Toyota introduces hybrid Corolla for the Japanese market

The Corolla is a popular car in Indian and Japanese markets, hybrid versions of the car are now released in Japan called Corolla Axio and Fielder sedans. Both cars have strikingly similar designs and for those who are passionate about car designs should be able to figure out the differences between the two which are badges and light blue metallic shade.

2014 Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid Japan

Hybrid versions of both cars fall into the 100 percent tax abdication in Japanese segment. Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Corolla is built with world class hybrid technology with low carbon-dioxide releasing properties and hence the world class mileage.

The Axio and Fielder and fitted with a powerful 1.5 liter petrol mill using cutting edge technological methods of Toyota Hybrid System hybrid (THS-II). The energy outputs are amazing with both electric motors at 61PS and 74PS respectively. The hybrid electric technology used is Nickel-metal hybrid battery which functions marvelously and aids in efficient water movement that minimizes the additional weight of engines. A cooling devise is inserted called Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) that increases the efficiency. This devise functions impressively indeed with the mileage of the car being 33kpl.

There are no visible changes with hybrid models compared to the regular Corolla car, the only exception being the light blue metallic shade for the exteriors. The most exciting fact about the hybrid car is there are new equipments used such as 4.2 inch TV on instrument devise, automatic head lamps and warning system during harsh collisions. Corolla Axio is priced at Rs 12 to 13 lakhs, and Fielder costs Rs 13.6 to 14.5 lakhs.

Toyota is a world renowned auto figure and is eminent for its luxurious cars, in India some of the popular Toyota cars are Corolla, Innova, Fortuner and so on. The company is now working on developing hybrid cars; one popular hybrid car is the Prius known for its professionally designed exterior sculpt built with incredible technology methods. In India, hybrid cars will be highly beneficial with the increase in pollution levels on a yearly basis that has reached alarming levels. Corolla has contributed heaps of profits to the company in India, and people would be thrilled with the launch of two hybrid Corolla models, and the new color theme of light blue metallic is exciting and offers a cool and jazzy image to the car.

Hybrid cars are also ideal for frequent long distance travel, since the mileage offered is spectacular, the lower carbon-dioxide emission levels will result in clean and green atmosphere where health diseases such as asthma and so on can be prevented. Most companies are now conducting extensive research and development (R and D) in the area of hybrid car technology and maybe in the near future hybrid cars might be popular in Indian and international segments.

The Corolla models for their spectacular technology and outstanding low carbon-dioxide emission levels are ideal value for money products which are highly reliable especially during long distance drives.  The two models are launched in Japan and hopefully the cars will be launched in India as well.

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