Toyota globally recalls 185,000 cars due to flawed power steering

Toyota Motor Corp, the world’ most selling auto manufacturer is known for its quality cars as well as innovative technology. But as the rat race amongst the global car giants intensifies, the auto makers are going wrong somewhere down the line. A lot of the renowned and acclaimed global auto makers including Honda, Hyundai and Nissan are facing the shame of recalling their cars globally in order to rectify auto parts malfunction. The list of the names of the auto makers making global recalls is lengthening over the time, and Toyota seem to top the list all the time. With more cars sold all over the world, this Japanese car giant also needs to recall a massive number of its cars to rectify some issue or the other. In this year itself, Toyota has made several global recalls.

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Presently, Toyota has announced that it will recall about 185,000 cars globally, which would also include the Yaris subcompact in order to rectify a malfunction in the electric power steering system that might make the steering feel heavy.

According to the Toyota spokesperson, Shiori Hashimoto, among the 185,000 global units, the company will recall around 130,000 units in the domestic car market Japan itself, over 7,400 in Italy, around 7,050 units in Germany and around 7,000 units in countries including France, Britain and the United States. Toyota’s US unit said that around 74 cars in the country will be recalled.

Toyota Motor produces the Yaris in Europe at its French plant in Valenciennes. The Japanese company had launched the Yaris’ third generation gasoline variant in Europe in 2011, which was followed by a hybrid version launch in 2012.

The Yaris is known as the Vitz in Japan, and the cars of the November 2010 and March 2012 make will be recalled. Toyota will also recall the Verso-S known as the Ractis in Japan that were manufactured between August 2010 and August 2011.

Throughout the last five months, the Yaris has been the company’s bestselling car in Europe with the sales of 69,779 units.

According to Toyota, short circuits may cause in the cars by the water droplet formation on certain wires in the power steering control module that could result in the suspension of the power steering assist which in turn can make the steering heavier. The company will replace the power steering control module that will take around one or two hours, albeit free of cost. Toyota also mentioned that it is a part of precautionary process and no accidents or injuries have been reported so far. The Toyota spokesperson refrained from commenting on the cost involved in the recall.

Only last month, Toyota had announced its global recall of around 242,000 units of the very popular and best-selling Prius hybrid for a flawed braking system that may lose its efficiency over the time.
All the flawed parts even in the bestselling cars from the top automakers are shaking the foundation of trust and dependability that the global auto consumers have on the brands.

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