Toyota might discontinue its electric car segment

The European subsidiary of the eminent parent Japanese firm Toyota Motor announced that it might withdraw from the electric car sector till the firm is confident about lower carbon emissions in the near future. Company officials in the regulatory and environmental affairs have stated that utility companies also play a significant role to cater to powerful performances of electric vehicles.

Toyota iQ Electric car

Top company officials have also announced that the main aim is to have a strong understanding with electric firms in order for the electric segment to cater to the critical requirements for a smooth movement of electric vehicles. Toyota vouches for electric cars that contribute to a clean and greener planet. If such criteria’s are not met, than Toyota would prefer to position away from this segment. If the generation of electricity is not from an efficient renewable source then the energy and cost into the production of electric vehicles might not deliver fruitful outcomes.

The procedure for decarburization was not considered in the parliament in UK. Officials of Toyota are of the firm view that these regulations would protect the environmental impact of electric vehicles. The main goal here is to reduce the extent of carbon emission through methods of carbon capture or pristine energy avenues. Officials have announced that an ideal strategy would be to follow up with the German policy of introduced electric vehicles with a dimension of 1 meter before 2020. The impractical method where more electricity is sourced from coal, the environmental impact will not be significant and the carbon emission will not cater to a cleaner environment.

At present Toyota is working on plug in hybrid and hybrid models, company officials have announced that an electric vehicle might be unveiled in 2015 in the European segment. The established EU regulation agencies are studying the energy and climate policy of 2030. UK has announced for a reduction of 50% with respect to emissions. The regulatory agencies of EU have called for alternative mode of fuels which is inclusive of 1 million units of charging points and amenities for gas and hydrogen powered models. Company officials of Toyota have formulated the plans to acquire clean energy from reliable and efficient means; the main hurdle here is the approval has not been very positive.

The aim of Toyota to source clean energies for the movement of electric cars from renewable sources is a positive move. The company’s main theme is to reduce the level of carbon emissions for a clean and green atmosphere. The admirable aspect of the company is the team is sorting out effective strategizes and moving on a required slow pace to study the quality methods to gather clean energies.

Reputed auto companies are building electric vehicles; the e20 by Mahindra is a compact and trendy electric vehicle which operates on powerful lithium ion batteries. In India electric technology might reduce the significantly high pollution levels. Mahindra is also launching an electric variant of Verito next year. Toyota aims to release its electric vehicle a few years from now. There might be a higher influx of electric vehicles in the future with more companies exploring the nuances of this segment.

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