Toyota sets to attain aggressive design language beginning with the 2015 Prius

The world’s most favorite car brand is definitely Toyota. However, many consumers complain that though the Toyota cars are high on quality, convenience, safety and performance, they do not look as snazzy as they should. Toyota cars look classy and sober, but sometimes they look too serious and plain to be liked by the current generation who like to flaunt their precious possession. Moreover, Toyota cars are usually very up-market and high on luxury as well, but the exterior looks of the cars don’t look that enticing to go with its actual class.

2015 Toyota Prius

Going with the changing times and evolving consumers’ tastes, the world’s auto leader, Toyota Motor has thus decided to become more trendy and fashionable. The Japanese car major’s global design chief; Tokuo Fukuichi has also accepted that the company’s design language is not as unique as that of its major rivals in the global market. This opinion will be really appreciated by the consumers, especially by the Indian consumers. India is an immensely potential car market, and lately the global auto majors are fighting amongst themselves to bring in stunning as well as efficient new cars in the market. Special emphasis is given on the flashy and contemporary looks of the vehicles. In comparison the Toyota Etios and Etios Liva look pretty plain and simple though they are very capable cars.

Toyota is known to be very innovative and offbeat, when it comes to technological advancements and quality upgrades. However, the Japanese car major seems to be struggling a bit when it comes to head turning fresh designs. The refreshed Innova, which is yet to launch in India is already available in Indonesia, but the model has not got much appreciation owing to its minimal cosmetic changes and an extra large front grill that looks rather inappropriate. Then there’s the 2014 Corolla sedan which is supposed to be full of oomph factor as it is based on the fabulous Toyota Furia concept showcased at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show. However, the production version of 2014 Corolla for Us looks no more demure than its flashy concept however it is definitely far more appealing than the current Asian Corolla.

However, Fukuichi claims that for the next-generation Toyota Prius, he has a “winning formula” under his sleeves when it comes to design. As per sources, the company is yet to finalize the design language for the upcoming mode of the extremely popular hybrid car, thus it is testing under the current Prius’ body.

Toyota is going to use the company’s New Global Architecture platform for the next generation Prius, in which it can increase common parts and panel sharing among the models owning to the very flexible platform. Toyota has declared that the Prius will be fur more efficient and attractive and lose its “wedge-like” structure to attain a greater appealing design. Toyota thinks that beginning with the iconic Prius Hybrid the company will move on to a great design appeal for the rest of their vehicles to entice the global consumers.

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