2013 Toyota Sequoia gets customized lavish interior with protective armors

Toyota is known to offer great innovative cars and futuristic car concepts as the world’s car manufacturing leader constantly endeavors to create something new to cater to the requirements of the future commutation system.

2013 toyota sequoia

However, seems like the Japanese auto maker cannot keep every car owner happy even with its great performing innovative cars. Thus, one of the Toyota Sequoia owners has gone ahead and spent a fortune on it to give it a complete makeover as well as stunning features that a general car owner would not think of having in his car. This personally owned Toyota Sequoia looks like it has come straight out of a Hollywood movie featuring the all time famous spy, James Bond. Though this car is really not being used for a James Bond movie, it actually possesses astounding features that can be imagined to be seen only on the silver screen.

Luxury is one of the things that the rich and the powerful consumers really seek in their cars, but this Toyota Sequoia in questioned has been modified not only to give finest luxury to the owner but optimal protection as well. Apparently this particular owner of the all new 2013 Toyota Sequoia certainly does not like settling down for standard or optional features offered by the car company. Thus, he bought the Toyota Sequoia and got it over to Lexani Motor Cars to customize the premium vehicle according to his choice and requirements, though it is a different matter altogether that his preferences involve a whole host of additions.

Toyota Sequoia is a premium Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that has a lot to offer to its consumers. The SUV has world class premium features and an extremely stylish and classy visual appeal. The premium SUV’s current generation model, has even greater innovative and modernized features, not to mention that this premium car will cost a little fortune.

However, this particular car was bought for a $45,000 and the owner spent about three times more the amount to get the car customized to fit his preferences and get the car that he desired. Thus, the 2013 Toyota Sequoia gets a complete customization to please its owner. However, the car’s exterior is untouched and does not look any different than its regular counterparts apart from the dark tinted window glasses from outside.

Hidden behind the dark windows however, lies the actual surprise that can make anyone’s jaw drop in utter astonishment. With a whopping $150,000, the Toyota Sequoia gets to have full leather interior along with classy wood trimmings and Alcantara roof cover. The interior’s primary attraction lies in an immense bar at the back of the car. An enormous LCD TV adorns the interior further, as the car is covered by fully adjustable leather thrones with PC tablets fitted on the sides.

Such utter luxury is also well protected by customized armor panels which can resist 7.62x51mm rifle rounds, hand grenades as well as landmines. That is the kind of car meant for the international power heads!

Image Source: autoevolution

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