Indian spec 2014 Toyota Corolla to arrive in 2014

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is covered to great depths by ardent auto fans in India; the Indian market will receive the European spec car. In North America, the Corolla will sport a sportier version where the seating arrangement in front is expected to be more spacious, since North American is filled with owner driven car segment. For the Asian and European market, the European based car will be launched, and here the comfort levels at the rear will be higher since the trend of employing drivers is common and rear seats are given higher preference. The car will portray a sporty up market stance.

2013 Toyota Corolla Picture

Toyota has completed the production of Euro spec 2014 Corolla in Turkey, this plant will have significant export facilities where 85% of production will be exported to the European market, Central Asia, Africa and Middle East. The company invested whooping amounts of 150 million Euros to manufacture the 2014 Corolla.

The 2014 Corolla is expected to launch in mid 2014 on Indian soil, and will continue with diesel and petrol mill options. Since Toyota aims to incorporate wider angles for rear occupants, the seats in front have a smaller dimension, and the length of the car has an 8cm increase, the width and wheelbase have increased as well by 1.5cm and 10cm respectively.

The car will be fitted with powerful 1.8 or 2 liter petrol engines that churn impressive powers of 144bhp or 153bhp and will possess 6 speed manual or CVT automatic transmissions.

The 2014 Corolla is expected to possess an impeccable style statement, and known to appear more stylish than the earlier model. The appeal is one factor that would stun the Indian public, on the exterior, the front bumper is decorated with aggressively designed air inlet, the grill is designed with artistic geometric trapezoidal form. The appearance is heightened by the artistically designed angular head lamps.

When observing the sides in great detail, sources have observed an interesting feature where wheels are positioned towards a corner to enhance the image of wheel arches. The neatly carved window line increases the fashionable quotient of the car. The sporty image is augmented through the lines that run from boot lid to C Pillar at the rear. The rear bumper on the back has a rather mundane design, and at the bottom there is air diffuser. The tail lights are have a classic angular sculpt and merges with the incredible design that is transported to boot situated beneath the rear spoiler.

The interiors are designed with a heightened symbol of luxury with two tone color theme; with a unique piano black finish paint along with ornamentation like design that would make customers amazed by the imaginative design that represents an incredible painting of a highly qualified artist. The center console is positioned in strategic manner to create greater cabin room. The color plan for interior is black, amber or blue inserted in door panels and dash increases the impeccable sculpture of interior.

The amazing design of 2014 Corolla with respect to exteriors and interiors along with impressive energy outputs would probably turn the fortunes for the company.

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