Toyota has revealed a Toy Car Concept called Camatte57s

Toyota has introduced a unique Toy Car concept which is implanted with sporty, family centric insertions. The car is called Camatte 57s, is scheduled to overwhelm the public during the prestigious Tokyo Toy Show in 2013 from the 13th of June.

toyota camatte57s concept

The car is designed with an interesting theme adopted from Japanese phrase care; the letters implies sawaru which refers to feel. Toyota has used 57 that is a symbol of the body panel figure. The main aim of the company is to send out the message of dream and joy of cars to the future and present drivers. Toyota has also constructed this model for kids and parents to gather together and feel and witness the amazing experience of car driving, car enthusiasm and so on.

The Toy Car Concept is tailored with a length of 118 inches, width of 56 inches and height of only 39 inch. The car is designed with the perfect aerodynamic theme with fifty seven detachable light weighted panels that can be easily built at ones residence. The interior volume is built to fit in three people, with an artistic triangular frame to position two segments at close distances with sufficient space at the rear. The pedaling devises can be adjusted to enable kids to create go kart lanes in their residence or play areas.
Toyota Camatte 57 is inserted with a dynamic electric engine; the company however has not provided much information of the engine efficiency. The highly acclaimed Tokyo Toy Show will commence from the 13th of June through 16th of June in the established city of Koto Ward in Tokyo.

This is an excellent initiative of Toyota to introduce Camatte 57 model for kids and to be able to build these units at home itself. Such concepts are pleasurable to watch at reputed auto shows, and a fascination element for kids who have deep passion for cars from a very young age itself. The overall learning pattern will be extremely interesting for kids and adults as well.

Camatte 57 is designed impressively to create an ideal toy car with two segments with abundant interior room. The most admirable aspect is the pedaling devises are designed to create a smooth and easy driving experience. Toy Car Concepts such as these are beneficial to kids and adults who are keen to venture into the field of automobile engineering. If such facilities such as Toy Car Concepts are introduced to aspiring kids and adults , then the industrial experience will be smooth and those who are introduced to Toy Car Concepts and master the knack of building powerful models, then the industrial experience becomes smooth.

The Toy Car Concept is a fun experience, especially for those interested in go-carting, which is a super fun sport. People can build their own toy cars and form their own go-kart lanes and even compete with each other. It would be interesting and beneficial if such concepts are introduced in India as well to aid young engineering aspirants build a fruitful career in engineering.

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