roof rails. The insides are as one of a kind as the exteriors, the styling is inspired by Liva hatchback; the seats are super comfy and covered with refined upholstery. The centre console and door panels are painted with refined black material; the three spoke steering has neat silver treatment. The music system, air con unit and instrumentation panel is advanced, there are ample storage spots in the form of glove box unit, bottle holders, cup holders and accessory power outlet. The world class music system has Bluetooth, USB, MP3 and Aux-in port connectivity.

The new Corolla Altis is the eleventh gen model, and sports a more premium dressing from the past. It drove the crowd insane and was the talk of the town months before launch. The inside of new Altis is a refined version of the previous cars. There is ample cabin room, layered with dual tone colour theme, filled with solid chrome treatment. On the centre console is advanced equipments like air con unit, control switches and best-in-class infotainment system. The rear and front seats have headrests; the driver seat can be adjusted 8 ways via electrically adjustable function with lumbar support.

The Toyota weekend offer is tempting indeed, consumers can sell their old worn out vehicles for a new one; the interesting part of the scheme is owners can get rid of additional storage, different from grabbing attractive discounts. The scheme is over, but there may be many more in the offering, and also so much more excitement coming your way.

Watch the amazing teaser image of 2015 Camry in pitch dark background

Although Toyota recorded an impressive 4% gain in 2014 July, the market share value has not picked up to the level of other biggies Honda and Hyundai. The company has not gained significant momentum on par with its contenders, even with Innova, Etios and Etios Liva doing well in domestic segment. To gain foothold on par with competition the firm plans to launch a new C2 segment vehicle for Indian market.

2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Toyota Camry

Teaser image of the new vehicle is up on the web, and it is none other than 2015 Camry. The teaser image reveals the front portion painted with an interesting story, it is modified slightly. What is seen is just a small piece of the vehicle; the actual next gen model is not exposed. Russia will receive the car by the end of the year, and an Indian launch is expected to happen.

The present Camry model has been on the run for quite a while in India, Toyota did not manage to yield sufficient profits with the vehicle. The market is packed with SUV and crossover; there are now so many sedan launches in D1 and D2 category. Reports say the Camry may be a trigger for many more such products, launch of Camry will fuel the steaming battle that exists in sedan market, its arch rivals are masterpiece luxury products such as Volkswagen Passat, 2014 Skoda Superb and new Hyundai Sonata. Audi A3 is another new entry into the plush D segment.

An interesting aspect of the teaser image is the layout of front fascia is vastly different from US spec car. The features to take note of are potent headlamps and robust LED daytime running lights. From the image the discovered information was only bits of the front grille are visible, and it is a step ahead from the past, and pathway into futuristic design technology.  2015 Camry will have new re-structured combination lights, fresh wheels and bumpers.

Reports say the mechanical fitments will be similar to the existing car, 2015 Camry will run on an efficient 2.5 liter petrol mill coupled with six speed automatic transmission gearbox. The engine generates spark power and torque efficiencies of 233Nm and 181 PS. The efficiencies are not too far off from hybrid vehicle that gives out 270Nm and 205 PS.

Toyota has created waves of excitement with its best selling new comers, Etios Cross and Corolla Altis. 2015 Camry is an addition to the phenomenal list, the teaser image looks amazing, what is shown is the sparkling nature of headlights, there is a blue boundary around the shiny white light. The new Camry is a fascinating piece and the impact can be compared with eleventh gen Corolla Altis, which has superior layering and comfort.

Camry is among the best looking cars at a global level, imagine how the 2015 model will turn out, it is surely going to be a wonder piece. Let’s wait for the arrival of the vehicle and dig into an evolutionary product of a luxury vehicle.

All New Toyota Innova to be introduced in 2015

The Indian MPV market leader Toyota Innova is getting strong market competition recently. The MPV market is really lucrative in India, and that is why a whole lot of car majors are planning to launch their new MPVs in India. The newly launched Honda Mobilio MPV is already a massive hit and it is thought to eat into the high demands of the larger Innova as well.

All New Toyota Innova

All New Toyota Innova

Toyota Motor thus, is preparing itself beforehand to deal with this raising competition. The MPV segment is also very hot in the international markets as well, and the Innova being one of the bestselling models from the house of Toyota has a lot of importance for the company. There had been quite recent reports about Toyota working on all new Innova as well as the all new Fortuner. However, while the next-gen Toyota Fortuner SUV which is also the bestselling premium SUV in India is expected to launch in India sometime towards the end of next year, the next-gen Innova was said to be launching sometime in the year 2016 in the Indian car market. However, now it is revealed that the all new Innova too might land up in India as soon as next year.

The very popular Toyota Innova MPV is now being worked on full speed by Toyota and the vehicle’s test prototype models have also been spied on several times both in India as well as on the roads of Thailand. It is now being said that the all new Toyota Innova might be introduced to the various car markets by the year 2016, while the actual market launch is expected to happen in early 2016. However going by the fast forward actions of some auto makers, Toyota too might speed up the process of bringing in the all new Innova, especially in India where the market competition will further increase within a couple of years.

While speaking to the media, the president of Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. Mr Michinobu Sugata, revealed that the company is contemplating to invest around a hefty 2 billion pesos to increase the parts localization of the new Innova. About 50 percent of this huge investment will be used in increasing the localization of the pressed parts now. Currently even the pressed body parts of the Innova MPV are being imported from Thailand, while Toyota is planning on increasing the localization to more than 30 percent for the upcoming version of the vehicle.

It is speculated that apart from completely overhauled exterior and interior designs, the all new Innova will be also housing Toyota’s newly developed range of diesel engines. Apart from this, Toyota is also expected add an automatic transmission gearbox on the diesel variants of the next-gen Innova.

So far the undisputed ruler of the Indian MPV segment The Toyota Innova is getting tough competition from the Maruti Ertiga compact MPV, Honda Mobilio Nissan Evalia and Chevrolet Enjoy. The next-gen Innova is expected to be priced at Rs. 9 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh.

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